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DONNA GORDON - Arizona Department of Public Safety - Public Records Request Completed.

DONNA GORDON - Arizona Department of Public Safety - Public Records Request Completed 7-15-23.

This is a notification,

that I scheduled that post

to automatically be released

on her first anniversary

August 26, 2023...

In remembrance to a fine woman.

RiP, Donna Gordon.

Sorry for the early on omissions

done your way ...

I have your back, Donna.

watching the body cam when they interviewed the deputy:

7-15-23 12:53pm:

Public at Large: This is very difficult for me...I find myself listening to the Evidence and feeling I don't want to place it out Public.

I mean, I may have to say if you want to come listen or view what I own- reach me...

but I knew both sides in this...and I cared for both, this is difficult.

Very sensitive. I can see the similarities to the Yarnell Hill Fire 2013 and how some did not want crucial areas to the Public at Large on the YHfire. Shew. I am reviewing the data and my heart is breaking...

Maybe, God wanted me to "feel" this emotion so I could comprehend those who lied and omitted on the Yarnell Hill Fire 2013.

I don't know but it does not make it any easier to watch and listen. I will do my best to get the documented facts out- I may not publish the videos. I have that right-

we paid way over a couple hundred bucks just for the footage. It is way sensitive, and I will deliver the facts but more than likely type them out.

7-15-23 5:18pm: many folks alerted me WIX was not working on cells today and Fred said his too was not working...

Meanwhile, I was word by word doing my best to do a transcript of the video- AZDPS Body Cam and no way am I placing the video public

because I am not editing out HIPPA stuff that was left in from AZDPS--- I mean I should not be able to hear his personal medical and medication list.

Anyways, I know both ends of this and I promise to God I will be unbiased in the matter so you can have documents to lead to a proper conclusion ...okay... yet it does not make it any easier to sit and heart breaks for both sides in this. I have only transcribed 15 minutes so far.

I have to go sleep now...I just feel --- sad.

After Yarnell Hill Fire, I helped so many homeowners and I almost died on that fire and when Wasson told me what he did and others too. I told Sonny we have to get the documented truths out.

Sonny was minimal in gathering yet helpful yet stood by me through the decade.

I know how those people who lied and omitted feel/felt seems like we focus to the people still alive, eh ...yet I will give a firm fair look at the records and present them to you all so you can make an assessment.

People are free to examine the raw footage in person yet no copies will be made or shared.

7-15-23 5:45pm: I have seen plenty of raw footage now to conclude whatever footage ___________________ has ---I know some of the witnesses in the matter and I know for them to eyewitness it ---sorry their lives faced that ---

I can state I spent a lot of funds to research it out in almost a year and her death was an unfortunate one, yet I will not be making a post of all the stuff I got itemized out.

I will figure something out to honor her but also recognizing you all who want to know what took place, and in the initial interview.

What I did learn in this is how maybe my digging as deep as I have on the Yarnell Hill Fire 2013, the documents people gave to people who were on the DONNA GORDON scene....and Donna was one of my helpers...I had to make sure I checked this out...I could not do this for Pete Masiel, but I did for DONNA GORDON.

I will let you all know there was areas I felt could have been delved into deeper but I am not done looking at all the stuff so may still be there.

7-15-23 6:03pm: Sorry if this sounds like a roller coaster ride of expressions but saw another person in background in footage and I know that person--- had no idea they filmed it. This is not easy for me to review Donna's images and all the content. Just hard.

I can tell you this without appx half dozen folks coming forward ---- then it will remain as it is shown publicly.

So far, one area also can shed light on the matter too.

They have not. It is one of those we live here so ...

7-15-23 6:47pm- Based on the footage I just saw---and anyone who wants to view such, can reach me in person but based on that footage---no way---that was an avoidable situation if one was following all laws, guidelines and protocols...sorry, because I like you both yet in my humble opinion --- that was clearly an avoidable situation.

I would conclude DONNA GORDON needs her end story told and I will do it, but it is not easy...but heck this whole aftermath of the YHF13 has not been easy...the only thing I am buffaloed about...she looked both ways...


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