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PUBLIC RECORD REQUESTS-CITY OF PRESCOTT-Record(s) requesting: FISCAL RECORDS for 2007 thru2014-Pt 8a

This is a release of the PUBLIC RECORD REQUESTS-CITY OF PRESCOTT-Record(s) requesting: FISCAL RECORDS for 2007 thru 2014-Part 8a continues on from:

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PUBLIC RECORD REQUESTS - CITY OF PRESCOTT - Record(s) requesting: FISCAL RECORDS for 2007 thru 2014 (


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I am going to squeeze in "out of chronological order" for photo purpose my recent certificate:

September 20, 2021 12:30pm - Update:

My family and friends all know I just recently learned this when I called the jurisdiction court:

REV transcribed: - phone call recorded transcripts:

Joy A. Collura (00:00):

Today is September 20th, 2021, 9:42 in the morning. Just called my brain surgeon to find out any updates before I went and called the courts. I am calling the courts to see if there's any summons waiting for me with my name. [emphasis added]

Joy A. Collura (00:25):


Phyllis (00:26):

Yarnell Justice Court, this is Phyllis, how may I help you?

Joy A. Collura (00:29):

Good morning, Phyllis, it's a few days now, so I'm callin' back to see if I'm in the court system yet.

Phyllis (00:36):

Okay, let me just ... Let me get out of this little spot where I am. All right, uh, birthday.

Joy A. Collura (00:46):

[DOB spoken]

Joy A. Collura (00:46):


Phyllis (01:00):

Okay, and who am I speaking with?

Joy A. Collura (01:02):

Joy A. Collura.

Phyllis (01:02):


Joy A. Collura (01:03):


Phyllis (01:03):

Okay. Yeah, no, I don't, I still don't see it. Now, I do have a few, but I think they're all [inaudible 00:01:13]. I've got one. Is it a, is it a written one>? Or, no, they said they may-

Joy A. Collura (01:22):

Well, uh, last week-

Phyllis (01:23):

... they may send it out, right?

Joy A. Collura (01:25):

Well, last week Lieutenant Winfrey stated that when I got here to call the deputy and then they would serve me. But then after, on September 13th at 3:00, Morgan [Hader 00:01:34][Joy added: Hayter [sic]] said they mailed it. So, I don't know if I'm supposed to call, or that's why I'm callin' you first, to see.

Phyllis (01:40):

Right. If w- we, if we mailed it, uh, it, we would have a case number here.

Joy A. Collura (01:47):


Phyllis (01:47):

But it's for sure out of, out of Yarnell?

Joy A. Collura (01:51):

I would assume so, 'cause it's, uh, dealing with, uh, Boulder Springs, Helms, Glen Ilah section, so that would be Yarnell is what I would assume.

Phyllis (01:58):

Uh, yeah. Um, well let me just, just in case the birthday's in here incorrectly. Yeah, how do you spell your last name Joy?

Joy A. Collura (02:06):

Yeah, C-O-L-L-U-R-A.

Phyllis (02:16):

Okay. Uh, no, I don't, let's see. Oh, it won't let me open it 'cause I already have too many open. Let me just, let me close something.

Joy A. Collura (02:33):


Phyllis (02:34):


Joy A. Collura (02:35):

I'm bad on tabs too.

Phyllis (02:43):

I think it's just an order of protection that we've got in here. [emphasis added]

Joy A. Collura (02:45):

And that's back in, uh, 2014, '15, right?

Phyllis (02:49):

No, this one's 2021. [emphasis added]

Joy A. Collura (02:51):


Phyllis (02:52):


Joy A. Collura (02:53):

Who would have an order of protection against me? [emphasis added]

Phyllis (02:55):

Yeah, no, this in June, but it's never been served. It wouldn't be, 'cause maybe it's [inaudible 00:03:07]. It's Diane Helm? [emphasis added]

Joy A. Collura (03:08):

Oh, that's the one that's, uh, tryin' to get me for trespassing. So- so she tried to do an order of protection and they wouldn't serve it probably.

Phyllis (03:15):

No, it hasn't been served.

Joy A. Collura (03:18):

Oh, it hasn't, but there-

Phyllis (03:18):


Joy A. Collura (03:19):

... uh, there is an actual order?

Phyllis (03:20):

But you ... Well, it ... The order was ... Oh, no, it was denied.

Joy A. Collura (03:25):

Denied, I thought so.

Phyllis (03:26):


Joy A. Collura (03:28):

Yeah, 'cause-

Phyllis (03:28):

... yeah-

Joy A. Collura (03:28):

... there was nothin'-

Phyllis (03:29):

... it was denied. Yeah, it was denied, so that's all we have right now.

Joy A. Collura (03:31):

Huh, that's interesting.

Phyllis (03:33):

So nothing- nothing open. So, um, you know, it's ... Unless ... Well let me check one more place. [emphasis added]

Joy A. Collura (03:41):


Phyllis (03:42):

I will see if there's one sitting here that needs an officer to sign it or something. Hang on. [emphasis added]

Joy A. Collura (03:46):


Joy A. Collura (03:46):


Phyllis (05:00):

I don't see anything Joy. [emphasis added]

Joy A. Collura (05:01):

Wow, okay. So I just wanted to make sure. I don't want to call there and then bring it up, you know what I'm sayin'? Like, I have a lot, uh- (laughs)

Phyllis (05:07):

Oh, yeah, I understand.

Joy A. Collura (05:08):

... I have a lot of health problems-

Phyllis (05:10):

Yeah, I just, uh-

Joy A. Collura (05:10):

... and I don't need, uh, any, uh, added stuff-

Phyllis (05:12):


Joy A. Collura (05:12):

... (laughs) over somebody-

Phyllis (05:13):


Joy A. Collura (05:13):

... else's stuff.

Phyllis (05:14):

No, that's for sure. I don't know whether they changed their mind or ... Well, uh, whenever the incident happened, they have up to a year to-

Joy A. Collura (05:21):


Phyllis (05:21):

... decide if they want to do something about it, so-

Joy A. Collura (05:23):

Well I did-

Phyllis (05:23):

... it just depends.

Joy A. Collura (05:24):

... I did give 'em over the past week more, uh, documentation, so maybe that will help them to make that decisions too, so. 'Cause I think-

Phyllis (05:33):


Joy A. Collura (05:33):

... when you don't have all the information at hand, the- the, and it's one-sided, then it can become, uh, yeah, like, "Oh, okay, we're just followin' through, doin' our job."

Joy A. Collura (05:42):

But I think, hopefully, that given those a-, uh, additional documents that- that, I'm not the problem, you know? So I, hopefully-

Phyllis (05:52):

Um, yeah-

Joy A. Collura (05:52):

... yeah.

Phyllis (05:52):

... yeah. Well, like I said, if we don't have anything here, there is no case. [emphasis added]

Joy A. Collura (05:55):


Phyllis (05:56):

So, you know-

Joy A. Collura (05:56):

All right, cool.

Phyllis (05:57):

... maybe what you're saying is correct. I'm just letting you know that-

Joy A. Collura (06:00):

Yeah, I know.

Phyllis (06:00):

... speech.

Joy A. Collura (06:01):


Phyllis (06:01):

They have a year from the time of the incident to. But- but it would ... At this stage, um, it ... Uh, how long ago was this?

Joy A. Collura (06:11):

The ... Apparently ... I don't even know, that's why I've asked for the public records.

Phyllis (06:14):

Uh, you don't, you don't actually have a ticket, correct?

Joy A. Collura (06:18):

No, and that's the thing, uh, um-

Phyllis (06:19):

Oh okay.

Joy A. Collura (06:19):

... um-

Phyllis (06:20):


Joy A. Collura (06:20):

And, uh-

Phyllis (06:20):

So this is how, this is how that works. If they decide to do something, we get paperwork from a county attorney. Uh- uh- uh, one, uh- uh, of the officers would have to come up here and, um, sign off on it in front of the judge, you know, blah- blah- blah- blah. And then, um, it would either be served if there was any issue with the, with not being able to, like, not trusting that he would open your mail or whatever, which- [emphasis added]

Joy A. Collura (06:48):

Oh, okay.

Phyllis (06:48):

... is, uh, not gonna be the case, so then it would be sent to you registered mail.

Joy A. Collura (06:53):

Gotcha. Yeah, 'cause-

Phyllis (06:54):


Joy A. Collura (06:54):

... uh, Phyllis, the case, um, the ... Lieutenant Winfrey stated that, uh, they have the evidence. And I'm, like, no, they can't, 'cause I didn't do anything. So I know they d- ... Whatever it is it's gonna be something I just gotta counter, you know, kind of, thing and say-

Phyllis (07:08):


Joy A. Collura (07:08):

... here it is you know-

Phyllis (07:09):


Joy A. Collura (07:09):

... but.

Phyllis (07:11):

And I, and I don't know, uh, the prose that- that they go through in order to make a decision on that. But right, and so right now it's- it's not going to be any time soon-

Joy A. Collura (07:22):

Okay, sounds good. I- I-

Phyllis (07:23):

... from-

Joy A. Collura (07:23):

... just want to call the-

Phyllis (07:23):

... yeah.

Joy A. Collura (07:24):

... surgeon and I didn't want to have something, like, it's already in the system, so, uh, if-

Phyllis (07:24):


Joy A. Collura (07:24):

Okay, so I'll call-

Phyllis (07:25):


Joy A. Collura (07:31):

... in a few days and- and check again. (laughs)

Phyllis (07:36):

You know ... yeah. And, you know, um, you could even, probably, leave it a week, it's not gonna be an issue- [emphasis added]

Joy A. Collura (07:39):


Phyllis (07:39):

... 'cause there's no paperwork in, uh, here.

Joy A. Collura (07:42):

So if I schedule-

Phyllis (07:43):


Joy A. Collura (07:43):

... things-

Phyllis (07:44):

... like, we're not even waiting for somebody to come in and sign anything.

Joy A. Collura (07:46):


Phyllis (07:46):

There's nothin' here.

Joy A. Collura (07:47):

'Cause I want to schedule it for Friday, any of my appointments and, um, I just didn't want it to be where they go, "Oh." 'Cause that's what happened on the last one in 2014, they served me and- and it was immediate, like, I had to go and, um ... I'm, like, "How am I gonna get there, that's in [Prescott 00:08:01]," you know?

Joy A. Collura (08:02):

So do I-

Phyllis (08:02):


Joy A. Collura (08:02):

... have to call Prescott too, or, uh, is it in the system there with you too, or do I have to separately call Prescott's system?

Phyllis (08:10):

Yeah, no, we don't have access to anybody else's system-

Joy A. Collura (08:13):

Okay, so then I have to call them.

Phyllis (08:14):

... for all the, all ... Yeah, all the courts are separate. But usually if the incident is, you know, within our jurisdiction, that's where it would be. [emphasis added]

Joy A. Collura (08:22):

Okay, sounds good, I'll call them too.

Phyllis (08:23):


Joy A. Collura (08:24):

All right, thank-you.

Phyllis (08:25):

You're welcome. Hey-

Joy A. Collura (08:27):


Phyllis (08:27):

... hang in there. [emphasis added]

Joy A. Collura (08:27):

All right, thanks, bye.

Phyllis (08:29):

Um, bye.


I have to keep pressing on ... this is my public statement ... since the system showed nothing for my DOB or Full Name and I am to call in a week- My health is not up to par. Please leave me alone. I need to rest. I am leaving to keep doing what I have to do ( health / school / projects )

I now fail to have full trust to some at YCSO and DJ Helm. This is something the world has to get. I do right. I want the YCSO to call me if they plan to mail anything to make me aware because I am leaving this area so I feel safe and also so that YCSO does not wake my husband- he has odd work hours .

I am unaware what bogus orchestration is happening behind the scenes yet I feel unsafe to walk down the road listening to my happy song:

I will feel safer at a GMHS loved ones home or area who has the evidence of the realities and knows my position of being a Truth Teller.

YCSO's best way to update me is a voicemail to (480) 559-1971 because I will be staying outside this area to stay protected and safe from this bogus lies and how I saw DJ use high up people to meet her agendas - very weird what has taken place in 2021 but I refuse to stay home and involve locals, family and friends... I will leave so they are feeling safe as well. This has been truly a sick agenda of another's yet my health does not need it currently.

There are a few GMHS loved ones who can stand up for me as a witness that I refused even when no one was looking to go on the Helms over time. Holly Neill and John Norman MacLean even were never on the Helms with me- I was always cautious to use another's land in urgent times --- Maria knows and I have that recorded call...

This whole thing is an orchestration and narrative and the bogus attempt to get a protection order against me from Dj Helm is downright sad and wrong. Continued lies of hers. All my proof shows I have only been kind to her. It was not until the defamation she did that I publicly called her out. Sad lady.

You are in my prayers though, DJ.

See I reached her private first then when she kept it up I called her out publicly with the documents:

God, You Here? You Well Understand Betrayals & Defamations Better Than I- Help Me Through This... (

in this video one can pay attention to Sgt Ashby and I did not know why Ashby said it but now that Phyllis said what she did about the protection order ... how come I asked for all the records this Summer 2021 yet was never notified of this order of protection of DJ's toward me- come on YCSO and the courts. I should have been made aware of something so bogus.

So how did Sgt Ashby know about the attempt that can be assumed by hearing marker 52:39 but I am left out of this wrongdoing. see:

see the captions where Ashby mentions the topic of injunction for harassment- that caught my interest first time hearing it but more so seeing the transcripts to Phyllis- why was I never made aware of this - it was denied- what proof did she offer- may I see that proof? I would like a copy of this attempt.