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September 21, 2023 - New Blog Index Log:

Views expressed to "the public at large” and "of public concern"

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September 24 3:33am:

Remember, this site is "under construction".

Now that I see even the titles have glitches as well---

Real nice. ???


None of this site has been fully looked over ...

so hopefully it is just silly glitches, and nothing inserted with bad intent.

"Spiritual Warfare"

September 23, 2023- I will shut off PC for today at 6pm.

I will be busy Sunday and not near PC. I did successfully three posts.

Still have to do the post four and five YouTube audio recording of the post-

"Work in Progress"

*- indicates an unlisted link - YouTube audio file was added to the post as well.

  1. _X_ Post One: Fred John Schoeffler's Bio ( *9-21-23 post was completed and took all the way to 9-24-23 4:33pm to upload. See my bandwidth capabilities stink--- reminds me of webtv. (completed, saved as PDF/web page html) (at a later date I will take the time to make it professional looking)

  2. _X_Post Two: Please Sign My Petition ... ( * @ 23% upload since 9-21-23 (23% 6:15pm 9-24-23) (9-25-25 completed, saved as PDF/web page html)

  3. _X_Post Three: Joy Ann Collura Bio- ( *( 39%/49%/49%/20% 9-24-23 6:15pm)- (9-25-23 11:11am 39/49/79/20%) (92523 720pm 49/39/79/20% same)(completed,saved as PDF/web page html ) (at a later date I will take the time to make it professional looking)

  4. _X_Post Four: Did the late afternoon, June 30, 2013, Sesame Street and The Shrine fire behavior/smoke plumes influ ( * (@ 23% upload since 9-21-23 6:15pm) (9-25-23 11:17am 45%-same 45%)(completed,saved as PDF/web page html )

  5. _X_Post Five: Are These Possible Indications of YH Fire Burnout Ops In The Peeples Valley Area On June 30, 2013? ( * (@ 38% upload since 9-21-23 6:15pm)- (same % 9-25-23 11:18am)

  6. Post Six: InvestigativeMEDIA Five (5) Years Later ( * 9-25-23 4:09pm 38%

  7. Post Seven:What Lessons Have We Really Learned About The June 30, 2013, Yarnell Hill Fire? ( *9-25-23 4:09pm 3%

  8. Post Eight: Another Big Question Arises ... ( *9-25-23 5:34pm 7%

  9. How does one effectively lead by example? Extreme ownership must apply ... ( Bed time: 6:56pm 9-25-23 6%--- I will be busy in the start of the day so be back on PC to do post 10 in afternoon.

  10. Blog | yarnellhillfirerevel (

Fred J Schoeffler and Joy A. Collura's September 26, 2023 morning- the audio files of us speaking about posts 1-10 to help "humanize" the first ten posts and the who, what, whens that has happened of how the blog came about:


seems like a wasted day---- lost a bunch of data--- glitches--- "Spiritual Warfare"- Stuff I worked on for many hours just gone--- wasted energy and time.

this works finally:

10-2-23 10:52am: I just had 12 videos just vanish that have been uploading for posts 1-10---

I am going to nap and look at this later...shutting off pc...some videos were almost done so it is frustrating.



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