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Public Records | Department of Forestry and Fire Management- PRR-000238

Public Records Request Confirmation Number: PRR-000238


Let's see what number in line I am at:


1. PRR-000237 Requester First Name: Sam Requester Last Name: Harbison


2. PRR-000236 Requester First Name: Jeffrey Requester Last Name: Burgess



3. PRR-000234 Requester First Name: Devin Requester Last Name: Hassler


4. PRR-000233 Requester First Name: Casey Requester Last Name: Sherwood



5. PRR-000231 Requester First Name: Kristi Requester Last Name: Atwood


6. PRR-000229 Requester First Name: Cassandra Requester Last Name: Ortiz


PRR-000227,6,5,4,3,2,1,20,19, etc. I got this so now who knows what place I am in line...but appx. six in line within unknow...due to others numbers I get this:

We do know I was asking for records, and I have posts already out on that and that was in the 100s in the start of 2023.



ME: topic: Congress Fire Dept. / Mutual Agreements / Memorandum of Understanding MOU PRR-000137

Very strongly suggested to click on above link--- I will add a few snippets here but many images are a MUST SEE on what I requested.

I took some snippets and emailed DFFM:

I am a real authentic person ....

standing tall

in my integrity

and my intentions ---

I am unapologetic to being pure and being me.

End of story.

Next time you think

you want to throw shit my way,

lie on me,

guilt trip me,

judge me,

tell me my intentions,

throw your shit my way...

I have the pure freedom

to just ignore 75-80% of you

because you don't want to see anything

from my perspective

No matter how you twist it,

to fit into your box,

it will crash at some point,

if it is based on a lie or an omission.

Remaining standing tall in truth= Success with Jesus

I will wave at you all ...

because you will all sabotage yourselves.

You have your choice.

I won't waste my time to show you how to understand me.

My humble opinion matters though!


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