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BLM, State Lands Tort Claim case you have Wildland Fire Damages, file before deadline.

7-15-23 9:58am:

this is my third attempt today

to make the post and publish it---

it kept vanishing before my eyes ...

so let me make it into a "live" journal

and then people can come back later and read it ---

but I need to publish

before it vanishes the images again...

something weird is happening.

I contacted all the Arizona State Tort Claims Act Lawyers.

All my knowledge is because of the Good Lord guiding this praise to Jesus...

Present Your Case – Issue-Specific Questions (

Make Sure You Request

the Public Records From All Entities-

The Delegation of Authority records First...

reach me for the other items you need to request for -

if they say the fire is still going or is under investigation- document and time stamp every little area.

Organization and timestamping

are key,

because you have a little time frame window

to get a lot accomplished.

I can teach you the tools "back channel"

if you in 2023 been affected by a Wildland Fire in Arizona.

I made this post and vanished right before my eyes...???? Very Weird:

I began it this morning


Arizona Residents Affected

Directly By A Wildland Fire-

Reach Me

To Learn The Proper Tools To Build Your Case ---

Please Refrain From Relying Solely On The Lawyers ---

Be Proactive

Immediately After Being Affected By A Wildland Fire ---

Please Refrain From Awaiting What The Insurance Company Is Going To Do For You.

I Spent Ten Tears Learning The Proper Tools For The Ones Who Have "Legal Standing"...

Please Remember There Is A Deadline In Filing...

It Is Crucial To Preserve Wildland Fires Properly

Especially Historically Significant Ones.

I can show you the tools

to finally get more Tort Claims filed...

Versus relying on the lawyers and insurance companies...


Most lawyers were amazed the extensive knowledge

I gave them on how to do this all...

I spent a decade learning and documenting.

The Fire Weather Forensic and Arson Investigators

Are Our Future --- You Wait And See...

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