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Why did it take seven years for the GMHS GPS Units to finally become public record? Why Brad Mayhew?

Author: Joy A. Collura & Contributing Author


Figure 1. Do Not Be Deceived Snippet. Source: Bjorkbloggen


Views expressed to "the public at largeand "of public concern"

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If you are a family, friend, or loved one of the GMHS and I know you - I did my best to reach you so that you were not blind-sided. I am sorry it took City of Prescott Deputy Clerk Staff Michelle Shaw's communication to bring this all to light. Read below.


Before I begin, "prayer warriors" I need you to pray for someone I love who is dealing with a Brain Aneurysm and his path right now and may You have the blood of Jesus Anoint and Atone and Heal this friend, this very second - in the name of Jesus Christ, prayers for this message today and all affected by it, and all unspoken prayers. Thank you.


First off, my GPS unit that was taken from me June 30, 2013, and Kestrel - even if it was stolen - showed its "map location" because I had my Garmin account and I kept a log of my trails. Sometimes, I would post it long ago on HikeAz. I spoke to a Garmin Tech Rep and he too said if a device is Lost, Stolen, and or Damaged, there is still the folks who possibly connected their Garmin device to online mapping, either on their cell, laptop, or desktop.

So then, what this means is that there is a way to go back even to 2013 - "right now" - he said.

So we know that "Google History Location" plans to wipe clean, anything after 18 months. However, there are other apps one can use to track the steps of not only the GMHS and the hikers, but all who were there between the Helms and the Shrine and to Peeples Valley. I think it is time we do that. Even if it requires a lawsuit of the individual outside their Agency, because we know some just showed up, and was not "on the clock" on G-time, so we can take them to court and sue those people to get that data. I think it is of utmost importance that this happens.


It has been a mystery what happened to the several known GMHS GPS units or whether any other GPS crew members were also carrying handheld units on June 30, 2013. The Yavapai County Sheriff's office has FINALLY released their official July 2014 report on those GMHS GPS Units used on the June 30, 2013, Yarnell Hill Fire. It is questionable why the units, upon detailed examination, have no memory cards.

The nefarious SAIT members and their ongoing plots and schemings readily come to mind.

Ctrl-F "YCSO" or GPS Unit" to search for those details


I know me. I am all about documents and "investigating the failures" of the SAIT-SAIR after they failed me and everyone else that seeks the truth. This would, of course, include the alleged "Lead Investigator" Brad Mayhew because he never met with /engaged / communicated with the YHF Eyewitnesses - Yarnell Hikers - in any fashion, during any and all phases of the investigation.

Yes, as one of the "eyewitnesses" on the Yarnell Hill Fire, I feel that the SAIT failed me, especially when I learned that the Yarnell Hill Fire alleged "Lead Investigator," Brad Mayhew, is possibly doing a "made for profit" book series on the Yarnell Hill Fire ( YHF ) and the very missed, Granite Mountain Hotshots ( GMHS ). I found this on Amazon, the Brad Mayhew book series:

Figure 1a. Brad Mayhew on Amazon Source:

Book Description: The Yarnell Hill Fire (2013) took nineteen firefighters from the Granite Mountain Hotshot Crew. This accident was the tragedy of our generation. Seven years later, how much has the fire service learned?

Not much.

We can change this. And we will.

The expedition starts here.

Origins is the first book in a series that will transform how you lead and how you learn. Future books will take you into aspects of history, human factors, and investigations in the American Fire Service. This series was not written from an ivory tower, and it’s not like other fire books you may have read. It’s an expedition.

It all starts here at Origins. In this book, I will introduce you to the world of fire and hotshots, innovators and investigators, as I know them. Join me by a warming fire on a ridge in the middle of nowhere. Under the pull-up bars at my fire station in Southern California. In a garage, with nothing but dirty hands and a blank sheet of paper. In the lobby of a Phoenix hotel, when I accepted the job of Lead Investigator in 2013. And in Prescott years later, as I struggled to figure out what went so wrong, and how to unlock a generation of innovation.

Bio: BRAD MAYHEW served as Lead Investigator on the Yarnell Hill Fire, and has conducted investigations in every region in the continental United States. He has a master’s degree in Human Factors and System Safety. He served on the Los Padres Hotshot Crew, and he has worked for federal, tribal, and local fire departments. He wrote the Human Factors pages in the Incident Response Pocket Guide (IPRG), and was one of the youngest to receive the National Wildfire Coordinating Group (NWCG) Paul Gleason Lead by Example Award for Initiative and Innovation.

For more, go to )


To see this YCSO document, affected me health-wise. Seeing some of the names on it, the ones that I had trusted, disturbed me. So, if there is a family or friend or even a complete stranger to the GMHS who are just seeing these names too, you may be emotionally impacted by this as well. It affected my health so I place the disclaimers up above because I know it can affect another just as easily and painfully. I really want anyone with health issues to avoid going any further unless their doctor okays it.

I want to sincerely thank WantsToKnowTheTruth (WTKTT), Robert the Second (RTS), and Scottie Briggs for helping me deliver the news to certain folks. I needed you all. I am like mush. Just trying to deal with the betrayals, deceit - and to figure out all we need to know about the many lies and omissions.

I still have difficulty wrapping my mind around what I was told years ago by the Office of the State Forester Deputy Director, Bill Boyd, who has handled most my Public Records Requests over the years. All that time, Bill consistently stated that I received all they have on the YH Fire and GMHS. Yet this YCSO document - when I searched on the external hard drive I received from them - was conspicuously missing.

That hurts, Bill. Really. I have enjoyed our learning curve in all this, but to learn that you never provided me the GPS Unit document that I had specifically requested - then I am left very hurt and asking myself why? Why did you intentionally omit that?

Then my thoughts begin to wander toward the various unethical and illegal conduct and performance issues such as nonfeasance, misfeasance, and malfeasance. Or how about omission of occurrence or performance i.e. – failing to perform duty or expected action, an inability to perform a normal function, a falling short or deficiency? External concerns? Internal concerns?

In fact, you Bill Boyd told me on Wednesday, June 10, 2020, (2:47 PM) in an email that if I do not have it, then it is likely with the AZ State Library Public Records (ASLPR) but it has been over a month since I sent you this and never got those Transfer of Ownership records that I requested, nor does the ASLPR have what you stated:


Figure 2a-d. email thread between Joy A Collura and AZ State Forestry Bill Boyd Source: Proton email

I have slept very poorly since I have learned this. To type this "heavy-lidded" pains me deeply.

Why didn't any Media Investigative journalist(s), reporters, alleged "investigative reporters," or authors "fact check" like I have been doing all along? Is it so you can avoid the defamation and lies that I have gone through it all. By The Grace of God, I have still kept going to pursue the Truths.

Even some tied to one of my contributing author's family members have "locked" on to a misplaced perception versus to trying to "grasp" the seriousness of this event. I wish God would soften at least their hearts if not all hearts, so that they will finally "get" what is happening here. It gets old hearing it. It is seven years later by others telling us t0 "just let it go." How could I - knowing what I saw June 30, 2013? And since I have gathered all these records and interviews? It would be wrong to do that. We plan on staying the course and doing the "difficult right thing."

Look at all the "made for profit" books and still waiting for

( ) John Norman MacLean and his Research Team of Holly Henderson Neill and Alan Sinclair (Eric Marsh's best buddy) -their "made for profit" book due out on this tragedy as I focused my life, lifestyle, health, and finances to do God's Purpose - day in and out. Look at all the books:

and "made for profit" film:

Figure 3a-l. books/film on Amazon on YHF Source: Amazon

Here is the email thread between YCSO Public Records and myself. Please take the time to read this:

Figure 4. email between Jenna Ford (YCSO Records Technician) and Requester JOY A COLLURA Source: Proton email

I attached the documents I provided YCSO to show my source (City of Prescott Public Records #20-543 and 20-544 appeals ) of why I asked for this request from YCSO:

Figure 4a-z(a). email regarding GMHS cell phones between Jenna Ford (YCSO Records Technician) and Requester JOY A COLLURA Source: Proton email


How do I define failure? I want to be clear there because we all "perceive" life and words differently. Failure, to me, is a breakdown or decline in the performance of something, or an occasion when something stops working or stops working adequately, something that falls short of what is required or expected.

The Yarnell Hill Fire alleged "Lead Investigator" of the SAIT - SAIR "failed" me- one of the two Yarnell Hill Fire Eyewitnesses.

Let me further share my feeling about: 'what is a failure' - The aftermath of obtaining and documenting the Yarnell Hill Fire where NINETEEN MEN died and so many more since that catastrophic day.

Now all I need to know from Brad Mayhew was the failure all his or a leak, or third party, abnormal operations, systemic concerns (internal or external), or the highly unlikely - unintentional inexperienced carrying on with this pitiful product - SAIR?

I deserve to know as well as so many others. I feel you failed to obtain evidence correctly, test it correctly, and never did you professionally or personally reach out to the Eyewitness hikers. ??? Question mark. WHY? Yet you will chum up to John MacLean and Holly Neill...what's up with that? That makes no sense. Especially after you did what you did at one of the Conferences. Unless all of you are really all about creating narratives (books) not real accounts...

I firmly believe that the SAIT SAIR desperately needs an external examination of their investigation and product, as well as all the documented Touhy Regulations that were used to thwart the ADOSH investigators and their investigation. They were hindered at every step to keep them from doing their assigned task and a proper investigation. This was unjust and unfair and unethical.

(RIP- Dave Larsen and Pete Masiel)

After hearing WFs' and Law Enforcement Officers' accounts in my interviews and discussions, I know factually that I challenge the timing of the items being removed. I say this because there are WFs and others sharing with me that there were - that very evening - WF and others picking items left and right ("scavenging") with no organization or proper Investigation protocol. And I will challenge certain areas because if I have a Law Enforcement Officer tell me it made them sick to their stomach to see the rummaging in the manner that he eye-witnessed, then yeah - I refuse to accept all that is officially written.


How all the above become this immediate Public at Large post and pausing my Dude Fire posts 3 thru 5 was because I emailed two individuals a Snippet of the report ( Tuesday, July 14, 2020 7:18 PM ). Wednesday, July 15, 2020 11:56 AM, one individual did a pretty thorough analysis and wrote me back on the details of what I had received from the YCSO:

"According to this report from Detective McDormett... there were 6 ( SIX ) actual handheld GPS units recovered from the GMHS deployment site. A possible SEVENTH one MAY have been recovered, but the ( box? ) with UCSO evidence number 526 only contained a 'clip' for a Garmin GPS unit and not the unit itself. "So whether there were SEVEN GPS Units ( or only SIX ) recovered remains a mystery. "Did someone remove the one that was on the 'item'

( box? ) numbered 526? "NOTE: Since McDormett specifically says these 'items' ( boxes? ) in the 5xx series were things that were recovered from the deployment site by the "Prescott Fire Department" ( and not the "YCSO investigators themselves )... and since he also says the unites were "taken out of item 5xx"... "I am assuming that the PFD firefighters who were assigned to 'clean up the deployment site' were using BOXES to collect things... and were ( perhaps ) trying to keep box numbers associated with individual firefighters, or something. "Just two weeks ago, during an interview related to the seventh anniversary Prescott firefighter Pat McCarty ( the one who got paid to help with the MOVIE ) said that HE was the one who led the team of Prescott firefighters in their 'cleanup' of the deployment site. "Can I publish that text of that attachment on the IM Forum? "It's important evidence regarding the long-standing mystery of how many GPS units were actually recovered

from the deployment site and I think it needs to be published on the IM Forum." (all emphasis added)


I then called a friend and asked if he would assist me in sharing this with the GMHS loved ones, so that they would not feel 'blind-sided' and so we did for the ones we know- it hurt me so bad. I vomited many times yesterday.

I think back to ADOSH Investigator Dave Larsen (RiP) and Arizona Dispatcher Pete Masiel (RiP). I wish so bad we could reverse time and bring so many lives back. All I can do is my part to help lessen those moments.

I refuse to tie some "made for profit" agent like alleged "lookout" Donut did, and as you see below, the next gig of his is $350.00 per person to attend virtually ... I am flabbergasted how the false narrative and outright lies keep carrying on ... see below:

Figure 5 a-b. McDonough announced as keynote speaker event. Source: Image Trend event

Dave Larsen (RiP), you felt like your contributions to the YHF ADOSH report would make a difference in keeping WF and FF lives safe in the future. I am carrying your torch on to ensure that happens. You died too young. Not many people know how much time and stress it is to do what Dave (RiP) did - and I carry on to do just that for those people and RiP CIA / Retired Smokejumper Charlie Moseley as well.

I will always do my best to "remember" all and not just the nineteen young men affected by the YHF.

Do you know how many homeowners who "knew" what 'really happened' on June 30, 2013? Do you know how many of those that it ate at them? Do you know how many that always stated "publicly" how they honor those men but they knew more? That guilt holding in and on to public data and public records is also why I carry the torches of those who died of broken hearts. And there are some that are still alive but pain so deep ...

When Todd Abel was told to get Barnabas 'Barney' H. Wasson 'No Trespassing' signs and they kept delaying it - it was the Yarnell Hikers who pulled through for Barney ASAP and in that talk on July 2013 when he said his heart was broken and he was confused why they lit up his land. They told him it was to save structures. He said he hurried to get an heirloom vehicle that was for one of his son's out of there, once he saw what was happening. I heard his entire account in depth and our eyes welled up with tears.

As he explained what was occurring around his workshop by all the WFs and FFs - in that workshop moment and all the WFs and FFs on his land - he never imagined that the fire he saw would end up taking the lives of 19 young men and destroying so many homes. That forever changed me in that moment.

I told my family and friends I had to pause my life with them to do the difficult right thing. Sonny knows. He knows all the time and monies I have spent and him too. I felt bad for Sonny as I pulled him here and there after the fire. I placed flyers everywhere.

I told Barney: "you take care of you and Maria Luisa' and I will begin to ask every single area who did this lighting in the Sesame to Shrine areas - I will until the day I die, Barney." The hug he gave me is unexplainable, as we both collapsed to our knees as we hugged, and we both were on the ground 'heart broken together.' I told him I would share his story once God led me to do it. His wife knows because she was there that day because she was dealing with Insurance people when I brought the 'No Trespassing' signs with ARS Stats on them. She is the most beautiful person. I miss her a lot at the gift shop when I stopped by to see her on my hikes.


On Wednesday, July 15, 2020 1:59 PM, one of the two individuals I sent the full report to replied:

"Thank you for those attachments. "Interesting that Detective McDormett wasn't asked to examine the GPS units for more than a YEAR after the incident. "It wasn't until July 22, 2014 ( not 2013 ) that he and Arizona Forestry Employee ( AFMO Flagstaff ) Aaron Green  went to the YCSO evidence room to 'examine' the ( SIX? SEVEN? ) GPS units. "Those GPS units should have been sent to ACTIC ( Arizona Counter-terrorism Investigation Center ) for examination just like all the cell phones ( except Eric Marsh's ) were. "Arizona Forestry employee Aaron Green was not qualified to do that kind of examination on a damaged GPS unit, nor was he qualified to make any kind of final determination about whether anything COULD be recovered from them. "Also interesting that Detective McDormett specifically references the 'Inventory List' for these '500 series' items that were recovered from the deployment site by Prescott Firefighter Pat McCarty ( and others? ).

"I wonder if YCSO still has that 'Inventory List' of everything that McCarty and the others picked up at the site?" (all emphasis added)

On Wednesday, July 15, 2020 2:46 PM, one of the two individuals I sent the full report to replied:

"One of the more interesting developments here is the TIMING of WHEN the Granite Mountain GPS units were only FIRST 'examined' by Detective Mcdormett and Arizona Forestry employee Aaron Green. "They didn't meet at the YCSO evidence room to do that until July 22, 2014. "But on July 1, 2014 ( 3 weeks earlier ), Mike Dudley had already told Paul Musser ( in an email long since made public on the IM Forum ) that absolutely NO DATA had been recovered from any Granite Mountain GPS unit. "If Detective Mcdormett and Aaron Green didn't even FIRST examine the GM GPS units until July 22, 2014... then Mike Dudley was lying his ass off to Paul Musser back on July 1, 2014. "If the GPS units weren't first examined until July 22, 2014... then Mike Dudley could NOT have known

on July 1, 2014 whether anything could be 'recovered' from them... or not.

"That is, of course, unless it was Dudley and his cohorts who secretly stole all the memory cards out of all the units back when they were first found by Pat McCarty and others out at the deployment site."

and another email came in Wednesday, July 15, 2020 2:51 PM:

"FYI: Here, again, is that original email exchange back on June 30 and July 1, 2014, between Paul Musser and Mike Dudley about the GM GPS Units. "Paul Musser was, at this point, secretly working for the Ar[i]zona Attorney General's office as they were building up a 'defense' against the already-active wrongful death lawsuits. "NOTICE THE DATES ON THESE EMAILS. "Dudley tells Musser absolutely NO DATA was recovered from any GM GPS unit, but he is telling Musser that the morning of July 1, 2014. "That's THREE WEEKS before Detective Mcdormett and ASF employee Aaron Green got together to even take that FIRST LOOK at the GM GPS units.

"Original email from Paul Musser to Mike Dudley on June 30, 2014, the morning of the first anniversary of the Yarnell tragedy... ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- From: PAUL DEBORAH OMLS MUSSER [mailto:REDACTED] Sent: Monday, June 30, 2014 6:51 PM To: Dudley, Mike -FS Subject: Yarnell

Mike I  have been doing  a lot of work on Yarnell for the AG ( Attorney General ). A question I have is were any of the Granite Mt GPS unites in working order and if so were they checked for track logs or way points from the 30th and what base map they had. Paul  Musser [REDACTED contact data] ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- The next morning ( July 1, 2014 ), Dudley replied to Musser's question about whether any data had ever been recovered from the Granite Mountain GPS units... ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ From: Dudley, Mike -FS Sent: Tuesday, July 01, 2014 8:21 AM To: 'PAUL DEBORAH OMLS MUSSER' Subject: RE: Yarnell Paul, We did not have any GPS records available or recoverable from the GMIHC. The only GPS data came from the BRIHC, their captain like to carry his own personal GPS and he kept that on all day. That data is part of the case file. Hope all is well, all things considered. MD Mike Dudley Director State & Private Forestry lntermountain I Northern Regions 801-625-5253 ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Two hours after Mike Dudley replied to Musser and said ( unequivocally ) that NO GPS DATA had been recovered from any GM GPS units... Dudley decides to 'Forward' the email exchange he just had with Musser to SAIT Co-Lead Jim Karels... ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ From: Dudley, Mike -FS [] Sent: Tuesday, July 01, 2014 10:22 AM To: Karels, Jim;  Draeger, Randy -FS; Wilson, Richa -FS Subject:  FW: Yarnell Jim, Just letting you know the question I received from  Paul Musser and my response back to him.  See below. Mike Dudley Director State & Private Forestry lntermountain I Northern Regions 801-625-5253 ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Seven days later, on July 8, 2014, Jim Karels responds to Mike Dudley's email and Karels says he can't even remember if any GPS units were ever even recovered. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ From: Karels, Jim Sent: 8 Jul 2014 17:04:03 -0400 To: Dudley, Mike -FS Subject: RE: Yarnell Interesting question. Do you remember if they even recovered any GPS units from crew?   I can't remember now, maybe I  have forgotten. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ** WHEN DID MDCORMETT GET 'INSTRUCTED' TO GO EXAMINE THE GPS UNITS? Detective Mcdormett does not say exactly WHEN he was first instructed to contact Aaron Green and arrange to meet with him for that FIRST examination of the Granite Mountain GPS units. All he says in his report is that he arranged to do that with Green on July 22, 2014... From the first paragraph of Mcdormett's report about the GPS units... ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ My supervisors asked me to contact Aaron Green ) with the Arizona State Forestry Division (ASFD) regarding examination of the GPS units in YCSO custody. I contacted Aaron and we made arrangements to meet at the YCSO evidence building on 07/22/14. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ So, could it be that Mcdormett was actually first 'instructed' to set up this meeting with Green right after the email exchange between Dudley and Musser on June 30/July 1 2014?


