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Pt 2-DONNA GORDON - Arizona Department of Public Safety - PRR 8-27-22 / August 26, 2022; RiP


I am having so much glitches---

areas vanishing before my eyes-

that it is important I publish it

then go back and fix glitches.

7-17-23 10:54pm

Thank you, FBI - you may possibly find out more than I ever can -- this is just what they publicly shared in a PRR and my social media documentation.

I also publicly/privately give my full permission to watch every area to my life past/present/current/future, FBI. Hope and pray the ones looking though follow God... right?! just saying...

I speak/type documented facts and own my flaws private and publicly. You will see some characters in all this too. Pray for them.

POWERFUL PRAYERS | Plead The Blood Of Jesus For Protection | No Weapon Formed Will Prosper

This new news AZDPS PRR has truly affected my health...

So sad that so many were okay with accepting Donna Gordon's ending story vs. looking for the documented truths as I just did. Strange world.

I am heartbroken:

Yet, I focused to the beautiful Arizona sunsets

we received this week :), see:

Our sunrises are pretty too:

for the record:

2023-07-14 13:33/Friday, July 14th, 2023 at 1:01 PM I did not know "JS"- I cried in depth 7-15-23 over the raw I could have let you know but the pain hurt so much so please forgive me...I just noted the email I sent you 7-15-23 was in draft still even though I sent it- it say in draft===I won't send it now...I did screenshot it and sent my prayers up to God asking His Will be done...yet all this time I thought you got my notification email...

Misc items:


Also Remember, besides the FBI being alerted Dec. 2022 -

so was the Arizona Governor

and I never got squat there too; zero communications there as well just ignored...

what does that tell the Public at Large about my state?

Beats me. [maybe I should drink some Kool-Aid to maybe figure this out ???]


when I was clearing my cell, I realized I notified on my cell what the Attorney General recommended back on 7-16-23:





8-1-23 5:23am:

I, Joy A Collura, watched the video analytics for this post and the above stated they did a careful review, yet the report of their time spent on my page could be considered possibly questionable. I get a video copy of everything one looks at/copies/examines and how long you stay in one section or how long you stay on the post.

All I can say is if this event happens in the future by any YCSO officer- this is a public blueprint... a public profile and, in my humble opinion, shows the manners of YCSO in true documented form.

These online posts show I did my best to do what God asked of me as to alert the higher authorities so I did my best to PREVENT another incident to take place where they can just make a glazed narrative(s) as they did when they own the raw footage from the start-

I wanted her ending to be told in documented truth for the records. She deserves that much.

that is quite telling and if someone of a high authority over the state of Arizona is watching maybe you can help delegate justice for DONNA GORDON...all I ask is her ending be told in truth not a glazed narrative for the record.

Thank you.

I request an official incident report and the incident to be treated the same fashion as any common civilian would be treated in this matter.

included the actual raw footage to FBI

awhile back on Youtube the Media reported the AZDPS director stating this:

yeah, feel real safe..... when that accident of his was never really properly examined then becomes DIRECTOR of Public Safety?

Google his name to see those accident pics.

His pops was long time AZDPS director and both had Col. military background...yeah, feel real protected ???---go see what law enforcement has done my way [recorded on youtbe] over others lies and omissions...totally bogus.

enforce? maybe on us but what about the ones enforcing - do you on your own? go watch the raw footage and tell me your take...

So do you think DONNA GORDON got treated fairly?

after watching the raw footage...I do not see how one can possibly feel safe and valued...


I am looking for records on another area and saw Donna Gordon/ADOT -some FB comments...I will add stuff here as I find them.


fact check and verify rumors:

local text:


Are ya intercepting my technology? Wait until my journal is released Dec 31,2023? What is that? That is odd the past month.

High Authorities, Media and Laywers have the raw footage yet us locals hear cricket noises, and nothing changed yet...???

Stand firm on the truth...praying to God Faithfully.

What type of 'politic-an' is going on back channel?

The evidence is out there, the gig is up, right?...let's get this out on both DONNA GORDON vs. YCSO Sgt and YHF13'---

I still want to see how one woman submitted an order of protection in 2021 against me and my name, but they would never provide me the docs to see what the judge got to see because it was "denied"- I have a right to see, if possible, perjury was committed... and if so, by whom...what area do we need to look at...right? What area to be cautious about...

I mean, YCSO gathered and inventoried something

June 30-July 7, 2013 near the very person's property that back channel was denied an "order of protection" on my name who is tight with the very lady who YCSO officer labelled two GMHS names; her hubby's name was one of the names listed "'possibly' then the full name"...this has to stop, people.

This is serious and this is bullshit that it went this far out ...

And people, Donna was my insider ... my intel ... so I am sorry but I will stand firm in getting her end told truthfully as well as YHF13'.

Damage has been done to my life and I am looking at the solutions and to see where we need to fix things the right way.

Where lays the lies and omissions and likely corruption... ??? ??? ???

enough falsifying and damaging especially on my name ... do we really have to see perjury?

Enough time that I should have those missing permanent public records from YHF13' or the official audit completed by now--- and soon I will announce what Media knows already if they fail to do the difficult right thing.

Are there really folks above the law???

I know you are not above with God's law.

Look at my brutal assault July 2022---

Come on, look at my major vehicle collision 4-10-23

and make sense of that?

No plea deals should be allowed on all the hiding of information for the past annual to the Public at Large based on the lies and omissions.

Justice to the wrongdoings will happen in God's time ... ???

How many "out the park".. evidence do I need to provide to get this going? Right "KT". KT- Took your words there...

The one YHF13' Aaron showed folks; that lay low back-channel evidence? ... if I showed that then would people listen to me? just saying.

Also have them possibly check the dark web?, emails?, texts? on govt areas...on this matter or my name...possibly check financial accounts.

I bet more than likely answers lay there?

I know retired City of Prescott Chief Light placed my name to go up for a City of Prescott Council meeting on his perceptions, yet they stand as falsehoods made against me...WTH??? The man never met me---what was all that about? Where does he come up with that s[___].

This back channel stuff must be (en)forced to the front. Watch the raw footage and tell me I am supposed to believe YCSO/AZDPS/Media that Donna wore dark shorts, she struck the vehicle, she didn't look both ways, she came from behind a vehicle, the time of day, there was only one witness coming from Dollar General Store area, etc..

Justice for Donna Gordon. Tell her end story correctly.

Let me tell you all the above ... what we were fed...

is untrue and ANY PERSON at this point who wants the raw footage- email me that you are okay to receive disclaimer type raw sensitive data and that you waive any liability what the raw footage will do to you and your health especially mental health.

If you electronically email I will release by email it to you as long as you agree to never release it public as some areas show AZDPS broke HIPAA laws...and I received it that way...I am okay to send it back channel with that agreement that no suit will be made against me for sharing the documented raw footage on a non-commercial request and if reshared it is for personal use only to see documented truth.

Right now, outside the High Authorities, Media, and lawyer, very few I trust fully have a complete copy. They all know to refrain from resharing especially the AZDPS breaking HIPAA law footage...I trust those people to never reshare.

I have zero clue who is the right jurisdiction but all have been reached to look into this deeper...truth matters.

My social media areas have minimal content so to come back at risk---quite interesting...

It is way strange that the Hollywood fillum

for the GMHS was called

Only the Brave

Voice of Triumph Is Here.

I live by God's Code...

People, I have a passion for truth.

I am still standing with bandages all rugged

and disgusting looking...

oh well...

All of you wannabe naysayers...God is watching...

These young kids today can know I cared enough...

to do the difficult right thing.

Lead by example

not by greed

and political agendas...

If you are sooooooo transparent .... ???? ....

and you have done your best to harm or hurt me

who JOY A COLLURA is/was just an eyewitness to one of the biggest incidents in Wildland Fire where I almost died but 19 did and all I did was document to lead to a conclusion ... Come on, people.

You only get on my blog when you come to my space or if I see you bullying new folks or lying on me - I call it out ...

when I say in the past week, facts are coming out back channel ... peoples' plans failed ....

You may possibly run in a pack,

you remember this as you gain the numbers-

I stand firm alone with God.

I know the USA possibly lacks resources and most likely IQs as well in leadership roles, but internationally my blog is touching lives and justice will prevail.

All wrongs will be corrected.

When the authentic investigators see all this, they are most likely gonna give me the firmest handshake and say

"thank you for your tenacity and pure bravery"...

S[__], maybe some S.S. leaders Jenn A. mentioned in 2019

would do the same at this point and say "whoah, you go gurl...tenacity for sure".

for making the time to document to lead to a conclusion vs. all these bullies who trashed my name back channel and publicly in the public records. the politics. the agendas. (vomit noise)


were made about


and even on Scottie E. Briggs -locally, City of Prescott leader(s), and going on up the chains and not one even with seeing people die who I was to meet, I was brutally assaulted and was in very odd major vehicle collision.

Ain't that odd for just gathering public and private records?


You want an epic moment in the limelight with all your bs and your false reports...I assure you I am more than likely not the one who started others to look your way...who was the sneaky ones in all this???

If the investigation folks ain't watching --- God always is watching...okay.

Justice will prevail.

I bet if the authentic investigators look into all, not just my state (Arizona), Fire and Aviation Entities, Non-Profits and Organizations, many answers lay there ... all areas ...

for the lies and omissions that I was fed for over 10+ yrs on YHF13' and now my friend DONNA GORDON 8-26-22

and maybe see the missing records for the fire I almost died on but 19 did die.

Wait, maybe they already are gathering on all you ...

I mean in the past week someone's hard working project was cut off "cold turkey"

and it was told to him, they wanted to avoid an investigation on their entity based on an alleged threat made by a G___ w____--- yet when I heard it - I so do not buy that excuse. Math still not adding up, folks.

If you are 100% truthful and

you claim/allege always 100% transparency to us all

so, then who cares WHO looks your way---right?

When I worked in the professional kitchen, I took many efforts in being 100% transparent for the Health Inspector and it seem he liked to pick the busiest times to come in and do this investigation and you know what---no matter the time he picked or anal tone he had, I aced it 100% so please... I know what it takes to be 100---pleassseeeee...

Hard ass work.

God is watching you all.

Not only that, but the entire affiliation was also cut off...tell me, that ain't some heavy red flags there.

Ego tripping??? and watching me here for why???

I think it is more than likely cored

to the slurry and or agenda driven peeps???

Stay out of my business once and for all.

The math ain't adding up KT said...and I agree.

For those who are so concerned to should look in your own space ... you want to act like a big shot and you want to be in the limelight then let us exploit all cash flow past, current and future ... right KT.

Let me/us have those missing public records from YHF13' and correct DONNA GORDON vs YAVAPAI COUTNY SHERIFFS OFFICE SEARGANT file.

You all think you can keep rolling doing dummy moves

and attempt doing bad my way ---

one of God's children...


R E M E M B E R:



Depends on your Spiritual path---

some read above like:


and others like:


Later, clout chasers.

Bye, Felicia...

I am a true truth warrior.

I own there is much Spiritual Warfare and

I own my flaws, but the investigators should watch those who talk trash on me-LOOK THEIR WAY!

God be with us all is my closing statement.

If you looked into my background and bloodline than you already know that I am a truth is in my blood by the Annointed one...

What you mad at?

I present the documented facts.

I should be the one to be mad but God said we don't have time for that ... stay focused and take care of my health.

Way too many lies and omissions.

Also, I remember listening to {in my humble opinion} a weak choked voice recently when Yarnell was brought up--- they said sorry --- and I say no sorries needed but I would love to have your full account though ---

that is facts and my takeaway.

Also, for the ones who are so focused on the living and their "happy homes" ---

I am cool with that when the truth is to the front

for the ones who already died...they deserve the truth to be to the front...Sonny and I deserve that...Homeowners and Firefighters deserve that...

the Public at Large deserve that.

we get all that to the front and you want that same

"Happy Home" then cool...all for in truth.

We all make errors- own them.

We all choose life experiences that may or may not be in our God's plan---

Own them.

I do.

I can state you all were fed by

Government entities

lies and omissions

for both the Yarnell Hill Fire 2013

and as well about my friend

- YHF13' TruthTeller-

Donna Gordon


Yavapai County Sheriff's Office Seargent.

Yet, what is new...

if we watch

how they have suppressed

many of us in the history

of their re-writing H I S T O R Y.

God is watching it all.

By the way...all those smear campaigns you all did ...

I am the ideal ... the truth ... so again, all your misrepresentation of teachings are being seen by God.

All that you did towards me,

praying for you...

God's mercy and grace...

My only prayer and hope are to

promote order, balance, truth, reciprocity, harmony, righteousness, morality and justice...meanwhile behind the scenes you see that is not what others seek but prefer to waste energy creating smear campaigns and projects.

Dreams do come true!

Jenn/Lena told me long ago to "Dream Big"...

door popped out - this is photo from back view...right,

I was the passenger in this unusual 4-10-23 major vehicle collision in CA on i-8 on the way to Safety Summit- 2023 California Interagency Wildland Fire Risk Management Conference which when I was asked to attend, the host declined me stating they met room capacity but when another back channeled- two tickets with "same" names I gave were ok'd the second attempt--- ...and so the

but this was the front impact:

and that tire did jam my legs into hip/spine...bilaterally.

Crazy incident on my way to:

and I sat through whole week of presentations and was the last one out and gone...with injuries and in pain awaiting for my ride home...and I thank you KK for taking the time out to come get me last minute notice along with Scottie Briggs and my hubby...I appreciate you.

In this conference, (YHF13' investigator) Brad Mayhew asked if anyone had any comments, feedback or snarky remarks after his presentation and I just spoke that in his presentation he claimed to have done successful investigation interviews so I stated I never met you in 2013 or was interviewed by you and not only was I the YHF13' eyewitness but was on the Weaver Mountains 6-30-13 w/ the GMHS and I almost died but 19 did so how come you claim you did successful interviews yet I was never by you...I spoke in a fair kind firm tone too...He ignored me...So look at the past year...was my brutal assault and this accident something more? I can state it likely can be stated it should be avoided to rule it out when so many areas are laying with lies and omissions. Look at Donna Gordon's file---filled with rubbish.

Donna Gordon had parents at one point --- we all do... people, the ones who has kids ... think of Donna as your child...the irresponsibility and ignorance intertwined in all this chaos aftermaths of lies and omissions. ???

I saw the images of Donna's whole body her last minutes...I saw her last breathes photos. I saw her body get struck and flew appx 33ft then slid appx 22ft and then laid there having her last breathes and I saw her body in the condition it was from being struck by YCSO Sgt--- so I really cannot understand because these images came 321 days after I submitted a PRR to AZDPS so they are the custodian of ownership to these images and I want to know someone took those photos and so how do you sleep at night ???

---that life---DONNA GORDON---then to see her lifeless and to see how you all have the audacity to allow it to remain the glazed narrative. God is watching.

So, someone's ignorance and lack of due diligence to follow the laws --- my friend is dead.

You all think about your own agencies and yourselves and it is not funny...all I can rely on is God because the Authorities can just roll in life thinking this is far from okay.

In closing, just for today pretend Donna was your child, Authorities, and would you accept the storyline we were fed when you saw the images of Donna and listened to the interviews and saw the raw footage when she was struck...

blows me away...sickening...all I can do is place the truth out and walk away from this insidious mess of others and give it to God.

If I hit someone like I saw in raw footage not only would there be an incident report, an arrest and I would be in jail...this is so terrible to teach our children that we have to be very aware the law enorcement are excluded ...I will never get it ... happened when my father was a part of law enforcement--- time just does not change ...

I lead by example ---

I refrain from telling these kids today that is even what we have out there in Authority roles, leaders?

... kids, you may rely on me giving you documented truths. I have no clue what they are doing but it is not anything God wants you to see.

All these decades later - what have I learned ...

to have Dashboard cams on all vehicles

and to click "live" on my social media areas when pulled over or being followed.

To have surveillance cameras to all areas to my live that is stored and is a blueprint in the cyber world.

All because I did the difficult right thing quietly first trying to fix this back channel ...

then putting a post on it,

but we can learn watch your steps at all times when you cross the road because if the person who hits you has raw footage telling the true story---it simply doesn't matter.

They get to move on like it never took place as far as the agency goes but my dad was that kid who hit Donna, so I am sure it affects him because it destroyed my father.

It is truly sad that the FBI shut my FOIA request down showing the index log of me requesting because my journals/posts/blog shows all that ...

just shows no one gives two licks about integrity and truth and even though it states that is law enforcement's Value and Mission statements.

S[___], I fact check and verify data and these entities think I am the one who is a complainer when it is the community knocking on my door to help make a difference because they are many generations, business owner(s) or work for the County/ State/ Federals... Sigh.

So, I become the target, and everyone can watch just that while you all keep being the behind-the-scenes folks who came to me to help you all because I have courage and I do the difficult right thing.


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