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PUBLIC RECORD REQUESTS-CITY OF PRESCOTT-Record(s) requesting: FISCAL RECORDS for 2007 thru 2014-Pt 5

This is a release of the PUBLIC RECORD REQUESTS-CITY OF PRESCOTT-Record(s) requesting: FISCAL RECORDS for 2007 thru 2014-Part 5 continues on from:


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7/20/21: I will be unavailable for a bit ... one of my spontaneous Summer actions ... God Bless and be back when I come back ...


7-24-21 9pm: Date: Tuesday, July 20th, 2021 at 2:42 PM after receiving a message to check a video out from my Canadian Wildland Firefighter Aviation pal so I did send a message to the owner of the video and got a prompt humorous professional reply.

I never imagined with my poor health to be travelling especially just winging it solo. I think that was the most "hopeful" out-of-the-blue event that happened for me in 2021. I needed that. I had some new things happen to my life. Some areas some would find very out of sync to who I am but I did it. I own it. I am human, right. Blows me away though- yeah, me. Right.

Just tarnished my pure record is all. I did not go all out like possibly Sinclair would but I felt I did a moment like he would not me...Sorry, how is it I pick on him like a brother ... you are doing better this Season on what I have watched. Nothing like the horror I just passed through in recent weeks looking at the Bush Fire scenes of last year and its aftermath ... ugh ... sigh.

Some areas I never thought "me" would ever go "there" but I did. I own it. Would I again? More than likely a "nope" --- I think it was a "Twilight Zone" episode because I knew better yet the energy was just there. I felt very at ease and safe. I highly admired the creativity, the environment, the music and the knowledge and the yummy aromas and a cool lit fire atmosphere. I really enjoyed the outdoor life indoors - reminded me of home.

I had such a respect for the wisdom, sharp mind, and humor. I am so happy to have the thoughts / memories, the new prayers to speak, and just the down time versus doing all this fire stuff. I am always doing fire stuff or hiking or organizing data.

I know me with new to my life folks...with the run of time...I am guilty to lose connections because I do not keep up with the times. I still have my 1990's tracfone but I know this no matter if we meet up in life again, I know I needed that for that moment. I am not a text or email gal and more "see ya when I see ya" gal.

I also never thought in one talk that in less than 8 hours I would be boarding a plane while ill and dealing with serious issues as I am but I did leave Arizona in the blink of an eye. I called my husband late Tuesday and said please take me to the airport Wed. early a.m. and he did. One way ticket too. There I boarded and had the best talk with fella airport passengers. I think I was their ears to listen. Sometimes we need those kind of people in our lives.

Since I was in Boise Idaho and Fred never took me to this one place when we did the AMS Conference there in 2018. I wanted to go. So glad I did. It was the highlight to this whole aftermath of the Yarnell Hill Fire. I went to the Wildland Firefighter Foundation. The founder went amiss- a one way ticket to Alaska. Maybe some other time I can spend time in Boise Idaho and spend time with them more- if she ever comes back ;) The one way ticket may hold weight. She may not be coming back ??? I never did take a "Social Media" photo in front of their building. Oops. My bad. I wanted to do the photo op - just was preoccupied with the photos on the wall of the Fallen and the ideas and pieces of advice I heard are still relevant and useful to me yet all the incoming data I got there I was overwhelmed and processing so much information.

I appreciate the definite and clear set of qualities of each person at the Wildland Firefighter Foundation in Boise, Idaho. From the founder / son to the person who is building phase two; Gabe. When I walked in and was greeted with such warm loving welcoming smiles from Ashley and Joyce. Than I saw such a kind professional manners from Dina and one hell of a kick ass personality from Betty and the founder's son Burk just treats each person who walks through as if they were the only one on his list to speak with - very unique characteristic trait.

I must admit when February thru July 2014 I was receiving gifts from Holly Neill from this place, Wildland Firefighter Foundation, it has sat on my shelf until today to take this photo:

I never went to the building before but I had items sit on my shelf and I never wore any of it because I wanted to keep it new. But now I will add their patch to my backpack ( with happiness ) that I got in 2014 now that I know what they are all about.

I do remember when things shifted in 2014 -2015 with Holly, I did peak into the background of Vicki Minor to see what her ties to Holly Neill was-

Never did see anything on Vicki. Just looked like this humble warm "Mom" type who had a passion to make sure Firefighters were taken care of.

I wish I had the natural knack to do fundraisers or come into large funds. If I could, I would donate to this foundation. I just am unable with my current life. I am going to earn some funds soon so I can donate.

If you are able or thinking to do your final estate will or just want to wear apparel that is quality then here is the links: Merchandise — Wildland Firefighter Foundation ( / Donate Today! — Wildland Firefighter Foundation (

I can state that if I pass on, instead of flowers and stuff like that just donate financially directly to this foundation or buy their gear. I am not a person to say this about a foundation but I am on this one. Top notch folks.

Professionalism is a powerful quality to have that I can say all of them at this place do have - they all have the best of the best personalities. I saw them all "in action" and what I saw were these people who impressed me enough that I am taking time to write all this because they "inspired" me and through their warmth I walked away and came home with "renewed" hope. Thank you for those rare qualities you all shown not just to me but all the folks I saw go there.

It is not the job they do- it is "how" they do their job--- very high standards; both visibly and behind the scenes. In it all, each one of them were 'true to who they are' and that was off the charts cool as hell. I saw deep love and competence, knowledge, conscientiousness, accountable and held their actions to their word, integrity, respect, emotional intelligence too, motivated and appropriate to each set of folks that walked in their doors. Flowers for your building:

I was present when different people came in the building and I watched this man - Burk - just light up the place with his interest in each and every person who came in the building. It still just buffaloed me to think there is quality human beings that still exist to our world. Blew me away. I even saw him extend the business hours when a lady Hadley Jeffries was getting JK boots. I should order a pair of JK boots with "Arizona Desert Walker" on them. But I am still blown away I went from size 7 shoes then my edema and feet issues that I am now a size freaking ten. WTF? Right. Sucks. God sure has humor indeed.

My mother knows me well ... my husband too ... my brothers ... I am a person who stays away from fundraisers and functions best I can ... yet I with all my heart I can state I went with no expectations to this building and I had the "Holly Neill Gift Giving Phase of Items From Wildland Firefighter Foundation" in my head when going in - and all that erased when you meet each and everyone of these folks. I "tear up" thinking about the "hope" and "joy" I was filled with when I left that building. Pretty cool for someone who does not do that in my lifetime much; tear up over some building and the folks in it. Please, today ... make a donation to them ... it will go a long way to help a Wildland Firefighter and or their families in need. You can go to our Facebook and donate to meet a set goal of $1,000 if you rather have a Social Media moment. Either way. I just never been so touched by a set of human beings like these folks. I just want to do my best to pay it forward.

We raised $791/$1,000 so far. Thank you to all who did. All four folks. Soft Smiles.

Well, I am home and safe as of yesterday early morning (7-23-21) and then by the time 5pm hit I crashed until 1pm today (7-24-21)- never awoke for any reason. I will work on uploading records here tomorrow. I just wanted you to know brother Paul - let's go skydive soon.

We have a Campbell post we are working on as well and hope to get posted by 7-31-21. It is a good thing I came home when I did though because I have a jam packed week that I had not wrote on my calendar but on a post it note that never made it to the calendar.

August is filled with medical appointments. I am finally going to address many areas in the next few weeks and closer to a final executive summary what I plan to do with my health and the surgery.

The brain tumor ( in the front- not the back one) has the following current symptoms for me:

  • Headache which gets severe on and off

  • Change in vision

  • Hearing disability but hearing aids help me now

  • Ringing in my ears

  • Loss of memory and difficulty in concentrating

  • Weakness in arms and legs

  • Less of a smell

  • Seizures

  • Numbness

  • Speech problems

If I do the procedure, they will only shave the front area of my head for surgery not the whole head. With a special tool, the bone flap is detached and working with the cerebral membrane begins. The operation to remove the tumor of the brain lasts 2.5-3 hours then intensive care for 6-12 hours. Rehabilitation lasts about 2 months.

Good night for now---load records tomorrow. 7-24-21 9:33pm.

Fasting tomorrow with my new shaker mug--- cool huh:

Lemon Kind Latte Fast:

one balanced meal tomorrow will be broccoli and piece of steak and loads of water. I love my meat.


do these tomorrow:


7-25-21 8pm: I never did get online today. I am going to spend one hour before I head off here to go back to my outside my area FOIA / PRR storage unit and since it is documents in paper form and I do not own a scanner to scan them in --- I am just going to type and explain "key points" from my PRR 19-1070 - May 19, 2020. This PRR cost me $375.00 upfront but most was sent electronically and these below were the paper form so they refunded me $281.50 because the copies only totaled $84.25 plus $9.25 to USPS mail it to me.

Received from the City of Prescott Office of the City Attorney Civil Division - May 19, 2020.

I had it in my storage unit and when I was putting recent records up I kept thinking to this 2020 PRR I got in paper form. Definitely not consistent on the City of Prescott's part towards me. One year it is no we do not have it then here we go the next year getting the documents. ???

I am adding these because you will begin to see what the City of Prescott claimed to have zero records found for: Eric Naumetz, Ian (Whalen) Owens, Geoff Phelan, Jake Hannah, and Wade Tait yet these other records I have been dumping does show some of the names. So why is it I have to keep asking different ways the same name and different time to get the records? I am confused. How can one fact check and verify if this is how it goes...Changes year to year when asking pretty much the same. Why is it they do not do a sufficient job the first time I request it?

Some have been lying that they were a GMHS so hopefully with all the different Public Records pulled we can finally confirm so many other areas as well.

In order I received it:

Daniel J. Loghry (Dan) was a GMIHC Crew Member for Season 2011 only.

  • City of Prescott Application for Employment. Seasonal Wildland Firefighter. Applied for Position Date: 1/10/2011. Received by Human Resources Jan 11, 2011. Approved 4-21-11. DUI in Ventura County CA Feb 08'. Probationary period ended Feb 2011. California Lutheran University Thousand Oaks CA Bachelor's Degree in Business. Jan 09' thru Jan 11' - Commercial Solar Rep for Smart Solar Scottsdale AZ. Communications Intern for Gowan Co. Yuma AZ 6/09-10/08 at ten per hour. J&M Yuma AZ Laborer 5/04-10/08 with his father's business (citrus farm) through high school and college. Ernesto Manzanillo, Patrick Cooley, Dan Kuntz, Capt. Jim Kennedy/ Engineer Jeff Moffitt of City PFD. 8/2010 IS 100 and 200, HazMat 1st Responder, 10/2010 CPR, AED, First Aid, 12/2010 AZ FF 1 & II. Working on EMT cert. @ Yav. College. 130/190 March 2011. Category 1 Cyclist. Working to be a professional triathlete. Runs Marathons in 3 hours and a half marathon in 1hr17m. Dedicated and committed. Volunteer Member for Groom Creek Fire Dept. Rotary Club Yuma AZ. Habitat for Humanity Prescott AZ Volunteer, and was to become a member of United Way Prescott AZ. ---- Yav. College Fire Academy - Captain Jim Kennedy recommended the GMHS position to Dan Loghry. Dan was a 2011 Granite Mountain Hotshot and his Crew Fire Record had him as a Crewmember of the following fires: 0519-21 Laguna BLM-COD MGMT 3 FFT2 Class F Fuel G,B --- 0522-0606 Horseshoe 2 CNF MGMT 1 FFT2 Class G Fuel G,B,T --- 0609-12 Murphy CNF MGMT 2 FFT2 Class G Fuel G,B --- 0612-24 Monument CNF MGMT 3/1 FFT2 Class G Fuels G,B,T ---0702-17 Las Conchas SNF MGMT 1 FFT2 Class G Fuel G,B,T,S ----0803-05 Grand Wash BLM-COD MGMT 4 FFT2 Class D Fuel G,B ---- 0804-07 New Water BLM-COD MGMT 3 FFT2 Class G Fuel G,B --- 0808-18 Lincoln ABCD LNF FFT2 ----0809-10 Tom's Canyon BLM-CAD MGMT 3 FFT2 Class G Fuel G,B ---0811 Rain BLM-CAD Mgmt 5 FFt2 Class A Fuel G ---- 0812 Black Angus BLM-CAD MGMT 5 FFT2 Class B Fuel G ---0813 T-post BLM-CAD MGMT 4 FFT2 Class B Fuel G ----0823-26 Waterhole/Black Spring Complex NCA MGMT 2 FFT2 Class G fuel G,B,T ---0824-26 Roman Nose NCA MGMT 2 FFT2 Class E Fuel G,B,T --- 0825-26 Two Moons NCA MGMT 5 - FFT2 Class C Fuel G,B,T --- 0826 Rookie NCA MGMT 5 FFT2 Class C Fuel G,B,T ---- 0827-31 Bald Bear LCF MGMT 4/2 FFT2 Class F Fuel G,B,T --- 0901-04 Coal Creek BLM-CRD MGMT 3 FFT2 Class C Fuel G,B --- 0905 Hay BLM_CRD MGMT 4 FFT2 Class C Fuel G,B,T --- 0906-09 Karren Place BLM-CRD MGMT 4 FFT2 Class B Fuel G,B,T --- 0913-28 Pagami Creek SUF MGMT 1 FFT2 Class G Fuel T,S. GMIHC Courses Taken: 03/17/11 S-130/190 / I-100 Field Observer / L180 CPR/ First Aid, 3/18/11 CRWB Crew Boss, 4/7/10 FIRB Firing Boss S212, 07-01-11 OSC2 OP Chief 2 S-270, Certified by Fire 4 /15/11 Dan's Master Record shows 03/13-17/11 S-130/190, S131, S133, S212 4-07-2010. [None of these courses show Instructor or Location.] It showed City of Prescott only shared pages 46, 47, 48 of 57 pages of the Master Record. It only showed him for the one Season. This file lacked the actual Wildland Certifications to and courses claimed on here. Also no task book(s) provided in file.

To close out his file- if you "google search" the name Daniel Loghry - you will see it states: Prescott Fire Department - Granite Mountain Hotshot Crewmember Jul 19, 2016 - Nov 21, 2020

The documents I own show otherwise plus there is no GMIHC in 2016-2020 - ??? but it showed that online for Daniel ... see:


Brady J Higgs was a GMIHC Crew Member for Season April 2011, 2012, applied for Parks Maintenance Worker January 24, 2013.

I will recap as it was shown to me in the same order - it will be shown here to you:

  • City of Prescott Application for Employment. Parks Maintenance Worker. Applied for Position Date: 1/24/2013. Received by Human Resources 1-25-13. Brady did 12 units at Yav. College. 2008, 2010, 2011, 2012 Wildland Fire Certifications. Previously Parks and Recreation position with City of Prescott. Some backhoe and bobcat experience. Chain saw, basic power tools. Quick to learn new skills, good listener, and hard worker is his self assessment. Familiar with most Sports Field layouts. (???) Worked similar seasonal position for multiple summers. Brady works very well with co-workers, supervisors and the general public is another self assessment of his. Brady made to start $12.08 hr and when job ended was at $12.48 hr. Shows he worked for Neal Pinson - Groom Creek Fire District 6/10-4/11 $10hr Fuels Crew Member. Showed he worked for the City of Prescott 4/08 $7.50hr to 6/10 $8.25hr as Grounds Crew for prep and maintain local sport fields and parks by collecting trash and chalking the softball fields for the city leagues and tournaments. Retail Sales / Cashier for Pacific Sunwear in the Gateway Mall 11/07 $7.30hr- 4/08 $7.50hr and they only offered part time hours so that was why he left. Brady also worked for Mike Counts over at Safeway as Courtesy Clerk / Checker on White Spar Rd making a range of $6.15-$7.00hr. His go to folks or aka "references" were Maldo, Neal Pinson of Groom Creek and City of Prescott's Steve Mancha. Brady left GMHS to apply to the City of Prescott's site to become a Parks Maintenance Worker. The Public Announcement of Employment Opportunity for the Parks Maintenance Worker was Pay Grade: 41, Pay Range: $12.04-$16.85 hr plus benefits and normally new employees start at $12.04 [ which was a few cents less than what he made being a GMHS Hotshot ]. Brady's GMHS journey began Dec 02 2010 and Human Resources stamped it 12-06-10. [ I did note in one application he put in 2013 'Grounds Crew 04/08 to 6/10 $7.50 to $8.25' but then when he applied in 2010 to be a GMHS he put 'Grounds Crew 05/08 to 6/10 $7.25 to $7.50' so there is a slight change in pay scale. ] Back to Brady's first position he applied for with the City of Prescott- Field Maintenance 4-9-08 and Human Resources 5-12-08. [ I did note in this application he put in 2013 'Pacific Sunwear in the Gateway Mall 11/07 $7.30hr- 4/08 $7.50hr' but then when he applied in 2008 to be Field Maintenance he put 'Pacific Sunwear in the Gateway Mall 11/07 $6.75hr- 4/08 $6.90hr' and as well 'Safeway as Courtesy Clerk / Checker on White Spar Rd making a range of $6.15-$7.00hr.' he stated in 2013 yet in 2008 he had it as 'Safeway as Courtesy Clerk / Checker on White Spar Rd making a range of $6.75-$7.50hr.' so there is a slight change in pay scale noted and reported. I also noted in 2008, Brady worked for Saddle River Builders as a "fill-in" $8hr. as a flooring assistant as needed. In 2008, Brady listed Laurie Hadley, Chris Marciano, and John Sondri as the "go-to" references. He was hired on 5-12-08 for Temporary Employment for Field Maintenance and he took the Oath of Office that day] Then the next pages show he was no longer a GMHS in 2013 and verified as New Hire Feb 11, 2013 as a Maintenance Worker. Wow, that gave me chills and made me think of my hike with Maldo in December 2013. Wow. Chills. That means he could have been there just like Maldo had they stayed and yet they became a new position within the City of Prescott. Wow!]


Pausing 7-26-21 2:09PM- I hope you do not mind but I need to make my exercise regimen priority over this post / blog here for a bit and this week I am jam packed with medical and Project 10 n 18 United related stuff so I will do my best to come back here and post more information but for the rest of this daylight of this day I am heading for my hike and try to be on from say 8 to 10pm to add more data. I still have 20+ pages to add to Brady's profile above. Bye for now.


Stopped back in 7-26-21 6:19pm- listening to the Bee Gees mix with 48 cents - (Hey Pops) - still hot in the garage so work on this area until 8pm then go in garage 8 to 10pm.


Continued ... Brady J Higgs:

They placed Brady as a "Rehire" in 2013 going from being a GMHS at $12.48hr to Maintenance Worker at $13.50hr replacing Terry Carroll and was placed on Probationary Review until 2-11-14. On March 8th, 2011, Brady did the Oath of Office to become a GMIHC for the City of Prescott and he came back each Season until he stopped being a GMIHC and began to be a City of Prescott Maintenance Worker. That still gives me chills that "what if" feeling he stayed on for the Season 2013. I can state there is one area of his profile that he had a claim in - unemployment - laid off reason "Seasonal WF- Temp. position" and it was stamped 1-24-12 but it also stated "No pay outs to temps" ---- Now to close his file, they placed the GMIHC Crew showing he did his S130- S190 3/19/09, CRWB 12/2/11, DOZB 06/30/11, FIRB 07/22/10, FELB 01/12/12, TFLD 02/27/12, DIVS 05/01/12, OSC2 07/01/11, ICT4 03/15/11, FOBS 03/19/09, CPR/ FIRST AID 03/19/09, EMTB 03/09/11. Brady's Crew Record for 2012: Livermore, Sunflower, Gladiator, Whitewater/Baldy, Little Bear, Turkey, WS, ABC Misc., Sisters, Elbow Pass, Chrandal Creek, Holloway, Halstead, Wesley. I did not add dates/agency/Mgmt/ Q/T/ Class/Fuel because the actual document is somewhere on this blog. Brady's Crew Record for 2011: Needles 2, CNF I/A, Ramsey, Cloverdale, Wildcat, Horseshoe 2, Mayhill, Laguna, Murphy, Monument, Las Conchas, Grand Wash, New Water, Lincoln ABCD, Tom's Canyon, Rain, Black Angus, T-Post, Waterhole/Black Spring Complex, Roman Nose, Two Moons, Rookie, Bald Bear, Coal Creek, Hay, Karren Place, Pagami Creek, East ZoneRX. Water Ranch RX. Brady was on more fires in the same Fire Season than Dan Loghry. ??? Pages 42-25 of his Master Record provided. Shows FALA 1-31-12- 1-31-17 Willis National , FFT2 3/18/09-9/10/17 Willis National No FFT2 Taskbook used dates of Basic Wildland Certs [no certs provided in file though]. FALLER CLASS A initiated 4/15/11 Willis completed 1-31-12. Also no task book provided in file. This file lacked the actual Wildland Certifications to and courses claimed on here. Training: I-100 3-19-09, L-180 3-09-19 & 3-19-09, L-280 3-9-11, R-130 4-10-12 and 4-8-13, [Interesting insert- he went to be a COP Maintenance Worker but he still took the RT-130 for season 2013], S-130 3-15-09, S-131 12/12/11, S-190 3-15-09, S-211 6/28/11, S-212, S-215 1-9-12, S-234 2-2-12, S-260 5-1-12, S-270 7-1-11. None of these courses show Instructor or Location. Matching the Crew Record for his name to the Master Record is lacking some Fires that is reported he was on- ???


7-26-21 11:06PM: I would have to say the best word to represent my last week is the word "muddled" --- good night.


Justin K Kaoni - was a GMIHC Crew Member for ...

7-27-21 I am headed out to a meeting with Officials...gotta get PC time today ... may do a spontaneous hike into the forest for a bit to settle myself ... Nature does that for me.

look at my bushes ... so pretty .... Wow:

Bye for a bit ... can someone babysit my fox? Kidding.


July 31st, 2021 8:25pm: We are closing out July 2021 with doing the Yavapai County Development Services Soil Characterization process. Next is the Septic System then we start to build on. More "No Trespassing" signs are up. I will do a post on that "Ground Breaking" moment this week.

Time for another fast for 6-7 weeks with just the necessity liquid/supplement intake - surgery month has arrived (August 2021) - busy month + ahead for me.

Good news. I have more contentment in my day-to-day. I learned a true valuable lesson since coming home from Idaho. I realized I was so focused to "what next" and all I have to do is be "chill" in the moment(s) ... I truly thank my Idaho trip for this fresh look. I feel more joyful.

People who try to get on my nerves (un)intentional no longer even get the time or day. I just say talk with you when you are over whatever it is you face ... I tell them go give it to God. I only have the time to release neuropeptides that fight stress; Smiling - which then release dopamine, serotonin and endorphins, and the result is I feel happier and more relaxed.

My goal is to become a little more social and around more people again in my life both family and friends versus "just fire stuff" and my hikes and home. I am such the "housewife hiker" stick to home base area versus getting out there and experiencing life besides all I do "learning" the Fire / Aviation Industry - yet I found a person I like to just hang out and "chill" with- so if I can make more time to express there, I can begin to engage more within my own family life. My cousin's daughter is getting married right now, see:

I think you have zero concerns in our family there, Mom. Just look at these girls shine long after Lynn passed on. And I love love my brothers with all my heart. Awesome FB GIF my mom posted:

Lynn is SMILING in Heaven, see her girls:

I remember 1993 when I got married ... goes by quick .... May you have a Blessed unique marriage. I love you girls. You are the best.

Time for uploading information ... small talk over ... next is:

Justin K Kaoni (RiP) - was a GMIHC Crew Member for Season 2010.

He applied to be a GMIHC 1-15-10. BJ McGannon / Chris Groom / Armando Garcia were his references. FFT2. Non-Smoker. Works out regularly. Knows what it takes to do this job. 2002, one time charge but cleared. Oath of Office, Justin was sworn in Feb. 22, 2010. Pages 8 and 9 of 57 pages of the Master Record were offered. The odd part I noted is the "Master Record" was not from 2010. This was printed 8-6-13 and that David Geyer was the Certifier and was effective 3-1-2013 not 2010. He had on this page which was not 2010 - FALB; 4-1-11 - Taskbook Completed and issued by Darrell Willis for Faller, Class A and B. Training RT-130 2011, 2012, 2013. It shows Justin on zero fires for any season and zero Fuels Crew assignments. If he was on any fire of any kind, the City of Prescott failed to provide it to me.

Mile High Tree Service is where I heard "Justin Kaoni's" name - I never heard his name with the GMIHC Alumni except in his obituary in 2018 when they stated to donate to the Eric Marsh Foundation for Wildland Firefighters @ as it came in my "Google Alerts" and these records I shared above. Justin Kaoni (RiP) did pass on too early in life. Blessings to his Family and Friends.

Justin's Family and Friends and Others: I also highly recommend this foundation below because as I said above I seen their hard work up close - Donate Today! — Wildland Firefighter Foundation (

I became a LIFETIME member to their 52 Club today. I wish Holly Neill took the time out years ago to explain this Foundation, Wildland Firefighter Foundation (WFF), more in depth but God did in recent times.

I have still been waiting for healings from the EMF but it has not happened yet.

I thought it did when Holly Neill sent me those texts years ago but it was proven 2018 Fire Academy it was far from that. I am here to share the documented facts. Justin (RiP) - I never heard your name when speaking to other GMIHC Alumni - so not much to write about especially when your Master Record and PRRs lack any fires you ever were on ... Sorry ...


The next record is Renan Packer. It is 7-31-21 10:10pm. I am going to bed. Tomorrow begins my fast after some Italian Sweet Sausage and pepper and onions as my last solid until I go to the State Academy to train this Fall 2021. I will try to get on here some time tomorrow. We posted today a tribute post to Doug Campbell ( Doug Campbell (RiP) Did the PFD GMHS Know or Ignore his Tried-and-True Campbell Prediction System? ( - Good night.


Good afternoon. 8-1-21 2pm:

Renan Packer was a GMIHC Crew Member for Season 2013 ($12.09)- let's take a peak first when his records showed he was terminated; June 26, 2013. Now that is a book or blog I would read. Can you imagine. Not me.

Renan applied to be a GMIHC 12-3-12. Shows he did his "Fire Science" at Yavapai College and Paradise Valley Community College and it show he did two years of college but unknown if he means the above 24 unit courses or something more and different - it does not show.

3-10-11: S130, S190, I100, L180

8-30-11: HazMat, 1st Resp Ops, FF1 & II (structural)

6/18/11: EMT expired

S130 S190 - Prescott National Forest certified Renan

PC skills 35WPM, Chainsaw (2 years), Axe (2 years), Haligan ( 2years), Forklift certified (1 year), Pick (3 years), shovel (5 years), Circular Saw ( 1 year), Jaws of Life (1 year). Renan won Senior Leadership award in HS for his baseball team. He also won 'Employee if the Month' awards from some of his jobs. He said he is a hard worker and ready to learn and help the GMHIHC in anyway he can. [ then how come he was terminated a few days before the fatalities??? - thank God though that he was terminated. He is alive to talk about Season 2013 - has he publicly shared yet? ]

10-4-11 thru date of app 12-3-12: S- Bunch, (11) Valet -Silver Leaf

10-1-10 thru 3-15-11: S-Windsor, (7.50/8) Yard worker - Olsen's Grain

3-7-10 thru 3-15-11: S-Finch, (8) Outside Service - Hassayampa Club

8-1-19 thru 3-7-10: S-Baynes, (10) Dig Trench - T&H Const.

References: Brandon Bunch GMHS, Joe Baynes, John Jonovich

December 3, 2012 Renan signed off that he fully understood and read it carefully the "Waiver of Liability" - so this specific document releases fully the City of Prescott, GMIHC, all instructors, training personnel, employees and agents both personally and as agents and employees and it goes "Furthermore" to say in the event Renan was disabled or unable to determine his destiny noone he knows can enter into litigation in order to recover damages for Renan or his dependents.

So with that said, how did the aftermath of funds flowing to the GMIHC like we saw from the City of Prescott go to family members based on this specific document especially when there was so many Firefighter Unions existed and Charities existed for this specific kind of stuff?

If we take the time out to look at other Fallen Fatalities- our event (YHF June 30, 2013) with these Wildland Firefighters were shown much love and support compared to other fatalities and I will always feel that the focus to support was wiggled and lacked equality fluently. I feel 'greed' happened with some Charities and Organizations as well.

Also Renan Packer's 'Oath of Office' Form Signed by him lacks a HR Rep Signature and Date. On 4-9-13 Laura Markel acknowledged they hired Renan for Temporary Employment. Personnel Action hired him 3-7-13. There is zero fires on his file that he was on. If he was on any, the City of Prescott did not provide his Red Card Cert. or Master Record or all his training records.

He would still be an interest to book authors and Film Directors though if you got him July 2013 when it was all "fresh" but so much time has gone by - it would not be the same for me unless he is like many of us out here trying to get the "TRUTHS" out about 2013 Fire Season and it did not just happen on June 30, 2013. Something led up to it. Renan still could help with causal factors that led up to his own termination.


Next is Renan's guy who recommended Renan to the GMIHC - Brandon A. Bunch. Was Bunch's June 15, 2013 termination from being a GMIHC a factor in Renan leaving the GMIHC?

Brandon A. Bunch applied to be a Wildland Fire Crew Member January 11, 2010. He expressed he had done Outdoor Services with the Golf Course area May 07'-January 09'. He was a Ranch Hand breaking Colts, Feed Live Stock, Build Fences, etc. out in Paulden, AZ June 08'-Dec 09' with T2 Ranch making eight hundred a month. Brandon worked with Antelope Hills Golf Course on the driving range and washed the golf carts, cleaned up putting and chipping range ($6.75/$7). Laurie Hadley, BJ Burns, Tom Stuart were his references 10-11-10.

Brandon A. Bunch was a GMIHC Season 2010, no RT noted for 2011 but was on fires 2011, 2012, shows zero fires for 2013 on Master Record.

Brandon A. Bunch started 4-13-10 and was hired 2-10-10 (witness Jodi Collins) as a GMIHC Season 2010 and HR Rep Mary J signed off for Witness for his 'Oath of Office' 3-8-10, On April 19, 2013 his personnel action showed a 3.93% rate increase in pay from $12.48 to $12.97. September 10, 2012 the City of Prescott had filed an Employee Discipline Report for Brandon Bunch with Eric S Marsh's sign off on it. They offered him Supervisory Counseling. The incident took place September 5/6, 2012. His incident is private and 'hotel related'- I refuse to embarrass him on content of incident. His next review was to take place Dec 13, 2012.

Brandon's Master Record pages 34-38 / 57 pages. Job Title: CrewMember

Faller Class A 8-2-2011

Faller Class B 10-30-2012

FF II 4-20-10

Faller Class C 4-9-2013

FF I 3-22-2011

IC Type 5 3-22-11

Task Books: Faller Class A 7-22-11 completed by Willis- Cert Date 8-2-11, Faller Class B 10-30-12 completed by Willis- Cert Date 10-30-12, FF II,

Faller Class C 4--13 Willis, FF I 3-22-11 Willis, IC Type 5 3-22-11 Willis

Training: Basic ICS IS-200, L-180 Human Factors, L-280 Followership to Leadership, RT130 2010 and 2012, 2013 nothing for 2011. S-130 3-14-10, S-131 FFI 7-17-10, S133 4-12-10, S190 3-14-10, S-211 Portable Pumps and Water Use 7-17-10, S212 Chain Saws 5-18-10, S215 12-06-10, S234 2-24-11, S260 7-7-10, S270 Basic Air Ops 6-30-11, S-290 3-12-11.

Experience: 9-10-12 Wesley Fire, 8-22-12 Halstead Fire, 7-13-12Elbow Pass, 6-27-12 Gila ABC Misc= FFI and 6-9-12 Little Bear, 5-29-12 White Water Baldy Fire, 5-18-12 Gladiator Fire, 5-13-12 Sunflower Fire, 6-27-12 Gila ABCD Misc., 7-13-12 Elbow Pass,[ remember zero RT courses noted for 2011 yet he was out on fires ] 5-23-11 Horseshoe 2, 8-17-11 Pagami Creek, 5-1-12 Livermore Complex, 4-26-11 Needles Fire, 4-30-11 NM Large Fire Preparedness, 5-6-11 Wildcat, 5-9-11 Mayhill Fire, 5-19-11 Laguna Fire, 6-9-11 Murphy Fire, 6-12-11 Monument Fire, 7-2-11 Conchas Fire, 8-3-11 Grand Wash Fire, 8-8-11 Lincoln NF ABCD, 8-23-11 Black Springs, 8-9-11 Tom's Canyon, 8-11-11 Rain Fire, 8-12-11 Black Angus Fire, 8-13-11 Post, 8-24-11 Roman Nose, 8-27-11 Bald Bear, 9-2-11 Coal Creek, 9-5-11 Hay Fire, 9-7-11 Karren Place, 5-26-10 Horseshoe Fire, 9-25-10 Shoal Creek ABC Misc, 6-10-10 CutOff Fire, 6-16-10 Fort Bliss, 6-20-10 Schultz Fire, 9-10-12 Wesley Fire, 8-22-12 Halstead Fire, 8-2-12 Holloway Fire, 7-16-12 Chrandal Creek, 6-25-12 Turkey Fire= FF II.

With those Fires Brandon was on- quite a few Historical Fires that I have a huge file I am researching over time. This guy tying in with Renan can do their own book as an Alumni- I would buy it as long as it had 2013 Fire Season experiences, on the fire line content, training and did they train using the Campbell Predictive System?


8-1-21 4PM- Next person in the file is Aaron B. Lawson.

Now, I, the YHF eyewitness, have heard that name since July 2013 so without looking at his file I know he is a definitely important person to reach but I have never reached out to him.

Let's see "how come" his name came to the YHF eyewitness so early on at that Yarnell Library July 2013. Aaron applied to be a Wildland Captain 2-11-08 and Human Resources received his application 2-15-08. Let us start a new post since this one is running slow.

I want the world to know Aaron Lawson's file is a very professional and well done one. It reminds me of how Sean Ware from the Prescott Cache stated always put details and content, Joy, because the Forest Service loves to see that when applying for jobs. I have not delved into his file just skimmed but I am sure he once worked for the Forest Service based on how well his file looks. I know that name for some reason. I will go look at my old Community Meeting because I think it has to do with July 2013 in one of those meetings.


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