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DONNA GORDON - Arizona Department of Public Safety - PRR 8-27-22 / August 26, 2022; RiP

How come it took so long AZDPS Public Records Dept?

Hope this post inspires the sceptics

who misspoke on my name

or for the professionals to do their jobs better.

Yes, we all have free will and options.

I choose/chose truth vs. listening and watching those to be so at ease to rewriting history to fit a glazed narrative...

especially the professionals we place our trust in to relay us the truth vs. what was shown to us.

Especially the Law Enforcements, Fire, and Media.

Are you seeing this post with documented facts?

This was your job to give us the news correctly on my friend, DONNA GORDON, not a housewife hiker from a tiny ghost town.

You hear me.

God is watching 🙏

I am just a vessel for Him.

You should understand I could not have made it through all the Spiritual Warfare...

God 🙏 sees all.

You feel me. Let's clean this up.

Tell me how come the Yavapai County Sheriff's Office Sgt. was not made an incident report when there was a fatality, see:


So, Donna, my friend,

let this post be YOUR incident report.

How dare that YCSO officer ( badge 10107 )

who refrained from taping off that one area tells the "recording present aftermath" witness to this incident that his present spot standing still recording was interfering with the investigation as he stood still at a local business stairs, yet it was not his place because AZDPS was doing the supposed investigation not YCSO so how can YCSO say "within my scene"???.

It was not taped off either, for the record.

How rude to see how the witnesses and people present were treated so this is also your public incident report

how poorly you were treated-

the people present/eyewitness

8-26-22 evening.

Especially when the raw footage

shows who really witnessed the incident

vs. what they glazed us to think saw it alone.

See the actual OTTER transcripts of that officer from the raw footage I own thanks to 321 days later AZDPS gave me finally my paid Public Records Request (PRR). See:

I also have been treated poorly by this same entity on the aftermath of Yarnell Hill Fire 2013- YHF13' as I also was the eyewitness and was with the Granite Mountain Hotshots on the Weavers; see:

Remember this folks.

For almost 50 feet DONNA GORDON walked from one side to almost reaching her vehicle...

on that wide well visible road ...

Yavapai County Sherrif's Office (leadership role) Sgt. claims he saw my friend DONNA GORDON, see:

the actual OTTER transcripts of that Sgt and AZDPS interviewer from the raw footage I own thanks to 321 days later AZDPS gave me finally my paid Public Records Request (PRR).

and just last second, maneuvers vs. braking long before to avoid taking my friends life then make the bogus narrative as we saw it.


Also how come in the investigation report we do not see the numbers...

  • of how number one the evidence proves she walked right in clear view almost 50 feet before she was struck and killed as the Yavapai County Sheriff's Officer who just drove .89 miles of wide road before he struck my friend.

  • Then when she was struck she was alleged (not visible on raw footage and going by the one witness saying the word cartwheel) toss/flew appx 33 feet that popped the sgt passenger door with damage to the front passenger side of this YCSO vehicle

  • but we see on raw footage she was in slide motion almost 22 feet after that alleged toss / flew/ cartwheel of appx 33ft..

That is not a person who had situational awareness in my humble opinion because the brakes would have been used much sooner vs. last moment maneuvers.

Also to have Donna's friend (Yarnell Fire Chief), she was Yarnell's fire board member (for the Yarnell Fire Chief), [another leader besides YCSO Sgt] chief, EMT(- Yarnell Fire Chief) it was weird how he assessed the scene vs go run to her since he saw Donna's friends who possibly just endured watching [raw footage shows them present] their friend get struck then died and they are the ones first helping Donna not the Officer or Yarnell Fire Chief but Donna's friends she just got done eating with and then to go get YFD hummer vehicle which was not parked far - eyewitness stated - and the time from him seeing her to parking was one minute 38sec

so tell me did we give Donna Gordon a fair ending from the time she was struck and killed to her investigation?

Did we YCSO? AZDPS? Locals? Media?


I show that in this post.

God is watching 🙏❣️

Yarnell Hill Fire Revelations blog gave Donna Gordon her fair ending story - quite a pricey ordeal too.

and we all are still doing our best for the YHF13 matter

still at hand.

You could not put a price on that path---

clearly between three to five folks and what has been gathered/done ---

nearing or over a million dollars

has been spent more than likely.

I saw something weird happened on YHF13'

that still needs to be told publicly ...

so my prayer is Donna's truth telling on YHF13'

and her unfortunate ending

breaks open a new investigation on YHF13' that will most likely just take me, Scott Briggs, Fred J Schoeffler, a lawyer, a publicist, more than likely Prescott FFs, a dispatcher, possibly specific media, and possibly and hopefully WFF Burk Minor to finally put YHF 13' to rest in documentation.

