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Yes, I am alive.

Locals recently reached out asking because they no longer see me walking the desert like old times...are you alive?


Last year, I was brutally assaulted in Boise Idaho.

My health is still affected greatly.

Looks like I swallowed a watermelon nowadays :)

(went from 171# last Summer 2022

if you watched last Summer's journal

until now-

you will see

by October

I was 224-230

then by April I was 238-246

then I was 259-263

and currently 240#.

Not from the major organs are slowly slowly recovering and slowly functioning.

My trendy

'I ate a watermelon seed

and my Mama told me not to"



that bump

makes high knees,

and sit ups,

much more difficult

but I still do them.

Thank you to whomever felt you wanted to harm me.

I forgive you.

God loves you.

I do my daily stretches and calisthenics.

I refuse to throw in the towel.

I said I would take this to the end...


7-20-22, when I was injured in my liver and ab area so bad...I wept more in depth and snot snorting hours of tears on the WFF expansion tour 7-18-22, than I did when you few felt it was gonna scare me to attack me with the intent to shut me down.

Burk Minor's manners 7-18-22 and 7-20-22

spoken and unspoken made me think about the word unconditional...

so, I just forgave unconditionally and went forward.

Still interacted with Boop and the kids.

Yet, have not interacted with WFF ever since he called the cops "high priority" on me for me just asking for a public record.

I just wish someday people would cease to listen to others and get to know me, the person, versus rubbish rumors.

God is watching, all of you.

You can see last Summer 2022 week (photos down below)

changed my daily living so I want to say

'Hey, Joy ---

"Happy 1st Anniversary"

to the person who felt

what they were doing

was worth trying to take my life.


I made it thus far.'

The more people desired to

hurt / harm me after the YHF13'

... the closer I was


God's path took place...

I am still here because of Him.

made it to Idaho and warmly greeted by B/L/L :)

ironic...Station 7...GMHS was Crew 7/ Station 7....

sad by WFF tour...

kept weeping...

off to do my investigative research in Sun Valley, ID--- looking at burn scars and watersheds where slurry drop was placed on 2013 Beaver Creek Fire. (RiP- Caples RX watersheds)

relaxing day...

1st photo---soon after that photo I was brutally assaulted...after my visit to WFF- I took my sharpie and x'd out their name on my toe and I have not since cheer leaded for them...lay numb thinking what just took place?

I went to the Military Museum trying to tough it out but ended up going to Urgent Care to be told due to my health- I was out of their scope and to go to ER. sigh...I slowly walked back to my room.

However, on the walk back a lady's daughter "no showed" for the zoo and asked if I would be willing to join her and I went with this mother and she was so delighted that I participated in the face painting...

then showered and stayed bed ridden until I got picked up by Dan's son for pizza

thank you so much for Friday through Sunday, Daniel. I needed that togetherness you showed me.

a cop told me by his patrol car window rolled down that everything is done by 911 or online portal so I filed my report again...and placed a PRR in...

I kept the photos of the bruises to my ab back channel basically because I am a stout gal...ain't showing that but the doctors records show his assessment...

all these folks at Begin Within picked me up when I was at my lowest and guided me back on the path to increased health.

If you live anywhere ... in Arizona ... in the USA ... from another country ...

highly recommend this office.

I was really in bad health when DONNA GORDON died.

8-26-22, moments before Donna was struck and killed by YCSO Sgt. Scottie Briggs and I were taking photos near 89- in the desert. See:

I was offered to see the raw footage immediately

but with the bogus orchestration from

YCSO June 2021 through June 2022

I decided to take my

Arizona Wildland Incident Management -

Embry Riddle-

Public Information Officer 'Social Media' skills

I was certified at and start documenting the Social Media areas to learn I documented while the YCSO FB site owner was making the eyewitness comments vanish, so I kept screen shotting and journaling them.

and then the Summer attack

and not even near okay

to have stress

or another blow

like I received...

I just laid low

and asked

for the

public records


Been a long year...

I will release

Spring 2023 through Winter 2023 blog journals

on New Year's Eve

so that I can ensure heightened safety for myself.

Yet going forward in purity and truth telling...

Maybe Frank or Mike will someday...

I am waiting very patiently.

4-10-23, I was in a major vehicle collision on I-8 in CA, and I am still in the personal injury phase. Paused medical appointment for this month so I could get the truths more to the front and avoid travelling 2-5 times a week as I was doing for this matter.

Average to less than is my current health status.

Prayers always welcomed.

I still keep going...

Remember, the dark will come to the light...

The more it comes out, the more people will reach out...

These folks who are doing it behind the scenes and

all I am trying to do is speak up against injustices...

My purity is always going to protect me.

the more people realize some of the data on DONNA GORDON'S truths core to 2019...based on one person is in business and that unique tie - I want the FBI to reach me on it. It matters.

God is the catalyst to say

"enough is enough"

The more you turn people against me...

you are living in darkness...not me

just a fear tactic sent my way that continues to fail.

God is working on the Matrix of this matriarch of this insidious area...

The one-sided people are unable to thrive in the light...

daily, all day long, aim for cultivated healthy connection, please.

always comes back full circle where I am always the one being blamed for something that I did not do...

-have any of you seen anyone from InvestigativeMEDIA, Scottie Briggs, Fred J Schoeffler be attacked in the depth like you seen on my journals for me that I have shown? ...

Things will never be the same for all the lies and omissions.

People are noticing.

When you think no one is watching...

We are.

The more people that

speak up about the truth

of the incident the more they're gonna be back into a corner...

I can explain to the FBI what unfolded on DONNA GORDON's incident on the aftermath.

Be careful when one labels me "crazy" because the Devil plays games too ... if you are going to play a game, play it right.

Speak what you can back up.

The more you spread lies on how it works...

the more you will see

God is watching.

Please, make sure if you create a game for me that you please make sure that you win because if I get a hold of the game that you are playing ... I got God ... and I am very witty even in less than average health.

Any person who feels I have defamed them... really "think on that for a moment" because not only is God standing with me, but I own the most extensive voluminous records and even without that- I have God's anointment and atonement.

Even if nothing comes from me speaking facts and showing documents.

I know I did what God placed me to do - that's enough for me.

Look at all the clumps / crowds / groups you misspoke about my name to...why??? you have to deal with you really feel I am concerned if "so and so" likes me ???...God provides who needs to be in my immediate to help me learn and grow ... I do not look for folks to be in my life. God provides that.

I speak truth with conviction sternly confidently not giving two [ __ ] as to what you think or say because why are you going so hard against the grain of God's guidance? One must wonder. --- ***Red flag, folks***

My focus is to get the documented facts to the corruption of injustices not just on YHF13', and other fires and Donna Gordon's final moment...wherever God guides me.

Both my paternal and maternal side always taught me that TRUTH will always debilitate lies ... may take a while but always.

I also was taught no type of toilet brush will brush against your kind of stinky [ __ ]. Just let God guide you how to handle the cess pool folks.

Also, recently someone said 'Joy, it is hard to navigate your blog. I want to learn in a chronological order' ...

You just said it -

it is my blog of notetaking, gathering, journaling, and when have I had in those ten years of gathering and doing presentations / conferences / going to the Wildland Fire academies / training / interviewing old fires/ sitting at Archival libraries to look at boxes and microfilms, co-instructing at Payson College...

when did I have the time to make things "flow and go" yet...

However, if one just scroll to my public "brain storm" it is really a time stamped public area of what's going on in my world...but in it I guarantee I threaded in smoking gun nuggets...

not my role to do anything but tell my account June 28-July 11th, 2013

and be the documented resource of data for those kids when they grow up and are adults. That is it.

I am not in this for agendas, movies, films, selling t-shirts and etc.

I would like to see some day I own the Congress Arizona current Fire Department so they can build a new place for them

and turn that into a Fire Museum to show the documented facts about the YHF13' and other historical fires.

Not many know Indian War General Crook owned a place in Yarnell, Arizona and I spent much time researching looking at microfilms to learn that is accurate so good question why aren't we preserving Arizona in the Fire Industry?

I focus to the

"blessings in the lessons"

yet we need some

to be truthful

and speak up

to really know

the facts to learn the lessons...

'Hey, Joy...I cannot give to you ... I cannot even give to myself"--

Welcome to ego death day :)

I am gonna flip your script, folks...

you should acknowledge you ...

you may not want anything serious in this here life...

skating through

your ego got the best of you. you focus to what the Public / false friends think but how about what you think that God wants for you...versus the World...

that battle with yourself is heading to healing. :)

You are in my prayers.

I will do this...keep Praising Jesus.

Remember, it's not on's in us...

Protect your soul.



It would be quick

with your help

to finally

tell the true story

of Yarnell Hill Fire 2013...

so we who know the truths

can make sure lessons can be learned finally...

I can help you.


ask yourselves this---

how can all those folks involved

on the YHF13' the last 18 minutes

and the investigation teams

and DFFM

and City of Prescott, YCSO etc.

how can they sleep at night knowing this:

Stella [ Stella Liebeck v. McDonald's Restaurants, P.T.S., Inc. and McDonald's International, Inc.] gets net $160,000 in compensatory damages to cover medical expenses, and $2.7 million (equivalent to $5,000,000 in 2022) in punitive damages, the equivalent of two days of McDonald's coffee sales.



but what about the nineteen...


19 lives were taken from their families

and the State settled????



Those families deserve much more...

especially the truth to be told to them.

FBI, you want to do the difficult right thing. I will help you make this pretty quick. Reach me.


---Thank you Brittany

for your affirmation today---

she said have all those naysayers

get their blessings elsewhere

and get behind hater #8...

too funny...I think people really believed I was in this for an agenda and they are learning smack...she is really in it to get the truth to the front.



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