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Page 5- These are my City of Prescott Public Records Requests- (descending order)

Author- Joy A. Collura


Views expressed to "the public at largeand "of public concern" DISCLAIMER: Please fully read the front page of the website (link below) before reading any of the posts ( ) The authors and the blog are not responsible for misuse, reuse, recycled and cited and/or uncited copies of content within this blog by others. The content even though we are presenting it public if being reused must get written permission in doing so due to copyrighted material. Thank you. If you just came here with revenge and hate in your mind and heart, then click off to another site- This blog is for people who want to learn not take the data to gossip and cause harm.


There may be images below watermarked with hidden trace so that I may know where the image was saved. All my posts must have written permission to use any content. Get your PRR or FOIA or ask permission by us. I gave the sources so you can ask for your own. Mine are non-commercial so remember that is for people not making a cent- I do it for the Public at Large. No "made-for-profit" book like others.

This is the link you will keep coming back to as I will keep loading this section with the City of Prescott Public Records Requests ( PRRs ) and eventually break them into Part One, Two, etc. as they increase in volume size so the posts are kept reasonable in size.


There may be images below watermarked with hidden trace so that I may know where the image was saved. All my posts must have written permission to use any content. Get your PRR or FOIA or ask permission by us. I gave the sources so you can ask for your own. Mine are non-commercial so remember that is for people not making a cent-


Page four was 88 pages when saving to PDF area so time for new page- page five here.



adding replies from IM (7/30/20 2:32 PM):


The next item in the PRR request is 0154_Sender_Willis,Darrell - FirstRecipient_Deanna Thompson - Subject_Mystery Engine - 01-27-2015.pdf.


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I want some of you to know you are for sure in my prayers especially those hybrids that were there the last 18 minutes.

The next item in the PRR request is 0147_Sender_Willis,Darrell - FirstRecipient_Deanna Thompson - Subject_Another vehicle - 02-02-2015.pdf.


The next item in the PRR request is 0125_Sender_Willis,Darrell - FirstRecipient_Fernanda Santos - Subject_another quick question for me - and a request - 02-06-2015.pdf.


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The next item in the PRR request is 0118_Sender_Willis,Darrell - FirstRecipient_Marshall Krotenberg - Subject_Preliminary Lab Results on Evidence Found in Yarnell - 06-03-2014.pdf. I will also place this on post 4-


The next item in the PRR request is 0094_Sender_Willis,Darrell - FirstRecipient_Moser - Subject_Meeting Wednesday July 16. 1000-1400, Prescott Fire Center. Re_Yarnell Hill with State Attorney General and Operations Personnel,Bring any notes .pdf.


( paused - published - 7/28/20 10:28 PM- good night. )


The next item in the PRR request is 0090_Sender_Willis,Darrell - FirstRecipient_Dudley - Subject_E-mail Address Change - 03-20-2015.pdf.

The next item in the PRR request is 0078_Sender_Willis,Darrell - FirstRecipient_Denny Foulk - Subject_NOAA Radio - 04-22-2014.pdf.


( paused - published - 7/28/20 10:04 PM- good night. )


( paused - published - 7/29/20 5:57 AM- good morning. )

If you happen to be one of the "structural firefighters" that was there the last 18 minutes or even one of the ones who was so hyped up that what you did took the life of another and it does not even have to be 19 related - it could be those unspoken grey areas -

If you happen to be one of the "structural firefighters" that received burns but was told to not bring it even up - no paperwork - no incident within an incident for you - we just lost 19 lives - "roll on" -

If you happen to be one of the "structural firefighters" that had the fight that you look back even today and think 'why is this woman keep bringing this up...I have enough hard times internally without her keep bringing it up. I am going for my PhD - Doctorate of Philosophy. I have my Masters, Leadership with an Emphasis in Disaster Preparedness and Executive Fire Leadership. Bachelors in Applied Management. Associates of Applied Science, Fire Science. I am in charge, Joy, of the mission, the values and the vision and I strategically am doing that. I am a strong mentor in both my professional and personal life, I am doing good, I am doing right. I am alive. I am making something good from it. I am a SPS. I got this. I am advancing smoothly in my career. We cannot go back to June 30, 2013. Let it go. I am growing from it and the world does not need to see that dark areas of my life. I will learn Human Factors areas but not practice it in my own personal areas and do the true leadership requirements because no one cares truly about Safety and Human Factors - it is just learning the curves and roll with it, Joy'

If you happen to be one of the "structural firefighters" that have enjoyed me on their paths but someone now may it be a real person or just that inner voice is saying stay clear away from Joy both professionally and personally and you either like me or just being in the loop or I have been a sound person who you were able to speak your darkest hours with the past seven plus years or for some just met or known in recent years.