In closing it has been 24 hours and no replies from either entity but I did question them - see below:

Figure 6. Joy A Collura wrote YCSO and Bill Boyd asking why the PRRs were not fully fulfilled Source: Proton email


I just hope when John N MacLean and his Research team's book comes out we finally get some answers to cell records like shown below where Holly asked for them...interesting the date of this email, Holly. (your ol' saying to me and others - 'you tell me what you got and I will tell you what I got' - guess what Holly I was sharing to you what I got but apparently I learned things I shared to you made it to others and things you got never made it to me- did you get the answers to this email below? Holly and many others' texts and emails will become public for the Public at Large so that maybe some will rethink who has been a true advocate for them or not. see:

Figure 7. Darrell Willis and Holly Neill email thread Source: City of Prescott

Figure 8a.b.. Arizona State Library, Archives, and Public Records email thread about City of Prescott Source: Proton email

In Figure 8., notice the description of WHAT was moved three months before Yarnell Hill Fire and remember earlier in post about what State Forestry now Department of Forest and Fire Management (DFFM) moved yet no transfer of ownership nor any further documentation- where is it?

If this email here (below) Figure 9b. did not get you banned from InvestigativeMEDIA or show how you are so disingenuous because when I find it, I have a recording of that same night because we also were to be at that event but Sonny had car troubles but it was that dinner Charlie Moseley stated to us hikers immediately to let me know there are those trying to discredit you both hikers and talk down on you behind your back- you Holly and MacLean were those two mentioned coring to this dinner event. Here is that night's picture:

Figure 9a. Top Left to Right Holly Neill Henderson, John N. MacLean, Wayne Neill, Dr Ted Putnam, Charlie Mosley and his Smokejumper pal, and John Dougherty ( the image that goes to the email in 9b. )and below that image is Charlie, the hikers and Dr ted Putnam in my backyard Source: Joy's Record Files

Figure 9b-e. Holly Neill and Darrell Willis email threads about InvestigativeMEDIA Source: Joy's Record Files- City of Prescott PRR

As I am looking for a specific email, I found some of the following misc. ones. The one where City of Prescott Human Resources Director, Mary Jacobsen, wrote about Dr Ted Putnam and not many know the back-story even "how" that article came about. She called Dr. Ted Putnam 'a self-professed Fire Investigator of the Yarnell Fire.' You have to laugh at the ignorance.

And on another email thread was an old PRR from 2016 and their reply:

Then in this next email below on 9/7/2014 6:16:23 AM, we get to learn John Norman Maclean identified Nowicki offering to do legal research for him prior to even the YHF tragedy. Yet John N MacLean says none of his folks go to I.M. but he fails to realize both Holly has and her BF Deanna Thompson Fire20+) and others have too...I think this email is harsh about Nowicki. To this day, I would engage with her. She works hard in life and always a lady who is trying to do better. The below content is unkind but needed for the Public at Large to see the back channel areas how people treat other people with differing worldviews - or truthful evidence:

John N MacLean, I guarantee I did more research that could and would be measured as far beyond "simple", sir. Not for me or Nowicki. Two strong ladies who have worked diligently and with real documents. How about you? Just a narrative built to create another Wildland Fire historical fiction story? Much harder than you ever produced for the YHF. Also, at least Nowicki "fact checks" and sits in many PRR and FOIA index logs - do you, sir? You are an unkind man.

Nowicki and I had to 'cease and desist' a long time ago, mainly because of her continued stance on the weather, even when she had no clue that I am a Weather Nerd and so she and I disagree there. So instead of constantly having to hear that area, I shut the communications.


As I am going through emails, I see misc. YHF emails and photos so place it here and come back another time to who it belongs to and such ... see below:

This next photo is proof that the dozer was at the start area of the Sesame to Shrine Corridor because when we went to purchase the land and we GPS'd the exact spot and this dozer was at the start around the corner from the Shrine entrance to the Sesame to Shrine Corridor:

in this next photo Matt's look began to tell me where to "look" for PRRSs and just curious if anyone can guess who is the man in the suit:

that weekend temps in Phoenix:

I am so sorry but that was all I could do---another day when I rested. I am not well. Sleep time for me. I did not locate the "specific" document I wanted to add in here but my eyes are just to heavy-lidded. Good Night.

Let me post some current InvestigativeMEDIA (IM) posts:

Updated information 7-17-20 11AM- When that SAIT - SAIR came out who in the media asked the right amount of records from the City of Prescott to run their stories and you will see John Dougherty ( InvestigativeMEDIA) is in the lead not MacLean and his research team:


I think I need to find legal representation now because HOW is it that Holly Henderson Neill cannot ask for her OWN material but seems to come swoop through and always asks for my material in PRRs and how come she is allowed to 'jump the line' and request a deadline of weeks when I have OPEN records not even attended for - for years. Who is she to be allowed such grace and importance. If you thought your text thread was with City of Prescott, no. I will not reveal that entity until it all goes public. What you did back channel was down right inappropriate. I am greatly disappointed that an author and his research team are barely on PRRs or FOIAs except to ask for what I asked for-see:

Also, after I complete the Dude Fire posts, I need a much needed break but I will eventually show all the PRRs from City of Prescott in that one post already up and I am glad I am so people who write "made for profit" books cannot go pull my PRRs and claim it for their own originality when there are no other requests made by them but to ask what I am doing. ???

I emailed Mike Dudley and Jim Karels in regards to Brad Mayhew and the GPS Units:

also 1:42/14:49 Jim Karels states "That's something we don't know" when John Dougherty asked a good question yet they never bothered to take the GPS Units to the next level nor Google Location History? Unanswered questions could be answered if they would just be truthful.

"Trust in the LORD with all your heart, and do not lean on your own understanding. In all your ways acknowledge him, and he will make straight your paths" Proverbs 3:5-6

Updated 7-17-20 11AM


updated 7/23/20 6:40PM




1) Item 502- T. Carter - Garmin GPS Unit

2) Item 505 - A. Ashcraft - GPS Unit

3) Item 508- plastic bag marked "21 i-phone" - GPS Unit

4) Item 513- E. Marsh - Garmin GPS Unit

5) Item 521 - T. Turbyfill - GPS Unit

6) Item 523 - W. Warnecke - GPS Unit

7) Item 524- J. Steed - GPS Unit

***Item 525- D. Parker - (gps clasp only)

These above GPS Units are found in this PRR 19-438 File