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PUBLIC RECORD REQUESTS - CITY OF PRESCOTT - Record(s) requesting: FISCAL RECORDS for 2007 thru 2014

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Today is June 29, 2021 4:33PM. This will be an ongoing LIVE post for Summer 2021. So keep coming back to read the added data. I will begin with sharing out of chronological order and get right to the Yarnell Hill Fire 2013 since I have waited for so long for it.

As with anything in life, people have stole from me since the YHF. I am sure people may attempt to do this on this post for their agendas. I have enough Disclaimers and Copyright statements to protect me and show who I approve to use this data elsewhere on this post. I only want those people to use it.

Yet, I remember the Summer of 1990. I was working on the Jersey Shore helping this woman who lost her brother to a plane crash. She needed extra income. We were making bikinis by scratch. They were selling like hotcakes. Then we saw some person on the strip stole my design and they made three times the amount of money what I created using their label and strip location store. I know deception and thievery is huge in America and especially done to me over time but I know I have done right through this all. I am sure some may just go ask for the records for themselves now that they have my request number but in reality I was the origin who placed it out. Remember that. Not any Media or others did this--- I did.

FOR FREE---- no book or movies.

This Public Records Request 20-277 was released to me but I was never notified by City of Prescott until I am "manually" reviewing the Public Record Requests ( PRRs ) so it laid unopened for 118 days, 13 hours, 46 minutes and 0 seconds.

I am asking for an Audit to all my current open and closed requests. Something is off balance. I use to get notified when a request was filled or closed- seems like not anymore. I have to go manually "check-in" --- Hmmm....

From online request that was fulfilled:

Request #20-277

Result: 409 days, 14 hours, 44 minutes and 0 seconds

The duration is 409 days, 14 hours, 44 minutes and 0 seconds

Or 1 year, 1 month, 13 days, 14 hours, 44 minutes

Or 13 month, 13 days, 14 hours, 44 minutes

From prior online request never fulfilled:

Result that I opened one and it closed:

it took 15 days, 8 hours, 46 minutes and 0 seconds for City of Prescott

( COP ) stated this but as you see when one adds different language- like beaver tail pelts than one eventually gets the PRR. Must be the Prescott Way lingo I had lacked- ????


April 5, 2019:

then 655 days, 21 hours, 44 minutes and 0 seconds

The duration is 655 days, 21 hours, 44 minutes and 0 seconds

Or 1 year, 9 months, 14 days, 21 hours, 44 minutes

Or 21 months, 14 days, 21 hours, 44 minutes

then COP writes January 20, 2021, 9:22am:

Keep in mind they just gave me the records a few months after they closed that request above on March 2, 2021 with the same request...41 days, 10 hours, 34 minutes and 0 seconds

Or 1 month, 10 days, 10 hours, 34 minutes later they gave it to me but did not let me know they fulfilled the request - ????????

Very weird huh. I must say it is...I am scratching my head wondering who is working on my Public Records Requests - I get it is a small town and I get the people may or may not personally and professionally know the folks I asked for records about but come on how does one get NO RESPONSIVE DOCUMENT almost 656 days later then almost 42 days later then get it when I mention beaver pelts???? Does Prescott Way have a special language? Just saying.


From prior paper form 2016- so then it truly took 5 years, 3 months, 15 days to get this data back to JOY A COLLURA from the very first time I requested it.

??????? Why people...why ???????

Please, keep coming back to this post as I spend this Summer 2021 adding all the voluminous data for the Public at Large. Refrain from using my post for your own "made for profit" and or narrative purpose(s) ---

- message for those who steal my data as their own. That does disgust me. Especially ones that called me a friend. Especially ones tied to Arizona State jobs.

( Just saying ) ... right.

Remember this as you "look" at all my posts- who else of the Media has offered you the actual documents so you can come to your own conclusion(s) as you read them not me pushing a narrative(s)- who? Especially for free.

Shoot, I allege certain Media outlets have actually omitted information on YHF and I will always ponder "why"- especially when 19 men died and so many others almost died on June 30, 2013.

Did any one of the Granite Mountain Hotshot Loved Ones or their friends and or family or fellow firefighters make this kind of time and effort to this lengths and stayed with it THIS LONG?

I am not making any "made-for-profit" books / film but did even any of those folks like the YHF Investigator Brad Mayhew or Brendan McDonough or any of the folks? John N. MacLean and Holly Neill and Alan Sinclair? Just asking...'just sayin'...

I put it all out too- as I got it. So let's roll and review-

You know the sad part I waited for the records. By placing them out like this anyone can go ask for this record now and get it for their commercial purpose. I give only John Dougherty, Scottie Briggs and Bill Gabbert to use this post to do what they may- may it be controversial or non-controversial.

What is sadder is over time I did the hard work but I have seen in PRR index logs people like John N MacLean/Holly Neill team areas request what I personally requested.

They cannot ask for their own records with their own thoughts - ??? - they have to know my thoughts and get my records I requested. Just too bad none of those folks know all the entities I have requested records from over time. I see when you all have requested what I got. Why did you? Trying to be one step ahead of me? I guarantee you no person can figure how I roll- No way. The best have tried.

Number one, let us review the actual PRR that I placed it "how many" times- same request word-smith different using words like "buffalo hides, beaver pelts, ie..." but original one was back in 2016---

see the one the did fulfill though- this is Request #20-277:

PUBLIC RECORD REQUESTS - CITY OF PRESCOTT - Record(s) requesting: FISCAL RECORDS for 2007 thru 2014

Let me start with Yarnell Hill Fire from page three of this release:

[6-29-21 5:10PM posting it LIVE but still here working on it until 7pm]


Updating 6-29-21 from 5:40PM until 9:41 with much delays externally off the PC handling an old 2019 event---so I was not doing this tonight as I wanted to- I was busy documenting an external "quisling" event of another from 2019 which was more important since prior times this person caused me harm but here is a start for today...see :

Wildland Off-District Response list

In the above form, how come 7-25-13 already no longer a GMHS- Brandon Bunch is on that list for payment yet Christopher Alan Mackenzie is not on that Wildland Off-District Response list yet he died on June 30, 2013 and this form states fire date June 30, 2013, hmmm?

Jim Downey, I hope you saw the amounts in there. I will always be puzzled how you were ever allowed any authority roles over time to make any type of Wildland Fire decisions on any Wildland Fires.

In all my PRRs, I am for sure not a fan of yours. If anything I hope some day the rest comes out about you. Maybe someone from the Arizona Wildfire and Incident Management Academy or Department of Forestry and Fire Management / Arizona State Forestry will finally do just that. Hope so. I pray for it each and every day, sir.

Marsha Collier- you are an angel to so many people just so you know.


Wildland Overtime Calculator - Yarnell Hill - Granite Mountain - Granite Mountain IHC 19 Personnel Form 6-30-13 0600-2200


Granite Mountain Hot Shot's Final Crew Time Report


June 29, 2013 Resource Order


June 28, 2013 Resource Order


Incident Replacement Requisition Order Form Page One

Incident Replacement Requisition Order Form Page Two - ( Action Graphics )


Chino Rentals is located at 1181 N Hwy 89 in Chino Valley, Arizona 86323. Chino Rentals can be contacted via phone at (928) 636-2026


[ June 30, 2021 12:33PM- I was going to get ready for today's June 30 events and all I can think of is Dr. Leroy Anderson and how people just go on --- and one of the main factors of why I will more than likely will not go to the events today. Since I am here let me share I have not weighed in on the scale since the LemonKind detox and I am still on the detox but on the last day of a three day food intake and I have not yet eaten or drank--- just so somber this hour. Tomorrow I turn 49 years old. When I came home 12-24-20 in such trauma mode my waist was almost 65- today it is 32.5. It has been a hard path to remove the weight because as I get older, it just is. Here is a recent photo:]

I sit here thinking about the heart beats that are no longer are being remembered in drum beats:

Facebook - Some day the real stories will be where we all can know them...Now let me add an image or two then I am logging out for a bit-


Chino Rentals is located at 1181 N Hwy 89 in Chino Valley, Arizona 86323. Chino Rentals can be contacted via phone at (928) 636-2026

Chino Rentals is located at 1181 N Hwy 89 in Chino Valley, Arizona 86323. Chino Rentals can be contacted via phone at (928) 636-2026

Chino Rentals is located at 1181 N Hwy 89 in Chino Valley, Arizona 86323. Chino Rentals can be contacted via phone at (928) 636-2026





Anyone that was on the YHF- can you name these men in the Sesame area:


Here are some photos of the June 30, 2021 Yarnell Highway 89 Memorial:


From: Kurt Florman Date: Sun, Jul 4, 2021 Subject: Dedication videos complete Here is the complete list of videos from the Dedication Ceremony for the Yarnell Hill Park on 6/30/21 They are all on Youtube now. Have a great Fourth of July! 01 - Paul Jones - 02 - Frances Lechner 1 - 03 - Acoustic Eidolon - 04 -Jerry Florman - 06 - Frances Lechner 2 - 07 - Assisting Fire Departments - 08 - Denise and Nina - 09 - Scott Morris Family - 10 - Eric Marsh Family - 11 - Dale Larsen - AZ State Parks - 12 - Robert Broscheid - AZ State Parks - 13 - Maria Adams - 14 - The 19 Names - 15 - Thanks to All -

Update made by Joy A Collura 7-4-21 1:45pm -

2008-2009 section of the PRR:



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