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PUBLIC RECORD REQUESTS-CITY OF PRESCOTT-Record(s) requesting: FISCAL RECORDS for 2007 thru 2014-Pt 7

This is a release of the PUBLIC RECORD REQUESTS-CITY OF PRESCOTT-Record(s) requesting: FISCAL RECORDS for 2007 thru 2014-Part 6 continues on from:


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Missing you Dr. Leroy Anderson (RiP)


Phillip A. Maldonado

[ Phillip stated he does not use any other names but I have heard him directly tell me on the December 2013 hike with the Weather Channel where he just happened to be there and joined us - his name was "Maldo" and others have said "Phil" or "Anth" ]

  • City of Prescott Application for Employment - Position Applied For: Lead Crew Date: 2-25-10. then Page two of the application. It shows Maldo marked two years of college yet there is no additional information to which college / University - and zero mention of # of Units - no marking if it was a Diploma or Degree and nothing written under Major. He speaks fluent Spanish. States he worked for the City of Prescott Seasonal Employment digging line, cutting, Wildland Fire Suppression before applying to be Lead Crew 04/07 to 10/09 ($10.69 to $11.09). And before that he worked for Stan Miller Construction Inc. - Altering & Remodeling Contractors remodeling homes as a Laborer 07/05 to 03/07 ($12 - $14). He moved was his reason for leaving Stan Miller. His Professional references were Sean Smith, Jason Bennett, and Sarah Hunt. He received his certification at the Arizona Wildfire Academy 03/08 and Dozer boss 01/10. Mando received the "7 Award". Signed and dated 2-25-10.

  • City of Prescott Application for Employment - Position Applied For: Wildland Fire Date: 2-19-07. Human Resources received the application April 3, 2007. then Page two of the application. This application is typed out versus written. This second page shows 32 Units "In Progress" - General Major - Yavapai College Prescott AZ. There is a difference in his 2010 Application (above) and this one now states in 2007 application that he made $12.50-$14.50 with Stan Miller and the date started changed from July 2005 to this application August 2005. Also when he left Stan Miller changed from March 2007 to this application January 2007. This application shows two jobs that was not on 2010 application. January 2004 to August 2005 Rick Kelley Engineering and Testing Consultants Lab Tech - Concrete testing ($9.50-$12.50) - Then Stoneridge Golf Course Cheryl Aungst August 2002 to January 2001 - ($10-11) mowing greens. His work references were Shaun Hoover, Brennan Johnstone, Steve Dibble. I am assuming he meant to say he started in 2001 and ended in 2002 but the application states above. Maldo's 2010 application did not state "American Concrete Institute" but this one had it. L180/ I100/S130/S190. Basic WF. "Very interested in pursuing a career in fire fighting and would like to gain the experience and training being a part of a wildland crew." If that was correct than what happened in 2013? Signed and dated 02-19-07 by Maldo.

  • Continue down below by clicking on your keyboard CTRL and F at same time and put Sauer in search and it will jump you past my medical and family/friend section.


8-11-21 11am: Yesterday I got off the pc when got an email at Date: Tuesday, August 10th, 2021 at 11:39 AM and I got my Fire Gear together - I threw on my gear and did my best to just walk with my "hard to catch a breath" moment due to sleeping last Saturday at someone's heavily ammonia environment and that Horse Auction dust flying constantly - that moment has kicked my a** this week. I went to memorizing words. Went out, walked with limitations. I was like I may not be able to do this fire moment.

However, staying in the positive. Or as Fred would call it - "stay the course" - I made some film of how I look when doing the walk --- haggard --- and I see I am gonna let my body awake versus get up early like I have been doing so today I awoke naturally at 5:30am and got my exercise in then crashed hard and just got up 10:04am. I did my supplements and Brazil Nuts (selenium) and my yucky liquid glutathione.

No matter how much intermittent Summer fasting I have done - not able to tuck my shirt in with comfort yet. I am doing my part. I do think the medical system is a babysitting job for me when it should be smooth - labs or tests come back abnormal then let's get it handled sooner than later. Not my case. Waiting game = Patient.

I have to call now to the Surgeon. Monday, the receptionist said I would get a call by the end of that day. They never called. All my technology has been right here with me. Yet, same folks said they called to set up Surgery 7-29-21 and yesterday but they got my voicemail is full. ??? None of my technology would say that because I have no messages to be full and they were not reported on the Caller ID. On hold now- Monday I was on hold over two hours just to get the lady say they will call me by end of day and they never did.

I need that Surgery Date set sooner than later. I think waiting since April 20 and just babysitting these areas has been long enough.

I send emails to my primary doctor asking her to help move this along - look at my abnormal lab work I tell her - her reply Jul 27, 2021 11:17:12 AM was "Per HIPPA you will have to work with them in regards to your records. Sincerely, Dr..."

and the one Specialist just rerouted me to some Specialized Institute way far away last week at our appt. saying my lower legs and feet bilaterally is a complex case and requires a specific Specialist. Ugh. So just another area to babysit and I live the daily pain - the neuroma - the ganglion cyst and etc.

I will do full panel of labs this week.

My July labs showed: Creatinine High, eGFR If NonAfricn Am 59 Low, Cholesterol, Total High, HDL Cholesterol Low, LDL Chol Calc (NIH) High, T. Chol/HDL Ratio, Hemoglobin High, Hematocrit High, Specific Gravity Abnormal, Protein Abnormal, Ketones 2+ Abnormal, RBC Abnormal, Bacteria Many Abnormal, Carbohydrate antigen (CA) 19-9 High

and what was done with my primary doctor with the above results was Big Pharma "Macrobid 100MG Oral Capsule 7/15/2021 - 7/20/2021 - 1 CAPSULE By Mouth TWO TIMES A DAY and soon I am retesting the UTI diagnosis it was given to see if that helped plus a product my husband got me on 30 days of Uqora. $120 he spent. Crapola expensive. This is my supplements:

glutathione 6/3/2021 3:42 PM - Current 1 TABLET(S) application pack PO QD

brazil nut 100 mcg 6/3/2021 3:42 PM - Current 1 TABLET(S) By Mouth DAILY

Zinc 30 MG Oral Tablet 6/3/2021 - Current 1 TABLET(S) By Mouth DAILY

NAC 600 MG Oral Capsule 6/3/2021 - Current 1 CAPSULE By Mouth EVERY 12 HOURS

Molybdenum Powder 6/3/2021 - Current 1 TABLET(S) By Mouth DAILY

DHEA 10 mg 6/3/2021 3:42 PM - Current 1 TABLET(S) By Mouth DAILY

Sonny recently asked for this document to show his Doctor about our region and its current health- here it is Sonny:

now that I am posting this for Sonny - I can see now why they said what they did at the end of June - they lack the diagnostic of the C1 tumor. Throat Tumor, and Crohns and the Renal and etc.

I will have to go look in portal area for that document. I need to have this here for this week's appointments for the diagnostic codes for insurance purpose since my printer is jammed and not working and this was a topic at the end of June with the GI Specialist saying they did not have that diagnostic so now I can have it here so I can be on any public area and show this to them this week here below.

2016 findings:

Someone I care for died in May 2021 and I wish I could erase the image of his tumor from my head and I can privately share the photo of the tumor but I will not public - it tears me up. I put my fire boots on yesterday thinking every FF / WF should see this copy of his tumor during training ... it will make you think hard and clear on how you fight these fires and taking orders and the lack of respect to the 10&18. Breaks me up. I am sorry you died. The world needs to know your story.


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I was on hold for almost five hours with medical stuff but while I was holding / waiting, I replied to CapRadio:


I did get some new Wedding Photos - thank you for sharing - Great times:

I think back to when you girls were so little ... time flew by:

I miss your mom too. When I was in the Banker Boxes to pull out your kid pics - I found a few I want to share to you as well (the pics are grainy due to cell not the actual image) -

Your Mom and Dad at my High School Graduation Family Party and your mom was the best skater (photo of her and Cousin Steve):

then I was in banker box looking - saw some wedding pics of my wedding and John's bike I crashed before we got married, see:

My Superstition Desert is ugly now- thanks Sinclair...Glad I married with the pretty setting when I did...Bush Fire (RiP Desert)

and he still wanted to marry me even after I crashed his rare 80's Kenny Roberts bike. ??? John when we first met - we met as friends - he had a g-friend. Then we over time grew into more than a friendship but he asked me when we went for Italian after his break up with his g-friend ... I said what kind of girl do you see yourself dating or marrying. He replied "you, Joy" to it all. We moved to Arizona because I am a Phoenician - Native - until I went to Jersey for a short while to live with my mother. I went to a really neat Business Administration Course at the College and the Rutgers Professor was subcontracted to do the course and I remember to this day what he told me. "Joy, please remain here after class." Some tall guy stayed and he told the kid to make it quick because he had to be somewhere. Once the kid left, he said for me to take a seat. he said "Joy, you are a gift to this world. I watch you challenge me, interact with me, show fairness with a slice of razor-edge, I was born in the early 1900s. You are an old Spirit. I have in all my life never seen a man or woman come through my life that inspires me. You do. You are a person who comes into a business course wearing your leotard dance gear or all dressed up to the nines. You are just you. You are one of those folks who can wear sweats and it would be okay. You know something kid. I see it now. One day in this lifetime, maybe not my lifetime, you will make a historical mark. You are a person who has no interest in money like 99.9% of the kids in your class and you can dress to impress but you just wake up and come in always presentable but not always dressed Corporate. You see Heidi, she is always 100% ready for Corporate business. You, Joy, are ready for bigger things. I see that in you. You don't need this class to go where you are going to go. I enjoy your passion and drive. Most kids come through these schools just wanting the diploma. You engage. You fact check. You research. I bet you were the "why" kid who threw a tantrum on the ground in the local K-mart." [ I was ] "I want you to go home tonight, Joy, and think about your Major. I see you just being you. You truly have shown to me you got the "IT" factor. You decide do you want to be in this world that way because it is a calloused dog eat dog world. I just would want to see you be spared of it. I just view you as if you were one of my kids." [ I went to work and shared it to my co-worker Kaja Whitehouse - who had a love for business herself and we sat there eating our specially made tuna and she said it's a personal choice I have to make myself. I had shed off any area at that time that I did not want long term except I did hold on at that phase my love for popcorn. I have not eaten popcorn since my GI has been in mayhem so since 2019. I look forward to getting this area handled finally. Yeah. Maybe some popcorn for me once again. (soft giggles) What did that have to do with a Rutger professor, Kaja and ... "that's Joy" ... or is that the brain tumor side effects ... the ganglia ... who knows - who cares... love life people and if someone hurts or harms you or others- call them out. Never live in fear.]

I miss my days with my Jersey Girls:

Man, if there is anything I learned after the Yarnell Hill Fire - if my ol' Jersey co-worker Kaja would not get me connected to the right areas then I knew this journey would make it all about "sound bites" for the media on the good feel stories on heroism and they would wash out as if we never existed to any person may they have been directly near the Crew or even us Yarnell Hill Fire eyewitnesses on the Weavers.


and I miss you Tina (RiP):

then I saw some other pics in the banker box I will share and some "screenshots" I saved then back to the post:

On this screenshot- if Omaze says I won this $100,000 on September 9, 2021 then there is two Charities who will get some of the winnings and they are "Adoption is a gift of life." Hemlata Momaya --- because she came to me in a dream Fall 2020 and that was the "reason" I applied to Big Brother 23 was based on "that" dream. Hemlata does not know about my dream unless her son the Doctor told her. The other is the new - to - me and my life - the WF foundation - ( Donate Today! — Wildland Firefighter Foundation ( ) ...

I know this much ... the medical world will not get a dime of it. All our household, family and friends always funds out to the medical world just to be a current babysitter with no progress yet. It is frustrating.

I thought this image on Social Media was how I see things when it comes to Wildfires - I just have a deep heart for the Wildlife Animals and Flora and it just seems such a disrespect is happening ...

I got this book on my Birthday July 1st - it is about my Co-Author and other Supes and I have not yet read it - maybe this Winter. I am jam packed with reading material. Order yours on Amazon for best price or Abes Books.

Ain't this the truth in next image (below) and I did ponder lately - "when you came in to the YHF Evacuation center in Prescott at the College and spoke to us, did you, Denny, ever think I would still be at it gathering data for June 30, 2013 4:11pm until 5:11pm over eight years???"

and I found truth in this as well:

When I was walking August 10, 2021 6pm:

All that work you did Johnny G getting my hair red and it is back to blonde- must have been a rinse versus a dye you used July 9th, 2021. It lasted longer in a pic:

I took this photo of a statue I have on my shelf and I thought of Idaho when I look at it - "joyful in hope":

It is weird how busy I once was ... and how much culinary use to be so me and "ice art" but how do you go from Ice to Fire --- weird:

this was my first rattlesnake that I grabbed with my own hands and I placed in a container and froze the snake after hand killing it. I ate the meat, and made a snake hat band with head off (but have made the band with head on) and jewelry with the snake bones. see my first time:

I also saw in that banker box my crazy ass thick hair back in the day. My mom belongs to a Hemochromatosis Group and they said this J·R·LIGGETT'S shampoo is best for us who have thinned out due to the disease. I miss my hair -

Tommy Maiden "Snakeman" (RiP) was one of the few people who was at ease to hold snakes like Gil and Sonny and myself ... God has always shared me the most unique people to my life ...

Tommy and my brother-in-law in the yard catching a speckled rattlesnake which I ended up eating that snake weeks later:

I saw a pic of my mom in the banker box ... I love you mom.

this song is for you mom --- you are a beautiful soul and a very hard worker indeed and you always made me feel no matter what genetic health concern made it my way, you said keep my head up high above the clouds and breathe in and out - it is what it is and like Nightbirdie said "It's Okay":

I also saw my old neighbor in my banker box - I sure miss having you as a neighbor...and the road trips:

and then when I saw all my high school folks pics in the banker box - just been so much time since we were there ... life really goes by fast ...

and Arizona and California gave me some truly amazing memories over time and thank you Page, Anne, and Jenn for that ... some stuff we have done were the "best of times" ... it was hard to look for the girls kids pics only because I got side tracked looking at so many pics that today was lost doing the GMHS Crew Members stuff. Maybe I needed a day just to my stuff versus fire stuff. Good memories.


Yarnell Social Media Alert - some have seen the Bears and Lions this week - Oh my:

We only have deer on the property cameras - no lion or bear and so no sightings for us:


I liked this on Social Media:

Serious. This does need to happen...


Phillip A. Maldonado -

  • Copy - New Hire - 4/5/10 Effective Date. Date 3-11-10. Wildland Senior Crew Member. Grade 45 ($13.29) Replaced for Richard "Damien" Sauer. 6-monnth Probationary evaluation due 10-5-10. Annual Review 4-5-11.

  • Welcome to the City of Prescott Team Letter. 3-11-10.


8-11-21 10:37pm: Good night. I am tired. I was doing a lot off the pc today but did a "pop - in"


8-14-21 2:07pm: Since 8-11-21 I did medical appointments and massage. I am going to be here until appx. 4pm to load information. My surgery yesterday was halted as I went to do all that.

In the Specialist / Surgeon's professional opinion felt it would put me at risk and so that area was stopped and rerouted to look at these areas for now: meningioma, GERD, Dysphagia, hypertrophy tonsils, obstructive sleep apnea, rhinitis, otalgia and he is ordering a sleep apnea test and RTC 2 months on October 29th. I thanked him for being proactive and for his caring professionalism ways. I hope I never face another Staph / MRSA phase like I did 16 years ago. The man is right. Why disturb the area?

I emailed my Primary Doctor to let her know and Costa Mesa CA doctors. I am unwell. Symptoms are still the original reasons I went to the ER almost four months ago for the brain pain and as for my GI area...I am not any closer to a solution or surgeries scheduled. No GI procedures done yet and I am suffering there greatly.

BCBS insurance stated they have not even been asked for precertification on the colonoscopy or endoscopy yet and that has been way too long- that is wrong. I have been proactive in doing my part to try and get this rolling.

I think looking in the renal and spleen and hiatal hernia areas are in my opinion [ I live daily in this body with the pains ] and something is off in the GI from throat all the way down to the end. I feel we should look at the pancreas. I have had from T1 to S1 of the spine in continuous pain and when we figure out what is going on medically then I can return to my chiro.

I did the Additional bloodwork of Mendenhall and awaiting the results from them: TGF b1, ASO and DNAse. Something is not physically right and I need to get this handled. Labs from yesterday: D-Dimer High, Iron Bind.Cap.(TIBC) 245 Low, UIBC01 68 Low, Iron 01 177 High 108 07/09/2021, Iron Saturation 72 High, Estradiol 01 110.0, Phosphorus 01 3.3 4.0 07/09/2021, Ketones 01 Negative 07/09/2021 2+, Protein 01 Trace 1+,

pH 01 7.5 07/09/2021 5.5, Ferritin, Serum01 70 last reading 04/13/2021 72,

Lipase 01 56 06/26/2019 36, CA 19-9 High and Hair Minerals High: Cobalt, Copper, Barium, Aluminum, Tin, Uranium, Palladium, Germanium, Gadolinium, Nickel.


cont. on with Phillip A. Maldonado -

In this page I want to show a photo (down below) that shows the "acting" Fire Chief Timothy H McElwee on this next document that was signed off by McElwee. Here is the link to the article:

In that article, it has stuck with me to this day what Darrell Willis stated: "“They were unassuming, they came in the dark, did what they had to do, and left,” Willis said. “I have full confidence in the decisions that they made that night. … I would have followed them blindfolded.

Full confidence...? In the dark?

People, this all took place in daylight. I am the eyewitness, I know that to be facts.

Go to the front page and look at Brian Lauber's photo.

Sonny and I were on the Weavers just like the GMHS were on June 30, 2013. And Sonny Gilligan tells it here why not to drop down in that box canyon:

This is Timothy McElwee:


I gotta go for now- it is 4:11pm- the YCSO -Helms' moment, the body cam footage came in and I gotta run down the street to a different PC to watch it- it is an old style disk. Bye for now.

it is 7:24pm. I know I was going to spend tonight on here but I got very interested retired YCSO that want to see the Helm's moment immediately so we are turning this into a viewing night because so far by phone what they heard sounded like bad lies from Helm folk and their supporters that day and YCSO cut me down every chance to not talk about April 2021 even though it is leading a continuous pattern yet allowed the others chatter for a good bit on lies and nonsense that I can actually prove that they lied but the YCSO allowed them to do that much. Biased?

My goal right now is my health and schooling. The book I am reading is like 600-800 pages for the upcoming course but I will be back to share more records when able. This is a shelved area for now. I feel sad for you folks causing mayhem. Sad. You can document me all day long. I am okay. I do right in this world. If I fail, I make it known. However, I can prove your lies and if need be...I shall.

Date: Sunday, August 15th, 2021 at 3:10 PM - I sent YCSO an email requesting an "in person" meeting for my PRR that was recently incomplete and redacted.

There is a huge concern with the content. Too much to get into but because of this and my schooling and soon leaving Arizona I will shelf this until I come back. I will upload all the body cam and have the Landowners review it first but it is not looking so hot for y'all.

If you think you are building a case. You will never have anything legit. I do things right and legal. However, we are learning where favoritism lays in the body cam footage and some day you all will see it when I post it.

Have a good night - August 15, 2021 4:54pm.


August 17, 2021 7:49pm: I want to let you know I am not online to upload just a quick message for the liars and defamation folks. I want you to be aware that God is watching all of you. You are very sad folks. I really do not have to concern myself to any of you ... it is your drama---

I just thought it was funny as all hell when I am doing a recording for the owners talking to the recorder of distance points (GPS coordinates for plot plan) and "Super Dave" tells YCSO his concern of me walking back and forth on another property not belonging to Basden saying I was talking to myself and YCSO jumped on that and told him it is his right to film me--- keep documenting.

Man, when this is over and all the footage is out--- they have zero on me. I did a legal law abiding thing. These folks need to get a grip. It is so sad. I will publicly expose those who trash talk with the documents that show the facts and truth. Simple as that.

yet in those body cams I will some day after schooling and surgeries - I will present the documented facts to prove your spoken lies. Tsk. Tsk. Just sad.

Also, very sad to see DJ state she is ready for me - [ said with slight emphasis] how? I never once got a private message from you. I tried to reach you. I helped you with kindness at that College event to your vehicle with all your stuff. I had not seen you since then I see you tell high up folks very ugly lies / defamation that I proved since right here:

You owe me an apology, Ma'am. That is the facts. You created the mayhem with all your manners. By the way, you said what was it- your own husband Lee is "wishy-washy" - on the body cam - horseshit. Lee is a good man. He wants to be private and the unknown can make a person feel certain ways and along with your continued "stirs" to the level you have - truly disappointing.

At this point, I will not waste the Court Room time but I will publicly post all the ill actions in hopes you stop the rubbish but also to show the World April 2021 was not an isolated incident and as the Summer unfolded you see I have been documenting I have been home doing medical

Remember who began the disrespect - you did, DJ. You had all our numbers to work this out. "You choose" to be ill mannered. What a shame too. I will always call anyone out who trashes me. I have no ill feelings to you and yours. Apparently you do to me long before my post above. I was just tired of the rumors carrying on as deep as they were when I had the documents to show how wrong and sad this whole thing happened...especially while watching Dr Leroy face what he was...

I do want others to stop the rubbish of this "No Trespassing" signs because I have you on body cam explaining why you destroyed the sign and you felt you had every right. That is a civil matter between you and the owners not me.

I did my task and put the signs up past the easement and no signs were ever placed up like Sgt Ashby alleged today on the voicemail as she stated her call was at 11am and asked who was on the Helms - the whole sign topic again. ??? I have photos of every sign I placed up and its GPS coordinates and NO SIGN was placed on the Helms land. If I did, I would have already been arrested. Show the World what you allegedly got on me.

(Ashby's Voicemail and my feedback: [ I will do my best to get this on here by 8-24-21 - need to turn audio into video ] [ 8-23-21 5:50pm: Here is the voicemail from Sgt Ashby - ]

[ Let me explain something, once all the audio / recordings / body cams are made public ] - you will see the folks who are the trouble makers and it has zip to do with being "curious" who is new to Yarnell once I go back to June 30th to present with all that has happened towards me and I guarantee I was never the issue or problem and it will be nothing they can do to say I hurt or harm because all I am doing is PROVING their lies and defamations with documented facts. You are in my prayers though. I also forgive you. The dark will be shown the light. ]

Here is some of the words I expressed to Sgt Ashby's Superior tonight. Funny as I typed it out- everything vanished before my eyes so when I rewrote it- it is not as clear and detailed as the areas I screenshot but failed to copy and paste---Here you go Ma'am---let me help you solve your investigation who was on the Helms- see here:

"I still watch the live surveillance cameras. For the record, the only images caught have been deer - no human life or other wild life. If you need footage to someone trespassing on the Helms as the accusations were made on the voicemail today then please go investigate all the game trail cameras that Basden / Sandifur / Helms have because they are aimed towards S****/ B***** land and easement. Please leave me alone. If you have anything to say with respect then you can reach me- if you leave messages with asking who was on the Helms then here we are filing this complaint by me not the owners. You all need to be professional and reach the owners. I paused for health and school. I will not involve myself with the what I saw on the body cam- I will always ask to speak to someone else now that I heard Ashby's view on me. Put that on the record. I refuse to deal with this lady and her unprofessionalism. It is rubbish.

I officially filed a complaint for when I return...we can handle this...all my retired YCSO friends are in awe me of all people is seeing this crap from the entity they use to work at --- to see the body cams and to know me- I am in awe too. It is just rubbish.

I want to take a moment and talk about what has me blue and it is not the rubbish above---I wear a smile even though I look blue, see (soft giggles):

I want to thank Carol Anderson for taking the time out August 4, 2021 to write John and myself a four page letter. A "Celebration of Life" to gather us all to remember her husband Dr. Leroy Anderson who went to Heaven May 18, 2021. We will always remember, Carol. The sparkle in your eyes 31 years ago and listening to your love story put a sparkle not only in your eyes but mine. Those rooted sparkles is our relationship with Jesus. All of us stated our lives on these posts and own our flaws. Every time Dr Leroy gained a degree he used it for good and I saw it up close. His lifetime of pursuits of "knowledge" in a number of fields --- Dr Leroy had a passion and dreams bigger than life.. He loved to share and so giving he was to my life. I remember the "Colon Hydrotherapy" days and I still have his business medical card. An amazing journey. Now I have to face the area and I am... I loved watching you both in your caregiving roles for your mother and brother--- very inspirational.

You two are right how ill prepared most people are when it comes to care for the ill family members. It did become such the norm for family members to place mothers, fathers, husbands, wives, etc into the nursing home systems and we all would rather recuperate at home or even at an old age die in our home. You and Dr Leroy dedicated your lives to me not just in prayer but helping me make right choices medically. I knew at 2am I could call you and in the middle of the night you would be there for me. The hard part for us was this terminal cancer and if anyone saw how quick and how ugly it would break you to pieces - I have the same tumor - the difference is he cut on his ....

Carol, I get you on not needing doctors until this year- I am in the same boat. You are right when you said " We believe that God is the God of the miracles and were praying that he would be healed. We often declared, "Lord, we can't do this without You!" ... Teams of us prayed and we so believed he would be healed. Then Carol reread Jesus' prayer to His Heavenly Father when He was facing his death on the cross ---"Not my will but thine be done" He said. Could Carol pray that same prayer for Dr Leroy? The suffering. The fast growing cancer. Even DJ got a CC what we all were facing locally with Dr Leroy but she was so in tune to her unknowns that I am sure she never took the time out to think of how broken up we were to have this all going on in March/April and then we all had to read the insidious actions of DJ trying to truly cause me hurt and harm - why? I am wondering as you saw that tumor, DJ- did you wonder how this woman was about to lose the love of her life - her best friend - a dear friend to many of us all over the World especially locally. Did you ever extend and love your neighbor and say how can I help? Can I change the dressings? Would you like me to just be present? Meanwhile as we were losing Dr. Leroy - as you see in that link above, many others including myself had serious health stuff happening and still happening but does DJ think about that even though I emailed her --- no, instead when I pulled body cams, and PRRs and FOIAs I had to learn the insidious layer and degree of ugliness you have towards me- I want you to know after all the trash I read- I forgive you.

Somehow in His infinite wisdom, we know God is going to supply all of our needs according to his riches in Glory by Christ Jesus. Please keep your continuous prayers for they are appreciated and needed Carol said so would you today DJ do that for your local neighbor, Carol? Pray for us all. Thank you. I read Carol's 8-4-11 and she mailed it 8-11 and I got it yesterday so special thank you to some very good people. Inspirational God loving folks. I rise above the others rubbish yet "trash talk" me and if I get document of it and we still have our discord - I have no concern to place it public in hopes maybe you realize how ugly it really was to do the manners. Be a kinder person.

I only bring documents to the front that shows how since June 30 2013 who has been a thorn to me the YHF eyewitness and if you can tell me why- please do because watching the body cam hearing them talk about I want to be famous they said (ha ha ha--- funny) - you are the ones wanting that with your made for profit book and etc. I declined those areas early on and still to do- I just want 4:11pm to 5:11pm to fully be discussed in true form from June 30, 2013. I want facts to lead into a conclusion not the glaze and bullshit we were fed. Don't you find it odd who was left out when 19 men died? Think about it when you read all the posts- think about the folks who were left out. They are still alive and have their stories. I got their back!

Good night, 8-17-21 9:15pm. I just wanted to make the time to share on Dr Leroy--- we miss you...we love you.

8-20-21 8:29pm Health-wise, I have been weak the past few days...

8-21-21 6pm: I had a very productive day. Long but productive. There is a person who is new to my life getting to know me with "caution" but this person does this since they were born. Nothing personal to me.

Another area was a person who is an extension off the medical massages I do- she stated today in her own way she expressed the blog confuses her.

This blog was made to be only a "Rough Draft", "Ongoing", "Live / Current" place with information on Yarnell Hill Fire and other fires and for Fred and other contributing authors to share their stories by name or anonymously so that when some of the children of the GMHS get older or other folks- it was important that there was a public area that had an underlying drive for T R U T H and documents placed for Public Viewing and I am fully willing to dig up what's hidden in the dark.

I am doing that on an ongoing basis. This is not my life path just a piece of it. I am like the person who gathers all the pieces and someone else will one day take my pieces and they will complete the puzzle. I have most likely tens of thousands of documents still to present.

I refuse to allow folks like DJ to scare me off with their speaking- like she does behind my back or on these YCSO body cams. I thought we were fine. She seemed cordial at the Yavapai College. I had no idea the level of disgust she has for me or where it began / originated. I had to learn it all from FOIAs and PRRs. She is not straight forward or direct with me folks. Go pull the body cams to see how she speaks. It is purely ugly even how she spoke about her husband. God is watching over us all. I refuse to react or get lost in emotion with that area yet I will now this Fall 2021 display any documents and footage to prove more defamation and lies I saw on the body cams. So sad.

World, there is a for sure heaviness of 'silent power' from others I am seeing when I am assisting on this property up in Yarnell. It is for retired YCSO folks and myself and others to witness - it is very unusual.

Dark. It is like someone is considering themselves some sort of "leader" except what are they leading because even the blind can see this is a "lost road / path" -

I hope by me placing the documents that some have a "breakthrough" I was not the one trying to cause harm or hurt just show real time information vs the narratives. Especially on the lies and defamation of another to cause me and others harm and hurt.

I am awaiting the cleansing phase of FULL TRUTHS so we can celebrate the fact that we were able to get all the documents out for the World. To this day, DJ never shared those last 18 minutes I requested of footage to allow me to fact check the edited version I received of crucial data. That is her choice but I want those kids to note that for the record I did do my best to get it.

When I die, the world will know I was a wanderer and truth seeker.

Here are a few pictures from different areas from today:

I can see :)


8-23-21 2:33pm: Health Updates for family and friends:

There are five ( 5 ) lumbar type vertebral bodies with a shallow lumbar lordosis. [ C-shaped back, General muscle weakness, Reduced flexibility of the back, Pain in the lower back, Tender and sore lower back, Numbness and tingling sensation if the nerves are affected ] [ okay???? means inward curve towards tummy- a sway back forward of the spine - explains the pain ] Arthropathy [ arthritic ] at L1-2 through L5-S1. Bilateral sacroiliac joint arthropathy. Impression: 1. Facet arthropathy at L1-2 through L5-S1. 2. Bilateral sacroiliac joint arthropathy.

Awaiting results of labs still: Complete Blood Count with Differential (CBC), ADMA/SDMA, CRP (C-Reactive Protein) for Inflammation Expanded Health Profile, F2 Isoprostane, Hepatic (Liver) Function Panel, Urinalysis w/Reflex to Microscopic, TMAO (Trimethylamine N-oxide), Vitamin B12.

The surgeon took appx 5-6 biopsies in the ascending, transverse, descending, right/left colon and terminal ileum.

next is a insurance approval to do ct scan of the pancreas and kidneys

my spine from L1 to S1 and the sacroiliac joint came back arthropathic disease.

I am still on liquids only until biopsies come back just in case I have to go in so this week is phlebotomy and more medical testing.

well getting closer to getting areas handled for the big surgery.

Yesterday I was pale as a ghost ( see below pic). I slept in braids and even had a dream I had cornrow braids that was so artistic and cool.

Today's moment:

I gave the receptionist a card to mail someone "just in case" things went another way - I wanted them to know what happened with Mary last Saturday. And yes I have a "scratch n sniff" sticker fetish- could you tell, sir? Hee hee. I am home and recovering well- after my procedure:

next is my Hemochromatosis treatment and couple other medical stuff this week. Look at all the flowers (photos below) I came home too - soft giggles. I am in good spirits. In pain but buried in His Word for he is the great Healer.

I want to publicly thank Jenn Ashcraft because she prayed for me in 2021 ... she never judged me even though I publicly shown some damaging "frustration" here on the blog and I was unkind in manners towards her ... I felt then and still feel this head pain and I am so apologetic to Jenn Ashcraft because I know my manners severed our area but I just could not listen to another external area when I truly have the evidence to why your Foundation was not seeing the proper support but I was busy with my own health stuff.

However, I want you to know we all have been praying for you -

I am working on bringing those entities and foundations out to the public in 2021 / 2022 so if you went into your prayers for me all this time - just note I was doing all the same back to you and God forgave me for my manners and I hope some day you do too. That was pure pain happening not me; happy Joy. Also, anyone who feel/felt they can hide because they ceased or closed down an area ...

too late ... I bring out those hiding in the dark to the light so even if you do not do it now and you are out of it --- the part you did in the dark will be shown publicly. You did wrong with intent or with misinformation and never fact checked - either way, you should have thought again to say what you did about me in such an insidious way in those PRRs and FOIAs because if you gained any funds since YHF tied to using the tragedy in any fashion may it have been for good- I am going to ensure transparency happens fully now. I document for a reason. To ensure people know the documented facts not the glazed over narratives. I have to get going for now. I just wanted to share how the procedures went...


8-24-21 9:58am: I have some time to load documents and data on the GMHS. I do a lot of this for Darrell Willis. You are welcome, sir. I know he said in that email to me he wants to know all about the GMHS and the truths.

I just got a call from surgeon's assistant asking how I am doing. All is good. I have a lot of studying to do tonight so going to load some more GMHS data then work on research of who is being compliant and transparent on the aftermath of the YHF for any that has taken funds in - in the names of Remembering the Fallen 19. Will we find your records to be such way? I barely got sleep due to BowD and the Crew last night. Loads of incoming information - he was like you are "spot on" ...


cont. on with Phillip A. Maldonado -

City of Prescott Announcement of Employment Opportunity - In House

Wildland Crewmember (Senior Firefighter)

Granite Mountain Hotshots Pay Grade: 45 Pay Range: $27,643 to $38,688 annually plus benefits

FLSA Status: Non-exempt ( eligible for overtime )

Some weekend/evening hours may be required.

... Deadline: Applications must be received y 5:00pm March 3, 2010.

Timothy McElwee signed off as acting Fire Chief on this sheet for this position for Phillip A. Maldonado along with Jolaine Jackson.


Oath of Office / Computer Equipment and Software / Smoking in the workplace / Electronic Materials / Temporary Employment Acknowledgement / New Hire Verification of Documents signed by Phillip A. Maldonado April 23, 2007. HR Representative Name: Todd O Rhines


A sheet with Name, Current Position, Step / Grade, $$$, ID #, POS #, Promoting to, Replacing, POS #, New Step / Grade, $$, Effective Date 5/30/10 with Phillip A. Maldonado WL SR CREW


Phillip A. Maldonado December 1, 2011. Congratulations "Promotion to Squad Boss" Letter from the City of the Prescott effective December 8, 2011. (FLSA non exempt- not eligible for over-time) - new 12-month probationary period November 30, 2012. Your new pay grade will be 58 ($18.32)- Laura Markel CC: Eric Marsh

"The mission of the city of Prescott is o provide SUPERIOR CUSTOMER SERVICE to create a FINANCIALLY SUSTAINABLE CITY and to serve as the LEADER OF THE REGION."


Phillip A. Maldonado Employment Information Job Title: Squad Boss / Leader Replacement for Jesse Steed Full Time/ 40 hrs week Regular Non-Exempt 1 year Probation November 30, 2011


When Sonny and I hiked with Maldo in 2013 he told us that he had just left the GMHS. I won't tell you the personal stuff he mentioned but I can state the below document information matches to what he spoke to the Yarnell Hill Fire Eyewitnesses on that hike.


Phillip A. Maldonado March 19, 2013 "Congratulations!" Letter [ from being a Granite Mountain Hotshot Leader and replaced Jesse Steed's position to Sanitation Equip. Operator in a year we have a Fire Fatality of 19 men? You wrote this on one of your applications, Maldo: "Very interested in pursuing a career in fire fighting and would like to gain the experience and training being a part of a wildland crew." With a statement like that if I was the YHF Investigator - wouldn't you Brad Mayhew wonder why a leader choose to do City Garbage areas who Maldo desired a career in Fire so what happened to make such a shift for Maldo???? Wouldn't you who stated you were covering Human Factors cover that, Brad? I will never understand Brad Mayhew and how he could be proud of the product no matter how much they had a tight deadline - he could have made it up in his book series but I have had some of the Nation's top Wildland Fire Leaders state his book series fails to deliver ... some of my posts prove why too. The GPS units - really Brad. I also know from one hike with Maldo that it is possible one can look outside this being a professional decision what he did but that is the stuff Brad should have done was "learn" and have areas lead to a conclusion vs. the narratives we were fed. ]

Formal notification of Phillip A. Maldonado's new title, grade and payrate as a result of his new position to Equipment Operator in the Sanitation Division of the Field and Facilities Department, which happened March 18, 2013. [ So I ask you Brad Mayhew, why would a person pass up $18.32 and take on a new probationary period for one year for a drop down to $15.79? You are for Human Factors- eh, Brad? Where is that section again? Did you ask him through the Investigation period those questions - if so, where is that news in your book series? Did he say to you -to gain a new set of skills and experiences that will broaden skill set- we shall see what his application said as I show the records.]


(PAUSE- family needs me- I will come back later - it is 8-24-21 1:09pm.)


August 24, 2021 7pm: I am back for one hour then I have to study:

Phillip A. Maldonado - Employment Information Form - Phillip A. Maldonado replaced Stanley Skvarek.


Phillip A. Maldonado - Employment Transfer / Grade Change from GMHS Leader (Squad Boss) to Solid Waster #3002 3/18/2013. June 10, 2013 went from $15.79 to $16.59 to bring him to minimum of new pay grade.


Darrell Willis, Division Chief sent out a MEMORANDUM to Bruce Martinez, Fire Chief For Mary Jacobsen HR Director. Subject: Wildland Pay Reclassification 4-12-11.


Requested Resolution - reclassified Range 54 to Range 58.

Phillip A. Maldonado from range 45 to range 50, Step 1 $15.03.


Phillip A. Maldonado Base Salary $27,643.20 then after Medicare / Retirement / WorkComp $36,442.04 Grade 45 $13.29 - Proposed $15.03 Grade 50 - $41,213,22 Cost of Increases appx 10% per employee $1.74 / $4,771.19.

So someone who replaces a leader role ( Jesse Steed's role) lacks Certifications and Master Record to his file here- ????. How come? Did you catch that Brad when you investigated the files of all the leaders that Maldo's file lacks the qualification records needed to have his leadership role he had. Why? Or was it just omitted from my viewing and why?


8-25-21 11am: I may have to pause and pull out data on Sgt Ashby and all my body cams/recordings I have - one of the contributing authors spoke to her today and seems they have this alleged footage of me posting No Trespassing Signs on the Helms. False. Lies. I am not going to listen to hearsay and I pulled the PRR for today's call. See:

I was making the video of the body cams and I owe Sgt Ashby and her Superior an apology because without my hearing aids in, I heard "medication" and she said "education". I had someone listen for me. I am sorry and I retract that comment on "medical" here publicly and I apologized direct by email-

So my beef again goes back to the Surveyors and how come all this time has passed by and this has not been handled already in a civil matter (court) - I have squirrely cameras right now I have to go and fix out there and I truly feel unsafe to do anything I have all the legal right to do but I am seeing the games and orchestrations clear as day in the YCSO Summer 2021 body cam footages from the YCSO and the others. Totally ridiculous. You all can pull the same public records and see for yourself.

Just for the record-

I took photos of all the signs which have metadata/GPS and NONE were posted on the Helms land that I placed up but here are some and we will go over them (short on time so may place the photos and explain them more tonight- have to be at hospital soon):

this was the area where we did the soil testing:

this is the front gate (below) that after the Sandifur Basden moved in the fence and electric gate were placed in and satellite images show that as facts and this Summer 2021 the Helms are on YCSO body cam fully claiming they did this action and they never owned the land right here nor is there any County records showing the improvement was okay'd by the old owner just the Helms took it upon themselves do this action.

This is a civil matter and I told Lee and David that once it is there then the Surveyor marks will finally end this debate because right now as you see below I put the No Trespassing Signs away from the Easement because the last time I had them on Easement you will see DJ Helm with tone (YCSO body cam) explain she has every right to do that on the Easement areas even the sign that she claims was on her post ( so please tell me how was I to know it was her post when it is not on her land but the new owners- I have zero notification by the Helms that they had such claims of ownership - for the record)

plus keep in mind she had many months to ask the new owners if she can remove it- she never did. She took it upon herself and Lee to damage the No Trespassing Signs and we never got the hardware back ( it is an expensive sign to- see: $94.67+ S&H) so they stole that hardware off this sign: The National Association of Rural Landowners - No trespassing signs, trespass law, what is trespassing, Weapons Manuals - Gun Manuals - THE PARALLAX PROPHECIES - NARLO Offense - S-O-S Kit - and I will show all that body cam footage once I get a way to watch disks.

The new pc does not have disk capabilities. Otherwise I would have posted it. You can clearly see the signs are near another and away from the Easement. All done legal and correct.

the signs are properly spaced and away from the easement:

I would require the courts to see metadata from the Helms the GPS coordinates and the time stamps they state to Sgt Ashby they have me posting No Trespassing Signs on their land to avoid orchestrated narratives. Aka- Lies. I look forward to seeing this report too. In June, I was on the Yarnell land to do temp. No Trespassing signs on the fence and easement.

That was a Friday June 4th and 5th, 2021. I was explaining to the owner my discomfort and I would bring a bodyguard out on the 5th due to recordings of Basden / Sandifur 6-4-21 because it had a odd [set-up] feel and I needed a witness outside the owner; third party.

I know McCrackens (May 2021) said if I just talked to the people (Basden / Sandifur ) it could all be resolved so I did attempt such but I did not go out of my way to do it---it was by mere chance I found the one corner not showing up but owner wanted photos (surveyor / Basden's area) and Dave comes out to the end of his patio ( then Lee Helms joins him) and here is some of that recording:

I can see documenting it and they have enough game trails already out there but they were "live" recording me as I did my job on another's property (paparazzi style).

But the bad part was the storytelling of Super Dave saying he was concerned when I am walking back and forth talking to myself when he knew I was the GPS plot plan/Signs/Surveillance Cameras person he tells YCSO (on the body cam)

Super Dave tells YCSO so much lies and we will go over it with documented facts as the week unfolds.

Here is some of the YCSO body cam footage:

the photos are time stamped:

Clearly away from the Easement area:

All photos taken were never on the Helms land.

Below you will see one of the cameras again aimed at the land and easement of the new owners near the electric gate without the legal notification they are recording the new owners land- it is a grey area when doing this and taking it to court (open public spaces but if one can prove it to be more than you can legally get them blocked from being allowed such right) but I will get into it another session when I write more on it this week (short on time - have to go to the hospital). I have not noticed any cameras aiming towards the Basden / Sandifur property and easement yet just open land not owned by them.

I did not post any signs past this point- if they claim such- Lies. What's new though- been the year for lies for them and me just posting public the documents proving the lies--- this is the point you never want to go past folks if on the Yarnell get accused either way though:

another game trail camera of theirs in those boulders and this time at the new owners land / easement- weird huh- this has to be handled in a civil court matter or they are just gonna record every action to be a nuisance as it has already been proven. It is pure harassment shown my way and I have been kind and cooperative and I will show those YCSO body cams too how I was when they disturbed my business and task I had at hand.

Game trails everywhere folks

Soil testing day:

out measuring areas for the building plot plan and later when it was dusk I went back to measure boundaries to have the YCSO interrupt my task and waste my precious daylight time on "trespassing" due to the Helms / Sandifur / Basden folks - I will later show footage of that body cam where I was placed in the Deputy's vehicle. I gotta run for now. Stopping here to go to the hospital.

Left of the white pcp pipe is the Helms and to the right is the new owners.

Please make me aware "where" - Sgt Ashby - the Helms feel I was on their land and trespassed? Where? Metadata please of the GPS Coordinates and Original Time Stamp.

Posted Signs were flagged here because of recent Soil testing and it was flagged off so others could not go out there:

The Helms all through the Easement and on fence on Easement placed No Trespassing signs up of their own on the new owners land - why is it okay they take our signs down we put on easement yet they expect us to keep up their signs? Hello?

the last time we were there and when we left:

Sandifur / Helms / Basden are truly attempting to ruin this exciting experience for not just the owners but many

Lee Helms removed one of our expensive signs that was JBWelded on and never gave us the hardware back and damaged the sign- but YCSO Sgt Ashby says that's okay--- ????? Weird.

We did get our first kit fox or small coyote on camera:

so now it is deer and a kit fox or small coyote.


The next person we will post about most likely tomorrow or Thursday is Matthew DeMenna ... even he has a good solid paper trail of qualifications and Master Record so it does make one question why was Maldo's file that came to me lacking that area...was it intentionally omitted? why?

Matthew DeMenna will be on a new post.


SURGICAL PATHOLOGY 8-23-21 Procedures. Preliminary results are coming in.

I will call Primary to address the results of the Spine.

I am not pleased that in May 2021 they gave me a Primary who was going to start the care then be gone on medical leave so I wish they let me know that in May vs. begin with someone and re-routed to who can take me on- that is bogus.

It made my phlebotomy experience yesterday to create confusion on where to go from there. I should not be in the spot I was yesterday. Poor communications. I have expressed my concern.

Preliminary results:

  • Small bowel: intestinal mucosa

  • Gastric: Benign oxyntic and antral-type mucosa

  • GE junction: Gastroesophageal junctional mucosa with reactive changes.

  • Colon: t-polyp: Tubular adenoma.

  • Colon: a-polyp: Tubular adenoma.

  • Terminal ileum: intestinal mucosa

  • Colon: r, biopsy: Benign colonic mucosa

  • Colon: l, biopsy: Benign colonic mucosa

  • Colon: descending polyp: Hyperplastic polyp, fragmented tissue.

Clinician Provided Information: Crohn's disease, Right upper quadrant pain. Helicobacter pylori [H. pylori] as the cause of diseases classified elsewhere. Barrett's esophagus. Celiac disease. A) Rule out sprue. B) Rule out H. pylori. C) Rule out Barrett's. D-E) Polyp. F-H) Rule out Crohn's. I) Polyp. Source: A. Small bowel; biopsy B. Gastric, random; biopsy C. GE junction; biopsy D. Colon, transverse polyp E. Colon, ascending polyp F. Terminal ileum; biopsy G. Colon, right; biopsy H. Colon, left; biopsy I. Colon, descending polyp Gross Description: A. Two portions of tan tissue are both 0.3 cm. 1ns B. Three portions of tan tissue are 0.3 to 0.4 cm. 1ns C. A single portion of pale tan tissue is 0.4 cm. 1ns D. A single portion of tan tissue is 0.2 cm. 1ns E. Three portions of tan tissue are 0.2 to 0.3 cm. 1ns F. Two portions of tan tissue are 0.3 and 0.5 cm. 1ns G. Four portions of tan tissue are 0.3 to 0.4 cm. 1ns H. Multiple portions of tan tissue range from 0.2 to 0.4 cm, and aggregate to 0.5 x 0.4 x 0.2 cm. 1ns I. Two portions of tan tissue are both 0.3 cm. 1ns kac/jah Microscopic Description: Microscopic examination performed on all specimen(s) received.


8-31-21 6:33pm: I am packing all my stuff to store away from home because I have to attend school and at this point I have zero trust in YCSO's certain staff to narrate to fit their agenda(s)- so protecting the evidence.

I guarantee there are too many at this point that should be hanging their head down in shame. You are watching how I am being treated and still you refrain from doing the difficult right thing. Yuk. I am blessed because I put my trust and Faith in the Lord. I hear some of you are trying to do your own style of "damage control". - God is watching.

Health. School - My Fire School Exam and the five paragraph part I play in September are my only focus. I want to thank you for not just the locals but all over the world; your support. I did not know I could have a team of lawyers by my side. Along with prior YCSO folks at my side. I do appreciate that.

That surely makes it much easier to do my schooling knowing I have you all there for me to help provide solutions and create lasting relationships to improve the lives of our community vs. the garbage we are all seeing towards me. My analytics show a possible person called upon to serve as outside counsel and litigate matters on their behalf. Please feel free to reach us. Please forgive the folks as I have done that. We just have to make sure these select folks know their manners are not needed in the current ways we saw Summer 2021. They have to relax. We refuse to be bullied.

We have done everything on the up and up. I mainly came here today to squash rumors. I have not been arrested for the false allegations of trespassing on the Helms to post No Trespassing signs- those are just allegations. You have the photos and body cams above- if any of you have a PC that allows disks to play then reach me so we can go over more documentation. My pc does not have a disk option. The tv was how I saw the body cam but there is much more audio to present. I will be away from the PC until October 2021. When I come back I will have completed another area in Fire Education. See I am okay (photo below)--- not in jail --- just studying for school:

See you in October 2021- Have a very safe Holiday and September 2021.

Oh...a COP PRR for the past 5 months, 26 days has been closed- watch folks because that may be the first of many of my PRRs that were for many years "unpublished"

- we may see them become "published" finally. Request Published "Public" August 31, 2021, 3:45pm. I asked for the records who is behind it - we will see. or maybe not ... they have closed areas where I request stuff.

Now that someone has gifted me a legal team because I placed out some recent truths/documents. I may need this areas some day reviewed because I feel some areas should have been not redacted or given a legal reason for the redactions.

I also feel when reviewing it any of the legal team to focus that I did file an official complaint with D. Garone Arizona State Ombudsman a long time ago and he never followed through with me. Focus also at my 2016 original COP PRR to each PRR I did since and what was not given or omitted. I really am relieved I finally have folks who financially support me on these legal areas of concerns. It matters.

I will refuse to allow 2015 bogus actions of others to happen again. That is for sure.

I would never place data out just to do it. I have solid reasons I have shown why I do what I do. Super Dave in his recent Summer 2021 YCSO body cams can perceive all day in his odd ways about why I do what I do yet he has not a clue to pick up the phone and discuss it with me- he rather falsely place information out about me where I can "fact check and verify" and place here the documented truths.

I did learn that Scott passed by and was around Super Dave's home on two occasions (snow was a factor those times) but not a few as he stated on YCSO body cam- both unplanned as th