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September 2023

September 1:

Happy September. if you have any questions/comments- for this week --- is the best contact or call/text Fred at 928 970 0926. Welcome to the site. I am unavailable dealing with health issues. -

Contest begins in 4 days- last year I campaigned all through the day every day and came in the top spots- this year I made a post and doing this link here: Joy A. Collura | Face Of Horror which the link will be shown public after the contest on New Year's Eve. So you see, I am just in it- not to win it for 2023. If I did win then it was fate to happen, I am doing zero campaigning this year.

loads of rain last night...the plants loved it:

and the birds:

defensible space time:

boxing it up for either Sonny or RR to use for wood burning...decent kindling mesquite wood.

my defensible space is done for 2023, see images below. Time for Fall/Winter time...

cut all the wood and gave it to my local elders:

Cole and Mae West:

we cut alot of my hair off---

did defensible space today vs pc due to thunder/lightning-light rain.

September 2 3:50am until 9am- outside...thank you RR for the chocolate mile :) I appreciate it.

10-5pm clear out my email kinda day. and make a quick post.

Some recent posts I did:

I have been using the CPAP way over a year plus and I show my teeth for my family/friends to see on my journal to watch my health...and I say YES the cpap machine has changed my mouth/lips/teeth/gums.

airbrushed my makeup today---

hard to crack a smile living in the system we currently have here in is what it is...sigh

bloopers from a post I did on Lion Fire: you can see my cpap marks too:

look haggard:


Spoke on conference call with FJS/Sonny about giving Sonny wood and look at his cancer removed on his face on 9-3-23

thanks RR.

September 3 Sonny wanted me to see him so he stop by for 20 minutes 9am and we loaded the wood into his truck...rubbed blackie and then he headed to flea market-- 11:16am Scott said he wanted me to meet SF and they stopped by and I made a comment looks like a truck BM would I took some slate he had in his garage for the property here --- figure it they are:

going through my cell and text to my emails:

Tuesday, August 22nd, 2023 at 4:45 PM from FJS:

September 4

My prayer is the ones money laundering who are awaiting that big check would shift and accept God to follow His path and let go of the path of hurt and harm and manipulation.

this morning I was alerted by a GMHS loved one of the newest news---on kids/teens can see this site...

"Public Notification"- Our site / online areas always had a "Disclaimer" since it began in 2018.

9-4-23: In a conference call with a Granite Mountain Hotshot "adult" family member on recent back-channel information happening this week. We just added more images to front page that when you swipe on Yarnell Hill Fire Revelations personal use blog, you are accepting you read my Privacy Policy, terms & conditions, and Disclaimers which was always there just added more front-page image and data. My online areas keep video recording of who visits my personal blog. I do that to protect the integrity of the site from those who are out there to "orchestrate" and "create" negativity and narratives to fit their need/concern(s). We pray for those people. We are not on a personal blog to "govern" who comes or goes and what age but always been a stated disclaimer. We added in the start of creating the blog- the "swipe" button that you read all the Privacy Policy, terms & conditions, and Disclaimers and accept them by entering the site. Parents/Guardians need to take responsibility for the actions of their children/teen(s) on social networks, especially when they enable that access versus "block" it from my areas. Child/teen’s digital activities should be a parent's responsibility to block my sites with documented facts until they are 18. We hope the additional images helps show we are here to create healthier boundaries but the "freedom of speech" is a Constitutional right. I am not here to tell anyone how to parent --- but if you plan to use Social Media to plea your concern(s) versus being direct- that is just building unhealthy audience(s) and feedback. My eyewitness testimony and other content stays. The documented facts have healed soooo many lives. Plus, when these kids are adults they may want to one day see some posts that shows images that were stored at other entities storage...God Bless you and yours. I am glad I can help and add the image and words so I did my part---hope you also do your part to educate them my site is for 18+ individuals that by legal standing does not have nudity, tobacco, alcohol,etc ...Which Sites Need to Have Age Verification Popups? adult nudity sites. First off, I am a personal housewife blog- not a business. The following types of content might be classified as prohibited: weapons, violence, Any references about recreational drugs, alcohol and tobacco-related products, Gambling-related content, Suicide-related content...I am sure there is alternative legal nuances related to sensitive content. Send me that law reference(s). No need to waste any court time with areas that we can discuss and negotiate outside the court rooms. If your goal is to close the site down---we were shared all the posts fall under "freedom of speech" and "Court of Opinion-Public at Large" on an incident I almost died. Just as media shares their thoughts and opinions on the Yarnell Hill Fire 2013 and many civilians have mentioned it on their social media- I am free to share my experience(s). There are people who feel I do not matter...I do...I would still be doing all I am doing had the 19 lived just for the record- note that. I write documented facts. I speak with truth and integrity. VID 20230904 165404985

so I made this video:

September 5- I am all for solutions- my YOUTUBE videos are turned to 18yrs or older due to a public plea ...what I refuse to do is delete the content to the people...all the power is to all people above 18 yrs old to read the content on all my online areas...The blog is a personal use blog not a business that has a swipe button stating you accept and read the Disclaimer pages.

For the record as you see below I have my YOUTUBE set for "No, it's not made for kids"..but I will even go the ADVANCE route and put a restriction button on it saying you must be 18 to review. I covered my online areas which already had it just went a step further to show I get the concern yet I also get FREEDOM OF SPEECH.



I slept from 9-4-23 10:50pm until 9-5-23 12:30pm and today is go through emails day after I did all that above ---

so I went and looked- I am number 14 first day:

NOW NUMBER 20- last year I participated-

this year I have and most likely will not.

these folks jumped above me:


September 6 Organizing

September 7 Organizing

see what happens when one does not campaign or participate:

September 8 Sonny and I spent 4 plus hours handling lawyer stuff

September 9 Happy Bday Mom, Brother Bill, Kentucky Ryan

thanks for sharing this old pic:

September 10- it is a respect thing - one must have written permission to use my material -

no matter who you are ... YouTube already knows what images belong to me and so again please refrain from being butt hurt if your hard work of making a video and uploading it gets removed because you did not get my permission or even lacked the courtesy credit within video or description areas. Be kind and respectful. I have loads of material but I have a firm paper trail policy to know where my material is out there in cyber land.

September 11

IN REMEMBERANCE NINE ELEVEN- organizing. Last year I campaigned and I was in the top - this year no campaigning and began in 14th and now in 40th...

top 6:

top 40:

  • "First Kill" Round (begins September 5th and ends September 14th) - Public voting will help reduce each group to the top twenty (20) Competitors.

That means I am already out in round one and last year I made it to the end-

September 12 Sonny stopping by to do lawyer stuff. Cancelled Ladies Group this Saturday at 1- chest/breathing concerns.

September 13 Looks like by tomorrow I am out of the contest--- I had zero participation this year just received the emails and watched me go from 14 to 33 to 40. I am not in the top 20 so I will be out come tomorrow.

People are Funny...right?!

The recent publication showing me on any entity's member areas is false.

Joy is on zero legal document areas except for this here blog.

I never ask for anything. I am not a clout chaser. I am blessed to know my family and friends. Good small chat with RR today.

my dream vehicle:

Stray cat:

the superfast unknown flying object Sonny and I saw in 2017 in Aguila Arizona:

that makes it now 8 inches were cut off this month:

I had to cut it---the bottom part was too blonde---it didn't blend too well..

so unwell...head pains

my mother just told me: Mother's Family Friend passed recently---RiP-sending our condolensces...

I remember b4 the PC was a big thing- early 2000s- I was cut a CD with these songs: / / / /

one of my fav. songs I shared back: / /

got alert some Executive Director is watching my online areas. ??? who is that? Did BM finally make it past "tiktok/shorts" --- hee hee.

September 14: https:


September 15: major accident...that makes THREE in one year for a contributor to this blog (payson, i-8 CA, Scottsdale- ???)...does someone want us dead or badly injured? I am still recovering from my brutal assault...

September 16: court may prohibit you from further using his material without his consent.

Contributing author is in ICU due to 9-15-23 major car collision- third one in a year ??? wth?

Sept 17: 5-630pm call-

I had to give the data to another due to my health ... and added person to my prayers:

Sunday, September 17th, 2023 at 10:20 PM

Sept 18:

September 19:

Sept. 21

It will not allow me to remove this- ???

Sept 22: