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May 2024 Journal

Hey mom-

Thanking God for the blessing that I went past the time someone(s) (medical professionals) "timestamped" me for late December you know I let them go in 2023 ... we have a new plan ...

Medical appts are my main focus in 2024 ...

Monday through Friday are my walks 7-4pm and polar plunges-

Weekends- paused all areas until I gained more strength.

When stronger- would like to go back to regimen with RR...if he is cool with it...

yet right now just too weak to think of anything but my rest, walks, polar plunges, Club Line dancing [ maybe not footloose ;)] if that...[kidding on doing the line dancing but yeah did check out at local library a DVD on topic line dancing to see where my mobility is and even checked out Senior Yoga]

no social schedule for a areas taking me off path...I am disciplined to work through this odd unwell phase....

Still being a warrior for God.

This will not fit in April Journal or this link:

audio overview of this post:

took 12 hours to upload this and there are two other recordings uploading.

I have the recordings, but it took all day just to have it upload and said too large and I am not going to break it down into more videos today- maybe some other day- it is a waste of my time and energy--- I never got to do my walk today and that is important to me.

Different approach: uploading second video to YouTube: and see if that is successful.


23: 12:43am: I am still up almost 24 hours now awaiting the upload ...

Phase Two Dr Clark Parasite Cleanse Day 7 6pm: / p 4am, 3c Wormwood, 3 times a day 3 Cap Cloves am, 153/98 has been over two weeks since Harry passed on in my arms...Sonny's cat that we took in- it is his Bday so Happy Bday Cole and his RiP brother Duncan...I slept in ___ ---

also was working on upload to YouTube project---let me show you I am not even half way ever since 3 something yesterday morning, see:

I finally dozed off one hour ago due to lack of sleep but I naturally awoke at 6 to take Cloves and Wormwood. Put a fan on while working on a project...warm already.

Google alert:

Archival Section.

Fire Location: Yarnell

Year: 2013

Any public records available where BLM transferred, destroyed, stored for this archived Wildland Fire "Yarnell Hill Fire" which is deemed a permanent record. Looking to see what BLM deemed to consider public records as their permanent record.

Any public record (electronic and paper included and any other source) showing the current area YARNELL FIRE 2013 is being stored for BLM.

April 24:Phase Two Dr Clark Parasite Cleanse Day 8 6pm: / p 4am, 3c Wormwood, 3 times a day 3 Cap Cloves

NEW FILTER WORKS GREAT: Spring Backyard Blooms:

met 1988. dated 91. married 93.

whatttt hhhhapppppeneddd 2021.....right. Anyways, still being blessed living in truth...

living under God's Loving plan...

April 25:Phase Two Dr Clark Parasite Cleanse Day 9 6pm: / p 4am, 3c Wormwood, 3 times a day 3 Cap Cloves

very bad head pain - going to dinner with MM and Jim -

BAR 7 4:44pm.

April 26:Phase Two Dr Clark Parasite Cleanse Day 10 6pm: / p 4am, 3c Wormwood, 3 times a day 3 Cap Cloves

April 27:Phase Two Dr Clark Parasite Cleanse Day 11 6pm: / p 4am, 3c Wormwood, 3 times a day 3 Cap Cloves

no rr.

unwell. heavily draining on face/nose. weak.

April 28:Phase Two Dr Clark Parasite Cleanse Day 12 6pm: / p 4am, 3c Wormwood, 3 times a day 3 Cap Cloves

no rr.

April 29:Phase Two Dr Clark Parasite Cleanse Day 13 6pm: / p 4am, 3c Wormwood, 3 times a day 3 Cap Cloves. Walk / Pool / board games

owie... from an agave needle stab...

April 30: Phase Two Dr Clark Parasite Cleanse Day 14 6pm: / p 4am, 3c Wormwood, 3 times a day 3 Cap Cloves- changed the filter for pool

Walk / Pool / board games

Wednesday May 1:Phase Two Dr Clark Parasite Cleanse Day 15

Walk / Pool / board games

May 2:Happy Bday RR. I am sure I will forget to text this later because I feel unwell. Phase Two Dr Clark Parasite Cleanse Day 16

Walk / Pool / board games

May 3:Phase Two Dr Clark Parasite Cleanse Day 17 10:32 thru 10:37 courtesy credit needed.