Let's make this flow and go.

Let's do this.

We are all protected 🙏❣️ to make sure it all comes out finally ...


I am having so much glitches---

areas vanishing before my eyes-

that it is important I publish it

then go back and fix glitches.

7-17-23 10:54pm

We are unable to bring our friend back.

At best we can have a memorial marker and pedestrian awareness shown to that area.

Yet, I made a promise I would place to the Public at Large- the Court of Public Opinion - the documented facts.

I have little faith in our current systems if they are so willing to conclude and include the one witness yet failed to place in report "how many" more were present???

Too many.

I will keep all of you eyewitnesses and the ones who were present or participated in the assistance to keep your friend alive, private.

You have had to live with this trauma almost a year.

My apologies your eyes had to experience that.

I saw the raw footage.

Please refrain from reading this post if you are sensitive to see the documented facts.

My health was affected in making the post.

Spiritual Warfare lasted many hours too.


There should be a place for you all to get free medical and or free massages for the trauma your bodies went through.

I wish it was that simple to share about YHF13' yet that area is complex and layered.

This DONNA GORDON incident relied on me gathering very quickly the public records and eyewitness testimonies.

God is here.

He is going to allow me to be the one to present

what He needs to be made public.

Maybe sharing this incident then

that the FBI will take a detailed look

at Yarnell Hill Fire 2013.

It matters.

We matter.

One concern

of many ...

my disappointment

in my humble opinion

in all this was YFD Chief

did not run out to her initially as an EMT and as well she was his friend and worked with her as she was on the fire board ---

It rips my heart to see that.

Also, seeing him park over the incident area- ???

YFD Chief, an EMT Leader? and Co-Instructor?

as well as he co-instructed

with YFD Asst. Chief Ben Palm

at the

Arizona Wildland Fire

Incident Management Academy -

Embry Riddle University

in recent years

as I met up with him there

when I was attending courses.

I am concerned

as well that

little attention

went to YCSO Sgt.

addressing this:

Appx. .89 miles when the Sgt. entered Yarnell to the impact spot and wide road- raw footage surveillance camera shows barely any vehicles both ways so full view- day light---come on... I want answers why my friend is dead and why zero justice has been done for the pedestrian, Donna Gordon??? I am her friend and I want to know these answers, YCSO.

This post is just that-

my public records,

Google Earth ruler images measuring distances,

and any area

I could do to help document the true events.






















Before I share all this...

I am accepting zero visitors uninvited currently.

If you enter my space - no matter who it is,

this is my public notification only an official with a warrant is allowed to be on my property.

Anyone else, You will be considered a trespasser

and I will share the data with the FBI to enforce the law---

I refuse to call YCSO on matters being it is their entity I reported to the FBI December 2022 and 7-15-23 10:39pm as well as the Investigation Team/any involved who handled Donna Gordon's incident.

I also turned in to HIPAA a complaint 7am 7-16-23- as my PRR shows violations of such.

I have done zero wrong so any warrants would be a calculated orchestration of another.

Everyone stay away from me and my home for a good bit so I may finish this Donna Gordon and Yarnell Hill Fire 2013 sections out.

(prayers welcomed)

Too many should hang their head down in shame for the lies and omissions. I forgive you.

I told everyone God was watching and in His time the world will know.

I had other plans for Summer 2023- yet duh, Joy knows best because God has my plans...

I want you all to know my entire vehicles and property are on surveillance (stored online) so in case any accidents occurred, you the world know, there is a 'blueprint' if the stuff vanished- if anything were to happen to any of us.

I set this in place currently to ensure we have safety because I am about to report about YCSO's Sgt./Donna Gordon in this post in true form.

Let me introduce how I knew both involved.

The Sgt.- watched him grow up- his family lives 198.62 feet away and we have all lived here for decades...Good people. I really like this family.

After the Yarnell Hill Fire 2013, Donna Gordon, saw how I was being unfairly treated.

It began with her whispering and looking around first when she saw me at the Dollar General before she would talk, she always looked around first (small town) and came close to me and in a librarian tone she would speak with me.

then to full on; she became my insider - pertaining to YHF13'. Our moments were highly private in public spots.

there was another who met us hikers at a lumber store (Deer Valley area), and he said, 'are you the hikers- Yarnell' and I said 'yes'- he said he would like to meet with us and show me the papers I requested in a public records request in person- that my request was simply ignored (Deer Valley Dispatchers) when it came in.

He said he was going on a vacation, and we can meet when he got back. He left. We never heard again from him so just chalk it up to the other many who say they got something but never finish what they state they would do.

