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PUBLIC RECORD REQUESTS-CITY OF PRESCOTT-Record(s) requesting: FISCAL RECORDS for 2007 thru2014-Pt 8e

PUBLIC RECORD REQUESTS-CITY OF PRESCOTT-Record(s) requesting: FISCAL RECORDS for 2007 thru2014-Pt 8d Views expressed to "the public at large” and "of public concern"

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PUBLIC RECORD REQUESTS-CITY OF PRESCOTT-Record(s) requesting: FISCAL RECORDS for 2007 thru2014 This is a release of the PUBLIC RECORD REQUESTS-CITY OF PRESCOTT-Record(s) requesting: FISCAL RECORDS for 2007 thru 2014- continues on from: PUBLIC RECORD REQUESTS-CITY OF PRESCOTT-Record(s) requesting: FISCAL RECORDS for 2007 thru2014-Pt 8c ( RECORD REQUESTS-CITY OF PRESCOTT-Record(s) requesting: FISCAL RECORDS for 2007 thru2014-Pt 8b ( RECORD REQUESTS-CITY OF PRESCOTT-Record(s) requesting: FISCAL RECORDS for 2007 thru 2014-Pt 8 ( RECORD REQUESTS-CITY OF PRESCOTT-Record(s) requesting: FISCAL RECORDS for 2007 thru 2014-Pt 7 ( RECORD REQUESTS-CITY OF PRESCOTT-Record(s) requesting: FISCAL RECORDS for 2007 thru 2014-Pt 6 ( RECORD REQUESTS-CITY OF PRESCOTT-Record(s) requesting: FISCAL RECORDS for 2007 thru 2014-Pt 5 ( RECORD REQUESTS-CITY OF PRESCOTT-Record(s) requesting: FISCAL RECORDS for 2007 thru 2014-Pt 4 ( RECORD REQUESTS-CITY OF PRESCOTT-Record(s) requesting: FISCAL RECORDS for 2007 thru 2014-Pt 3 ( PUBLIC RECORD REQUESTS-CITY OF PRESCOTT-Record(s) requesting: FISCAL RECORDS for 2007 thru 2014-Pt 2 ( RECORD REQUESTS - CITY OF PRESCOTT - Record(s) requesting: FISCAL RECORDS for 2007 thru 2014 (


12-6-21 11pm: I publicly want to express that I at times with my health concerns just "shut down" external areas. Dozer guy knows it. Fred does. etc... If I say "pause" and you seem to be thrown it that- it is not to be taken personal. I just have days my head - back - etc. pains are too much. Other times, I have tests that require lessen my stress areas.

After Thanksgiving I saw good solid effort from 11 yr. old and our visits.

It was nice to see that in 2021. Thank you. I appreciated it.

In 2021- any areas that were built on a fault line will no longer serve to be in my daily. This shows me the crumbling in order to breathe new life.

I usually can see who is there for the long haul when I say the word "pause" - it has proven time and time again who really cares about my health versus their own life and agenda(s). Who really gets the raw data of my health path.

I know I was strongly helping in 2021 while ill and I never deserved what I just saw - no way. Very selfish. Zero consideration(s) to a long-time friendship between me and another - this other just saw their own stuff. They could not see the overall recap of the six weeks I assisted pausing my own daily areas to help them directly as a family unit, so I needed a pause one week to do medical plus on the 11th I was willing to go over the ill-notions of another but not before and I stand firm in that. I also recently had zero clue if their action on the 24th then soon after the bogus odd actions ??? It made zero sense. I just know I want zip to do with others bogus dramas and creations. All was fine just needed a "pause" to a certain area and that person either is not getting it but I was so not cool with a "fraudulent" action and with all I have going on in my life --- hell no if I will be tied into all the bogus way. I need only folks who want pure good moments --- God is watching what you did to me and a long-time friendship - it is in His hands now. I move on...I stay in the positive.

I refuse to balk or lash out at any obstacles in my path. I will always counter with documented truths. I will navigate the naysayers /haters/ agenda driven folks with grace and ease rather than using a proverbial sledgehammer to clear the way. Yet, if you place out lies and defamations - I will document it for the Public at Large.

Too many are caught up in their own "story," not me ... it is our story.

The people talking about me - go look at their records --- go look at how many still know their child / teen friends as I still do...I have a solid online and in person record:

Most my entire life history is on my blog --- I am so sick and tired those who abuse the court systems on the topic of 'order of protection', 'injunction for harassment', etc...this is the only bogus case in the system:

Shelley, so true:


Monday 12-6-21 I did not do the MRI --- awaiting right data on that order but I did do the Cat Scan with contrast and today 12-7-21 was the brain/head EEG:


When I got home - got many Google alerts and such:

It blows me away that in my small town any of my PRR videos got this video views--- weird.

I am going to bed 12-8-21 12:17am

be back tomorrow afternoon--all the cameras covering the land are back to all working:


12-9-21 11pm:

Thank you Brooke / Kelsey / Dr PM / Dr PR for today as we did my ECG / raw electrodiagnostic data evaluation to reveal my significant findings which is consistent to other Specialists --- chronic lower lumbar radiculopathy and worst at L5.

My needle evaluation of the left rectus femoris muscle showed decreased motor unit amplitude, increased motor unit duration, and diminished recruitment.

My needle evaluation of the left anterior tibialis muscle showed increased motor unit duration, slightly increased polyphasic potentials, and diminished recruitment.

My needle evaluation of the left peroneus longus muscle showed increased insertional activity, increased motor unit duration, very increased polyphasic potentials, and diminished recruitment.

The left medial gastrocnemius muscle showed increased insertional activity, increased motor unit duration, and diminished recruitment.

I have zero clue how to read the Nerve Conduction Studies Table and Graphs - so there were pages of more data --- maybe I can ask what they mean at another time.

Thank you for today, Pan. Happy Holidays!

Nov 30, 2021, when Scott took me to Prescott Hospital Physical Therapy, he said he never went to Sharlot Hall Museum so I said on the 9th of Dec. we can go after my appointment. We went to Thai. Hi Pan. Tried to visit some local shops - they were closed so headed to the museum and we met an Alumni. I know I rave on my experience in Idaho yet today was a true blessing and I had no clue how I was going to replace my quick to do actions but thank you Scott for all you did today from the long journey in odd weather to the outing and Thai with Pan to fixing my quick to do action. I appreciate all you did. It was a very enjoyable visit with the prior GMHS Alumni. The "Prescott Way" folks would appreciate what you did too- very enjoyable personality.

You mean Willis Street is not named after Darrell Willis ???

YCSO right in front of us in Yarnell, Arizona Hwy 89:

I filled this out - donated - and mailed it:

The key I mailed to my own zip code area 12-6-21 --- odd status:

I have early medical appointments so going to bed 12:33am 12-10-21--- Happy Birthday today, Sonny Gilligan and Sean. Thank you again Dr Ted Putnam, Fred J Schoeffler and Scottie Briggs for your continued dedication to my health journey over the years especially this year. It has been an expensive path. I appreciate all the rides too. With my seizures, I have refused to drive. I paused January's Physical Therapy to do the Brain and Body meditation and tai chi and yoga in January then go back to Prescott in February 2022.

Thank you, dozer guy, for sharing about CA Wildfires today. Good night.

This weekend is me at my storage unit and walks. Have a great weekend. I hope to find more YCSO data especially Dec 2014 --- when I regain strength, I also have to do a difficult right thing here locally too --- Hoping God can help me there.


So, this is my new exercise choice:

I plan to wear daily the same WFF hoodie since it is colder. I am "pausing" wearing my InvestigativeMEDIA leg markings since it is Winter time approaching so just these sweats and the WFF hoodie ;)

I will come home from my skate strolls and wash same clothes for the next day so if you think you saw me just wear it --- guess what --- I did ;) I want to reach as many folks as I can to be the little servant of the Big Servant and highlight Vicki Minor and her son and crew --- I am not doing it in a shrine like idol way but humanizing the years it took me to see her foundation --- all because of the red flags of others actions. I missed out on many years but never too late so making up for lost time in a sense so yeah daily the hoodie :)

Pausing Lois Porowski's original title for me - the "Arizona Desert Walker" title to "Arizona Desert Breeze" as I roll / skate all over---if ya see me skating from Wilhoit to home --- wave at me or honk. Just refrain from running me over. I want to live a long time. I will share what I was told about the laws on skates so there is a public document in case I am out there and some biased one in authority says something different.

If you listen to the YCSO body cams - you would think Lee Helm and others would likely rather me to wear stuff like this shirt on the left and ready to use handcuff earrings but once they realize God Is Watching Them All---they will see the whole agenda is non-sense.

Hey, I mailed keys to a local friend from zip code 85332 to zip code 85332 on Monday and it is having a road trip elsewhere:

Thank you to the folks who caught the end credit rolls and your feedback--- we all matter.


Well, weird thing my ears do burn---it is from a yearlong on and off bilateral ear infection though:


I wonder of all the folks who they say is looking at me --- why don't one of you stop "window shopping" my google online areas and say "hello" - IT IS FREE, you do know that, right. ;)


12-11-21 12:10am update: 12-11-21 until 23 days later--- just watch the pivotal moments that are about to take place---

God is Good --- He is in this heart of mine ...

Come hike Congress, Arizona...

there is more than just Froggy the Rock, folks.

The rock painted into a skull from a hike this week:


I am in so much pain---it is crazy to think a person has to even deal with this crap and be sleep deprived like this --- so it is almost 3 am 12-11-21 --- Pearl Harbor ... thank you all who served...I am fading / tired finally so going to do some of those silly FB quizzes to wind down after hours of looking for the raw data of something for Scott.

Real funny Santa ... it is funny because if ya knew my life since 1988 until now ... 2021 did show me a very unusual "what the heck" just happened time so I know Santa is messing with me there...Everyone knows there is not another person who has been at my side and every moment he can gets me to medical appts on this long yuk health path- he has. I had to share & laugh on that one...

so, for "shits and giggles" since I am with John since the 80's...let us reset and try again with Santa:

Cash eh know I want to get to a dentist so I would be all for that...and I would increase my medical areas to help my legs---they are important to me --- I just am not ready to surrender to the "use it or lose it" moment I saw with my father and other family members on his side--that takes cash, Santa ;}

As usual, I find those tests boring ... who asked me to do them again? I did it. Yet, like a few months ago --- I thought - "not again" --- and it just says I am going to be with my crush as my last test for New Year's Eve--- and we all know I put my Teen Beat magazine and Hardy Boy poster away and sure there was a new event that happened to my life and God only knows what that was all about ... I know I never had any intent or thought process on it ---- that was a natural event of what the ...

good night. I need to sleep. It is 3:33am. I think it is going to be Orange Crush on New Year's Eve for me in one of those 1980's slurpy cups. Original New York Seltzer Black Cherry was what I did put in my cup in reality back in 1981.


"Why oh why" is it being rumored my way 12-13-21 10am that "Super Dave" is still recording our land off his patio- rubbish. I thought he had grown past that rubbish.

12-13-21 10am update:

If you are THIS person below, please call 4 8 0 5 5 9 1 9 7 1- no texts- will not open - old tracfone. Or email me or text to email at

We have to discuss some crucial stuff. I was given full permission to experience life in 2021 but only if it came naturally my way. In it, it would give me a huge life lesson.

This painting was given to me for healing today tied in with the above photo- inter-connected they are...


In that Summer 2021 life experience, I would renew my faith. I did. I also learned from BM that the past is behind us all, and those experiences that may have caused us pain were just a reminder of how alive we are, but ultimately, we have to move on. I am sorry if her actions hurt you. Let it all go. Feel the release...

I publicly / privately stated June 30, 2013 that until the day I pass on - the Yarnell Fire 2013 is going to be my focal point for so many reasons yet to make sure I do my part to help lessen Wildland Fire Fatalities. I never was in this for a book or movie or as "Super Dave" / Ashby / Helm felt - for "attention" ---

once you all GET I know much more than I share and I also am saddened so many thousands of you who are privy to data from that weekend and rather not --- that is sad.

I forgive you.

I also will pray always for your public announcements. If you do not feel comfortable with telling me and you rather tell a Historian then go Instagram Scottie Briggs or if you want to keep it in the Hotshot Community then reach Fred J Schoeffler today

9 2 8 9 7 0 0 9 2 6 and he welcomes texts.

All I ask is you stop hanging on to it and share it today to someone who cares and is not in this to make a buck. We care. You matter!

Remember also, obstacles are just a restructuring of His plan. You got this. I know there is seven of us right now dealing with some odd health stuff. Stay the course. Rise above it. We can and we will do this.

I know some of you right now are like I never wrote or called Joy but she is speaking my language there. We are all inter-connected. I am living the hard truth than to live under the shadow of a lie. I hope you take the leap and realize it is important we do that together.

Many of us stay away from "routine", so we must have a good plan to motivate and entertain one another. Mine is to do "self-care" and catch ya all once I am up to par again...

My family and my husband --- we all just work --- because we connect with all aspects of life, but at the same time we are independent and determined. I have some added weight and health concerns yet I know if I go at it alone or collectively with ours --- I can do it. I am doing it.

The people that are in my space - we value independence and freedom, which manifests itself both in open-mindedness and to refrain from trapping or tying people down.

The people God has shown me came to my path for His purpose. I will not go out and look for my life experiences - I await who He shows to me. Sometimes I wish times were LONGER with some folks because the way it feels when in their presence and the ugh feel when not in their presence.

I am in a clean, healthy emotional, physical and psychological no drama space getting well or doing my best to do just that. Nature abhors a vacuum. This means that the faster and more completely we clean out the old, the faster and more easily the new will come.

This Summer 2021, I tried to share to someone ...

'Just as a gardener prepares the soil before planting new seeds, we must weed the garden of our heart, body and mind before we are ready to receive new love.' Even though he believed that he was ready, and even that he has been ready for years, I can see that there are blocked spaces in his life that are diverting or delaying it. I could easily tell him but I know he needs to learn it on his own to actually "get it".

I will ask him this here because it also can help a few that is in same boat too:

  • Is there anyone you are still in love with? is there a possibility of a true, faithful, committed love for that person, would you be willing to let go?

  • Is there someone you are angry with, who has betrayed you or you have been unable to forgive?

  • make a list of ex-lovers with whom you hold a grudge or resentment, or who you felt had an unfinished relationship. Identify all the things you need in yourself, so that you can look for a solution to every situation in your life.

  • Pray: 'God, I know that there is a person in this world that you are saving for me and that he is the other half of my Soul. In the depths of my Soul, I know that person is somewhere at this moment. Wherever she is, the Magnetic Force of God's Love brings us closer together irresistibly, unfailingly, powerfully, and then, a harmonious, happy, perfect, divine, successful and blessed union occurs for all. Thank you very much because the Half of my Soul is already in my Life, which I harmonize perfectly in the spiritual, mental and physical fields. We are irresistibly attracted to each other; love comes into my life now and forever.'

  • Knowing people well before blindly trusting them will be of great importance.

  • Stay away from people who strongly flirt with you and avoid entering territory that could give you real headaches.

  • Lead your life with good habits. Refrain from getting family's approval too. It is YOUR life so then live your life- not through others acceptance or collectively gathering data from others to decide for you...follow your heart and soul.

  • Happy New Year to you too.


12-13-21 12:16pm:

Your key is awaiting at the PO now:

Weird, it took a week to go to the same zip code. The signed document says 12-10-21 >>> which one is it???


Now, it is official- I have forwarded this decision to the landowners to handle as I was a rep to the land.

???? It is not adding up ... a PUBLIC RECORD /// a certain person states she needs an order of protection against me but then the judge denied it Summer 2021 yet this petition that was signed by some unknown officer made it to the Judge and you do not think I am going to appeal or counter this??? Mistaken. It was now forwarded to land owners to remedy being I was a rep to the land. It is public records. Watch and see how this process goes...

Sooo....If someone is trying to obtain or has already tried to obtain and it was DENIED a protection order against me, then I have a couple of options. I can file an opposition to the application or a motion asking the court to dissolve or receive the Public Record of the content that was given to the judge that he denied it. I have not received the records yet folks.