May 4:Phase Two Dr Clark Parasite Cleanse Day 18 7 cloves

Another thing I want to point out --- how is it a Hollywood fillum with falsehood fillers... ONLY THE BRAVE has better analytics than any of us tied to YARNELL FIRE and how is it this new video a month ago has over 10,000 views yet the content is AI and even at times not reality to June 30, 2013...Incredible engagement as well yet the people placing documented facts hear cricket noises because we are professionally shadow banned, folks. ???

let's show some of the YouTube AI video's clips nonrelated to Yarnell Fire 2013: oh would better to REPHRASE it...out of the entire fillum they made let me post what belongs to Yarnell Fire 2013 and the rest toss to the side as non- related because most the clips are non-related yet has HOW MANY views in one month??? Scratching my head on that one, folks. some of the images from fillum:

some quick inserts of FOIAs/MEDIA inserted in fillum yet not wasting my space here to add them...but quick inserts like:

that is an almost hour video-- I saw enough that it is just an AI NARRATIVE and not enough areas are sourced in description or on video images and MUCH MUCH fillers added in especially the made for Hollywood fillum...and it is as the eyewitness for it being a recount of YHF13' over a decade later--- how it is over 10,000 views is beyond me...???

what is the top video for that name GMHS but the fillum...

then there is me-

who is shadow banned:

let's look at my name and what is the most viewed under my name:

I am professionally being puppeteer by the unknowns and shadow banned online and too many lies, omissions, slander and defamation in person done to my name

and my name still scores after almost a decade a higher rank, see:

My name alone or with adding Yarnell stays consistently the same, see:

then add GMHS as we were all on the Weavers that fateful day--- score goes up two, see:



That shows me, people want to know TRUTH

and I stand higher in rank even being SHADOW BANNED and all publicly on my full name alone and with the tragedy I eye witnessed versus the MEDIA who you can see their rank below only went up when the tragedy was added to their names .... ???

Now, let us look at some of the MADE FOR PROFIT folks and some that did not make a buck on the deaths but are a part of the topic...tied to the fire I almost died on and their current ranking:

Brendan McDonough (Donut):

So tell me analytic folks out there- how does a man who has 590k views rank lower than me on the scale???? Hmmm...

John Dougherty:

John's rank drops when one adds YARNELL, see:

Holly Henderson Snyder Neill

How many of you came to me letting me know what Holly said behind my back ----


and how are we to have faith in a person who if googled today shows no current events on Yarnell or the men that died... ???

I only see 2014 data, yet BING claims she played a significant role ???? Where is that book they planned to do???? Her and fire author John Norman MacLean????

John Norman MacLean

Interesting for John, his rank goes up when I add GMHS / YARNELL:

Brad Mayhew:

add YARNELL / GMHS to Brad's name and he also goes up in rank:

Fernanda Santos:

add YARNELL / GMHS to her name and she also goes up in rank:


Eric Marsh Foundation:

let me add "t-shirt sales" just for the curiosity factor and see if it changes: nope, it dropped...

let me add YARNELL:

let me add GMHS:

Wildland Firefighter Foundation - WFF/ Scottie Briggs: they teamed up in 2021...and unknown as of August 2023 ???

That brings an interest to me that WFF stays the same like I do/did in rank when adding Yarnell..I like that;

but it dropped when you add GMHS---maybe likely someone's control to go into TA's office and that pull may have an effect ??? who knows...who cares...they still have failed to do the difficult right thing according to me and Carol...My opinion, ____ should create his own ENTITY with his own mission (not the ___ thing- that is just an add-on thing) --- something BIG --- and bring his___ along with him and let ___ and ___run Boise Idaho WFF...I am sad by ___'s life choices that she felt she had to do what I saw in recent years---even in what I saw in 2024...who does that...put ___ on your social media ???...sigh...:

National Firefighter Foundation:

I liked the fact that the WFF and NFF stayed pretty close in rank when adding YHF/GMHS but EMF alone was pretty low in rank but adding the YHF / GMHS did not increase it too much.

Yarnell Hill Fire:

Fred J Schoeffler:

even Fred goes up in rank when adding the tragedy:

kyle dickman:

add the tragedy to his name, he goes up in rank:

LEE and DJ HELM- Boulder Springs Ranch:

very interesting that when I add the tragedy to HELM- they go down in rank, see:

Darrell Willis:

Bill Gabbert (RiP) / Wildfire Today:

7:34am- four-minute call to Mary F (Florida) explaining the FB Likes and the back channel part--- she stated she was a "superfan" for Prescott Mall Museum in a FB area and then hit "how many" LIKES on my areas which are opposing they follow the glaze and I follow documents that lead to a conclusion...

add a tragedy to his name:

I still feel me and her (Pfingston) could have solved this long ago together--- but I hear cricket the public records show she has a possible dislike for me ???

still wanna go over this area, world...