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Some of the records I own that shows who were the FFs/WFs/Fire Engines/Etc. on YHF13'...

1-21-23 4:54am: Good Morning, this will be an ongoing thread ...

this post will over 2023/2024 keep getting documents added until I state "done"

but with my health I decided to make it "live" versus "draft"...

I can assure you I am out on a hiking adventure doing my part to get this fluid retention/weight off Monday through Fridays

and I have my workout partner two days a week as well so that is my first focus

and then family and pets

Thank you Tex Harold Eldon Gilligan (Sonny) for the recent written opportunity (financial offer)

but I have to decline as my health is my only focus right now even if others claim I am self-centered and selfish on that but I have to be that way in 2023

and so this 2023 the "fire" area for the first time in almost ten years is my last focus to my days but still plugging away...

I think it is important to show all that were on the Yarnell Hill Fire 2013...and when they were on it

because too many times I was told one was on the fire where 19 men died and I almost did

and yet the Resource Orders and Crew Time Reports, Etc. show Y O U there

but not that weekend Y O U claimed to be

and also there are the ones who never claimed to be at that fire

yet I now have the documents to show Y O U were ...

that makes you a person who lied and omitted ... ???

I may announce in documentation that Y O U lied to me --

- I will if it is God's will and way for you not my own "feelings" on it. Okay.

(the recent maps show their version of where certain ones were)

and then here is what I have gathered from FOIAs / Public Records Requests (PRRs) and etc...

so, let me begin to make posts in a system labelled June 28th through July 10th, 2013,

and the reason I plan to do it that way is because right now if you make an appointment to go to the Arizona State Archive Library (with mask required and valid driver's license)

than you will note the Incident Action Plans from June 28th thru June 30th, 2013 are missing and I plan to show what else is missing in 2023/2024 that is considered PERMANENT RECORDS and should be there for the Public at Large.

I sent Department of Forestry and Fire Management (DFFM) Public Records Rep. for the YHF13', Bill Boyd, the notification as well when I was out on my desert trails:

I have a busy day with the ladies group and then after that my workout with my new workout partner so please do not expect me to get back on today --- maybe tomorrow but always plan that some time in 2023/2024 I will be back on God-willing...


Engine 3665

As time goes on, I hope to place on this file Engine 3665's Resource Order, Check In, Crew Time Report, Equipment Shift, Demob, etc...and continue to do that for every area to the Yarnell Fire 2013. Praise the good Lord and God-willing...

We have a Engine T6 with Crew Leader Name: Shawn Jackson...I will come back and tighten the file as I place more of their documents here---I have tens of thousands of files and documents and photos to organize so bear with me...

as I have done my third attempt to post this with someone deleting it right before my eyes...

when talking to my mom yesterday she heard talking---Sonny heard a person talking when talking to Fred---

let us remind you --- if you are listening in --- it is illegal in the format you are --- but even more so to watch my data disappear before my eyes like I am seeing and sure it is frustrating but like Gary L. Olson called me...I am the Ever-ready bunny---who will keep making the efforts to get the data out.

God is watching.

Engine 998: Crew Time Leader: Seth LaRowe

Demob: St. George AZ Strip BLM 1660 Engine 6 + Utility Vehicle 1661 - F550- Five Personnel. Engine Crew Members: FFT2 Jennika Wright, FFT1 Pace Pectol, FFT2 David Degennero, EngP Jamie Rogers

I have done zero research in looking up the names above and I feel in 2023 it is not an interest of mine to do so

but if you want to come to me and tell me your story(ies)- reach me and I will place it in the chronological file to preserve history as it took place vs glazed narratives.


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