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Calling all "Prayer Warriors"- JOY A COLLURA is officially in "whistleblowing" mode in 2022-

Views expressed to "the public at large” and "of public concern"

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Destroying Business Records on a Historically Significant Fire is illegal.

Also, illegally redacting Yavapai County Sheriff's Office (YCSO) body cams recordings are also unacceptable.



Ephesians 6: 10-18 (KJV); Finally, my brethren, be strong in the Lord, and in the power of his might. Put on the whole armour of God, that ye may be able to stand against the wiles of the devil.


from my mother - Facebook gif on 2-5-22:



Do you know what is very sad about all this, Yavapai County Sheriff's Office ( YCSO )? having to waste the time to counter your YCSO's June 2021-June 2022 notice to me that YCSO are building a Criminal case against me.

What is up with that ???

Saying I have to wait until "Discovery" to see anything, they still have my custom "No Trespassing" signs "in Evidence"

And you YCSO know full well my current health, so then, how odd is all this?

Seems I go from the malpractices of the medical world to now seeing this rubbish, which could be classified as likely law enforcement malpractice, right? If I shared it all that I have experienced since June 30, 2013, you may feel the same.

My father, if he were still alive, would know how to handle these folks- he worked as an officer in his lifetime besides helping to build the Twin Towers in New York and the tallest building in Arizona.

I know it has confused former YCSO deputy, Dan, down the street. He never liked me in all this Yarnell stuff. Life was much simpler before Yarnell Hill Fire 2013. And he used to be employed by YCSO back in the day.

I have posts already out there showing the evidence that there is no legitimate case. Here are the links to those posts:

Is Joy A. Collura treated in a fair, impartial, bias-free, & objective manner, in accordance to law? (

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It is odd.

Consider now the email thread below between myself and the Arizona State Ombudsman, Danee Garone, here:

answered two questions:


I asked for an update on my complaint I made 141 days, 22 hours, 58 minutes and 13 seconds ago and still nothing from Garone and it is 2/5/22:

STILL NOTHING from any of them.

This has been appx. 240 days since I filed original request so really, I should have the body cam redactions lifted already. I got two duplicate CDs recently and so then, I am owed $30.00 refund. Nothing yet.


I asked for their YCSO Chain of Command (Organizational Chart) so we will see ---

I received the chart:



In the above email states:

"The next step is that Sgt. Ashby will long form charges for trespassing (this is NOT a civil matter) to the Yavapai County Attorney’s Office." ---

"It is at this time that all evidence in this matter would be turned over to your chosen attorney, public defender etc." ---

"the evidence presented against you and to attempt to reach a conclusion without having a trial."

This is me calling Yarnell Court 9-20-21 and I used a professional transcription software so you will notice our names and times and some of what was relevantly to this post and what was said:

As of 2-3-22- I only received two duplicates of same one I got months ago - no redactions lifted and I appealed again now twice and requested $30.00 refund. Nothing else yet.

My history with Sgt Ashby's Supervisor, Lieutenant. Jarrod Winfrey:

and New tab ( -


I am a law-abiding citizen yet in 2022, I will take the records to the GMHS / GMIHC Family Advocates and let them learn what I had to accept when searching for Dec 1, 2014, Sgt Ashby's "bad manners towards me" recording.

It is difficult to have to see the document especially all these years how I have been treated on being one of the last people with the GMIHC and I was on the Weavers, and I am alive to share about the matter than to see this file. It was disturbing.

It is disturbing. The hard part for me was seeing the associations and WHO they are tied in with from the GMHS / GMIHC and their family and friends of the people who collected the items and handed it to another. That should not be allowed, and it should be a Conflict of Interest.

If I was that deputy that week and I just learned my associate and or associate to the families just died - I would state to my Superior I cannot be handed these items because I am personally and or professionally associated to some in the GMIHC Family & Friend area. You did not though. You signed the document as taking the items. What happened from that point on? Did you tell the entire facts to your associates? Did you tell little bit of information? Why haven't you been named in any SAIT SAIR or ADOSH report or even to this day on something so crucial like what was in your hands, sir - why is there no public area especially the Investigation Reports where you announce what you collected right near the _______??? Yes, .29 miles away from the Deployment Zone. Why, sir?

So then, you can see why I really feel uneased because ... who ... "out of the blue" were a thorn to me in 2021 and 2022 - but the ______ and so do you get me here.

Watch the YCSO body cams of the interaction between the ____ and YCSO--- they spoke about an injunction was denied on one of the cams in regard to me

but I asked for that document from the Courts and YCSO and neither have provided me of this "denied" order of protection document and why am I being refused to have a copy??? Very off. Very odd. I should know how they are attempting to allegedly/falsely portray me to Authorities and a Yarnell Judge.

and yet I had zero interactions with either of them at that point except the Yavapai College book signing event and they were good and kind to me (recorded event) and even when I saw Lee Helm 4-11-21 (recorded event) he was decent so believe you me when I saw this document it made me wonder --- why are they treating me this way?

They even got Basden all worked up. There were enough witnesses though on a recent event where Basden was less than appropriate to another up there so I ponder at times who I would do a 'cease and desist' and like I said I am countering building my case against all of them now. Right!?

Why would something like that information be hidden from the official reports? or from the Public at Large? You all had many years to let the officials, families and I know. Yes me. I am the one who gathered the most documentation and I deserve to know that too especially on a fire I almost died on.

I just want the public records to figure it all out. Take documents to lead to a conclusion versus listening to others' narratives. How does that make me feel how I got treated like I have over the years?

Many and too many treat me bad. Makes zero sense. Just because I want to learn the documented truth vs narratives to a fire I eye witnessed and almost died on that fire.

I rarely see anyone recognizing that I have every right to figure out why I almost died on June 30, 2013.

Instead, I have people locally new to area the past few years speak like you will hear on YCSO body cam here---marker 48:23:

I asked from this entity's ( YCSO ) stuff to do with Yarnell 2013 (Public Records) --- the thousands of documents I have, they did not come from YCSO but another entity who technically is not the Custodian of Records yet here we are - I have the files and then some ... ???

--- what gives YCSO????

Yet they have the manners as you see here towards me. Link to the videos: Joy Collura - YouTube

I think it is rubbish how they are most likely coaching if you watch my path since 2013.

Again, I was told YCSO had an alleged 'storage fire' when asking for some records, so I went to City of Prescott and did this request that took 97 days to fulfill it, see:


I attached YCSO email document to PRR but since it has been removed so here it is again: