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Joy A. Collura's - Summer 2022 Recap

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Summer June 21 - September 21, 2022

posting 9-15-22 and will fill in my Cpap times for the next week as it unfolds.

I have too many medical appts next week.

Summer 2022- "Choose your Future"

I chose "joy"- yeah, Summer joyful adventures...

This is how my Summer 2022 began:

Sometimes I say unkind things

yet it is documented truths.

Remember that.

It is not my humble opinions but documented facts.

Right YCSO--- ???

Others tell you lies and omissions and really bad information.

I speak truths.

What about you YCSO--- you know who you are and what you gathered but never has been made public yet by your entity- how come?

Why such the hush hush?

Summer 2022 Journal Updates.

June 19, 2022, Happy Father's Day Walk:

May and June 2022 have been hard health months with weird head pains worse than 4-20-21. I have spent many hours using Dr Ted's medical device and my migun bed. Listening to healing Binaural Beats and Isochronic Tones.

Draining hot liquid on my face again-

Thank you, Vicki V, for taking me to the Mine Tour and Reptile Presentation June 21, 2022. It was very nice to see old familiar faces:

still draining on my face:

off to the Mine Tour turning my pouty face into "grin and bear it" with head pain face:

Elijah says the above pose is like when girls paste their face with Betty Crocker mix or use filters then do the pouty poses and he calls these poses red flags pics and I call it Joy just being Joy and not at all trying/attempting to create attention in any fashion---do it for self-fun--- since age 9, I have always liked being a ham with the camera and you can see that historically that to be just that --- plus I only learned the Snapchat filter app in the past annual by kids, Annie and Scarlett, so pictures before then never had filters and I was still a ham but hell filters are silly and fun and I am all for that.

cartoon version of me on SnapChat:

very hot here today:

more facial leaking pics---ugh:

why is my face leaking sooooo much in 2022???

Off to the Kirkland Mine Tour:

The Montgomery's couple (Kathy- AZ Highway Contributor) unsafely in area even though we were all told the OSHA rules--- tsk tsk:

keeping my food intake pretty bland Summer 2022:

Scott helped text me my image for my Doctor because my cell has been acting weird lately and he wanted to see it to help pick antibiotic out but Dr Nelson helped me even better- thanks Dr N.

Boise, Idaho Summer 2022:

" My Summer Motto "

Begin Within- Cervical Care is the way I went - I joined their client list 6-3-22 and I am on their cerebral corrective care until November 2022 twice a week. I hope you all contact them, and you see the great differences in me that you want that too for yourself. I met their team at the Spring 4-29-22 Womens Expo. Top notch quality informative care. My S.O.A.P. notes are here.

Follow them on Facebook.

Contact Us - Begin Within Family Wellness (

I need to buy me a Viante someday- neat little gadget:

Waking up wee early to go to Scottsdale on twice a week --- and I paid and signed up for that?

Heck yes, I highly recommend Dr Nelson BEGIN WITHIN and his staff-

6-24-22 Visit with ENT (hearing loss/on and off SUmmer bilateral ear and sinus infection) then John and Scottie Briggs then Flower Child to eat:

June 3rd, 2022, heading to Scottsdale --- C1 brain tumor day --- continued to 6-10-22...

June 3, 2022:

2 weeks in on my cerebral continued care - Begins Within - June 17, 2022:

Note to L__ H___.

Dear Yarnell Resident, L__ H____,

you see this image below:

Your mannerism over time shown on here:

and you stating on here what you said about my brain tumor and your distrust I even have any--- and your odd manners over time.

Time to show proof of one of them just so you have the facts versus your bullshit manners and disrespect my way.

If I show my proof, to the stuff you doubted about me- would you show me the raw unredacted surveillance camera footage where it does not blur out Fire Vehicles names out?

and as well, read D_ H__'s book and go back and listen to the Yavapai College book signing event where D_ names who was on your land on June 30, 2013. Could you do that for me?

Do you want us to still believe there was just J.C. on your land that full day --- scroll down below and look at your camera footage? Go ahead and look for yourself.

I saw more than J.C. on the footage that was offered in a PRR/FOIA.

The child in me felt like a bunch of you were unfairly pointing fingers at me since YHF 2013 but more so in 2021-2022.

I was puzzled.

Back when it was happening, I never took me out of the image above shown pointing fingers my way - that little girl

and I never really saw it that you all who claim you do not want to lay blame

but look who was pointing fingers all these years as all I was doing was gathering documents

and evidence to how I almost died June 30, 2013, but 19 did die and we were all on the

Weaver Mountains to show to the Public at Large.

When you were pointing the fingers my way - you all did not realize I was Divinely protected with a mirror in front of me, so you really were pointing the fingers right back at ya...

Look at how Yavapai County Sheriff's Office gathered and professionally inventoried ________ which was located right near behind your home...that ______ should had a chain of evidence (lacks) and it should have went to the medical examiner and should have been in bot