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We Miss You, Donna Gordon (RiP) - August 26, 2022 - August 26, 2023

In almost a year,


Higher Authorities



failed you...

but some of us locals banned together and signed a petition in hopes for them to fix your file with the documented truth.

We know with hope ... the more who sign, the more we awaken the current system that changes need to be made especially when I almost died but 19 did, June 30, 2013, and those lies and omissions still lay quiet over ten years later.

Many of us are owed the truth.

In loving memory ...

I was walking the desert with Scottie Briggs when the sky made these amazing cloud angels with rays of light ... the hour before you were struck by Yavapai County Sheriff's Patrol Sgt. 8-26-22.

It was as if God knew,

and they were opening the sky

just blows me away

that we witnessed this sky

go from clear

to the clouds as it did...

You are dearly missed, Donna Gordon...

This petition is for you:

Charles Collier, I clicked on your name and got this:

no petition there.


August 2023 News on DONNA GORDON:

when I placed her name in correctly- nothing came in new but spell it wrong and this came back:

Nov 3, 2021?:

So far,

days before-

that is what the Media

chooses to report

even though

some have a copy

of the raw footage.

Sad it is folks.

I pray to God to do His Will and His Way...

yet internally my hope is that her truth be told just as I pray the YHF13' truths still to be told.

I am a strong believer in this saying:


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