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Page 4- These are my City of Prescott Public Records Requests- (descending order)

Author- Joy A. Collura


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I do it for the Public at Large. No "made-for-profit" book like others.

This is the link you will keep coming back to as I will keep loading this section with the City of Prescott Public Records Requests ( PRRs ) and eventually break them into Part One, Two, etc. as they increase in volume size so the posts are kept reasonable in size. Page three was 152 pages when saving to PDF area so time for new page- page four here.

Good night ( 7/25/20 9:08 PM ) .... work on this tomorrow afternoon 7/26/20


Good Morning ( 7/26/20 9:41AM )

in this post four I am going to "pause" PRR 19-438 to peak into Darrell Willis 20-036 PRR.

PRR 20-036 opening the request "live" with you but I am sharing I feel unwell. Each day I feel like I got my butt whooped bad. I went to bed late and got up at 8:30 AM so almost six hours sleep. Here we go- let me go scan the City of Prescott letter and thumb drive.


Finally made it back, that vomiting is killing my chest area...ugh.

Okay on to this request...The next item in the PRR request is the letter first and its envelope contents:

( paused - published - 7/26/20 11:04 AM- gotta rest for a moment - not well but as the day unfolds I will keep coming here - )

( back - as I went to rest - never happened - ended up eating an egg and 1 slice of spelt and here I am again 11:27 AM )


Before I begin- I am "skimming" the PRR to see for YHF stuff---any other areas can wait- or you can pull your own and see since I offered the PRR#. It is always funny though the ones who have caused me harm, having inappropriate mannerisms and defamation so far in this path are the ones in the index logs pulling what I pulled - no one else.

The next item in the PRR request is 20-036. see:

Below are the documents from file folder 0004_Sender_Willis,Darrell - FirstRecipient_Beams - Subject_BIO, cadre travel form - 01-07-2015 containing Biographical Sketch Darrell Willis.pdf and Pacific Northwest Training Center Cadre Registration.pdf

Biographical Sketch Darrell Willis.pdf:

Pacific Northwest Training Center Cadre Registration.pdf:

The initials online show: YWNSA - You Will Not Stand Alone:


I enclosed the first in the PRR because of the BIO section on Willis and it is important to keep that to the forefront as we open up more records.

The next item in the PRR request of 20-036 are the documents from file folder "0010_Sender_Willis,Darrell - FirstRecipient_Willis. Judy ICE - Subject_Thank you for allowing me to stand next to you that day! - 06-25-2014 ' are ATT00001.htm [EMPTY-show below] and The Story of the Hill.pdf (JP Vicente Family Support Services):

The Story of the Hill.pdf (JP Vicente Family Support Services):


( paused - published - 7/26/20 12:34 PM - just publishing as I go - no break - just trying to keep this "live" as I see it you are right there with me seeing it too.)


The next item in the PRR request of 20-036 are the documents from file folder "0031_Sender_Willis,Darrell - - Subject_Prescott_Yavapai County Risk Assessment - 02-09-2015" is "YCWPP 2014.pdf":

I converted the PDF to JPG to place the entire plan here except it is almost 90 pages and in mixed up order but there is stuff worthy to do it but not now- I am focused to YHF....BIOs / Credentials and such. There is plenty of good stuff in this PDF and does have YHF yet it is a huge PDF and maybe later I can add it. Just time consuming and tedious.

Plus, see the out of order - so for me to do this I would have to look at original plan until the end to make sure I upload it and enter it here in order and that takes too much time:


The next item in the PRR request of 20-036 are the documents from file folder 0164_Sender_Willis,Darrell - FirstRecipient_Harwood - Subject_End of season reports - 05-02-2014 which contains GMIHC 2007 End of Season Report.pdf and GMIHC 2008 End of Season Report.pdf:


Now I had a document that not only showed what I asked for in 2016 but again in recent PRRs so maybe now we can get somewhere but either way City of Prescott never fulfilled those PRRs correctly.


The next item in the PRR request is 0207_Sender_Willis,Darrell - FirstRecipient_[redacted for the blog] - Subject_GMIHC Crew History Bullets 2013.doc - 03-16-2015 file folder with GMIHC Crew History Bullets 2013.pdf in it:


The next item in the PRR request is 0019_Sender_Willis,Darrell - FirstRecipient_Moser - Subject_Meeting with State Attorney General and Ops from Yarnell Hill - 07-11-2014.pdf:



InvestigativeMedia (John E Dougherty- there are many John Doughertys so specifically the one who has a B.S. JOURNALISM-Jan 1, 1974 - Dec 31, 1978 from ASU and originally from VA- that one. The one was once tied to Phoenix Gazette, Phoenix New Times, Southwest Sage and own InvestigativeMEDIA has my permission to use any content on my blog for any non-commercial or for his own commercial purpose use if it is legally allowed without having to pull his own because John pulled the right FOIAs and PRRs long before I ever knew what they were and he asked and tried to get the answers A.S.A.P. better than any other journalist and I am saying AZCENTRAL are near his level of digging but due to them never fixing Shaun McKinnon's article - photo of our hike with Shaun:

they lost any right to my story and materials and if I spent more in person time with Anne Ryman and got a feel for any story she was to do- she and Eddi Trevino have always laid on my 'maybe' list and Morgan Loew lost me when he lost our footage that he promised us on our hikes to give us a copy for our records.)

and the other person who can use our material to do a Educational Purpose documentary is Scott E. Briggs ( Into the Black Productions ) to ensure we can lessen the Wildland Firefighter Fatalities and to do our best to discover and share "complete lessons learned" - Dated 7-26-20 5:26 PM.

this man is the man (below) who truly is honoring the men for digging for the truth even in ways I do not comprehend but I know with all my heart it is not with ill intent ...may be hard topics but he is brazen to do it even in sandals in bear wallow brush country:

There is a man sometime this Summer 2020 / Fall 2020 who has a podcast that will interview us but we only permit as we discuss to anybody else; limited. I just want the world to know those two men above (John and Scott) have our permission at anytime to use our blog content. I seen them in my record digging that they both worked very hard in gaining truths on the Yarnell Hill Fire.


The next item in the PRR request is 0210_Sender_Willis,Darrell - FirstRecipient_Archer - Subject_Web page updates - 10-02-2014.pdf:


7-27-20 7:45 AM - been up since 6:50 AM and slowly again getting going. I will do this PC stuff until 2PM today then go do errands and around the house stuff. That's the plan. So be here "live" until then if you want to 'chat' and discuss any areas. The chat area is that annoying box on the bottom right. Click on it and say hello.


The next item in the PRR request is 0235_Sender_Willis,Darrell - FirstRecipient_Sarah Yager - Subject_Following up with a few more questions - 04-17-2014.pdf: