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PUBLIC RECORD REQUESTS-CITY OF PRESCOTT-Record(s) requesting: FISCAL RECORDS for 2007 thru 2014-Pt 8

This is a release of the PUBLIC RECORD REQUESTS-CITY OF PRESCOTT-Record(s) requesting: FISCAL RECORDS for 2007 thru 2014-Part 6 continues on from:


Views expressed to "the public at large” and "of public concern"

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9-1-21 9:10am: I will copy and paste the end of post seven here. I just kept getting knocked off with this message:

No one else should be on my post but we had that concern happen in September 2019.

Meanwhile any lawyers right now reading our site to "build a case" like some of the analytics are possibly showing - please just reach us direct to mediate. Let us know what your client(s) seek and let us do our best to bridge to a solution.

We need to for the Public at Large to keep placing the Public Records documents out and have zero folks infringing on the Freedom of Speech for their agenda(s).

I want there to be a place publicly that those Granite Mountain Hotshots ( GMHS / GMIHC ) kids and people who want to learn about June 30, 2013 and the GMHS / GMIHC. I am showing my account as well as others. We just need to make sure there is a spot public of documented information.

The last post - Number 7 - would stop allowing me to save so cont. on with my health here:

Happy September - 9-1-21 3:33am: I just got notification some of my labs came back.

Google Search:

Your apolipoprotein A levels may be low if you have:

  • Low levels of apolipoprotein (familial hypoalphalipoproteinemia)

  • Tangier disease, a rare inherited disorder that lowers the amount of HDL

  • Hepatocellular disorders, which are certain types of liver problems

  • Poorly controlled diabetes

  • Nephritic syndrome, a group of kidney problems

  • Chronic kidney (renal) failure

  • Coronary artery disease. This means the arteries carrying blood to the heart become narrowed and hardened.

  • Cholestasis, which means problems with the flow of bile from the liver

low values of ApoB (<48 mg/dL) are related to malabsorption of food lipids and can lead to polyneuropathy.

Reduced apolipoprotein A1 (ApoA1) confers an increased risk of coronary artery disease. Extremely low ApoA1 (<20 mg/dL) is suggestive of liver disease or a genetic disorder.

Low levels of apolipoprotein A1 (ApoA1) confer increased risk of atherosclerotic cardiovascular disease.

Apolipoprotein B or Apo B is a major protein that forms the main component of low density lipoprotein complexes or LDL cholesterol. Apo B transports this LDL cholesterol, which is bad cholesterol and triglycerides to tissues and cells. High levels of apo B indicate increased risk from heart disease.

looks good:

here it was in January 2021:

Last time I was 18 out of range- now improvement of 17 out of range on my labs- improving:

it has improved since 2019:


What is the optimal level of B12?

The normal level of vitamin B12 in serum is 150 to 660 pmol, or 200 to 900 pg/ml.

If a B12 blood test indicates your levels are excessive, it may be the sign of a disease. High levels can be associated with diseases of the blood, such as leukemia; cancerous and other tumors; chronic liver disease; intestinal disease; blood disorders; autoimmune diseases with chronic inflammations; and hepatitis that causes vitamin B12 to accumulate in the liver, according to

What are the dangers of high vitamin B12?

High levels of vitamin B12 may lead to skin conditions such as outbreaks of acne and rosacea, which cause redness and pus-filled lesions on the face. Too much vitamin B12 activates specific bacteria that can lead to acne-promoting inflammation. Here below is my thermogram with Carol Conti (


There is bilateral hyperthermia with vertical orientation seen in the forehead. These patterns are often seen with...sinus inflammation, with or even without symptoms. It's been shown that more than 27% of chronic sinus infections could be related to fungal infection. This finding is consistent with the reported sinus...issues. Forehead hyperthermia may be related to pinched nerves of the posterior head or neck due to muscle spasm. This may affect the nerves and muscles over the back of the head, which can radiate to the forehead and is consistent with the reported neck pain. Further evaluation is recommended. There is bilateral hyperthermia evident in the maxillary and ethmoid sinuses, located below the eyes. Maxillary sinuses are affected by environmental allergies and or sinus issues. The most common symptoms are pain in the cheekbones, and feelings of pressure. Further evaluation is recommended if these symptoms exist and become chronic. This finding is consistent with the reported sinus issues. There is intense, extensive, increased hyperthermia in the area surrounding the mouth, bilaterally extending into the submandibular area and neck. Perioral hyperthermia is often related to...amalgam fillings...and can be an indication of dental/periodontal inflammation or pathology...Recommend evaluation with a Biological Dentist familiar with cavitation, Electrodermal Screening and Ozone Therapy. [Like I have said in the past on the posts on prior thermograms- I just do not have the funds for this costly area. I would do it. I just cannot afford it.] The nose presents as warmer than expected in this study. Mild hyperthermia over the nose is sometimes associated with skin disorders such as rosacea or dermatitis. In the absence of allergies, cold symptoms or skin disorder, this may be an indication of cardiovascular stress or possibly thyroid disorder. Further evaluation is recommended.

Lateral Head and Vasculature: General muscular related hyperthermia is observed in the lateral posterior neck bilaterally. This muscle extends from under the ear and jaw down to the collarbone. Muscular tension in the neck can cause neck tenderness and headaches. This finding is consistent with the reported neck pain. There is increased bilateral hyperthermia seen behind the ear in the area of the mastoid process which is attached to the neck muscles, and is consistent with reported headaches and neck pain. If symptoms of ear pain, swelling, impaired hearing or fever are present or develop later, clinical evaluation is advised. Anterior Neck: There is a pattern of hyperthermia observed in the anatomical region of the thyroid gland in the anterior neck. This could suggest a functional concern. Low thyroid function symptoms include fatigue, hair loss, weight gain, mood or brain fog issues, constipation and/or cold hands and feet. Hyper-thyroid function symptoms include fatigue, tremors, anxiety, palpitations and/or diarrhea. If symptoms of thyroid imbalance are indicated, recommend thyroid ultrasound to evaluate nodule and further clinical evaluation with a healthcare provider. [I did this in May- all looked okay then- actually we saw improvement.]There is bilateral hyperthermal activity seen in the tonsillar, sub-mandibular and sub-mental lymphatic chains of the neck. [I was just diagnosed with tonsil concern- hypertrophy tonsils] A primary function of the lymphatic system is to assist in cleaning the cellular environment of bacteria and other toxins, possibly from the sinuses and teeth, to fight infection. Internal toxicity leads to inflammation. Long-term inflammation eventually weakens the immune system. Consider professionally guided protocols to support lymphatic drainage and inflammation.[ I do weekly medical massages with Deb and I dread being away in September for school and stuff because I know HOW IMPORTANT this area is because I easily get lymphatic congestion. I can state without a doubt this area I fully watch and Dee and April and Deb can state that. I do dry brushing. I am just prone to lymphatic congestion probably due to that right biopsy and where they cut and its aftermath]. Posterior Head Posterior neck: presents with diffuse bilateral hyperthermia which is a typically expected finding. There is a focal area of relative hypothermia seen at T-2 at the base of the neck. This pattern can be an indication of a generally under-active immune system, especially if there are recurring infections or colds. Professionally guided nutritional protocols are recommended to include antioxidants to support and enhance the immune system [ Are you kidding me- I am the antioxidant queen- I get floored when they say do this when I do ] , which is the bodies first line of defense from internal and external invasions. A relative focal hypothermia is observed at the cervical spine. This particular pattern may be or not necessarily be an indication of nerve impingement. However, if so, this would present with such symptoms as unilateral pain possibly radiating into the neck, chest, shoulder and/or muscle weakness and numbness that travels down the arm and into the hand. If such symptoms exist, this would justify follow-up assessment and treatment. This finding correlates with the reported neck pain. Anterior Chest: ... A strong personal or family history may warrant additional studies. Scattered mottled patterns of hyperthermia are detected over the chest. These patterns may be caused by a number of conditions including hormone imbalances, myofascial dysfunction, various autoimmune conditions, food sensitivities, toxicities... and emotional stress. Professional follow-up assessment is advised. Upper Back: There is mild hyperthermia seen in the scapular area which is not considered thermographically significant at this time and is consistent with the reported upper back pain. There is a mild hyperthermic pattern seen in the upper back greater on the left that may be radiating from the neck on both sides. Symptoms of trapezius strain may include stiffness, soreness and aching sensations that may radiate from the shoulders through the upper back and neck. This is consistent with the reported upper back pain. Findings are compared to previous evaluations, the most recent dated 1/22/2021. Mild thermal changes observed in this follow-up study compared to the previous evaluation. There has been a slight increase in the vascular and mottling hyperthermic patterns across the breasts and chest greater in the mottling pattern. See details of right and left breast below. There are thermal patterns with significant intensity seen in both breasts. The left breast appears larger as compared to the right. Moderate thermal mottling patterns are seen in the chest/breast area. See comments below. Right Breast General Findings: These are notable thermal findings seen in this breast that are commonly seen, but they should always be monitored for change: A diffuse thermal pattern is observed over the breast. There are branching patterns seen over all four quadrants of the breast. There is an intense branching thermovascular pattern originating near the right shoulder and extending into the upper outer quadrant. There is an intense branching horizontal pattern in the inner breast. There is an intense hazy fragment in the inferior breast. There is no apparent significant temperature differential in the right axilla compared to the left. Scattered hyperthermia is seen in the axillary region lateral to the breast.

Too many glitc...


That above health information is carried over from Post 7 from earlier this morning 9-1-21 and it is 10:14am now- I am still getting booted off this area too so it could be a "bandwidth" concern - may have to update health when I get back from my Schooling / Trip.

If I am not back on by end of September here then "be concerned" - there are some naysayers that are causing unnecessary afflictions / harm / hurt towards me even though I publicly show my health - they just keep doing it. They have zero understanding how important it is to place the documents out.

If I was to "wait" until all my stuff was organized then place it out- there would be hundreds of open drafts and zip out public.

You are in this "live" journal as if we all were doing this together. I do it this way because we all matter. Back to the thermogram:

Significant Findings: These findings should be addressed. Impression and recommendations will be based on the number of these findings. There is a well-defined thermal-vascular pattern in the inner regions of the breast greater than 1.5°C as compared with the opposite breast at 2-3 o'clock. There is a significant inferior vascular pattern below the center with a greater temperature difference as compared to the opposite breast at 6-7 o'clock. There is a specifically reported finding (lump 12-1 o'clock) without increased heat, so there are no specific thermal indications for this finding at this time. However, this reported finding raises the level of concern in this breast. Left Breast: General Findings: These are notable thermal findings seen in this breast that are commonly seen, but they should always be monitored for change: A diffuse thermal pattern is observed over the breast. There are branching patterns seen over the upper regions of the breast. There is an intense branching thermovascular pattern originating near the sternum and extending toward the nipple. There is an intense horizontal thermovascular pattern and intense fragments extending across the upper breast. Fragmented or scattered thermal patterns are seen over the lower regions of the breast. There is a hyperthermic pattern proximal to the nipple. Scattered patterns of hyperthermia are seen in the axillary region under the arm lateral to the breast. Significant Findings: These findings should be addressed. Impression and recommendations will be based on the number of these findings. There is a well-defined thermal-vascular pattern extending from the sternum toward the nipple with a greater than 1.5°C as compared with the opposite breast at 10-12 o'clock. Thermal findings are considered to be an impression of: Right Breast: Thermographically significant with an elevated level of concern for thermal irregularities based on three or more findings. These would include specifically reported concerns, thermal asymmetry, intensity and distribution as listed above. These patterns and or reported findings should always be monitored for change. Left Breast: Low level of concern: equivocal with one significant factor; minimal level of concern for thermal irregularities. This pattern or reported finding should always be monitored for change. Comments Note: Thermal mottling and scattered vascular patterns in the chest and breast can be associated with several conditions including... food allergies, myofascial issues, and various autoimmune conditions. In some cases, these patterns may also be related to hormonal imbalance. Further evaluation is advise. However, extensive thermal mottling patterns are also suggestive of inflammation associated with measurable signs indicating inflammation-related immune system deficiencies. Immune system health is critical to quality of life. Recommendations to preserve immune health include daily hydration, an anti-inflammatory diet and nutritional supplements, plenty of sleep and regular daily exercise. Note: Specifically reported breast lumps, with or without thermal findings are often associated with fibrocystic changes and estrogen dominance and warrants clinical correlation and evaluation as well as close follow-up. Further evaluation of a specifically reported breast lump is recommended for additional testing as recommended by her attending, referring or primary care physician. Note on reported fibrocystic breasts: Fibrocystic changes are often associated with localized discomfort. It may be helpful to take supplemental iodine, selenium and vitamin D3 and to discontinue all caffeine. In addition, Fibrocystic changes likely represent excess estrogen relative to progesterone (estrogen dominance). Supplementation with a bio-identical progesterone cream may be beneficial. Recommend possible hormonal evaluation and assessment. Thermal patterns in the axillary region are an indication of poor lymphatic drainage and congestion. Consider Lymphatic Drainage Therapy, dry brushing, mild massage or physical activity that moves the lymph, such as swimming or moderate jumping. (See your Thermographer for information and instructions.)[ I do all that in a consistent manner so think of something else it could be---please] Note: Iodine deficiency has been shown to contribute to fibrocystic changes, breast lumps, gynecological conditions and thyroid disorders. Iodine/ iodide supplementation should be considered. A 24-hr loading Iodine test after stopping iodine/ iodide for 2 or 3 days may be helpful to determine adequate dosing. Vitamin D3 supplementation may be supportive in the prevention of many chronic conditions including breast cancer. Evaluation of vitamin D 25 OH total level to determine optimal levels (some consider 60-70 ng/ml) may be beneficial. RECOMMENDED BREAST FOLLOW-UP 1. Thermographically significant with elevated index of concern for thermal irregularities based on three or more findings including asymmetry, intensity, distribution and history, as listed above. Recommend bilateral breast ultrasound and prompt clinical investigation with her primary care physician or breast specialist before continuing with thermal follow-up in 6 months. [ this is an area I challenged with the Hospital recently so yeah we will see how that goes...I am challenging and auditing a few new reports. They just do not add up tp labs and other testing...I surely doubt they will give me another ultrasound- just did it in June 2021] These patterns and or reported findings should be closely monitored for change. Request an account of action taken (if any) and results to be reported at follow-up visit. 2. In addition to thermal imaging, continue with routine follow-up breast examinations with her physician as indicated or at least annually. 3. Recommend ongoing consultation with her physician or qualified health professional regarding dietary, nutritional and lifestyle practices that support breast health. Thermographic Findings, Impressions and Recommendations Abdomen: There has been an improvement in the patterns in the left lower quadrant compared to the previous study of 1/22/2021. [Yeah my fasting is working] There is improvement in the horizontal hyperthermic pattern near the waistline. Patterns beneath the left breast show an increase. Moderate patterns of scattered or thermal mottling are observed in the anterior abdominal view. Mottling patterns extending into the abdominal area can be consistent with hormone imbalances, myofascial dysfunction, various autoimmune conditions, food allergies, toxic conditions related to digestive disorders, and emotional stress.[ it does not help to request PRRs and FOIAs to see local rumors cored to Pfingston / Willis / DJ Helm - why? - Arm ourselves against these radicals / I am going to rip her a new one, why say that about me -DJ? Pfingston and the whole seance BS then Willis sharing what he did to Sliwa ???- Come on people. What gives? Why are you really doing all this "huff puff" when I do not even own the land??? Why say the "Collura group" as if I headship anything ??? You all do not make any sense. Just curious. Is your areas in order because when I am done with school I plan to get legal advise to see maybe there is something I am missing ... I think it is about time to see what areas I am being left in the dark about because everything you all are doing- just does not add up. Thank you again for the team of lawyers I was gifted in 2021. I hope to never have to use them but nice to know they are paid up for me and there if I need their service(s). That was a very nice gift. For the record, I like Willis and his wife Judy- I just have this gut feeling there is information I am unable to know - I feel the same way about Sinclair too, as well as Marty Cole, TB, "be quiet - let's award ya" Tyson Esquibel, JT, RM, MK, BB, CC, BF, DH, TS, PM, BB, LH, DH, HB, CT, Schwope?, certain engines that were de-mob, DS, Doug, Susan, RM, DD, DS, Abel, Sciacca, JC, Jimmy R, Kevin B, Brad M, HN, JM, JW, DT, etc. - I have an empathy for you all to a degree yet I know more than I share soooo... it is difficult. Alan, I wish I could share what we see with the team in your area what I have seen over time... I wish I could show you the "over - time" effectiveness or "lack of" and logistic areas and the concerns--- this engaging the fires or the "lack of" that you have been on since YHF 2013...there was orders to not take photos of the DZ that first week after 6-30-13 yet some did- I saw and have first hand testimony. God forbid we try to LEARN SOMETHING ... especially if I eye-witnessed and almost died that day--- God forbid I want to gain knowledge ??? God forbid I refuse to let authority and others to bully me from getting the documents out to the front. ] Advise follow-up assessment to investigate these possible conditions. There is a diffuse area of increased hypothermia beneath the umbilicus. Hypothermic patterns can indicate a natural, temporary healing process to provide more oxygen and blood internally to the small intestine, or may also indicate decreased function of the small intestine. Note that the umbilicus itself is normally hotter than the surrounding area. A pattern of relative hyperthermia with horizontal orientation is observed in the pelvic region. These patterns may be associated with uterus/bladder issues for women and patterns located in the lateral lower abdominal region can be associated with the visceral-cutaneous reflex area of the colon. Note that in the absence of concerns, intense horizontal and inguinal hyperthermia may be the result of a skinfold. Abdomen, Lateral Right: A diffuse area of increased hyperthermia is seen in the upper right region of the abdomen. Patterns in the right upper abdomen can be related to emotional stress and/or functional stress in the liver. Liver stress can cause symptoms such as bloating, constipation, skin changes, fatigue, hormonal imbalance, brain fog and elevated cholesterol. This can be the result of toxicity, inflammation or lymphatic congestion and can impact digestion. If there are symptoms of discomfort or unresolved digestive issues, consider dietary changes, parasite cleanse and detoxification with a healthcare provider. [ How many times do I have to do all the above mentioned there - Oh my gosh--- really---they have to come up with something else for verbiage here- I have done my due diligence. ] These findings correlate with the reported acid reflux and/or other digestive tract issues. Abdomen, Lateral Left: There is an increased hyper-thermic pattern with vertical orientation seen in the left lateral abdomen. Vertical patterns seen in the left side are an indication of increased immune activity related to the intestines and/or stomach/pancreas. Recommend professional dietary, detoxification and lifestyle guidance, if symptoms indicate. This is consistent with the reported pain in the upper left quadrant of the abdomen. A scattered, diffuse area of increased hyperthermia is seen in the upper left region of the abdomen. Patterns in the left upper abdomen can be related to functional stress in the stomach/pancreas and can affect digestion and or sugar metabolism issues. Suggest labs for H. Pylori [ done- negative], SIBO [ I will run this by my GI Specialist] , dysbiosis [ I will run this by my GI Specialist] , candida and parasites[ I will run this by my GI Specialist]. If there are symptoms of discomfort or unresolved digestive issues, recommend proper "food combining", digestive enzymes, probiotics and avoiding GMO's and further clinical evaluation with a healthcare provider.[ I will run this by my GI Specialist] This is consistent with the reported pain in the upper left quadrant of the abdomen. Note: It is common to see a variety of hot and cold patterns in the region below the breast down to the lower abdominal area. These patterns may not always be directly over the anatomical location of a specific organ. However, these patterns, either hot or cold, may reflect changes on the skin related to the well accepted and documented sympathetic visceral-cutaneous reflex region related to specific visceral organs. This may indicate inflammatory conditions or other signs of possible organ abnormalities. Thermography alone is not diagnostic; however in the presence of symptoms or clinical concerns may justify further evaluation with a healthcare provider trained in functional medicine. Consider that abnormalities in digestive organs are often directly related to stress. Lower Back: There is intense hyperthermia in the posterior midline of the lower thoracic and lumbar spine. This suggests a chronic or systemic degenerative inflammatory response which over time can result in disc degeneration. These patterns in the presence of sciatica, which causes burning back pain that travels through the buttocks and into the leg, can indicate the source of nerve root compression. This is consistent with the reported lower back pain. There is evidence of hyperthermia radiating from the spine into related soft tissue improved compared to the previous study. This pattern suggests inflammation of the overlaying soft tissue (ligament, muscle, fascia and facet joint capsule) in the thoracic and lumbar region, which is significant in the presence of either acute or chronic lower

back pain; but may also exist in the absence of pain. This is consistent with the reported lower back pain. Immune Summary: Immune system health is critical to quality of life and may be reflected especially in the lymphatic system. Thermal indications in multiple regions of your body suggests signs of extensive inflammation justifying evaluation to preserve and strengthen your immune system, lymphatic system and over-all functional health. Lymph nodes can become inflamed and accumulate toxins, debris and infectious organisms. While exercise, deep breathing and

hydration are helpful, it is recommended to have professionally guided protocols to support gum and dental health, digestion, lymphatic drainage, detoxification and reduce inflammation. Ask your thermographer for further recommendations to improve inflammation. ARMS/ HANDS

Arms & Hands Concerns: C/o frequent bilateral. shoulder pain. Also bilateral arm pain and both hands always cold and will be numb at times - esp. the right hand. C/o lymphatic congestion both arm pits - worse on right. Arms & Hands History: History of pain in the left shoulder, arm and hand; pain in the right shoulder, arm and hand. Thermographic Findings, Impressions and Recommendations Hands, Dorsal: Bilateral focal hyperthermia is seen in the joints and/or muscles of the thumbs which may be an indication of overuse or possible inflammatory joint disease if accompanied by tenderness, stiffness and/or swelling. Further evaluation is recommended if these symptoms exist. This finding is consistent with the reported hand pain. General hyperthermia as seen in both hands may be, in the presence of pain, an indication of bilateral overuse. In the absence of pain, this pattern which appears as a bilateral "glove" effect, may also be an indication of blood sugar issues. Although this pattern is not diagnostic, it does justify recommendation for further testing or glucose tolerance test if symptoms such as anxiety, sweating, palpitations or headaches are present.[ My glucose is always good ] Hands, Palmar: Symmetric hyperthermia, as seen on the palmar side of the hands, extending into the inner forearms may be incidental, or in the presence of pain, weakness, or numbness in the hand and wrist may be an indication of carpal tunnel syndrome. If these symptoms exist, further evaluation recommended by a specialist. Note: Expected thermal findings in the upper extremities, by nature of use and design, receive daily use and overuse which may cause bilateral blood perfusion. Expected thermal findings are increased heat in the upper arms with gradual cooling towards the hands, with fingers being the coldest. LEGS/ FEET Thermographic Findings, Impressions and Recommendations. Legs, Anterior: There are vascular-type patterns observed in both legs which are consistent with varicose veins, and may or may not be visible on the surface. Varicose veins are not uncommon and most likely caused by extended walking or sitting over a long period of time. Self-care can include exercise, elevating your legs or wearing compression socks or stockings. [ I wear compression socks] Aching and discomfort in the legs may be a signal for circulatory problems and may justify professional evaluation and treatment. Patterns of scattered or thermal mottling are observed in the legs. [ I will address this ]This may be consistent with various autoimmune conditions or emotional stress. However, if visual skin mottling is observed, this may be an indication of a circulation issue and should be assessed by a medical professional. There is increased hyperthermia seen in the upper legs, bilaterally. This pattern is significant only in the presence of pain or discomfort or possible injury in the legs. Knees, Anterior: There are no abnormal thermal findings seen in the knees. Dorsal Feet and Ankles: Patterns in the dorsal feet present as expected with symmetrical gradual cooling from the ankle to the toes on the dorsal (top) side. There are no significant thermal asymmetries seen in the ankles, considered to be expected thermal findings. Feet, Plantar: Patterns in the plantar feet present as expected with symmetrical cold patterns, with the exception of the instep. Note: Asymmetrical patterns in the ankles or feet may be an indication of weight transfer, or altered gait stressing the more hyperthermic areas. This may be related to misalignment in the lumbar spine. RECOMMENDED FOLLOW-UP 1. Suggest clinical correlation of thermal findings with health care professional regarding patients history, symptoms and consideration of recommendations mentioned above. Follow-up imaging may be indicated to follow progress of treatment strategy. 2. Recommend ongoing consultation with her physician or qualified health professional regarding dietary, nutritional and lifestyle practices that support general good health.This report is intended for use by trained health care providers to assist in evaluation, diagnosis and treatment. It does not provide a diagnosis of illness, disease or other conditions. It is not intended for use by individuals for self-diagnosis or for self-evaluation. Medical Thermography is a system using a highly technical and non-contact infrared camera to capture and record temperature variations on the skin, the largest organ of the body. As such, the surface of the skin provides vital information that is directly influenced by complex metabolic and vascular activity, including micro-circulation, below the surface via the sympathetic nervous system. These patterns of activity vary in intensity and distribution over each body region, represented by images with variation in colors. Detection of variations in skin temperature allows for recognition of asymmetric, abnormal or suspicious thermal patterns over a specific area or region of interest. Changes of these patterns may be recognized by the interpreter as abnormal physiology or function. Thermograms do not provide “negative” or “positive” results. It is common for mammography, ultrasound and/or MRI to report “negative” findings even when a Thermogram reports high index of concern. It is important to utilize preventive strategies regardless of a high or low risk Thermogram and/or a negative mammogram, ultrasound or MRI.

