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What are the (un)truths you are being led to believe about the Yarnell Hill Fire? ...

What are the (un)truths you are being led to believe about the Yarnell Hill Fire? ...

Views expressed to "the public at largeand "of public concern"

DISCLAIMER: Please fully read the front page of the website (link below) before reading any of the posts ( )

The authors and the blog are not responsible for misuse, reuse, recycled and cited and/or uncited copies of content within this blog by others. The content even though we are presenting it public if being reused must get written permission in doing so due to copyrighted material.

Some are using Social Media as a virtual weapon for slander, liable, defamation,other ad hominem fallacies and personal attacks, etc. over the years against myself and others who are attempting to reveal the truth (and lies) about the Yarnell Hill Fire debacle and the Granite Mountain Hotshots (GMHS) tragedy.

Please when providing your falsehoods, refrain from giving partial opinion(s) /information and place my full name ( JOY A. COLLURA ) and "Congress, Arizona" if you ever write on Social Media and refer to me. Refrain from just saying "woman" ..."in Arizona"..."had such and such..."

Avoid Social Media Samples like such:

I really think it is important you also refrain from calling people foul names or state to people I am not certified to speak on behalf of Wildland Fire.

First off, as one of the two documented YHF eye-witness hikers, I can speak about my weekend- The First Amendment gives me the right to do that.

Secondly, I very much am certified to speak about what I do and as well I have taking many courses to learn about Wildland Fire.

Thirdly, one of the most valuable tools to date are the many years of Wildland Fire experience on InvestigativeMEDIA where I learned so much information over time and like I said that day- the site is a tool to gain wisdom on the YHF but it also has many solid good people on there.

I am placing my public profile today on my post here where all my certifications have been throughout this entire process on the very public website:

I was very happy to see Taylor Thompson place out in reply for you to screenshot the people but you never did that action - why not? see:

but it was quite dangerous the reply Taylor and Lisa Thulander Wyatt and "grreif" did to your reply on that Social Media moment and it was so unnecessary too:

Pretty damaging words on this thread that one of your friends messaged me - "pick us off like snipers above the deployment site" - ??? that's very untrue and unhealthy especially when one reads the rest of the thread and without naming me - you really took effort to describe the person(s) which how many people did you have court issues prior with - ??? see for yourself the thread:

You never exposed anyone publicly as the "bullies" to Taylor or the rest of them or to the world. You stated on same thread there was eight to ten of them- who are they? You also stated you were scared to make it public for so long but airing it out is so important. I challenge you to place the names to these eight to ten - their full names in a public comment or cease and desist from any future wrong doings- it is dangerous.

Your threads that have been sent to me sit with coroner friends of mine and my life insurance family that if anything happens to me you are one of the top areas to investigate all types of technology communications areas of yours both private and public as well I have current FOIAs and PRRs of your email / text threads in regards to me and InvestigativeMEDIA folks where you really were orchestrating up a storm at times behind the scenes in the aftermath of the YHF; unjustly too.

Stay in the moment and speak kind. I have not spoken unkind towards you yet you continue to loop me in the thread throughout time especially in your Social Media areas not even under your name but under your nonprofit-

I just want you to cease and desist me from your awful brain-washing techniques to create discords and disconnects out there in cyberspace-

You have to "pay attention" how you place out areas because things like the photo below deserve more than what you placed because you can create ill-informed and ignorant audience(s) and they will do their best to support you but you need to refrain from placing not all the information out public-

place it all if you are going to do this kind of stuff:

Am I to assume you are not ready to meet me yet with a mediator to mend this area?

I am always ready.

An alleged researcher friend of yours awhile back sent me this exact text stating you wanted to forgive / on the mends with me...see for yourself:

I hope you know now seeing the above texts that I thought you were "fine" with me when we accidentally bumped into each other in Spring 2018 and you had your reaction, I had to get to class and could not engage - yet from that point on the Social Media distractions are not necessary just reach out direct to me at 480-559-1971 to come to a solution.

Stop creating the platforms you have online or offline when those people do no have all the information at hand. I request you remove such rubbish off your Social Media areas.

I am due to profile many areas and they are all documented areas and we can work together to take what I have and figure a proper way that helps you but also helps the Fire Industry so "complete lessons learned" can take place. The causal human factors must be addressed about the fire Sonny and I both eye-witnessed June 28-30th, 2013 on the Weaver Mountains.

I also can give you the tool to show you where the GMHS were on the Weavers June 30, 2013 so you can match it up to the SAIT - SAIR and media outlets content. I will not give it to anyone if they have agendas or commercial purpose intents-

It is with sadness that due to the COVID 19 I missed out on all the Nevada and California Conferences:

Too bad I won't see again (2nd yr in a row)... Mike, Brian, Marshall, Hector, Shawn B., Danny B., Randy S., Jack S., Ken H., Casey J., Shawn F., Johnny C., Johnny T., Crowbar, Bob S, Dan K., etc. at the 2020 USHOTSHOT ASSOCIATION get-together. Last year I was doing my Basic Wildland Training when you all were having the event that weekend after- Bummer.

I also to this date- another year passed and they know- I cannot edit my page yet. ???

I also say bummer to the WUI postponed event:

I also say bummer to these cancellations as well:

We will miss you all this year at the 2020 Conference - great folks!


I am placing my public profile today on my post here where all my certifications have been throughout this entire Fire Career process on the very public website:

I hope this clears up many lies that have been told out there that I am not certified in Wildland Fire FI-210 and I am not certified as a Wildland Firefighter. I hope by providing you my records it clears up others fabrications shown to you all.

This is exactly what is shown on website ( ):

Added 3-13-23:



Sometimes it can be difficult to find the right words to say to someone who means so much to you for always "challenging" the things you say or do - many on InvestigativeMEDIA fall under that area yet it is retired Gary L. Olson, former U.S. Forest Service wildland firefighter, Prescott National Forest, hotshot crew boss of the Happy Jack Interagency Hotshot Crew, Coconino National Forest, hotshot crew founder and crew boss of the Santa Fe Interagency Hotshot Crew, Santa Fe National Forest, Assistant District Fire Management Officer of the Espanola Ranger District, Santa National Forest, Santa Fe National Forest Dispatcher, Zone Interagency Fire Operations Center Coordinator, Coconino County (Arizona) Deputy Sheriff, Santa Fe National Forest Chief Law Enforcement Officer and retired Supervisory Criminal Investigator and Senior Special Agent BLM New Mexico State Office, BLM Arizona State Office & USDI - BLM Washington D.C. Office of Law Enforcement and Security (1974 - 2006, Duty Stations - Prescott, AZ, Flagstaff AZ, Santa Fe, NM, Phoenix, AZ, Albuquerque, NM, Farmington, NM, & Phoenix, AZ, 2.0) who had a GS-3 through GS-7 pay scale (did I get that right, Gary???) who I am recognizing on this post.

Thank you for being you.

You are a wonderful teacher, Gary.

You are everything one could look for in a good team player even if you do not believe in adding me to your Christmas Friends list.

You! I would want on my team and not because I know how hard and heavy you can be when you don't like someone or some thing.

Priceless are your rants and raves.

I am slowly being groomed by you, others on InvestigativeMEDIA and Dr. Ted Putnam and some shadow organizations and mentors (especially my mentor who was on the YHF aftermath).

I hope with time to be a sound professional that you all look back and think I was a part in her being where she is at all the while she just wanted to be a "housewife hiker"...

So many of you have been memorable yet none like Tex Harold Eldon Gilligan (Sonny). You and I trailed truly a genuine way.

I want to thank you Gary L Olson for your unique support and kindness and even the not so kind moments.

It would be impossible to count all the ways that you've helped me in my career. A career I truly never desired. You can see such by the records of my Soc Sec History. I enjoyed my role as the "housewife hiker".

When I think of who has guided me tough / rough and the most about Wildland Fire- Sonny, you and RTS tie there yet Dr. Ted Putnam wins on having the most empathetic approach that I absorbed.

I never met a harder man on Safety like you, RTS. Never.

Thank you so much for all that you've done — I only hope I can return the favor sometime in the future to all who are part in this path alongside me but most of all to this man who also believes in safety - heart and lung safety... here is a photo of Gary L Olson in his younger years:

Hebrews 13:7- Remember your leaders, who spoke the word of God to you. Consider the outcome of their way of life and imitate their faith.

Creator: Kerrick Credit: Getty Images/iStockphoto Copyright: Kerstin Waurick

God Bless You, Gary.

In 2020, my father-in-law passed on January 21,

my third cousin Charlie's wife Georgia passed on March 1st of Alzheimer (88), and -

my third cousin Ed (I always called them Uncle Ed and Aunt Anna because they were much older but we are cousins) passed on March 19th; heart concerns-

I have one family member back East who tested positive for the COVID 19 and she has been quarantined for weeks now. Keep her in your prayers.

My dog Mae West got bit by a possible rattlesnake this week the vet stated and slow recovery and on lots of meds- very swollen.

I have been seriously dealing with alternative DNA specialists and scientist type folks to review my medical records to come up with a reachable plan for me. I have been doing doctors three times a week doing body traction / G5 / manipulation to try and get the hip and other areas in a "hopeful" situation - very slow but I am progressing.

I also received my first Unit Instructor position for 2020 and I will let you know how that all goes at another time.

I will make Jake, Mayra, Marcos, Kodi and Brian proud.

I hope everyone is safe and at peace through this COVID 19 phase.


UPDATE: 5/1/20 4:24PM - When one of our Students was looking at my credential area in person this week, he noted I did not have these below on the site here- the reason being, they were behind my S-131 one so here was the S-133 and S-134, IS-007.b. Fireline Mobile Technology and Jimmy Walker giving me a "Dynamite" 'From One Walker To Another'' ... thank you Jimmy (JJ).

In closing, since leaving the Academy Training there are people I want to state even though it's seldom discussed - it is human to have "toxic" moments especially if one is not mindful in the friendship or in your family ties or to God ... but to be swallowed into another's' families interactions in a dysfunctional family is disconcerting and downright hurtful what is shown when not deserved for a few in that family and myself. I do not comprehend the many weeks of someone spewing off about me "personally" (back channel) and it was fabrications to "shut" communications after they spewed- that is on them. I wrap it up as a personality clash on them because I am always willing to work out areas. I rather be around Sonny's many dogs than this crap lately yet God has me on this path. I don't like to make someone 'get to know' me- so I always say - ‘I know that’s how you see it and I have no interest in changing that. I have a different view,’ and my life is filled with genuine relationships that will last my lifetime and then beyond. I live authentically- I practice Gratitude - and Jesus is my rock. I also know the Devil will always attempt people who will try to dim me. Yet the person has choices. I choose to be Safe and Strong in God's life choices for me. God Bless.

Please buy from this site:

Mae West is recovering well on her snakebite. My brother is now (this week) in "quarantine" due to the COVID 19 and his co-worker. My sis-in-law is the same as last time. Some friends of mine lost family to the COVID 19 and most were in their 80's /90's. I paused due to finances and time limitations my three times a week to work on my mobility. I am co-instructor at a college instructing the Basic Wildland Firefighting -

I am doing my best in between time to organize to make future posts.

Update October 19th 3:08pm- Fred J. Schoeffler has my full permission to use any and all content from "What are the (un)truths you are being led to believe about the Yarnell Hill Fire? ...?" on his new "Project 10 and 18 United" / "Project 10 and 18 International" blog he is creating.- Joy A. Collura


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