If you happen to be one of the "structural firefighters" that feel I should now stop because I am hitting a sensitive chord to you -

think about this -

I was on the Weavers with the GMHS June 30, 2013 that afternoon and on the aftermath it was just shown some hikers took some passing by photos. They omitted facts and even at times tried to use Neuro-linguistic programming with me.

Your actions had I not listened to Tex Harold Eldon Gilligan (Sonny) because of my edema and I was at ease position above the Helms ( near the Observation Deck of the current GMHS Memorial State Park Trail ), I would have perished as well on the Yarnell Hill Fire, June 30th, 2013.

It was the old miner rancher mentality of Sonny that when he came back for me and he explained this fire as he explains here:

An old miner, logger, rancher type fella took the time out to save my life when we were up in the Weavers June 30, 2013 to alert folks hidden in the ridges to get away from the Congress prospecting heat and to see the fire behavior.

All I seen from you is the lack of true leadership and lack of true integrity to do the 'difficult right thing' and as you know the current educational system is not teaching that too well if you are already with so many bat hides and trying to state you are one of "those structural firefighters" and now you want nothing to do with the truth telling process of being kept in the loop. To me, that was telling.

You do a full background on me, sir, and you will see I am in a family system of career folks with degrees and such then there is me, the housewife hiker. I totally get not wanting the truth out because you may lose yourself and career too. I just want you to know the path of being that housewife hiker led by God has its challenges but I know I am out there sharing and doing what you and others should have done years ago.

Much like the vehicles you drive; powerful engine and a composed ride, but poor fuel economy, that is my wrap of you (my takeaway) for your long time future. You are a powerhouse and well liked- hell I forgive you for June 30, 2013 and I like you too very much so that I am doing this to help and heal you not harm you. You have built your resume to be a shining example and well-composed. You will not win the ride will cost you by the path you chose to ride or you will gas out. Maybe you may want to change the style of vehicle? One good on gas and goes the distance and still stylish.

I am doing this to help you from that. You already know the pain of someone else checking out and even though you say you will never do that because you will get so credentialed up and be so busy and then it takes that one dry moment. Do the right thing.

Speak up and tell about June 30, 2013. If you fail to - I have the first amendment right to do what I am doing because Donut was not the only Survivor out there on the Weavers June 30, 2013...there were many of us who can say we too did survive and still are by trying to make sense how current leadership folks in the Fire Industry just grab the paychecks and really refrain from opening themselves to realities...but they happily accept awards, bonuses, advancements and leadership positions when the rest of us know better shaking our heads.

If you happen to be one of the "structural firefighters" that feel I should get a life - yet you have now made your life about money making LLCs and Organizations and let us remember how many of you who did the actions and how the Sports Industry consumes your life and time. Right? So at least I am trying to bring Truth and Integrity to the front. Are you? really ?Even if you get into leadership spots does not make you a true Leader?

Remember, these people I am releasing records on are because of their very public podcasts ( ) to "fact check and verify" to the world

yet if you happen to be one of the "structural firefighters" - you may think 'oh she did not pull from our entity, I am safe...shew'...think again, I pulled from all areas and ways.

This mother above along with so many others deserve "your voice" and Willis was tied into this small crowd searching for answers yet I grew disappointed that all these years went by and Holly Neill continues even in 2020 to talk about this "made for profit" book is still in process and yet you the World have had to learn from me the housewife hiker not the people who have clout and authority. What will come of this? What person in Government Authority will do something? Why did Krotenberg just settle that they did a product and he did not take Willis stuff out the Media or anywhere to make sure this does not happen again. Why?

Those last 18 minutes will become public. So change careers and become a truth teller now before the world learns it this way, right?! I hate I have to do this- I do. Yet how many years have to go by? Why should I have this weight on my shoulders? Those kids need to know.


You want to do something for me-

Donate to my ol' German classmate Beth's real cause -

( The money you donate will drive groundbreaking research and services to ensure people affected by MS have the resources they need to live their best lives.

My Aunt and Beth Finkbeiner Creta who both have MS -

we all appreciate your donations to her cause.

Donate today.


The next item in the PRR request is 0075_Sender_Willis,Darrell - FirstRecipient_Zelms - Subject_Yarnell Fire Reinburcement - 05-15-2014.pdf.


The next item in the PRR request is 0059_Sender_Willis,Darrell - FirstRecipient_sonny gilly - Subject_Thank you for your presence today. - 01-09-2015.pdf.

Sad part of that court room stuff was he went with hearsay of a woman (Pfingston) who did not have clear communications with her husband Jerry on the topic of who asked who on the 'alternative' folks because it is on IM or here where I prove it was Jerry Pfingston who said he wanted the hikes with the alternative folks not me.

Also note, the date in these emails was over six months later about the lab results Willis wrote Krotenberg about and he (Willis) never kept me in the loop - for the record - on any of that and he knew I was on that hike with Neill, Sinclair, Thompsons, Roths, Michael Kodas where the discussion was whispered between boulders.


The next item in the PRR request is 0052_Sender_Willis,Darrell - FirstRecipient_Wertheim,Pete - Subject_Cell Phones - 03-05-2014.pdf.


The next item in the PRR request is 0045_Sender_Willis,Darrell - FirstRecipient_Fernanda Santos - Subject_quick question on the Pagami Creek Fire - 09-15-2014.pdf.


The next item in the PRR request is 0040_Sender_Willis,Darrell - - Subject_Forestry _ Hotshot Inquiry - 04-28-2014.pdf.


The next item in the PRR request is 0035_Sender_Willis,Darrell -

FirstRecipient_Honig - Subject_Anniversary - 06-30-2014.pdf.


The next item in the PRR request is 0034_Sender_Willis,Darrell - FirstRecipient_Judy Willis - Subject_Dedication page - 12-10-2014.pdf.


The next item in the PRR request is 0029_Sender_Willis,Darrell - FirstRecipient_Marshall Krotenberg - Subject_Yarnell Hill Discovery - 05-28-2014.pdf.

From: Willis,Darrell

To: "Marshall Krotenberg"

Date: 5/28/2014 12:35:43 PM

Subject: RE: Yarnell Hill Discovery

Dear Marshall, I have come upon some additional information and I feel compelled to inform you about it. This relates to the information I provided you with on May 7, 2014. There is additional evidence that has been collected and is being analyzed at a laboratory. There are several family members of the deceased that are actively involved now and they have reached out to a US Senator’s staff member. There are now several groups pursuing these leads and in fact have a site visit planned this Friday with the Senator’s staff member. I wanted to make you aware of this before it goes to the media which I feel is only a phone call away. Thank you for your consideration.


Darrell Willis, Division Chief Prescott Fire Department

333 White Spar Road Prescott, AZ 86303

(928)777-1701 Office

(928)776-1890 Fax

Notice: My new e-mail address is

From: Marshall Krotenberg

Sent: Wednesday, May 07, 2014 1:48 PM

To: Willis,Darrell Subject: RE: Yarnell Hill Discovery Chief, Thank you for the information. I will pass your message on to our legal staff handling the case.

, Marshall Krotenberg, CIH, CSP Compliance Supervisor Arizona Division of Occupational Safety and Health 800 W. Washington Street Phoenix, AZ 85007

Seriously? And what ever happened to this Senator's Staff Member event? What is going on?


The next item in the PRR request is 0007_Sender_Willis,Darrell - FirstRecipient_joy C - Subject_Happy New Year - 01-05-2015.pdf.

Are you kidding me Willis- Did you read the Dudley email between you two? Give me a break, sir. You read this above and then read Dudley's email with you and see if above makes sense. What a joke this is all becoming. Not even the Senator's Staff Member event received public attention? You waiting for the videos? photos? Let me show you Willis who has/had them.


on to page 6 - new post - of the Public Records (20-038):



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