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Public Notice - as well; greetings & ... Happy New Year, 2023

  1. Name of issuing organization: Yarnell Hill Fire Revelation's blog - JOY A COLLURA

  2. Date: December 31, 2022 through December 31, 2023.


Unavailable; both personal and professional. If anyone has inquires/legalities/comments/etc. pertained to blog you may reach Contributing Blog Author, Fred J. Schoeffler, who is actively on here.

(928) 970-0926.

If you must reach me direct use the following methods only:

click and accept the "Disclaimer":

Click on "Contact Us" that ends up going to

JOY A COLLURA with full analytics/metadata and

I, JOY A COLLURA, will review/read in a slow timely fashion and some messages may be filtered out/deleted in 2023 in the order of importance in returning the message --- please expect slow timely return as well---click this area:

or you may snail mail me at: JOY A COLLURA PO BOX 572


I am unavailable by email, in person, and by phone in 2023.

Reflecting back to 2022, I may possibly take an in person visit though in 2023 with this man if you are really wanting to reach me, let me know:

Everyone, have a beautiful 2023.

2022 Recap:

2022 was filled with many disappointments, see:

and because of that pending issue with YCSO Sgt Ashby trying to build a Criminal Trespassing case June 2021-June 2022- I would have avoided delving into / counter such bogus case

and yet 12-31-21 very early morning I learned Frank gathered bone material naming and stating on the formal record---> "possibly", Frank wrote, and then the names of two Granite Mountain Hotshots with the GPS coordinates and more the week of his time out in that box canyon (where 19 lives were lost - behind the BSR area) - June 30, 2013-July 7, 2013, and he entered the GPS Coordinates on the official document then transferred it to a man who signed his name as Michael. What happened next and why was this never discussed in any investigation reports? why did the chain of evidence stop there? what happened once Michael took it? I asked for all transfer records--- what took place?

Frank and Michael: I am greatly disappointed that you allowed such omissions all these years from the PUBLIC AT LARGE and you both should feel ashamed of yourselves in my humble opinion.

At minimum, you both should have been at the forefront in both investigations as to who or why led you, Frank, to gather and inventory in the specific GPS'd /Documented GPS'd not general area as you did--- and you Frank should have at minimum been sharing the information to the Granite Mountain Hotshot Loved Ones and the Survivors and all affected...Shame on you. God is watching.

  • I offered two men, due to my health, the information to get this out and some other crucial information and their goals was June 30, 2022, but one was preoccupied in writings and the other captivated in telling someone else's story - totally side tracked is my humble opinion. One set up a meeting and we met twice with a political publicist and lawyer. That area is theirs to do - not me. They took on the roles and so if it does not come out then that is on them. God is watching. I refuse to place the "smoking gun" public as that has never been my role in all this. It is so awfully sad.

Everyone has to remember I am just the gatherer and really the final information I would be the last person to place it out, heart wrenching and not my place. I pray for all of you. Too many of you. Tom, Beth, Lisa, Sam, Benjamin x 2, Brent, Jim, Elizabeth, Jennifer, Matt, Andy, Jay, Randy, etc....I am sure you would be the right folks being it is your names named in some documents. Are you willing? I hope so. I know much more than I speak on way too many layers in all this. I pray you do some day. The facts on the Yarnell Hill Fire 2013 are still almost ten years later more on the back channel and needs to be out there for the Public at Large.

  • With my up and down health path--- you can see 2022, it affected me with awful rashes and much more...I am disgusted how many are willing to keep all this back channel and it is not my duty to be the one to do it--- the media for sure could have helped and I feel very much they failed me.

  • I colored my hair very dark to go incognito in 2022---

  • took up roller-skating to relieve stress in 2022

  • Showed only God's Love ... especially to Wildland Firefighter Foundation -WFF as my "live" journals show that so believe you me July 2022 was a shock but 12-30-22 I got the documented answers I needed to comprehend all that ... heart wrenching.

