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Updated Information for the Donna Gordon Petition.


(which means keep coming back

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8-23-23 1:11pm began this "taking notes of incoming feedback" journal.


1. I, Joy A. Collura, reported to the FBI December 2022 and July 15, 2023, in regard to Yarnell Hill Fire 2013 and DONNA GORDON vs. YCSO Sgt. because LIVES MATTER!

2. For those who are unable or have not watched the "raw footage" ---

at timestamp 15:40 into the footage Donna and her friends (male/female couple she just ate dinner with- I have their account from the family's daughter's social media comments) left the restaurant walking down walkway,

timestamp 16:05 into the footage Donna smiles to someone as she appears to be looking at this person not seen in footage,

timestamp 16:11 into the footage two men leaving behind Donna,

appx. timestamp 16:30-36 into the footage you see Donna clearly looks left for appx 6 seconds, and not even a second to the right then back to left. Why so fast to the right when she looked--- was the vehicle not even in sight or nearby?

timestamp 16:38 into the footage, is when that white car passes Northbound. Remember, her feet enter the Northbound of Highway 89 at

timestamp 16:40 into the footage, so let us detail her last steps:

timestamp 16:48 into the footage she reaches the center double lined yellow middle part of the highway 89,

timestamp 16:50: Seems like four seconds before Donna got struck by Yavapai County Sheriff's Office Leader- Sgt---Patrol Sgt---before she was hit--- it is caught on camera a bonified witness looking ---these Higher Authorities had the raw footage, so I want a written apology from the one who signed the investigation report because you should be ashamed to have a title as an official investigator and that a small town ghost town housewife caught there was more than one witness. Ashamed.

You broke our hearts with all this data you offered in those Community Meetings--we trusted you all--- my data shows how disingenuous all of you are even the Media. Some Media also had this raw footage and did nothing, people.

That is sad... yet locals, these Higher Authorities stood before you all at these Community Meetings...and told you what they did, and they had all this footage--- sigh...this is wrong. I can fully name most all in the raw footage too so reach me FBI,CIA and Internal Affairs.

timestamp 16:53 into the footage she is alive and one second later she struck by YCSO Sgt.:

what took place in that ONE SECOND that neither she turned to see YCSO Sgt ---was she set for that door handle? what was it that she never turned towards him?

How come she never turned as his vehicle neared her? Was his SUV that quiet? Left with questions... that only she could answer.

but meanwhile ...

also, the YCSO Sgt. had a very wide road ... why didn't he brake sooner? or swerve sooner? why didn't he honk at least?

so how come he did not brake much sooner if he was coming from Prescott on that wide open road with minimal traffic as the raw footage proves that which from that entrance to Yarnell is .89 miles of wide open view to the time Donna was impacted for this Yavapai County Sheriff Sgt., why did this happen?

We want the answers.

the footage proves we at least have one who's peripheral was faced looking at site of impact yet where is his testimony ??? or the other one at 16:50???

I would like to know why he was not interviewed because you see Sgt. in video who also sees this man and all the other folks and as well the Yarnell Fire Chief was just at the same restaurant and present as all these folks

so yeah, something ain't adding up right to my friend's end of life story ---

also cops can get full data on just a lic. plate as the incident's transcripts also confirms that as well as these snippets from the witness- they just took pic of the plate:

so why not for the others who were present take the pics like you did for this witness ---did it not fit their narrative?

so, all that YCSO Sgt, Other YCSO, Investigator, or the First Responders had to do is take pics of license plates and all the vehicles in area and all the people and allow the investigators to do their job, right... ???

so, at timestamp 16:54 YCSO Sgt. struck my friend, Donna Gordon and she as the "Dollar General Store coming home" eyewitness said he saw her in 'cartwheel' mode, but he reported 10ft from impact when footage shows much more and the video, we can allege the word "tossed/thrown by vehicle impact" her appx. 33ft then slid another appx. 22 more feet

Let's look at Google Earth images:

Where is the YCSO Sgt's "Situational Awareness"---Donna walked appx. 49.15 feet until she was struck by YCSO Sgt where this was the first area she was struck by:

Someone in Authority should explain to the locals the aftermath investigation on the SUV and the passenger door---

then her body was here:

with documented facts not some perception--- were is/was that MPH expert who will explain why my friend was thrown/slid appx 55ft? not 10ft. like the witness stated--- the raw footage proves that.

DATA...Real data..not narratives...not conclusions...real data like you get on this image:

Give me that.

Where the vehicle stopped and the marks on the ground---those cones that one does to measure distance to a fatality scene. Where are those investigative images?

Thank God for the raw footage and the slip ups in the other videos.

so I want the report to officially cover what does that mean for MPH by an official expert, ??? and I will insert the door pics above ---I want my friend's report to show that: timestamp 16:54 she was struck

We cannot speak for her, one can assume possibly--- one felt safe enough to go right to her car to never again looking left or right ??? because maybe there was no traffic coming after that white car---???it is very odd--- she failed after she initially looked left, right, left to have continued "Situational Awareness" until she crossed which was probably another step or two...

she had the one white car she waited for and shows in video that was going Northbound pass and then she entered the highway 89 Northbound area to cross the Northbound part

and at no time did she re-evaluate in that raw footage nor make any head movements as if one was to "hear" vehicles/movements nearby and so that makes zero sense unless she was thinking of something

but either way once she entered the highway, she failed to do due diligence with her "situational awareness" all the way across yet that should not equate to no incident / crash report, proper investigation, etc. the way the information was shown to the Public at Large, lack of interviews in PRR, and nothing happens to a law enforcement officer when a person died? Hmm...

He struck her and it took her life by his decision making; or lack of.

He is a leader too with this entity.

A patrol leader at that. Makes anyone who watched the incident feel real at ease ... ???

So, what is that teaching our kids that no actions happen if a life is taken then I say release HOW MANY in prison/jail right now for the same reasons they were placed in jail as this Sgt.'s actions. Right?

I am not looking for jail time for the kid yet God is looking for the records to reflect the full truth to the Public at Large so the Media can tell the Public at Large what really happened.

In my humble opinion....if the Media even has integrity left after the debacle on YHF13' and that reporting...

Sound bites versus finding out what really happened? Why did they give up when it got tough?

FBI, you take on YHF13' I will lead you all to so many...those GMHS families deserve it so does the locals and the firefighters and others in the that industry having to internalize it.

That is how trust is broken when no one cared enough to report it fully and factually. Especially when you see all those people there. Come on, law enforcement.

That is how towns are left heart broken

because we continue to watch the ones who are here to protect and serve us...just brush it off and well, her life mattered to tell it in truth her end story.

Let's go take a look at those two men who followed her out from restaurant--

in this image you will see these two men engaged to someone in the raw footage it shows better than an image,

but I want you to see the placement of the two men because they were engaged to someone on that long walkway of that business

so whomever was on that long walkway should have been interviewed as well---piss poor investigation for Donna Gordon...:

timestamp 16:54 she was struck yet at 16:34 in above image- 20 seconds before she was struck ---people were engaging right near watch the video on that too...and the Higher Authorities and Investigator claim just one witnessed it coming from the Dollar General store...bullshit...come on...

10 seconds later that left guy now became a serious interest based on his body and head are looking at Southbound traffic, so his testimony mattered.

So that is telling because he was just around Donna seconds before and he if he saw traffic or a cop vehicle then how come he did not call out SHERIFF SUV...

that is why it is crucial to ask that Sgt. did he come from Prescott? or the Yavapai County Sheriff Substation? or another side road? We deserve to know...

Then by 16:44 these two men are again engaging to who(m)ever is on that walkway...that is less than 10 seconds left before Donna is struck...they were all present and whomever is on that walkway which is shown later by their reactions we can assume who they were--- why weren't they interviewed? I know who most the names and can lead you to know who knows the rest, FBI.

Has Yarnell Hill Fire 2013-YHF13' broken the trust of the civilians to "speak up" or is this more???

I mean the end result is we got a piss poor report no different than the YHF13'

when the raw footage indeed showed she deserves her life ending to be told in truth and not by some small town ghost town housewife (me) but by the very people these locals entrusted the video to- the Higher Authorities to do the difficult right thing. Shame on you.

This was an avoidable situation.

External Feedback I received: Tuesday, August 22nd, 2023 at 9:15 PM-

" The problem I see with this however, is that woman never once looked to the right or left when she was crossing the center of the road. The cop swerved to miss her and that is obvious in the video. It did appear to me though that this looked like more than a 35 MPH hit though. Very sad for the woman but I truly believe from that evidence, the cop did not run her over on purpose. I know that being a local over that way and all the stuff you seem to be involved in, that you have different thoughts."

To answer that above.

If AZDPS took the time to do their job for the investigation of DONNA GORDON --- they would have possibly asked in the interview to YCSO Sgt. --- example:

after the Sgt. said his statement- I would fact check further and say:

Me as the Interviewer: Sgt., from Prescott, did you stop any place in Yarnell (for example the Yarnell YCSO substation off the hardware street near the courthouse) or was that a direct line from Prescott to impact and you never once turned off the highway in Yarnell?

If so, it is a very wide road with parallel parking on both sides. Sgt. stated he was in Southbound in the left lane.

So let's look how many time the word southbound is used in interview:

  1. - Index:


Interviewer speaks about an incident he was a part in in the Valley.


4.In this moment, I would simply give a blank piece of paper and stae draw your incident. Instead the Interviewer uses directives of mapping:


6. stays locked on #5 highlights so I looked through---so there is 5 words on "South Bound" but let us go look at the general interaction with other YCSO officers present---let's go look:

New Video that shows word South Bound:

From this eyewitness angle, he saw the above, yet you will see in this process the law enforcement claimed he is the only witness...???? why?

Why are we refraining from asking the Sgt. - why did he assume she was going to stop and why didn't he brake sooner to avoid an incident?


even though the raw footage showed how many were present yet none of their testimonies are in the reports at all

and maybe did anyone think our locals already know the lies and omissions of this entity so all it would take is keep those on footage to not say a word --- then there is just one witness--- ???? There could be more interviews to be in that investigation report.

To comment on your MPH topic- Donna did not impact his vehicle- he impacted her. When he hit her, she tossed and witness stated:

and raw footage shows appx. 22ft then slid appx. 33ft.

I would like a Personal Injury Doctor to talk about how a person swerves with a fresh injury as he was given a shot that day at Urgent Care and had an arm sling on.

Why didn't the "Patrol Sgt." at least honk when he saw Donna Gordon?

An insert from this article:

"While there was no difference between immobilized drivers and non-immobilized drivers in routine driving scenarios, their results showed that in hazardous driving scenarios that required evasive driving maneuvers, non-immobilized drivers performed significantly better than immobilized drivers. The non-immobilized drivers had 1.7 collisions while the immobilized participants had 3.7 collisions. This is a statistically significant increase with the number of collisions more than doubling in immobilized drivers! Thus, it was shown through this study that sling immobilization of the dominant arm does impede a driver’s ability to effectively perform evasive maneuvers when faced with a driving hazard."

Why take that risk to drive -

Also watch these statements people from Yavapai County Sgt's

8-26-22 interview after the incident:

untrue---what you said about her...she was IN FRONT of the vehicle not behind and she was near fire hydrant so you wanna claim her behind vehicles, eh...well then tell me why does the raw footage show her right out in the open??? hmmm...

why weren't her friends she just ate with ever interviewed and in the official records? They were first to assist her before First Responders and Sgt. did. ???

The Sgt. recognizes two people were with her- so why wasn't anyone helping her friends with the trauma?

Why didn't you "honk", dude...??? right? Someone feedback that to me and really good point. You can tell by present people on video.

Common sense after you read what you admitted above.

Now we lost our memories with Donna Gordon thanks to an avoidable accident that seem to just be brushed under a rug and the only concern that was shown was change the road ????

versus your Leadership role ???? ...hmmm...

I can guarantee as a small town housewife I have "tight" Leadership skills than most likely most you in such roles.

Because I would never allow any agency(ies) to direct my integrity, morals and ethics for anything. Ask anyone I worked for in my lifetime.

You had almost a year to speak up. Why haven't you? Is this like my Daddy's situation--- did you kept quiet for your agency and family? My dad was there so I get it--- but I can tell ya as the kid in that dynamic---it made me one tough and straight up authentic truth telling person.

You all failed us folks who really cared about our quality times with Donna Gordon. Thanks...thanks for all the respect you showed this the past year...a road change...thanks...sigh...


ABC 15:

Accurate article:

Posted at 11:30 AM, Aug 27, 2022

and last updated 4:56 PM, Aug 27, 2022

In the past year, zero investigative journalism updates that I can see in my Google search.


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