Here are some photos from the thermogram- any "private" area I edited it out. I will point with a pen where my most pain is for me and it shows "red" on the thermogram as such:

left area of face- pressure pains more intense but it is bilateral pains as one can see the "red" areas:

my most pain right here with pen pointing to area:

Janet just called with the final report on the 8-23-21 procedures. Came back Adenomas- ( early phase to cancer- had I left them in they would have phased that way (cancer) so they were completely removed. ) Due to the ones abnormal in appearance under a microscope, I will return in three years for a colonoscopy vs. five. We ruled out this time around Crohn's. Nothing yet on ct-scan of the pancreas and kidneys. I am in awe I did the Hida Scan but the report does not show the E-fraction ??? What??? I am greatly disappointed in the Medical system games.

I went to the ER in April 2021 - Can any of you from all these months and all these updates see an Executive Summary happening except oh-e Colon procedure in three years and I conquered the UTI- whoah...but what about my extreme head pain---few spots in GI and the feet to tib???? Stinks. I am heading out for a hike.

9-2-21 9:30am:

I watched DP throw up last night on our walk and ever since I have had such a wicked head pain and nausea. I have my appointment at 11 with the Dr.

One has to realize - YES - 19 died on June 30, 2013 and many still affected or have died yet we also had around 98 total line of duty deaths in that 2013- 26 Career, 41 Volunteer, 31 Non-Municipal so my focus is above just June 30, 2013. You can read other entities statistics - none are consistent to another but if one died- that is too many--

However, if you watch when I put more recordings out in the Fall 21', one will see Sgt. Ashby was the unprofessional biased aggressive manners towards me over the years and I never even knew her but it is obvious in the body cam she was personally knowing someone who has been a thorn not just to my life but many others on the aftermath of the YHF.

Remember, as a Truth Teller, I have risked my life and livelihood to speak out against the injustices I witnessed over almost a decade. And my whistleblowing placing the documents for the Public at Large will make a difference in God's Time and Ways not mine.

The bullying is their tactic. God is watching. God knows I was always kind to the Helms. I show you the proof. Can Sgt Ashby show you the Faro data or even other items like I did about YCSO being Custodians to the GPS units while a crucial investigation took place and the GPS Units were never a part of the 2013 Investigation Report- did the Helms show the world the last 18 minutes unredacted of their surveillance cameras? Can the Helms state why in the original records they saw no firefighters to then Firefighter Clawson for their "made for profit" book on the YHF to then what you first hand WF/FFs showed and told me who was on or next to the Helms...

Did any of the YCSO or Investigators show you all any interview with Aaron Hulburd or his footage? I requested that- How many of you out there in the World believe(d) that they (Arizona Forestry) actually filed a FOIA to obtain copies of those videos from USFS? Or was it...that it just happened because the media was getting too close- especially Dougherty. I think John was to receive the videos so they had to put something out public quick- but what legal stand do they have for the edits/ redactions?

Todd Abel knows more than he speaks. Go look at his interviews. How is it he knew about these videos?

I requested it- are you all willing to request the FOIA asking for the records that Arizona Forestry did their open paper trail on a Historical Significant Fire?

Yet we got people like Willis doing what he is in 2021. Why Willis would you "engage" with others speaking or writing as you have about me in 2021?

I thought you shared to me you want the Public Documents out there to lead to the Truth, right? That was what one email on this blog showed that you wrote me.

if YOU, Willis, feel I have given even ONE falsehood- "call me out" the world...what area do you feel I have placed of the Public Documents that were false? I am willing to listen to you, sir.

I am always going to keep my life very out there in the public so you can make your proper assessments with the documents. So my husband can look at my blood lab trends/tests and match it up to what was going on in my immediate life in case I die- he has a true case of 'causal factors/people' if he opted to sue.

Your manners have been uncalled for-

It would be different if you talked amongst another but that meeting in April 2021 having all those high end authority/local folks when Lee Helm received all our contacts April 11 2021 was truly agenda driven and wrong.

None of this 2021 from YCSO or the Helms/Willis/Pfingston should any of them been in my space for anything. They did it. Dj Helm involved for her agenda high authority for a civil matter for the new owners yet she targeted me as she stated we have to arm ourselves against these radicals- the Collura group- that is messed up folks. There is no amount of "silent" power that can bully me. I will just call them out. It is bogus. Lt Winfrey called yesterday and left a message and I returned and left a message. However, now I am heading to the Fire Academy so they can wait to go over all this because I will not be back for a few weeks.

