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Helm Surveillance Camera

Weird, my public records lack time stamps on the HELM footage, but others got time stamps from the HELM Surveillance Camera:

Hmmmm..... ????????????????????????????????

So, how come the SAIT-SAIR or ADOSH report lacked these crucial timestamped unredacted raw footage of the HELM Surveillance Cameras...??? Right?



to answer Investigative Media (Fire 20+) participant DEANNA THOMPSON who had a copy of my photos and I hiked her June 30, 2014 so why ask Willis this question on Eric's tool June 30, 2013:

when my photos prove what he carried that day, June 30, 2013, right here where Eric Shane Marsh carried the tool in question by InvestigativeMEDIA's Fire20+ Deanna Thompson:

Vs. guesstimation with no documented proof perception from Willis...ain't life weird. Deanna hiked with me appx 217 days before this email but maybe felt she could not email me because that was the phase that one's disingenuously got me in court for a BOGUS injunction for harassment case with a widow and Deanna was friends with Holly who was at this point tied in with this widow. All back channels stuff. Yet, all important when learning about the Yarnell Hill Fire 2013 YHF13' and its aftermath.


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