  • With my health and that crucial information pending I wanted to do this, but I just was unable to:

  • Any person speaking NEGATIVE about me, come to me and find out the facts versus believing some person's misinformed/misperceptions/untruths...I will show you documented proof to who I am plus my online profile is an almost perfect score folks---do those people speaking bad and harmful about me, go look at their documented reputation(s), here is mine:

  • In the whole world on IMDB...housewife hiker from a tiny ghost town was labelled number two in a film ( next to a Yellowstone star) I gracefully gave my role to Fred J Schoeffler:

  • I will greatly miss all the Wildland Fire Conferences / Presentations / Academies in 2023 and I have only one Wildland Course scheduled - the RT-130 refresher. I am not tied to any articles as well. I will place Fall 2022 / Winter 2022 - 2023 "live" in Spring / Summer 2023 as I was brutally assaulted July 20, 2022, and I want to refrain from another moment so the "live" journal still exists but will not be shown to the Public at Large a season or two later. I refuse to attend ANY 10-year anniversary - YHF`13' Memorial events come 6-30-23 and majorly refuse to be in any publications from any media sources pertaining to the fire I almost died on- the media failed me greatly. Failed us. In my humble opinion. They still could help - will they?

  • 2022 Monitoring Edema / Fluid Buildup (Lymphatic) Measurement Chart - my chart helped inspire others to pay attention to their health, so I am glad to see those blessings in 2022.

  • My Facebook that Scottie Briggs made me 7-17-21 was closed fully in November 2022 after 10-26-22 I learned I was lied to, and many omissions and I wanted to cut those areas out fully. Those two individuals are not ever allowed back into my immediate space. If God has another plan ... make sure I am asleep for it --- okay.

  • 2022, I resigned my lifetime membership from Wildland Firefighter Foundation (WFF). I prefer my brick I ordered 2021 here at my home PO BOX 572 CONGRESS AZ 85332 versus any area tied to that area or the refund for the brick --- greatly disappointed by this entity.

  • The 10 & 18 land neighboring dramatics I will not miss in 2023. That is a closed chapter.

  • To think a desert walker / housewife hiker got this in 2022??? see:

  • In 2022, a man told me Vicki Minor so look forward to meeting me (even though we already met- ???) as well as Kori Kirkpatrick was sooooo excited to meet the "desert walker"---well, I can tell you I never heard from either one of them. So, I can tell ya I heard the crickets chirping in 2022 though. I start to wonder who is telling the truth? I mean, if the ladies said it --- never took place. Shit, hard to comprehend such excitement they had to meet me--- eyes rolling. Fact or Fiction? Who knows...

I miss hanging out with JuJu and Family:

  • recap of 2022 health selfies:

but then things just keep going from April 2021 pic:

to just very very slow healing process...That's my 2022...hopefully 2023 is ALL healings...


Fall 2022 and Winter 2022 posts will publish Spring/Summer 2023.They are in draft form



Remember, I am unavailable for everyone in 2023.

Personally, and professionally.

May God's Peace be with you.

I am still triggered when I speak to only one individual in 2022 and that person will only be allowed in my space by Wix portal in 2023. I get fired up when I hear from him. It is sad the long journey I have been on and to think of all that back-channel area...sad. Undeserving too.

In closing, too much time has passed for me to accept communications from Wildland Firefighter Foundation - that also is an area I hope I am asleep if God had another plan. That area hurt me because some of you folks told me the back-channel words, but I saw it Summer 2022. That is a permanent resignation to my Lifetime membership there. Unresolved area.

I love you, Carol. I am sorry folks disregarded my requests. You are so deserving to get the assistance you need and you are in my prayers always.

Going into 2023, I am so blessed by the people God brought to me. I am so blessed to have the continued support and love from my family and friends. I am so pleased to have the women God placed last Fall 2022 in my life.

Anyone out there trying to create and orchestrate negativity


My 2023 is jam packed

with continued joy, laughter and healings.

Wish the same back for you all.

For half+ the year, I did a monthly subscription order with:

ANTHEM...great company- top notch folks


RiP -Donna Gordon Aug 26, 2022

Donna, I am making sure your end-of-life story is shown truths and a full look-over---


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