I am at ____'s home and he is on the phone with _____ and ______ states Holly Henderson Synder Neill is digging around asking and looking for the guy who was to meet me. The man went on vacation - was in fatal car accident.

Why was Holly ask around about the guy? Who knows...

Both him and his partner- died- in that vehicle accident.

I heard that Spring 2018 at ____'s place when he spoke to _____.

I never got to meet him again, but I always knew by that one talk what I was going to see was important based on our talk and his body language.

Do you know "back channel" or with the FBI, I would offer information because one of his employees also had near misses and that person gave me very valuable documented information --- unsure if it is the same thing, he was to give me, but I own it.

Just to let you know, Retired Prescott Chief Dennis Light- you may want to take a seat and see who God led to my life before you went on record as a Public Servant labelling me to the City of Prescott Council and YHF13' FF Corey Moser a Conspiracy Theorist or chronic complainer when all I did was request an extensive number of public records to lead to a conclusion on how come I almost died but 19 did.

I am an advocate for the documented truth to lead to conclusions, Mr. about you?

People have to understand, I had things stolen during evacuation - one being the SD card that had the frontal images of the Granite Mountain Hotshots and that back story I will share back channel only. My kestrel. Sonny told Yavapai County Emergency Management Team/Denny Foulk about where my stuff was while we were in Evacuation. I also lost my wildlife I had a very unique bond due to the YHF13'- my life swiftly changed June 30, 2013.

Tex Harold Eldon Gilligan (Sonny) wanted me to take the photos June 30, 2013- my zazzle pages shows I am interested in nature pics not fire.

However, that day Sonny kept saying take a photo of this and then that...he said this is becoming a historical event. I may be the one who took the photos, yet it was Sonny that day that directed which pictures to take even the one with the Granite Mountain Hotshots. He saw things, not me. I just saw it was hot- wanted to see where two prospectors were and get the fire line images.

Image showing from Google Earth the actual ruler measuring how far I live from the YCSO Sgt. family:

W A R N I N G-


go to Links:

CTRL button and letter F button at same time to search DONNA GORDON prior links:


  • 0-23 seconds of this video---Interviewing Deputy walks up to Deputy who hit DONNA GORDON with Witness.

  • Interviewing Deputy showing professionalism to Deputy who hit DONNA GORDON and shared a 303/Bell incident and how he is recovering from that horrific moment. Transcripts below.

The things our First Responders have to face are just so sad.

What is sadder is when First Responders have to hold on to information to possibly protect the Agency.

I know,

I am daughter to my father

who faced just that,

so I know it too well.

Seems the more my father "hid" for the agency, or the agency protected him at times...

the more I had to shine his shoes for the next Award ceremony.

That is the life I learned early on...

seems like it is still the same.

How sad we have this kind of leadership out there.

My pops at his award ceremony:


23:16:00 is the recording times off surveillance footage not actual time.


Formal Investigation Interview:

I, Joy A Collura, redacted areas in grey-

We paid for this PRR

and we will redact any areas that we feel are personalized or sensitive and just get data/facts out.

You may schedule an appointment to review all these raw footage files, in person only at a later date so I can keep being productive.

Only a handful of folks will know my Summer 2023's locations. I will send a copy of this post to the legal team not for review but so they know and for my life insurance agent as well for 'situational awareness'.

Depends on 'timing' right now--- I prefer less interaction externally so I can move on after doing this post and keep at the YHF13' lies and omissions.

I have zero agendas - just getting the truth out.

I am turning actual Body Cam footage and I am choosing OTTER PRO app transcripts (minimal corrections needed and I did not make all corrections but please fact check and verify by watching in person the video or buy your own videos for over $240+) vs the world seeing the video- one can see it in person at a later date.

In front of vehicle not behind --- right out in the open, folks...

Donna was very visible.

Especially from YCSO Sgt. driving view.

I want answers.

It is a long stretch of road ---

4 lane highway with painted median with parallel parking on both sides--

big open area with one white car (23:16:53) that went Northbound moments before she crossed and the impact was 23:17:04.

and go look at the raw footage how many cars were around driving... so it was not a traffic concern.

how did you state it??? she made an impact to your vehicle?

when it was your duty to pay attention to your surroundings and you impacted my friend, for the record.

I want answers.

zero vehicles can park in front of where she stood, see:

see the fire hydrant:

Surveillance Footage clearly shows her looking left, right, left --- come view in person.

The investigation team had this footage- I got it from AZDPS in a PRR

but I could have had it long ago if I wanted another way.

The Investigation possibly knew all I am stating if a true investigation happened.

The Sgt. is incorrect in his statement.