Thank you Dr. M - my brain health detox Dr for our 11am today. I needed that. See you in a couple months. Pacific time indeed. (soft smiles)

I will stay on the intermittent fasting and detox methods you shared to me:


Now for City of Prescott- the second PRR has now been published- I asked for the records to lead to them now beginning to be shown to the world after almost half a decade they stayed unpublished. Why now? If someone asked for the same records- just look when I am not signed in t how many PRRs are present to when I sign in--if that helps ya:


I was gone most of September 2021. Let me break this down. I am unwell. I am broken. I am having to waste mine and others time, money and energy on the Helms dramatics yet again.

Now that I am home, I have to hire a lawyer- I am getting that the lawyers I choose I am a "conflict of interest" - Know more tomorrow afternoon 9-20-21.

Last I heard was Morgan Hayter stated they mailed the Summons to me even though I asked for it electronically. Nothing in the mail yet. I am going to run it by a lawyer all recordings to make sure I am not being targeted for a less expensive way to answer the Helms' Easement and Boundary views they have on their neighboring land and I the agent is being used to get these answers. I was not posting "No Trespassing" signs on the Helms land. I am floored by all this rubbish. From the very start the Helms had all our contact information. They really made a silly mess with those emails in April and even through the mess I simply forgive them. I think they just do not like having neighbors that close because Lee said that 4-11-21. We have not even been there much because we lead busy lives and yet still we have Sgt Ashby say to Fred we haven't got a call on Joy lately right ??? Right. Because I have not been there since we did the signs and soil testing in June / July 2021. Duh. I will not be bullied or scared off just because they abuse the system to call because I walk back and forth measuring for the soil test plot plan. Here was the most up to date information.

the time was:

I need to rest and focus away from the rubbish shown by the Helm Family in Yarnell. Yes, I was notified of the Summons when I was dealing with politicians and medical when in Idaho by Ltnt. Winfrey this (part of our call- the transcript done by REV will be here after they are done):

Here is photos from September 8th through the 17th:

I took a terrible fall in my living room 9-7-21 and here are areas I suffered greatly:

the pain SUCKS!!!!!!

then I was up and waiting for my ride heading to the Mesa Fire School 9-8-21 in pain:

time to change the Labor Day patriotic nail design to "Into the black" nail design:


I attended and learned in our "Bio" section of this course that what Fred told me was a one day course- was actually four days long and I had to fly out Friday Sept 10, 2021. I alerted the Instructors. The lady in front of me thought the same. I was not alone thinking it was a one day course.

emailed the school and Fred:

this email was in my spam box:

I let them know- I think the confusion for myself and another student means we just in a sense donated almost $200 to the Fire School and for me, no cert. - I bought the raffle tickets and have no idea if I won or how they reach you...

To let you know I went to opening ceremonies 9-9-21 from 730am through almost noon then ate lunch then class was 1:30-5:30pm. I did the time but it is a class I will have to retake fully.


Here are a few opening ceremonies photos-

Here is Wickenburg, AZ Chief Ed as Firefighter of the Year presenting awards -2021 Hall of Fame Inductee, Chief Collin Dewitt, PHX Fire Dept. / Gilbert Fire & Rescue:

we miss you "Pie" - thank you for everything you did for us. At least this man spoke up. I support this award. (RiP)

So sad you died (RiP) ... our hero:

Who dumps slurry on the desert saguaros - sad:

I have spoken to Hall of Flame Mr. Loesche when I trained to be a Wildland Firefighter in 2019. I liked our talks. He gave me some spot on tools and advice that I followed through doing what he suggested.

Two of my 2021 Course Co-Instructors Krystin Bridges and Tanja Tanner:


We were my number ... 33 ... at Worth Takeaway. I had a yummy Apple Pie Kombucha and shared part of a Rueben:

My class started at 1:30pm 9-9-21:

"Bang head here" was not a class section on how to deal with folks like I have seen in 2021 like Dj Helm.

Captain Kirk Webb did not dress up as Mrs. Dousefire at our class but Paulie gave her puppet Mrs. Dousefire to our Instructor Kirk --- it was very beautiful to watch and see all the passion not only the Instructors had but the Students. Neat folks.

The exchange of Paulie giving her Mrs Dousefire to Instructor Kirk:

I thought it was a special moment so I asked to take pics:


9-10-21 Left to Idaho in pain: