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BLM, State Lands Tort Claim case you have Wildland Fire Damages, file before deadline.

7-15-23 9:58am:

this is my third attempt today

to make the post and publish it---

it kept vanishing before my eyes ...

so let me make it into a "live" journal

and then people can come back later and read it ---

but I need to publish

before it vanishes the images again...

something weird is happening.

I contacted all the Arizona State Tort Claims Act Lawyers.

All my knowledge is because of the Good Lord guiding this praise to Jesus...

Make Sure You Request

the Public Records From All Entities-

The Delegation of Authority records First...

reach me for the other items you need to request for -

if they say the fire is still going or is under investigation- document and time stamp every little area.

Organization and timestamping

are key,

because you have a little time frame window

to get a lot accomplished.

I can teach you the tools "back channel"

if you in 2023 been affected by a Wildland Fire in Arizona.

I made this post and vanished right before my eyes...???? Very Weird:

I began it this morning


Arizona Residents Affected

Directly By A Wildland Fire-

Reach Me

To Learn The Proper Tools To Build Your Case ---

Please Refrain From Relying Solely On The Lawyers ---

Be Proactive

Immediately After Being Affected By A Wildland Fire ---

Please Refrain From Awaiting What The Insurance Company Is Going To Do For You.

I Spent Ten Tears Learning The Proper Tools For The Ones Who Have "Legal Standing"...

Please Remember There Is A Deadline In Filing...

It Is Crucial To Preserve Wildland Fires Properly

Especially Historically Significant Ones.

I can show you the tools

to finally get more Tort Claims filed...

Versus relying on the lawyers and insurance companies...


Most lawyers were amazed the extensive knowledge

I gave them on how to do this all...

I spent a decade learning and documenting.

The Fire Weather Forensic and Arson Investigators

Are Our Future --- You Wait And See...


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