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July 2023 Journal part 2

July 6

Being Forced to “Safely” Fight Wildfires With Dubious Systems' Artificial vs. Human "Intelligence"? (

July 7

2013- Potential Filming on 2013 Fire Season Wildfires Evidence; Email Thread (

Organizing.... (

Hellsgate, Springerville, Littlefield Brush trucks 7-7-23 9:45am gassed up at Congress gas station

God is healing past sufferings of mine---in helping me with healthier boundaries and it is coming to a completion. I am to lay low right now...

WW2 THEN AND NOW NORMANDY #ww2 # #history #shorts #wwii - YouTube

July 8 I will miss Jenn and the ladies --- sigh...lay low phase. I asked to borrow funds from THEGS and he said maybe start of August.

spoke with DH 11-11:33.

Huge thank you for all the veggies and fruits---

and these b-day gifts that MC just dropped off---the petite lemon cheesecake cupcakes were delightful---

Thank you TG:

thank you, ladies, for all this and MC stopping by to deliver fresh veggies and fruits for me...

I appreciate you all.

July 9 730-750am- RR stopped by --- thank you bunches for all your fun / happiness ---(*health ins) working on saving posts---did 1-20 posts yesterday...Sonny had a heart attack and had another stent and he is feeling he will not be here much longer... tried calling S.E.P. (T)...just left voicemail. Sunday, July 9th, 2023 at 11:08 AM: looks like he is auditioning for a part in our backyard Western skits with the animals

amzarnacht6710- they took your reply off:

spam, Fred:






then my other one was 238.

Public Records | Department of Forestry and Fire Management- PRR-000238 (

this artist goes to my brother's church...

July 10





the above wasn't Donna's thing--- it was Sonny's vehicle accident---sigh///41 days after my PRR for DONNA GORDON ---I did Sonny's vehicle accident---319 days later and still zip from DONNA GORDON's on that raw footage...the system is messed up---I get a vehicle incident over a friend's death incident first...weird...thank you FJS for the bday gift - this old school dry erase board...thank you:

and the bookmarks:

also thank you FJS for the projector to my projects:

July 11- since July just saving posts before calling WIX about glitches.

July 12 Happy Bday JC - we are all having hard time to breathe

Back in the limelight, again..."City of Prescott". Where do they store the Permanent Records? (

Back in the limelight, again..."City of Prescott". Where do they store the Permanent Records? (

July 13

I own the record to answer this section: (

Helm Surveillance Camera (

Help me "enforce" an audit on the Yarnell Hill Fire 2013 Permanent Records. (

Dennis removed my public statement.

mailed 7-11-23---for me and John's bday from the Doctor:

These profiles are somebody else --- they belong to another, not me.

Joy Collura | LinkedIn

Joy Collura | Facebook Joy Collura | Facebook

not me:

thumbs down to source of video- the media--- gave John thumbs up in comment wall

July 14

all week just been saving WIX posts.

Thank you DSTEP:

Bemer-Migun-Exercise Two Hours:

swelling going down:263# to 250# to 243#...crazy to think I was 171# last Summer...tough year it has been

still draining: ... the back, the buttocks, and back of legs has been draining too since June 2023....

me being a "ham"...hee hee

selfies time:

I haven't wore makeup this 2023 much because of the staph on and off and draining so taking a break plus all my makeup is way old now (2019) and no funds to get more---

my mom sent me gloss and mascara for my bday...

this is me at 51 :) unwell can see it in my eyes

Toni's lounge dress I am wearing

what color is my hair:

July 15


BLM, State Lands Tort Claim case you have Wildland Fire Damages, file before deadline. (

DONNA GORDON - Arizona Department of Public Safety - Public Records Request Completed. (

DONNA GORDON - Arizona Department of Public Safety - PRR 8-27-22 / August 26, 2022; RiP (

walking my desert backyard vs. the Congress desert: