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Yarnell Fire - 08/28/2023- Lion Fire- 100% Contained 8/30/23 3pm

Yarnell Fire -

08/28/2023 14:16

A5S-231653 FA STATE //

NE Stanton

False Alarm

Someone from Yarnell reported smoke --- here is what I gathered on it--- also if you SEE smoke, take video and photos next time.


08/28/23 1412 AZPHD-1277 PD QL0U (1522) Wildfire Lion Fire 34.208333, 112.675833

this will be a LIVE journal on this 8-28-23 False Alarm fire- and the Lion Fire.

another gps coordinates:

08/28/2023 14:16A5S-231653 FA STATE // NE Stanton - False Alarm - Yarnell Hill 34.2900, -112.638

-B429 (N911AZ- State Trooper) Bell 429 Global Ranger was in the air nearby appx 45minutes to one hour---appx 220pm-2:50pm timestamp range - flying appx the height of the Weaver Mountains - was reported at this point- marked one area it was around there today:

Some data to this specific flight I have saved yet gonna keep back channel but alerting locals to have "situational awareness" to foreign looking vehicles to your neighborhoods and aircrafts of all kinds.

It does not matter if it is one mile from your home or the aka staging process of many miles, folks.

It is up to us locals to keep a tight documentation to help any one person affected with their tort claim process if that time was to happen.

Document the type of vehicle(s)/aircraft(s) in case this barely reported fire becomes anything else.

we have the documented facts either saved or made public on social media.

I mean some of these PIOs make 80+ something thousand annually so let's make them earn those dollars for the disinformation we get over the decades...more you place public, the more they have to document too.

And for the fact that over ten years they still never told very crucial details to how I almost died but 19 did and how many lost a home or had damage. It is sad, folks.

This is not some "Chicken Little" story...we want that slurry drops and foam crap they spray out of our areas based on the fact we already have mining materials in our soils. Lives matter.

Common sense from the old miners, drillers, ranchers...if you do not add fire to fire--- most fires die out on their own --- it is when they need to burn acreage for their ill concepts of Forest Management, is it???---

is it follow the buck or get [____]ed? I say that because the ones on that YHF13' it would blow you away HOW MUCH they earn today folks.

State Trooper helicopter seen circling this area for approximately 45minutes and "keep in mind" & then the cell came in:

appx 3:10 pm cell was about here:

passed by Lake Pleasant 8-28-23 appx 3:15pm. heading South.

Nothing further yet to report.

Thank you, locals, for taking Wildland Fires serious

in our areas.

It matters.

Your situational awareness

will be you doing your part

to lessen Wildland Fire Firefighter Fatalities.


Update 8-28-23 7:08pm: Lion's Fire? Thank you, locals, for the update.

08/28/23 1412 AZPHD-1277 PD QL0U (1522) Wildfire Lion Fire 34.208333, 112.675833





from my home it is 10.56miles:


Current Resource Status for AZ (Prepared 08/28/2023 23:03):

Locals, this is the current Incidents and what Crew belongs to which one:

Local Fire Districts: Unsure why the fire a couple weeks back we got notified ASAP but this one ---nothing yet - possibly due to it being further out vs. near highway 89 and only at 25 acres last reported.

Yarnell: So, Wildland Fire- LION FIRE was reported today 8-28-23 2:12pm yet nothing on their website or Social Media page yet and the fire is reported to be 3.97 miles away from Fire Department earlier today at 25 acres.

??? See:


So, Wildland Fire- LION FIRE was reported today 8-28-23 2:12pm yet nothing on their website or Social Media page yet and the fire is reported to be 10.39 miles away from Fire Department earlier today at 25 acres.

??? See:

Peeples Valley: 6.91 miles away from Fire Department

nothing on their website or Social Media page yet-

Wickenburg: appx 15 miles away

nothing on their website or Social Media page yet-


I, Joy A COLLURA, start watching not by acreage burned but I watch any fires over 500 degrees taking place not only in the USA but wherever.

For that is key...learning the heat is also a way to learn will that fire become a "big box theory"? or one of the Large fires for the Fire Season?

I watch the origin of the fire from many outlets as where they report it and elsewhere-

and I do my best to get someone to verify it in person if able/possible.

Then I watch the progression of the fire and many times I can tell who is fighting the fire just by watching the progression

but a very important tool for my tool box is those burn scars; prior, this season and future ones.

I want to teach the common person about tort claims vs. relying on people saying join a class action suit.

Tort claims hold value to only certain folks so gain the situational awareness before a Wildland Fire hits your property to know what to look for when documenting because time is of the essence to file one successfully.

Document, document, document.

Read some old posts and learn tidbits.

How many days has it been since our communities seen a Wildland Fire? ---

15 days, 11 hours, 35 minutes and 35 seconds:

Let us keep Wildfires to a burned acreages minimum --- and use the other options to work on our land management concerns. I am all for burning if we have the right trained people behind it that we can trust. Since they failed so many of us on the Yarnell Hill Fire 2013 --- I will do my best to make sure less retardant is dropped and if you need some "wake up" images as to why ... reach me.

If they want to burn elsewhere --- go for it --- just keep away from our Crested Saguaro deserts filled with adits, caves, drifts and mines that carry so much toxins---arsenic, cyanide, mercury and more...

Our desert is filled with miners, loggers, drillers and retired folks who prospect and time to time drifters.

You want to make a living ... try elsewhere ... I am the Arizona Desert Walker and I will do all it takes to protect needless burning of cacti and saguaros in heavily toxin soils with much datura plants around our area.

And there are other methods to make areas safer ---

I have many folks watching and documenting to keep back channel because we want to see how you all handle this area.

I am your unofficial housewife playing the real role of being a straight up public information gal with documented facts...

Keep you informed by tomorrow night.

Good night -

I documented the past 10 hours, 30 minutes and 36 seconds.

Please sign my petition .. be the change we for sure need:

1:21am 8-29-23: sometimes Wickenburg Sun puts stuff out on Social Media;


at 445pm= no report yet on my map:

2:38am 8-29-23 Might as well stay up until their morning briefing on what is next...

Initial Attack / Initial First 18 hours is so important to document for me.

8-30-23 12:26pm: I was blocked from getting on PC yesterday so trying now with low bandwidth and currently being shadow banned online too...but doing my best to get the data out to you locals:

2023 Wildland Fire Season Public Records Request

Entity: Southern Yavapai Fire (9000 S Magby Dr, Kirkland, AZ 86332)

Current Entity's Master Record(s) for firefighters, Mutual Aid Agreement record(s), Red Cards in DFFM's system for their firefighters.

As well the August 2023 Resource Order for this entity.

email sent because my PRRs today are just circling even after clearing cookies and caches

still circling:


Cellphone Screenshots:

The Surveillance Cameras has yet to pick up any Smoke Columns in Yarnell, AZ just cute baby fawns :), see:

Yarnell FD reported on social media that SYFD was on the Lion's Fire but nothing on SYFD site or social media yet that they are: