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PUBLIC RECORD REQUESTS-CITY OF PRESCOTT-Record(s) requesting: FISCAL RECORDS for 2007 thru2014-Pt 8c

This is a release of the PUBLIC RECORD REQUESTS-CITY OF PRESCOTT-Record(s) requesting: FISCAL RECORDS for 2007 thru 2014-Part 8a continues on from:

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  • Wesley Sketo (2:50 pm)

Great couple of days. Really enjoyed the panel, folks. Looking forward to networking and learning in Reno.

  • JJ Jeremy Jones (2:49 pm) Thank you all for sharing your knowledge and insight.

  • Joy Collura (2:48 pm) Thank you Tanya, Karels, Rich, Mike, Eric for your interactive actions today. You were felt. Thank you for everything. (clap, clap, clap) Delete Comment JC

  • MM Max Matias (2:48 pm) Mahalo nui loa.

  • RD Rusty Dunham (2:48 pm) Thank you everyone!

  • Joy Collura (2:43 pm) Private Industry is sustainable and it will help with it yet in some way "transparency" in using those Private Sectors is important too because the struggle with FOIAs / PRRs happens once you involve the private areas and this is a long term situation and also there are folks who landscape scale the burn scars "in person" so really pay attention to that when you have some of these Private Dozers folks out there because for some reason those private areas reach out to me and I want to make sure their mental healths are thought about...they matter too.

  • Joy Collura (2:33 pm) @Linda Collister- that is so amazing to see your comment. Thumbs up! Delete Comment JC

  • LC Linda Collister (2:32 pm) This is for Chief Hoover. After being devastated by wildfires, we are using all of the tools including prescribed fires in our area in and around the City of Healdsburg. Meet the People Burning California to Save It | NYT News v=w5hmMEadask

  • Joy Collura (2:22 pm)


  • Joy Collura (2:18 pm) Agreed, sir. It is better. I am watching. Delete Comment JC

  • Joy Collura (2:17 pm) thank you, thank you, thank you Karels too. Keep that word strong going. It matters! Delete Comment JC

  • Joy Collura (2:16 pm) Please LISTEN to this lady- REGISTER!!! Please. If you do, one of my prayers answered. Delete Comment JC

  • Joy Collura (2:14 pm) @Wesley Sketo (2:10 pm)- thank you. I will head to those this week. I appreciate it. Delete Comment JC

  • Joy Collura (2:11 pm) Hannah Mogck NEWHow do you see GIS being used in fire in the near future? Will it be implemented in prefire operations? Are there ways on-the-ground crews can use it to monitor real-time fire activity more effectively? My Reply: That is a "grey" area because GIS is not fully a reliable tool so there would have to be old school training along with GIS training and waivers must be included due to possibly injuries and or fatalities because if one relied just there through the progression of fires- it is just a tool in a tool box but it is quite helpful along with so many other resources. There are folks who do use GIS and the Prescott Academy really has a quality course of Fireline Technology. I personally would not rely on it when there is so many other resources that can help. I mean, people like Robert (Bob) Powers kept on me on the 10 & 13 / 10 & 18 - there is a lot to be said in that tool alone if fully utilized. Fire mapping is not always great for the fact of the true time data to the public or real time actions would not always match on the GIS so there are delays to keep in account. Delete Comment JC

  • WS Wesley Sketo (2:10 pm) Joy, a couple of answers to your question on the other page. NFPA is migrating the ASIP Assessing Structure Ignition Potential training to an online format. Should be coming out soon. Also check out COCO Mitigation Best Practices out of Colorado. Lastly, FEMA has an online training that's kind of a high-level intro.

  • Steven Jensen (1:57 pm)

  • Regarding "Stay and Defend", please see our research at:

  • JR

  • Jeremy Rutherford (1:24 pm) A CAFS would make your mop-up duties light work so you can get to that bourbon So, yes, you would be correct. CAFS go well with bourbon.

  • Joy Collura (1:19 pm) @Hugh Jass - I am a "student of fire" with the end goal to do a blend of Forensic Weather - Fire History of the transitioning of Old School to New School and getting the data to accompany to help bridge in figuring out where currently there are some really good work out there in the WUI areas that is done usually on a small town local base and there is some brilliant quiet minds happening. I am just a student, sir. JC

  • HJ Hugh Jass (1:16 pm) Joy, Who do you represent?