Looking towards her vehicle:

YCSO SGT said he saw her--- and you even said:

why are there zero actions

for the Sgt. when a life is lost ????

Why are we always coddling the living

versus focusing to facts to how one died.

Why do I keep seeing conclusions been built on narratives vs. documented facts?

and he admits he saw her...

and look at the time stamps when she left from one side 23:16:47 then at 23:17:02 she is in his lane and then impact happened at 23:17:04 by the Sgt.

so then how is it that he admits he saw her on a 4-lane highway with painted median with both sides of highway has parallel parking.

He admits he was looking ahead so why not brake sooner???

Especially when you also admit she is not looking left or right. He stated the word "never" too.

Yet, I prove above she did- So that means he was possibly not paying attention until it was too late, right ????

This was avoidable- not an accident.

An avoidable accident.

Just like Yarnell Hill Fire 2013.

I need to understand this, folks out there.

Please help me wrap my head around it.

YFD Chief looks then turns around? Why not run immediately to your friend?

YCSO SGT attempts CPR:

23:18:08- her right arm drops to asphalt during his CPR.

Passerby takes over for Deputy.

HIPAA LAWS BROKE FROM AZDPS PRR Request FulFiller Person- this should have been redacted all the health/medical areas...on YCSO SGT.

White capris:

Officer on scene: Steve?

he was not originally on scene- this is the time he entered into the body cam:

interview ends here:

Remember so far only seeing this witness in file---not the business area witnesses which I own from social media and posted somewhere on my live journal areas...I will place only snippets from the interview to protect his identity:

These ones I cannot label who except it is a few YCSO and Witness filming them...

another witness who filmed yet not in report.

Public Servants on Scene who were present allowing Investigators to do their job, but they are there if they needed them:

There were so many who were not interviewed / and or they are not given me the interview and were interviewed, and they videoed the process as it is in this footage of them doing so---will not show to protect their identities:

shows the two YFD FF Chucks present:

Documented Facts:

  • 23:16:15 Pedestrian leaves business with two_____(couple; male / female) (left hand pizza box and purse hanging / right hand red cup of tea)

  • 23:16:47 Pedestrian looks left, 23:16:52 looks right 23:16:53 looks left again (white car passes- North bound)

  • 23:17:01 Pedestrian is at Meridian area on Highway 89.

  • 23:17:04 Pedestrian impacted by Deputy's vehicle on right side passenger front light area, hood by windshield bottom corner, passenger door damage as far as opening/closing door -Pedestrian body flew a good ways. I will place a distance marker imaged below.

appx. a total of 53+feet from impact to where she laid.

  • YFD Chief looks at scene, turns around and brought Hummer and placed and drove over the actual Incident area and parked. (1min38sec) -

  • 23:19:03 to 23:21:02 (2min 1 sec) YFD Chief arriving on scene until he reached pedestrian

  • YFD Chief total time from first seeing her caught on camera footage/possibly could be longer just what he is shown on camera, getting Hummer parked to arriving to her was 3m 39s.

Locals still concerned ...

  • YFD Chief - when does the paperwork state he signed with pedestrian he was Power of Attorney for pedestrian- an alleged unconfirmed serious rumor many want answers to.

  • Scaffold rumor concern

  • Local rumors he is already under investigation as some alleged FFs that worked for him were interviewed and some want to know how to "fact check and verify" and came to me.

  • many are disturbed YFD Chief did not address pedestrian immediately when pedestrian friends were the ones helping her not passersbys as Deputy stated in his statement.

  • many were disturbed YFD Chief parked on the incident area vs. appropriately near as it is stated by law enforcement how YFD Chief ran over something in his decision making.

  • many were disturbed he was wearing the YFD shirt while at a bar.

  • YFD Report made by YFD Chief: 19:01:33 phone p/u Lara Schneider 19:03:24 1st Unit Assigned 19:04 Arrived 20:54:33 Incident Closed Units Assigned YFDEMS 19:03:24 cancel on scene arrived 19:09 MC-4102 19:03:35 cancel before scene AIR-1 19:02:35 cancel before scene 19:18:35 MC-4103 19:19:17 19:14:24 enroute- Amber Golden / Brendon Church

  • [ I did not see them ( Amber Golden / Brendon Church) in footage to identify and confirm yet I can confirm YFD Chuck Kristiansen and Chuck Edwards were present in footage.]


Interesting facts: We know there was many present/witnesses at the business, yet we only see the one who was coming from the Dollar General on the Body Cam in the files vs. the business witnesses in my Public Records Request. ?????? How come?

I also know the business testimonies from Social Media communications. May be on one of my posts those records. Otherwise, I can lead FBI to check out my Social Media- it is a blueprint.