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Joy A. Collura's Journal- Winter 2023 Recap - Part 5

Motto for the weekend:

"You gotta feel it to heal it"


I won't be able to attend the fashion show because it is hair cut day then Italian Festival weekend at the Downtown Heritage Square that weekend and I am a volunteer for my Doctor's Office at the Festival:

Events ( Italian Association of Arizona ITALIAN FESTIVAL MARCH 2023 (

I am a "hell no" to going to this meeting --- I have reported the DONNA GORDON vs. YCSO matter to the FBI last December 2022.



Thursday Feb 16th, 2023, I spent the day gearing up for Friday - long day in the Valley... all day at the Arizona State Archives Library (AZSAL) then to medical appts then to Walmart and home:

when I am here at AZSAL I am just gathering records - I am not looking for what is missing but it is easy for me to catch since I know this fire very well as the eyewitness and I know what files need to be present as permanent files as well.

thank you Ruth - missed ya online this week-


I will try to add images to these links now until Monday:


2-18-23 4pm: Thank you Toni G for the workout--mine was like 56-57 minutes today at a high speed - high resistance and you were 40 minutes. 2.5 to you MM :) Enjoyed the togetherness times and thank you for the snack chicken salad sandwich and chips and sharing your card game Peanut Butter and Jelly cookies...they tasted just like eating a PB&J sandwich minus the wonder bread.

I was winning Quad-Ominos when I left at 2pm. Nice. It is fun.


Yarnell Camera Land Photos:


again, not mine:



I have been using this product since 1-28-23- it is pretty good -

2-19-23 7am: I was at Walmart Friday and I read this is natural ingredients to boost the belly fat loss--- since my attempts at rebuilding the regimen on sit ups is not happening because tummy's bloat/fullness --- I am gonna try this and so I took some Saturday- 3 pills before I went to Toni's to workout. And today 3 pills --- will walk the desert later today--- time to upload pics to those links up above. I did the Incident Action Plans in its own post so when FJS suggests to read my posts they can avoid my family /friend "live" journal posts and jump right into a post just on the missing files --- this is what I am using and we will see how well it does:

Relacore Review (UPDATE: 2023) | 15 Things You Need to Know (

Relacore Extra | Reduce Stress. Support Immunity. Increase Energy.

I googled the product and it shows this one as the number one weight loss pill

but I heard from a nutritionist to stay clear away from it so I did and I only choose the above because I did the Walmart blood pressure machine and weight scale and it said I was too high --- and I am like ugh ... I need that jump start to bloated abs area.

Something has to give...

as much as I walk...come on...

I shouldn't have to face this path.

I know it's genetics on paternal side and the Neuro rare disease is on maternal side but still --- I do not deserve the weight gain at this phase if you see activity versus incoming but doctors state "stress" does weird things and I am in the closing of the whistleblowing phase.

2-19-23 9:46am: Sonny stop by- asked if I wanted to go to flea market- you know what --- Sonny just yesterday got rabies shots and is on a program to get more--- he has a dog in vehicle that was around other dog that just died--- the other one died real fast --- not sure to rabies or rattler bite but I am thinking nah not today... I am uploading documents to those links's tedious and time consuming I told him--- he smiled and left.



February 20-27th, 2023 Week


2-20-23 4:33pm: Thank you Toni G. for our workout time 10-2pm today and "Oh Sh*t" card time and brunch. See you Saturday. Have a great week. I hear the Weaver Mountains calling my I go.

Update on an order that was done at Holiday time is still coming ... and I am excited to see it ... whatever it is ... I will forever cherish it.

Thank you.

the head pain sucks where my brain tumor is between my eyes...hurts:

thank you, Toni, for the tee:

this was neat. The park ranger who lives up north was just leaving (3:11pm) and he was talking to two men and I wanted photo of the new signs. I could not do this hike right now in my life and I am thankful to Mani and Mary for going 4-8-22 with Scottie Briggs - the day of healing when I spoke with Roy Hall and Tom Harbour on top of the Weavers.


Decline my attendance because I am strapped with medical appts in March / April 2023.