  • HJ Hugh Jass (1:14 pm) You know what goes well with Bourbon ...CAFS!!

  • JR Jennifer Russell (1:12 pm) @Gwen Beavans thank you so much for that! Agree 100% $$ and FTE for PREVENTION

  • Joy Collura (1:11 pm) @Vicente E Tovar (1:06 pm)Agreed there. Especially the millionaire and billionaire ones who know all too well how it rolls --- when I am asked to consult there I refuse the risk but give them solid takeaways in getting their Govt. entities involved and why. I noticed in the last few years there is more Private Sector actions that is a risk that could be avoidable. The rancher topic is a good one. I truly wish there was more direct discussions with them especially the ones who want to burn the lands to plant trees and use it for hunting purposes. I agree with you Vincente. Good reply. Delete Comment JC

  • GB Gwen Beavans (1:10 pm) PLANNING for wildfire prevention and using risks, values and hazard mapping is an amazing option. PAY for wildfire prevention first. PRE-vention means it is done first. Support the staff, the training and the various strategies of wildfire prevention, not just education, but enforcement, engineering and administrative strategies. I appreciate the dialogue. Just sharing some thoughts as I hand this program of wildfire prevention off to the next leaders!

  • VE Vicente E Tovar (1:06 pm) @Joy Collura Another factor that I've noticed are folks who own horses, livestock, etc. They are delayed in evacuation and the good Samaritans who come to their aid add to that. DB David Boots (12:57 pm) David Boots -- Howdy from Denton (TX) FD!

  • Joy Collura (12:53 pm) How I recap 2021 going into 2022 Season- I look at documented and real times Point of origin variances. Progression. Burn Scars. I look at resources and look at actions to the actual ones out there. I look at the first annual with COVID 19 vaccinations being a big push with Govt entities and I look at illness / deaths where retardant was laid down on "live" fires with FFs and local owners to that fires, How many retired firefighters and Hotshots who live in that area s of Wildland Fires and have refused to evacuate? Many. Also seen delayed crucial information to the public will be another factor. I am concerned that there is so much reliable documented sourced areas yet CAPLES RX just seem to fade away- 1. The USFS ENF personnel did, in fact, light the fires knowing of the red flag conditions and there is witnesses2. The fire effects are much less than “beautiful” and were not “achieving desired conditions” 3. You say you saw “1,000 acres … not destroyed” yet failed to talk about the spot fires that were several hundred acres4. And what about failing to mention the VLAT retardant drops in the Class 1 Caples Watershed. Did you have the opportunity to witness any of those? anyone? There id direct current need not just with the pandemic but also lives in WUI areas for health safety and for the FFs that fought them and as well there is a NEED to retrain certain areas because WUI is an important area yet we need to really look at the predicted acreage that needs to be prescribed burned or other reasons and working with traditional and non traditional mutual agreements that can help. We need to blend old school to these new ways.

  • MH Mickie Helberg (12:03 pm) Hill City Kansas

  • WK Wesley Keller (11:18 am) Building that data into a 911 CAD system will allow ICs to make those important calls much earlier. More data sooner is better.

  • JR Jeremy Rutherford (11:11 am) You miss 100% of the shots you don't take. Same thing applies as to whether departments or PBA's want a FREE demonstration. The equipment speaks for itself then! Look for us in Reno next year.

  • VE Vicente E Tovar (11:03 am) Sell, sell, sell! :)

  • JR Jeremy Rutherford (10:57 am) PODs and powerful CAFS seem like a a great combination. Known suppression risk and minimal water needed to run a CAFS could really make an impact at high risk locations.

  • BS Bruce Suenram (10:45 am) Hello Ann Walker!

  • TC Teresa Crisman (10:36 am) Hello from Maryland, Office of the State Fire Marshal

  • SO Steve Orr (10:31 am) Yes the majority of the land adjacent to our district is private, with some County and a little federal

  • LM Larry Mastic (10:16 am) Larry Mastic, Coordinator, WFLC-Northeast Region

  • SO Steve Orr (10:08 am) Michael Caggiano and others have been doing some nice POD work here in CO

  • SO Steve Orr (10:08 am) Michael Caggiano and others have been doing some nice POD work here in CO

  • AW Ann Walker (10:08 am) Good morning from SW Oklahoma

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  • MP Mark Parker (10:05 am) Chris Willden, we are all volunteer

  • JH Jennifer Hansen (10:04 am) That video was AWESOME! Great job!

  • JR Jeremy Rutherford (10:04 am) Good morning everyone! If you have any questions about man-portable (backpacks), UTV/ATV CAFS (compressed air foam systems) please let me know!

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11-16-21 8-4:30pm I will be here:

While I wait for it to begin, let me share HOW my day started. I said to my husband he can use his cell all day because I had this WUI event then go to Dan's. No medical need for his cell.

Tuesday November 16, 2021 8:39am (4min18sec) I used his work cell. I called the Yarnell Courts on the status of the order of protection that was denied by the judge from Dj Helms Summer 2021. Rose answered and rerouted my to Phyliss.

The judge should have it ready to present and I stated it has escalated ( this is now in the land's attorney's hands to handle ) being that the 1min24sec message Sgt Ashby left the landowner recently assumable by the metadata 11-15-21 8am that her paperwork would end up with the County's Attorney's office and that the signs are being kept in Evidence ??? awaiting the case to be resolved and they are going forward - process to try to charge me for trespassing. This is bogus, folks.

The reason I state "Recent" above and not confirmed the 11-15 as metadata because the lawyer got an email by landowner

Date: Tuesday, November 16th, 2021 at 7:05 AM -

"Good morning [redacted ATTORNEY CONFIDENTIALITY] , I'm forwarding a (11/8/21) phone msg from YCSO SGT Ashby regarding several of my "No Trespassing" and other signs from the Yarnell property that I discussed with you during our initial meeting.

She's claiming these are actual "evidence" in a case she's building with the Yavapai County District Attorney's office and gives the DR number I had requested.

This alleged case she's working on has to be regarding the time Joy allegedly "trespassed" on the lower left corner of the Helm's property, where our property and the Helm's adjoin.

She was under my direction to place some signs in an area I thought was our property. This was from me erroneously telling her to do so based on my interpretation of the survey map that I had.

The actual property boundary in that corner was made clear to me on or about October 23, 2021, [JOY A COLLURA: we all know here when I had my seizures if ya read the posts--- wrong month- 9-24-21] we had Mr. Bob Harget, the surveyor, return to the property to explain to me the actual boundaries in the lower left corner of the property.

So then, if there is a "case" against anyone, it should be me, and not Joy [A] Collura.

Thank you and best regards,




My takeaway from the WUI Conference is still that the Ten Standard Fire Orders cover every thing with the chain of command of all jurisdictions. There is less talk or discussions on it as the years go on yet I am old school and I will do my best to keep it "alive" -

11-16-21 9pm- I have to crash- "medical day" tomorrow - Good night. I was excited to see this in my email inbox:

11-20-21 8pm: Some of you who feel I am ignoring you currently / recently - I have spent this week so busy I have not even yet journaled here and hope to catch up here tomorrow. I am tired. I just uploaded my pics so I can do that for tonight (share here) then bed. Church tomorrow. Danielle picked nail design theme- next time we plan do something "ice blueish" - with snow glistening on them-


yesterday we had a beautiful sunset walk:


11-21-21 7pm- changes happening in Congress and very hopeful for the best yet to happen for "AJ"-

I do not have my calendar in front of me so I will look at emails that need to be journaled public-

I will call the courts again tomorrow- I paid almost thirty dollars and last week they were to get it to me on that Order of Protection thing tied to DJ Helms---nothing yet.

I am recapping this past week:

One report had zip in relations to what I asked for and it was the 'bully' moment in 2015 so this is what I got instead ??? see:

I know- right --- that had zip to do with that--- this was the other report: the DJ Helms incident report with redactions on status, when this actual date of offense took place? It said it happened 8-3-21 and I have retired YCSO's family who can show their google timeline and our nails are on this blog so their report date "occurred" would be false if they want to say this is referring to me JOY A COLLURA- sad people if they are trying to say I was in Yarnell in August on the 3rd...NOPE!!!! Toss this report away if so- and wouldn't that be a fraud document at that point--- ??? see:

with an area redacted:


Page 2-:

the actual no trespassing report where Ashby stated I made the complaints on Ashby and I did based on 2015 ( when I find that recording she will feel more than likely ashamed she ever did all this talking and yacking on this Summer's body cam because she does not recall Dec 1, 2014 as it took place but when I find that recording you all will hear her---sad sad sad) and this Summer's body cam content- just listen for yourselves- who does she mention to me in Dec 2014 and in that body cam??? Right- go listen. It floors me. On 8/3/21 where Helms called Ashby on the matter I was in Surprise that day with Jacobs getting our nails done and we have the timeline google map and online blog posts and witnesses to that and receipts-

this is a more than likely false statement: "I have attempted to call Joy Collura at least 3 different phone numbers that we have for her. I was able to leave a message on one of the phone numbers but I have not received a phone call back from Ms. Collura. To date, I have not been able to contact. Ms. Collura. She has been in contact with Lieutenant Winfrey. See my supplement for additional information." I have never received a message by Ashby and I only deal with her superior due to historical bullying tactics of Ashby since the YHF due to her ties to Amanda Beno Marsh Lohman as she did Dec 1, 2014 and the Summer body cam footage of Ashby shows her talking about it yet again her ties to ____. In her report she did not identify the number she left the message on. What number? I never got a in person visit or received a message by her for the record. They know where I live and where I am usually at always- they knew were to serve me in 2015---same place...

11-22-21 12am Update: I want to note I am tired but one cd contents has Sgt Ashby calling my actual surveillance number as that line will just ring- how she knows that number - ??? weird. so yeah she did call but it goes to my security line for the home--- so no wonder she thought I never was answering --- that line is just for all my perimeter surveillance and security- I do not really actually tie that line to a useable line in case say I had an emergency I could--- I will put those up another day---I have to get up early to do school stuff --- night...

This came in the mail:

For the record I had asked Lee Helm why he placed his signs on the new owner's easement area and he said he could -it's an easement--- wouldn't that be a time to identify that was his land past that sign, etc. - give clear instructions and make them understood---it was odd because he has other signs that the signs if you went past it- is for sure Fred/Scott's area so it is confusing---he had a dog sign on the other side and we do not own a dog so it is not clearly identifying it as the Helms land. Our signs do- it has the parcel id and contact and such on the sign.

all those recordings proving this is on this link:

CTRL F for HELMS or YCSO on here:

All my life is an open book on our blog so just CTRL F on the following links and search HELMS or ASHBY or YCSO for those documents plus the public records for the body cams are on YouTube.

The documented proof that the HELMS and BASDEN most likely lied / misled / misinformed to YCSO is also there. This is a manipulated bogus situation. I show in documents my entire stance on the matters- what have they done but on body cams show their true colors. Sad folks.

I state to this date I never with intent was on the HELMS and went by one of the owners assigned boundaries and if HELMS wanted me arrested the body cams from YCSO where the HELMS passed me on their golf cart to meet BASDEN SANDIFUR YCSO at the gate area could have pointed right up at me on that knoll and said she is on our land - they never did - it is very important to note in the body cam I identify I wanted to go one way because I did not want to go on the HELMS and YCSO said it should be ok so at that time even all them YCSO and the HELMS had the same NO CLUE who's land is who's so it is a technicality that has to be formally be dropped then we all now know and as all know last week I refrained from helping landowner on that land - I have reservations until this is legally and formally handled then I will help on the land. I explained to the owners I have my reservations to help you on the land until this matter is officially handled and closed.

World, even if they attempt to bring charges in my name - I have enough here publicly to prove my case. We have a lawyer who is very familiar with the area and the history and so that should be helpful. However, we have seen how the judicial courts did me in 2015 unjust and unfairly so we have to sit and wait---but meanwhile here are the Stats- I do not fit in any of those:

13-1502. Criminal trespass in the third degree; classification

A. A person commits criminal trespass in the third degree by:

1. Knowingly entering or remaining unlawfully on any real property after a reasonable request to leave by a law enforcement officer, the owner or any other person having lawful control over such property, or reasonable notice prohibiting entry.

2. Knowingly entering or remaining unlawfully on the right-of-way for tracks, or the storage or switching yards or rolling stock of a railroad company.

B. Pursuant to subsection A, paragraph 1 of this section, a request to leave by a law enforcement officer acting at the request of the owner of the property or any other person having lawful control over the property has the same legal effect as a request made by the property owner or other person having lawful control of the property.

C. Criminal trespass in the third degree is a class 3 misdemeanor.

13-1503. Criminal trespass in the second degree; classification

A. A person commits criminal trespass in the second degree by knowingly entering or remaining unlawfully in or on any nonresidential structure or in any fenced commercial yard.

B. Criminal trespass in the second degree is a class 2 misdemeanor.

13-1504. Criminal trespass in the first degree; classification

A. A person commits criminal trespass in the first degree by knowingly:

1. Entering or remaining unlawfully in or on a residential structure.

2. Entering or remaining unlawfully in a fenced residential yard.

3. Entering any residential yard and, without lawful authority, looking into the residential structure thereon in reckless disregard of infringing on the inhabitant's right of privacy.

4. Entering unlawfully on real property that is subject to a valid mineral claim or lease with the intent to hold, work, take or explore for minerals on the claim or lease.

5. Entering or remaining unlawfully on the property of another and burning, defacing, mutilating or otherwise desecrating a religious symbol or other religious property of another without the express permission of the owner of the property.

6. Entering or remaining unlawfully in or on a critical public service facility.

B. Criminal trespass in the first degree under subsection A, paragraph 6 of this section is a class 5 felony. Criminal trespass in the first degree under subsection A, paragraph 1 or 5 of this section is a class 6 felony. Criminal trespass in the first degree under subsection A, paragraph 2, 3 or 4 of this section is a class 1 misdemeanor.

They know also that this has taken so long and our lawyer recognizes that, I just don’t know if the County Attorney will even bother with charging me even if they think there is probable cause that a crime occurred.

They are so back-logged with cases and this one seems so meaningless.

Except I seem to be blended in to those "grey" areas and seen unjust from this County's systems already so we will wait and see and again all tied back to me being a truth teller and all tied on the aftermath of the YHF. That being said, remember a charge is just a charge – typically they can be resolved and this one sure seems resolvable when we explain what happened and here is all the proof on the blog. I still am floored the great lengths they went for this manipulated bogus moment though. Weird.

So after listening to Dispatch recording it said Trespassing Delayed---???

here it is:


A week+ before the following body cam was made by YCSO Sgt Ashby (9-15-21) we met with land surveyor (9-24-21), Sgt Ashby on this video at 3:49marker is teaching DJ Helm (Lee is in Phoenix) about WHAT THREE WORDS APP (what3words app | Find, share and navigate to precise locations | what3words)

5:13marker shows Basden / Sandifur arriving. Remember to follow me here, world. Go to this link and hit CTRL F and search the word MAP.

Professional Surveyor Map from 9-24-21: map showing the easement and fence line:

then take same photo and label the HELM area:

then see where they walked out past easement to fence lines were the signs were removed on newest body cam 9-15-21:

Appx 125ft from tall pipe border is where Sgt Ashby is talking at---right around here on the new owners' easement area:

DJ Helm in this screenshot on right

See the boulder piles on left - so let us virtually show you his video on the maps for you all.

Are you all wondering like me all this effort on their part to build this bogus case on me and why???

Look at Summer 2021 and all their efforts??? Weird. I have to place stuff public because the PRRs / FOIAs were bad ugly and much lies and defamation and again WHY??? I know why I do what I do but they are making this out to some THING- and it ain't but we will all know together how this is for the PUBLIC AT LARGE. Many including retired YCSO are also watching how this unfolds.

So let us walk this video out on Google Earth to show you their path on that section of the easement of the new owners---none of where they stand is the HELMS right now--- just the new owners easement section of the 14.1 acres.

So look at above image and then look at the red X in below image appx area Sgt Ashbyis walking then look at surveyor map again:

the official legal surveyor map:

Here Basden is identifying where our sign was and also one of their cameras---interesting "Super" Dave---

I will post those sign pics here for you all after we watch the video together.

