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Part 2- A quick look into the digital I received June 23-June 30, 2023 [LAPR]- "live" journal

front page thumbnail: Willis:

8-8-23 11am: I was out walking appx. five hours today --- spoke to the Yarnell locals in regard to Donna -

Grace, Mercy, prayer ... for all involved in the lies and omissions... both on DONNA GORDON vs YCSO SGT and YHF13'.

some said "Joy, you mean "karma" ...


Jesus works differently. He heals the broken and at times fully and immediately.

Some of my family support the theory what comes around goes around ... not me. Live in the light.

Right now, God can heal you and you never see that comes around part... God is that powerful.

Folks, just because others are/were creating blockages, lied about me or were present for the lies and omissions,

blasphemy on my name, defacing and defaming me and my name or were present when it happened, those who copy and steal my material without my permission, those who lack originality/individuality, please give all that time and energy to God.

Just source and lead the people here to my material or ask me where you want to re-use it and what for.

Stop being a liar and a thief.

I have every right to place all the documents to the front of the copying/stealing of my material(s). If you are taking from my personal blog to build your sick manners - God knows and I see ya too.

Give it up, finally.

Some can pull that crap off with MacLean ... you entered my space with God present and He for sure is letting you know I have freedom of speech ... no bully tactics allowed in this space.

I have a video tracker that videos all your actions and even "heat maps" and shows me how long you stay in once section,

and it can even tell me when someone is aggressively on the post by the way the interaction is to their mouse/keyboards to how it is recorded to my blueprint analytics.

I do that to protect my material(s) that I/we paid hefty monies at times for all this documents and to make sure I have a paper trail so if I state someone "gang-stalked" me--- then that means I have the documented facts of just that.

If you really hate what I say/type here, then go elsewhere. This is my personal journey/journal with at times contributing authors. Stay away if you have issues with the content.

I am far from desiring/wanting people to come here and make sense of what I am doing - that is my business yet always open to share to others what I am doing ...

Refrain from thinking harm or hurt my way for placing the documented facts for the public at large for God's plan.

You will in God's time be under His judgement all who did anything to me or about me or to others; (un)intentionally.

By the way, you don't really hate me, but you hate the manners you do/did and you may dislike the lies and omissions are in the forefront vs. in the shadows. I can get that. Yet, give it to God...

Some of you who are full of air and not from your CPAP machine...the ones who speak without having any documentation to support your probably about now realized wrong kitchen you came in, right?... hey,

all that hot air spoken... just wondering ... does that make you an "air head" ???

The person who stated refrain from knowing Joy or refrain from reaching out to her or saying all you did----while you smiled in my face gathering data---

I see, God's got you in judgement phase--- this YHF13' was never a "competition" or "investment"---- just get the documented truth to the front was my role --- God is protecting me in the choppy sharky waters.... but you are in my prayers for God's mercy and grace ---

you have to ask yourselves, folks-- why did they do this ... ??? Why did you block me the natural fluidity to know folks? Quite amazing. Sad, really.

some of the s[___] that has gone down -- would get one on the edge of their seats if you watched up close. Messed up. Do I feel for the people I am hearing about --- just the emotional layer in prayer --- they are not in my thoughts.

I pray they refrain from using the "victim card" because they are all there for reasons God knows ... as for one of them, he was present when others talked on me and engaged so yeah ....

I am just glad the sun has come out ... why did you lie in the first place is all I want to know... ???

If one is exposed ... it is about ??? How many tore me down to make them appear a certain way??? ... live in light, folks.

I pray everyone is released from Spiritual imprisonment.

No more facades.

Live in truth.

You wanted to shine ... well has that sun feeling now?

Next time, speak truths.

I am the student wearing zero blindfolds.

8-8-23 12:13pm: I am going to grab a slice of pizza and water...brb...time to get busy on what's on the discs.


8-8-23 2:49pm: Back for a bit- today is "family day"- watching DVDs.

I was paying attention to that area; the post above, and gave my legal team some documents --- still awaiting over a month from the other lawyer about releasing specific documents and that area keeps putting me off... ???

Hey, YHF13' OSC...I am sure you lay at night wondering does Joy have a copy of what Aaron presented to so many? Did she give copies to others if she does have it? Did she hear those actual words herself? Did TS's friend actually give her the footage what was done in certain areas? I am sure God's speaking to your heart the answers to that.

In the past week, law enforcement was on my exterior wall section of my land---> that road/street, driving, at 6:03pm and a strange person (70's) was in the backyard behind me this morning 8:48am--- "situational awareness" and "surveillance cameras" all in place.


5:15pm 8-8-23: Ate a sweet potato and corn and sauteed peppers and onion and garlic on time to figure out how to open some files...


8-8-23 Good to catch up with you "N___""O___"---6:15pm

I am peaking ahead on index of other disc real quick before I go back to this boring disc:

July 3-4, 2013---let me go put this on the IAP post...brb

not wasting time when I made a post on IAPs --- just placing cover sheet here, rest on other post to be released 12-31-23.

Remember folks, when I say "WFF"...exclude V/B/B/A/L. I pray for them, but I also hope God's will is done on select few who is in their ears and tied within WFF. The reason I asked for public records had zip to do with V/B/B/A/L. I know much more than I speak...I would hope V/B/B/A/L would be concerned on how the people I saw ... I could foresee something quite a different story happening, and I hope God places it on their hearts to see what I saw 7-18-23 vs blocking me based on others getting in their ears.

Well, good night...when we leave this here Earth--- you are unable to take anything with you --- except our souls --- that goes with us --- do you still have one, the ones causing harm my way??? Just curious. night, night...8-8-23 10pm.

When the FBI reaches me on YHF13'- ask me about this specific image and its back-channel story, it matters:

before I crash--- I will be away from PC the next few days ---so freestyle into the next disc:

interesting that my AWIMA Wildland Fire Public Information Officer- Social Media- Instructor- she was on YHF13' ... also the lady who signed her Crew Time Report was on YHF13', Fidler:

PIOs Schedule:

wish they stored the gps metadata to these images---wonder why they saved these for the perm. files???

All I do is put the truth / documented facts out --- but I seem to be the target for hurt / harm always for doing the difficult right thing --- God assures me I have His protection.

I also feel all the damage those did --- I will allow you to all know in this all --- you did successfully ruin a "soul connection" that was supposed to be because I never look for social moments ---

that person was supposed to finish out something and I was the one who was to be present ... yet you did mess that up, but my father taught me ... I have nothing to gain ... I am truth ... if it was meant to be, it will happen so set it free.

I am not here to manipulate myself into others' lives and God will return it back to the way it was meant to be in God's timing, yet man[men] / woman[women] did mess that up for that moment.

Sad thing, that person did need a quiet private person at that phase in their life and they would have avoided some area they ended up getting into it. All we can do is find the blessings in the lessons. I would have been that ideal person.

My family gave their blessings at that time too for me to be present, but they since shifted, I would have to slowly accept that person in --- because of all the other folks in their ears over time but open to communicate.

I pray for solace and strength for the journey, and I know what I was shown was beyond any traditional realm --- the language of communication transcends words, and I can share even to this day without even speaking ... very entwined telepathically ... the tiniest gesture conveys volumes of significance into the meaning of what "soul" means -- it is not a physical thing ... All I can say is throughout it, it brought me closer to Jesus and I learned what "unconditional" means ... and I know the recent shift that happened --- my words reached without every speaking it or writing it. It is the most beautiful thing I can ever share. My prayers and heart were acknowledged this past week.

Back to looking at the files:

I did not write on this image- just how it was in file--- to give credit---that purple ribbon on image- the purple ribbon after YHF13' was disrespectively used without giving it proper credit to the WFF; just sayin'.

credit should have gone to the WFF after YHF13' for using the purple ribbon with flames but you will see in my records- they were disrespected ... it was always a question to myself to later look into to figure out why? Was it interal, County, City, State, Federal, mix????


2013 ---there was 111 Lifetime Members ...

It is 8-