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Joy A. Collura's Journal- Winter 2023 Recap - Part 5

Motto for the weekend:

"You gotta feel it to heal it"


I won't be able to attend the fashion show because it is hair cut day then Italian Festival weekend at the Downtown Heritage Square that weekend and I am a volunteer for my Doctor's Office at the Festival:

I am a "hell no" to going to this meeting --- I have reported the DONNA GORDON vs. YCSO matter to the FBI last December 2022.



Thursday Feb 16th, 2023, I spent the day gearing up for Friday - long day in the Valley... all day at the Arizona State Archives Library (AZSAL) then to medical appts then to Walmart and home:

when I am here at AZSAL I am just gathering records - I am not looking for what is missing but it is easy for me to catch since I know this fire very well as the eyewitness and I know what files need to be present as permanent files as well.

thank you Ruth - missed ya online this week-


I will try to add images to these links now until Monday:


2-18-23 4pm: Thank you Toni G for the workout--mine was like 56-57 minutes today at a high speed - high resistance and you were 40 minutes. 2.5 to you MM :) Enjoyed the togetherness times and thank you for the snack chicken salad sandwich and chips and sharing your card game Peanut Butter and Jelly cookies...they tasted just like eating a PB&J sandwich minus the wonder bread.

I was winning Quad-Ominos when I left at 2pm. Nice. It is fun.


Yarnell Camera Land Photos:


again, not mine:



I have been using this product since 1-28-23- it is pretty good -

2-19-23 7am: I was at Walmart Friday and I read this is natural ingredients to boost the belly fat loss--- since my attempts at rebuilding the regimen on sit ups is not happening because tummy's bloat/fullness --- I am gonna try this and so I took some Saturday- 3 pills before I went to Toni's to workout. And today 3 pills --- will walk the desert later today--- time to upload pics to those links up above. I did the Incident Action Plans in its own post so when FJS suggests to read my posts they can avoid my family /friend "live" journal posts and jump right into a post just on the missing files --- this is what I am using and we will see how well it does:

I googled the product and it shows this one as the number one weight loss pill

but I heard from a nutritionist to stay clear away from it so I did and I only choose the above because I did the Walmart blood pressure machine and weight scale and it said I was too high --- and I am like ugh ... I need that jump start to bloated abs area.

Something has to give...

as much as I walk...come on...

I shouldn't have to face this path.

I know it's genetics on paternal side and the Neuro rare disease is on maternal side but still --- I do not deserve the weight gain at this phase if you see activity versus incoming but doctors state "stress" does weird things and I am in the closing of the whistleblowing phase.

2-19-23 9:46am: Sonny stop by- asked if I wanted to go to flea market- you know what --- Sonny just yesterday got rabies shots and is on a program to get more--- he has a dog in vehicle that was around other dog that just died--- the other one died real fast --- not sure to rabies or rattler bite but I am thinking nah not today... I am uploading documents to those links's tedious and time consuming I told him--- he smiled and left.



February 20-27th, 2023 Week


2-20-23 4:33pm: Thank you Toni G. for our workout time 10-2pm today and "Oh Sh*t" card time and brunch. See you Saturday. Have a great week. I hear the Weaver Mountains calling my I go.

Update on an order that was done at Holiday time is still coming ... and I am excited to see it ... whatever it is ... I will forever cherish it.

Thank you.

the head pain sucks where my brain tumor is between my eyes...hurts:

thank you, Toni, for the tee:

this was neat. The park ranger who lives up north was just leaving (3:11pm) and he was talking to two men and I wanted photo of the new signs. I could not do this hike right now in my life and I am thankful to Mani and Mary for going 4-8-22 with Scottie Briggs - the day of healing when I spoke with Roy Hall and Tom Harbour on top of the Weavers.


Decline my attendance because I am strapped with medical appts in March / April 2023.

Maam / Sir: did you see what Bill wrote above so who did your staff ride for the Weavers recently where this "JD" was? Please share ...

Enough "breadcrumbing" are a witness to defamation done to me and it was done on Govt. time and you feel okay with that? I don't. How many more heard it?


I handed this Bloody Irishman comment off to FJS because I am dealing with health currently and it is frustrating just that area alone.


for Toni:


I told YCSO and State Forestry / DFFM I refuse to sue them for YHF13' for what I know / own ... looking for solutions ...

yet I am beginning to build a solid trail of documented "defamation" on Government time on an entity(ies) as well under official business too

but I would state this firmly

that I would have a defamation case at this point that would most likely win in my favor

so have situational awareness if you decide to trash talk me to others

because you would be surprised who at this point will buy into you trashing me

and as well give me the documents / recordings of you doing it on Government time.

Be cautious what you say on me. Spiritual laws matters more. God is watching.

I will take individually or collectively any person(s) willing to send me declarations and documentation of this years event on the Weavers and share fully what was it "JD" said about me ... please refrain from "breadcrumbing" just his first name and become a ghost...okay.

I have better things to do then hear snippets of such.

If someone is doing that to me on the Weavers during Govt time then send me the documents and recording and I will take it to the 'chain of command' first...time to stop the bullshit.


staring at my cork board in garage,,,looking at ol' photos,,,

passed by some pics hanging in garage:


see RR, as a kid I wore overalls:

I love the lake:

me and Sonny:

I miss my hair:



This is what I go to sleep listening to... so if people think I am out to harm ... nah, but "pay attention" who is telling you that crap about me ...

because I place out the documented facts -

they feed you trash talk and any person who speaks and says that Joy can ruin their reputation in doing just that- being truthful - then maybe they need to ask God - am I? Am I really? or are we assisting God into getting one to be of the light in the dark times.

Some feel this should be done "back channel" --- but really? Look at the Battlement Creek ... Dude Fire ... Storm King ... Yarnell Fire and so many more ... no more back channel --- look where it has gotten us.

We have Frank and Mike who know more --- one inventoried so much that never came to the Public at Large --- it took me back that people who took an oath could even do that to us all.

We need to release the truths.

If that makes me to be remembered like what Burk Minor told Scottie Briggs and Scottie told me all he did 10-26-22 than so be it. I am the truth. I am the light. Amen.

I suggest one to close their days like me with this:



I find it odd that my analytics always shows Government high officials, DNA rare disease Researchers, or lawyers looking at little ol' housewife hiker me:



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