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WHITE SPAR INCIDENT- #:2023-AZPDC-001192-A5S-231532PN QJY3 (1522)PNQJY3

Shumate and Willis?

who was on the Yarnell Hill Fire 2013? ...

are on the White Spar Wildland Fire?

Really ??? ...

for that reason alone...

in my humble opinion

document the heck

out of this fire


Initial Attack

to avoid a repeat moment-

I for sure have a distrust when I almost died but 19 did

and to build trust I document it all--

simple as that.

08/13/2023 12:55: WHITE SPAR INCIDENT- #:2023-AZPDC-001192-A5S-231532PN QJY3 (1522)PNQJY3 -SR89 MM273- GPS 34.2053, -112.7868

Resources: CAPT 4-2 DIVS 5 DIVS 7-1

HUGE Public at Large Request:

Take photographs of any fire behaviors especially if Slurry Drop is dropped in ANY watershed / flood plain /washes / creek areas or on any "live" fire---this time we can make a true account Case Study if people "pay close attention" to taking those videos and photos of that red stuff being dumped in our communities---IT MATTERS!!!!!

here are flood plain areas::

take photos of all Smoke plumes, Fire, Firefighters, Fire Vehicles, Law Enforcement, Unusual Vehicle/People activities, and document your health now and watch it the next 90 days---you only have a small window to file a Tort Claim. This link will help you learn how to file it and the Lawyers interested in Arizona Tort Claims. Your health matters.


2 days ahead:

Welcome to the Congress side of the Weavers, Willis ---

we document the heck out of wildfires in our community from all over so just keep that in mind...

from origin to progression to burn scars...just as I shared to you in person October 2022.

to the weather ...

to fire behaviors...

we are all up on our Ten Standard Firefighting Orders and Watchout Situations...

and most I know will most likely not evacuate this here desert...because they know once we leave our homes / desert tents / RVs --- fire possibly may appear in areas all in the name of "saving structures"...

we for sure ain't Yarnell ---

we document heavily our community activities...

8:17pm - last vehicle off the Weavers--- watching ---

was texted to my known credit to who took video turned into screenshots:

Payson turned around in Prescott ...

I am giving you all the information I can offer -

some I have to keep back channel so I keep my resources flowing ---

thank you to many of you who said they will document,

and we will keep those images back channel unless the time happens where we need to show your Initial Attack images.

Thank you for taking this seriously.

We pray zero slurry drops in Congress ---Please Lord protect our town from their "big box theory" ... If they use slurry--- video it, photograph it...

My hope is you all document the heck out of this

and place it public to keep those PIOs very busy ---

but totally understand you wanting to send them to me anonymously and back channel especially after the YHF13' lies and omissions and the YCSO vs. Donna Gordon lies and omissions. Totally understand.

The wildlife says put the fire out...suppress it asap.


Initial Attack-

Social Media:


man, be safe--- Snakeman, Frankie and I must have released hundreds of venomous snakes in this area over the decades...I will only go up there with my snake boots on for this section...I know exactly where you are...that helps later I can search for the fulgurites that lightning causes...please stay away from the big box theory and let the fire burn itself out---it is a boulderous area. Spare the cacti and Saguaro cacti from what you all did on the Beeline Highway...

pretty close to Yarnell land- our cameras will catch it "live" if any decide to chill and stage like they did YHF13'---pray those FFs refrain from laying any new fire down in the hopes to save the town --- man, some have yet to heal from 10 years ago...

I will show you the burn scars from the 60's and 13' another more peak on social media then I will go head out to do night duty to ensure I document any overnight activities and to observe the Fire Weather in person versus predicted factors.

8-14-23 7:33pm: Another night of "night patrol"---the area highlighted I am watching...copter landed in this area locals shared to me...I got a pic of the copter when I was in my backyard before it got to appx area.

When it flew right over me at 7pm---I saw the copter, it was TriState Care Flight CALL SIGN N189AM EQUIPMENT B407 (N189AM) AIRCRAFT Bell 407:

So, far I have zero clue if this copter is tied to White Spar Fire, yet I am documenting all aircraft in the air ESPECIALLY at night.

No more repeat of Yarnell Fire 2013 when I saw how they handled that one.

I am fully on it

along with so many others

from all angles


to ensure they suppress the fire and move on to the next area to have a fire... because they are telling elders and locals the fire is out and so far, I have zero docs that prove it is out...

A local told me that area can get out of range so possible it went to Laughlin areas...

Did some trimming today to ensure areas that are 33 ft away from the place are thinned out.

I know the importance of Defensible Space.

S[___], I think about "how many" I did Defensible Space for for free over the decade.

Those days are over. Not just because of my health.

I am shocked "how many" kept thinking I would do that ... I was teaching you how ---I'm not a slave to help my fellow man/woman ... duh

I knew you all faced a traumatic event and wanted you to have nice memories ---

but when I saw in the public records some of you that I worked my a[__] for --- you talked trash on me

and I only showed kindness so that is the reason. I know I did good. God will handle the ones who took my kindness and did harm and hurt...

just because someone got into your ears. They are liars...think about the folks who talked about me...maybe they should look in their own mirror.

Yeah, resources dropped---

hope that means the fire burned out.

8-14-23 10:22pm:

8-14-23 11pm:

Monday 11pm:

Private owner twin-turboprop aircraft flew over Yarnell appx 5:33pm -BAROMETRIC ALT. 11,350 ft VERTICAL SPEED +64 fpm GPS ALTITUDE 12,000 ft