Sgt Ashby at a much LATER date is marking the locations WITHOUT the signs even present--- (guesstimate) --- why not gps it when you took them down into evidence??? Right??? This would not hold up in court. Sgt Ashby is stating here I filed a complaint against her and I will be summoned to court:

Super Dave shows Sgt Ashby another one of our sign locations:

HOW COME "Super" Dave admits right here that Fred was doing signs but in PRR or Incident Reports is there anything on Fred ??? - yet Dave said to Sgt Ashby Fred was also doing signs ??? Whoah--- that is wacked! Just shows who is the pure target for these folks and Sgt Ashby--- even I have a recording Ashby left Fred where she said this has NOTHING to do with Fred plus her report says it too -- ????? Hmm...

This image for sure would not fly in court because YCSO has body cam showing in that I verbally stated and I thought one side was the new owners and one side was Helms so this image they can toss out right away this image:

there is the tall pipe in the distance:

here YCSO explains why they have not cited Fred and only me:

They also admit the images they have are blurry for the person they say is me but Sgt Ashby is accepting and using the known defamation folks words as gold--- this is ridiculous folks. ??? Ok???

At 14:07 marker around there- you hear Sandifur say I am the only gal who has been out there- that is not factual and a lie.

Number one DJ HELM- this part of the film where you say I have to show YOU proof I am allowed there--- I do not owe you a thing-

you owe me many apologies and it is all in the Public Records that I am allowed there- go request it- YCSO knows I am allowed on the land so GET OVER IT!!!

You and all of you stay away from me or I will keep a file on you all and at some point I will be able to legally get you all for harassment and nuisance charges for me doing volunteer professional tasks---

Hey Fred- Sandifur is your Permit Cheerleader- listen here:

There goes DJ calling me a whacko again:

Super Dave is ridiculous--- he says my professional tasks of walking the land for measurements was to get a rise and antagonize them--- weird people.

and plus I never got upset he that he talked to Tom- this man is a pure liar. I never listened to you all or Tom----lies. Super Dave--- you have to see God some day--- keep lying...see:


and if they think they can keep carrying on--- it will eventually be turned back on them because they are with intent and harm doing all this Spring/ Summer 2021 towards me. They need to stop all this rubbish.

Here is Sandifur lying again---just because you happen to not document all the moments---we can for sure say you cannot say we have not been out there since the Soil Test--- that is you lying and misleading again.


Here is the actual body cam recording:


I still have to add the actual pics of the signs another day too. The ones in YCSO evidence.

Update 11-22-21 12:07am: I was just about to go to bed and found a good body cam video so lets us review it:

The body cam begins with Lee Helm:

Lee Helm shows Sgt Ashby and says this fine lady took the pic as Sandifur walks up:

Sgt Ashby says ' that's joy' and Lee says 'yeah' - redacted -

Sgt Ashby gets in her vehicle with the photo Lee claimed is of me:

Sgt Ashby points at our sign and she says 'this is clearly not their land' but NOTHING THERE identifies it was the Helms right there as you can see for yourself so why is she saying it is clearly ???? and she kept saying it is clearly yet in these photos do you all see clearly anything identifying the new land owners easement then becomes the Helms??? see:

Sgt Ashby wanted to back out and show a clear shot that clearly shows it is the Helms land??? where:

this next photo I will take you to the maps to show where they are standing:

so the pic above is most likely on the new owners land and Sgt Ashby can look at the professional surveyor maps because County said their maps may not be accurate...I challenge the above sign and them tsking this one period.

there was an area we put the cameras and signs in areas we know trespassers have been because we know the neigboring folks. So yes some were placed in known trespassing areas---had zero to do with antagonizing Super Dave.

Now, Lee Helm (5:09 marker) is struggling to find a corner marker so how is the new owners gonna know if you struggle on this body cam, Lee- see:

Lee, you gotta be kidding me this is not clear definition of your boundaries some rebar hidden in a bush and you even state your confusion on this body cam so how are we to know ????--- get real:

Sgt Ashby- that is not a CORNER marker Lee just aid YES to- that is an easement marker---look at the surveyor map, please. THAT IS NOT A CORNER MARKER, people! See:

$1850 - Lance? Surveyor just did surveying for him and Sgt Ashby says to Lee this is Criminal-

Look like Sgt Ashby is going for CRIMINAL towards JOY A COLLURA as she says here in her pronouns:

Why did YCSO visually and verbally redact this section:

At 9:15 marker- Lee Helm says "JOY WITCHED IT" when Sgt Ashby phone was not working- that is bad, Lee. Bad. Rotten. What a joke. For the record, I am God's child, sir.

I have a public recording of me asking Lee Helm about this Trespassing sign of his and he said he was allowed because it was on the Easement and there is a wood stick that says easement corridor so why would I assume that the Helms land was past this? There is nothing identifying it is his land like our signs show the new owners parcel numbers - there was zero identification of boundaries-

Dear Sgt Ashby, you have to be joking when you say 'I am pushing the boundaries---to see how far...' (come on lady) if you went out there and they said meet us on our land- those signs say easement corridor and no where does it identify it is the Helm land. I was told by Fred his land went up on that knoll- end of story- All this trash talk is on you and you go to God on it-


Super Dave just lied in this part marker 11:08--- I do not have a post it note to remind me to pull the photos but he LIED and I can prove it--- whoah, Super love to fabricate...let's see what Lee ends up saying.

whoah Dave:

and I believe I may be able to even catch Lee in a lie--- I will check on him because he said soon after 4-22-21 week and I got the pics---I will soon check--

You are gonna love this shit- Sgt Ashby says to them do they want to cite me and they vote on it---watch this:

Super Dave LIES again and claims I put up 60 signs--- nope---I placed some in temporary areas to create a boundary until we got the t-posts in on a cooler weather time---I was not going to dig holes in the Summer but seems with all the footage you all sure are digging your own trash talk holes--- man you all look foolish--- really you do.


This is where Fred told me was his corner and Identify that in the YCSO body cam as well:

Stop your lies Dave- you have created a bullshit narrative:

Sgt Ashby (16:50 marker) is ASSUMING I would throw a fit if I was cited--- I have enough PUBLIC right now that this would be squashed--- you have not read the stats--- buh bye Felicia... Enough of your orchestrations lady:

Logan fence is the people Lee Helm hired- $4.50 a foot...

Sgt Ashby says 'We are golden...":

Then Super Dave lies MORE...the end of the video is Super Dave is LYING!!!!!!!!!! Oh man, you all are gonna look foolish!!! God is watching you all... Hope you had fun. You have zip on me -


11-22-21 11:11pm Update: All day over at Dan's--- now handling medical area--- caught up finally on that area. Now let me see end of that video- I am tired but I am sure there was an area I wanted to share about---

Danielle brought up a good point---it is odd I have helped retired YCSO voluntarily on their professional requests and as well personal home health needs and her dad is active Maricopa Sheriff and I am always there for her grandpa who was YCSO and my deceased father had his phase too yet the very people who I know and they and other law enforcement are watching this all unfold and they are floored of the partial ways of Ms. Ashby--- poor partial manners, young lady.

You all will see that you owe me an apology for all this bogus orchestration --- it is all in your head; these lies on me--- I mean there was just so many this time around - I am glad this is public record so you can come here to recollect your lies to make sure you keep them rolling.

The whole Ashby and her cell and what Lee Helm said was a lie and defamation; his sick twist stating "witchery" tied to my name - maybe he had to get back into good grace with DJ since she had him this Summer 2021 body cam as 'wishy-washy- she called it- so maybe he had to step it up --- you are all a joke the way you go on behaving wasting our tax paying dollars with a Sgt of all the YCSO staff- why not just some simple deputy?

You can go attempt a trespassing charge / summons all you desire but I have enough on the public blog and YouTube to prove my case here to the world and as well in court. You all are sharing your intent on the body cam --- so if I get this bogus citation of trespassing then you state it on the body cam you have implied it will help to obtain the injunction for harassment against me. YOU HAVE ZIP!!! Stop wasting your time and our time- it is rubbish.

Sgt Ashby look on the video here where you state you looked at county gis map then look at the image after where I show you even what county says about their maps and hence WHY you should look at the Surveyor maps of the Helms and the new landowners to see if they compliment one anothers or does it compliment the county gis mapping---you come off so confident like you finally got me after all these years and really all you gained was wasted tax paying dollars listening to all these rubbish childish moments---all of you --- get a new hobby --- stop making me your new hobby ---here is where you said it on video:

here is what Yavapai County says about their own maps, Sgt Ashby, so you may want to know that going into that court room:


I was going to look on the THD but I am tired- bed time for me---I got a timeline notification from FB pal to take some FB quiz -- here are my results:

Amen to this: