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Summer 2023Update-

Recently someone asked

if I was willing to let them review / have certain Public Records

and currently my focus is

health first

then saving Wix

and InvestigativeMEDIA posts

to PDFs for 2023 and saving emails.

I have 550GB stored/storage that need to be filtered through and save emails and toss the rest out.

I am on full halt to assist any person(s) ---

nor go search my own records for anyone.

There was ten years people could have asked.

(just sayin')


No enticing me. :)

No chocolate, yummy cake, candy, cotton candy,

chicken wings, champagne, flowers

romantic interest

will help those

to get me into check mate or overthrow me

from staying my path

of speaking the truth.

There is no confusion,

due process will take place

and balance will be restored.

The sword is the truth.

God will bring it to justice in His time.

Moves and counter moves...

give it up.

My flag is flying...

and unlikely to occur

in a white surrendering color.

Stop with the strategy and game theories.

God is in full control of all this.

This is directed only to the ones orchestrating...

the ones convincing others ...

the ones who aligned with

or for harm


hurt my way ...

the ones who tell others I am "controversial"

vs. minded exchange.

Are people in high places helping ya?

Well, I have the highest place---


2023 is my time off for health reasons,

and re-evaluate in 2024.

For the above reasons, you can text or call 928 970 0926 for any Yarnell Hill Fire Revelations - YHFR blog site concerns.

I have been on halt mainly because finances limited me to handle health and so since I had the time ... I walk and I do my calisthenics then save to PDF the posts--- nothing further.

I had to cut back other areas,

just to ensure I get my haircut for the Summer...

gets too thick and heavy.


Get my vitamin J-G fix :)

if not this Summer...Winter...

my 2xs a year fix.

Many people who come

in this YHF journey late in the game,

they fail to realize God told me to spend

my life and life savings

to ensure the truth is recorded and preserved correctly.

I would never be able to accept a film or book in this and just to follow Him, no matter how times get tough...

I get you are new to the platform-

I encourage you to follow that gut feeling.

You just met up with me in the wrong year.

No events for me. Nada. No dining out with folks. No ladies group. No mucking or chillin' in the Aguila desert with my ol' hiking pal. No fun times out in the desert or the lake with RR and Gar. Nada. Just organize and save for 2023 and lay low and quiet and do the blog posts when able.

I am off in 2023.

Very glad there are new interests [folks reaching out to me] to delve into making YHF13' in Chronological order because Into The Black Productions is on pause from publishing the content he has---

This was an attempted comment I did but it was deleted on a recent video and when I think to that area possibly, I will re-add it

because Doug Fir said it is back to being functional to accept comments as of 8-3-23 evening when I was offline he called me-

thank you, WFF/ Into The Black Productions, but this was all I was gonna say for the record in regard to video:

these comments were placed for this video (above and then below shows the chat room) yet vanished:

my Dandelion dream is in the fillum:

Doug Fir stated re-add it- get the comments flowing --- but I am busy on a project.

I got the email to call 8-2-23 8:58am, I did the call 8-2-23 9:07am, I was the very first to review it and funny it ended at 10:10am. I think it's funny. 10-10. Anyone who has been around me my entire life gets it. I always have 10 10, 33, 333 and at times twos...

By 10:30am, I emailed my favorite scene is 'Tammy Misner and Tom Ashcraft with the flag'.

I did all that was requested so 'back to my project'. Maybe later I will re-post it...

I will say this much...I have to say the title "A Dirty Secret-"...I could make a post and say the Dirtier Secret...and then unload but for now leave it alone and keep being productive...


BBA and Canadian FF/IM, Rocksteady let me know the video was on unavailable / private ???

you know, the past is the past, but I can place a post on that video above because I have a copy and it is "freedom of speech".

You may be told to do this or that --- but I refuse to allow those type of folks in my space ... be free ... or get away from that toxic projecting types ....

I want you to know all the hard work that was placed in making that fillum ... lots of work ...

whomever manipulated the

"freedom of speech" to be removed ...

God is watching ...

Some day we will learn "why" it was removed ...

my gut feels it has something to do with my existence and my stance for truths to the front ... or some that have been naysayers causing harm for 10+ years.

like I am some insidious thing ???... for sharing documented facts - truth. ???

that is what some would love for you to believe that I am insidious.

Yet, I am me.

Get use to it. I am unconcerned your views on me. You are hating on me for no reason.

I wake up with soooo much Faith and Hope and I do my exercises, take care of my local elders in some fashion, paused with the kids during this hard phase, and I do my medical appointments. I paused ladies group until I know it is safe so that they are not wrongfully judged for us spending time together. I think of others before myself.

To the folks who "spew" the word:

Any person who has ever muttered my way or behind my back that I, Joy A Collura, am controversial and the folks around me ... you just watch ... God is in full control ...

If anyone projects that on you ... give the entire concern to God ... walk away ... and be "thankful" for the memories.

Please, refrain from trying to comprehend shadow folks.

Stay in the light and in truth.

Our light scares their agendas. If they are on the up and up, then it will not matter who God sets before them if they are living by His plan. (John 14:6)

Find comfort in the chaos. Jesus overcomes darkness. Right now, some live in fear ... fear if they stay friends then they may lose their long existing empire?

God watches how people treat people.

Focus is placed too much on the wrong areas. I can tell you I bring the light to the dark areas by speaking up with documented facts on Governed entities and people.

More people should feel with God in their heart and life to do just that vs. spend their time at church praying the world just be better a better place ... it gets better when we all awake and make it a better place.

If you right now would rather hold on to this word:

Versus doing your part to embrace the people who care and really are there to help and heal --- giving you their heart and soul --- embrace that, please.

Vs. the protection /protective layers of what you built --- if that foundation is not God-breathed from the beginning until the end, the towers could possibly fall in His time.

Also, all the people you simply drop and cut off after they dedicated their heart and soul your way ...

Remember, God is watching you treat people that way.

The more you do that --- the more absurd and immature you look from the Public at Large watching ---

or maybe it is time to really look at the person speaking in your ears ...

then you wonder why you have a hard time finding the one when God has brought you countless healthy minded individuals over time.

Maybe time to think where the toxicity truly lays in all this. Maybe time for you to cut out from the very area that made you cut out quality people who really care about you. Just saying. Our door was always there for you. Knock and you will find...

How about it, is it time for you to leave all that behind and walk your path with Jesus today?

We know you are not walking it the way you can just

"cold turkey" end knowing people so pattern-like for you just like that vs. come to resolutions/reconciliations/forgiveness. ???

In order to produce a true legacy, sir(s)/madam(s) --- you have to learn to embrace dissenting viewpoints. Not just cut off people cold turkey.

Following the general census to "go along to get along" will only survive so long ....Jesus is the way...the light...this I know...embrace dissonance.

You may want to see if you even align with your own core values.

I find it quite sad you have such an ease to cut off people so easy.

I guess because my roots I hung out with my elders and Mammie in Mississippi use to sit with me and tell me all the improper treatment she received just based on the color of her skin. I could not comprehend how a human being could even have such manners as the stories she told me.

She always lived a clean pure life, but much darkness was shown her way ... man, if it was not for her, I would be unable to understand the shades of this here current world.

Walk away finally...

and move away from that toxic state that another controls' your thoughts and views or using others to do your bidding when you cannot handle doing an area you should--- you are leaving so many lives left with "unfinished business."

God will deal with you --- I will stay away and not waste any time or energy any further on this topic but just note I refuse to buy that a LODD widow has anything to do with what just happen ... No widow of any fallen ... nope, you note that- ok. Some may buy it, I do not.

Also, I am unafraid with any of those fear building tactics from anyone here on Earth. I listen to God and follow Him.

You are in my prayers alone ... not my thoughts ... if you were, I would send you an invoice because no rent-free space left for you ---

Are you listening?

God is Love.

Not all this rubbish shown.

The highest good is fluidity for all not selective selections and cut it off if it makes you fear or feel uneased---

how you react, is who you are...

I react in always guiding truths to be shown.

Does it feel wrong?

Do you feel your soul?

Do you even still have one?

feeling awful for continually cutting off people...???

Especially ones who really give a s[___] about you.

Have God stop you from always mislabeling people and

really question the people in those ears of yours...

Really look at the words people feed you...

Let them all talk...

I will just be me.

Rick W. was added 7-18-23 2:48pm to the list of written permission to use my images from YHF13'-

that makes (1) John Dougherty, (2) Scottie E, Briggs and (3) now him.

Happy Summer 2023 to all

August and September


"Situational Awareness"

Times: Rattlers being born...

Once again,

read my Disclaimers ...

I record my personal blog journal ...

I do that

so I can make files

who copies and saves any content on my areas.

If you use any of my material


without my written permission-

I can legally go after such.

It helps me see what people look at ... their interests

Always get written permission to use my material.

John Dougherty / InvestigativeMEDIA


Scott E Briggs/Into The Black Productions

have permission for any material without my permission from the years 2013-2022.

Rick W. has only 6-30-13 images written permission started 7-18-23.

Alot of lies and crookedness happening.

I am watching you


my material

and storing the naysayers actions.

Some of you gathering / copying on my site without my permission to create your own stories or whatever ... that is not going to be an authentic / organic story because I will call out all material used...

this is the most stolen area:

If you want to get the "Staff Rides" copy ---

I own it.

DFFM gave the LAPR

all they were willing

to offer but these Staff Rides are not there.

So, I do require written permission

to re-use any of my material(s)...

Please remember that.

I want to know where my material is re-used and how...

That is why

I make the proper paper trail

with requests to re-use and the written permissions.

Can is an ability ...

people think they can just copy and paste

and save

as yet my blog has a sign on acceptance contract

to even view my pages.

It is that scroll to the right entrance

when you reach the blog and its page(s).

When you click that,

you accept this is a free view only blog -

zero reproductions without permission allowed.

so, sure thinks they can ...

yet I also can take it further ...

if I opt.

Stop stealing my material without written permission.

I may call you out publicly.

Simply RESPECT me and the blog and ask first.

I choose to do the right thing

even when no one is watching...

and if I have a flaws are here publicly as well.

God wanted me

to do things willingly

and I did.

If you entered my life,

God brought you here...

I can state I let God guide who comes to my life...

I stand in the light.

I acknowledge

the enemies too.

The forces of light


darkness is very real.

So, my takeaway

from the recent news

on the "cold turkey" bs done to you...

you saw these people cut you off ... it happened to me too ... best advice...

give it to God and move on.

Stay committed to His plan

and avoid looking at their disgusting actions.

God will handle them.

I choose peace!

Hope you do too.

Too many reasons to just let it go...


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