That is not me to just let folks tell authority folks lies and defamations on me and think I am gonna just be like oh ok --- duh.


my family are gonna be shocked - I am now on snapchat - what ??? yep.


what is happening folks?

Farewell Messages??? Brian Williams?


For that drawing above---

Please reach me HOW it was drawn and WHY---

I do not want to say too much publicly so the person in that photo reaches me direct and it is a natural talk.

So, I went through my face recognizer and Jared Welsh ---

Granite Mountain Hotshots Memorial State Park Ranger, Jared Welsh, looks like the drawing and I also had my ol' Passions pal come back too from when I hung out with all them on the set long ago --- look after Jared's pic below for Galen--- who knows but that was all that came back on my end for the drawing above.

So, I googled Galen nowadays for a photo like the artist drew above:

These are my photos (below) when I would be on the set---it was so cool to see Jenna still with him and their family looking so good all these decades later ---cool chill people and seems they both are still active in the industry ---

I really stopped following that life path when I moved to this ghost town. Within three years of living here, some of the Passions folks stopped visiting here as well. I am not a name dropper --- if I was, I would have thousands of pics of all I knew in the industry posted public --- I knew who I knew because I was not a name dropper.

I can rule out Galen because the photo image above shows a side Galen was not much into publicly showing that angle--- very rare to catch that side of his face photographed so I am blanking who the drawing is ---but reach me if it is you and that drawing looks like you so we can talk back channel.

Jenna and Galen

yes, I was almost 300 pounds in these photos--

such the yo-yo in weight I can be..."oh well"

Kim Johnston Ulrich & Justin & original Simone down below ;)

Lindsay Hartley and Travis Schuldt

Ryan McPartlin

This is me going to the outdoor scenes area for Days of Our Lives and Passions on the set areas. I am sure I have hundreds more pics---just some I grabbed to see who in my pics I had in garage and I looked online --- the drawing perked my interest to see if it was someone from my past or not...

McKenzie Westmore and Eva Tamargo

It was a nice "blast from the past" look back at pics--- Ihave met the whole Crew and Cast but these were some of my favorites to hang with when on the set --- time to crash---have to get up early.

Good night 12-13-21 9:15pm


12-14-21 12am: I never went to sleep---was looking for some files for Scott and listened / spoke with dozer guy for a bit and Fred---

I just now remembered to unplug the Christmas lights:

My Thanksgiving Tree - All The People I am Thankful For On The Tree:

12-15-21 12am ---good talking with you Scott (thank you for helping last minute-hope it did not cause a riff in any way) and you too Thomas B.--- good visit. I will upsell your services when able...Night.


12-15-21 2:15pm- I have been on the phone since 10am trying to organize the medical area. It is frustrating. For my own self I am placing what is pending on here...vs. post it notes. Cody is Friday- another website.

Seizures Spec. pending- shows with my insurance but still no PCP confirmation it was sent. I am greatly disappointed in the way the system is ran for the Clinic.

APRIL 20TH, PEOPLE --- I WENT TO THE ER- this is all still unresolved; the original area I went in there for --- I am getting even the insurance and other folks dealing with all this saying "sorry, Joy" -- the PCP still has pending to fax STILL all this time later the fax to the neoplasm of brain Specialist for the convulsions / seizures (the insurance has it and the Neurologist has it but the PCP has still not done their end), we did the Polysomnography (sleep study) and just awaiting the more in depth one that last a couple days observation of the brain--- that order is in just waiting, Polyneuropathy/Neoplasm/Head Injury- the rare disease Autonomic subspecialist auto immune neuromuscular brain Specialist there is only one that exists and is out of network so my insurance needs a statement from the Brain Specialists to offer to my PCP then fax it to my insurance so there is that, there is my Hemochromatosis Specialist that has not yet fulfilled the pre-cert req. for the labs and if it is not done then this will then be my 3rd lab draw attempt for that area (sigh), My ENT is still helping me with Sinus Cavity/Bilateral Ear issues, MRI needs more data before insurance approves for the mass, still dealing with low renal function with bilateral kidney stones, I bought roller skates to assist in helping with my feet concerns, awaiting PCP on my physical therapy referral that came from Neurologist gets to PCP then to insurance and to get me with a closer location then Prescott. I have my CA Brain Team appt in the beginning of the year.

Just came in 12-15-21 4:14pm while on with the labs as they just cancelled a lab my hemo doc did because they did not do their job but my brain doc's lab shows this as NEW:

looking it up online:

and my haircut was moved to mid-January- the one I won at the Celebrity Womens Expo Oct 2021. I have many medical appts in Jan- April 2022 and I am signed up and registered for 2021 course was cancelled due to pandemic:

Thank you, Kurt and Jerry, for this Holiday snail mail:


12-16-21 12am: Thank God it is a new day. So much medical frustration yesterday. Closed night out with Scott, dozer guy for a lil' bit (but he is just a person if you have to hang up to handle business, he has a hissy mood and I have zero tolerance for that crap --- show kindness or move on - I had to take a call) and then thank you to the special talk with you know who you areon YHF 2013---then closed it out at midnight talking to Fred.

I am still self-excluded from this phase of the pandemic. I am not refusing it just need more data and more time to comprehend it all with all I have going on health wise. If you have a personal concern being around non-vaccinated folks - I just want you to know I currently am one of those folks.


Guess I will be getting my teeth done then ;)


12-16-21 9:19pm--- Happy Birthday to a special friend YESTERDAY so Happy BELATED Bday, sir. I remembered all week but the medical the past days have been way frustrating.

Closing out the year 2021 and making sure Wildland Fire Membership dues are completed for my ties to people and organizations I strongly and firmly believe have the best interest in lessening Wildland Fire Fatalities on a continuous basis year after year in chronological order they came into my life:

US Hotshots Association Lifetime Membership is truly to this date one of the most special back-channel moments and I really have an attitude of gratitude for them all for what they did for me. I appreciate it. That was all human factors and heart and truly important for my path at that time to 'stay the course' -

You see, we can thank Canada for the WFF moment Summer 2021 with Burk Minor and the Crew but US Hotshots Association did something beautiful and WFF and no other organization did what this organization did --- reach me back channel for more --- I know they are modest and humble folks, so I won't say it here. But they did not know who I was when I entered that first social and I am known as "Controversial" --- 'Joy, your knowledge intimidates me' is another one I have heard a lot over time and this place I will always remember what they did for me and I support their mission. Thank you.

I am an annual attendee member to:

Thank you IAWF

I attended recently but today it says, "NO ACCOUNT" and awaiting the IAFC reply-

I am an existing member --- proof:

I was able to log into 2021 just not for the next conference yet.

I was able to finally log-in 12-16-21

I became a LIFETIME member to their 52 Club.( Wildland Firefighter Foundation (WFF) )

YHFR did a fundraiser for WFF and bought bunch of gear of theirs and I became a Lifetime Member as well--- strongly enjoyed all the folks at WFF both individually and collectively as the WFF Crew and I would make sure their story is told as I go through life.

Those people sparked me so much those couple days - I gave them a standing ovation of flowers:

Current Wildland Certifications are found on this post:

12-16-21 10:56 pm --- Good night.


12-17-21 from one walker to another:

more from FB - I will archive below after the Holidays:


Another event that happened - I really hope all this law enforcement leadership biased stops - my father who use to be employed with the fella down below- my pops must be turning in his grave--- such disrespect shown my way.


more from FB soon to be archived off the timeline area:


Are you ready to repel negative energies? I am and have been for weeks now. What is that I hear from you --- “YES, Joy, yes!” resounding from your heart… Like the ROAR of a lion.

As the close of this year nears to a new year - what ifs and could have beens… it is a huge part to my thoughts but at the same time, I am always doing my best to live with no regrets. I also know I closed this year in truth, with truth and integrity, and will continue to do that. Any areas I have had happened- that data is with my loved ones and even on here even my July 2021 'dandelion' moment --- I will continue to seek fluidity and calmness and repel the external anxieties of others --- I hope you all have a Happy Holiday few weeks. We all have different stories - I have enjoyed the ones I heard this year even though some have been very tough for you to share and vice versa.


12-18-21 9:52am:

My 2021 Holiday Wish is to see more Lifetime Memberships --- help make a difference.

It made a difference in my life these people above...

You could be on this list: