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Where are the permanent records, DFFM? Why are so many files missing?

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Welcome World.

Welcome to my "Arizona Department of Forestry Management - Department of Fire - Building and Life Safety and State Land Department" files; releasing of both my paper trail but also my TB EHD digital trail --- we are starting 2023 to share some of the paper trails.

Let me share the above named entity's "authority" role- the office of the State Forester was established in 1966 here in Arizona.

Originally part of the State Land Department, the State Forester was established as a separate position in 2004.

In 2016, the State Fire Marshal was placed under the authority and direction of the State Forester.

Statutes were reorganized as the Arizona Department of Forestry and FIre Management (DFFM) and may be found at A.R.S. 37-1301 through 37-1426.

The purpose of DFFM is to provide for land management and prevention and suppression of wildland fires on state land and on private property land located outside of cities and towns.

Come back to this post after January 24th as I will scan in some more documents on the history of this entity.

Thank you.

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Joy A Collura

This is a place with Yarnell Hill records, so the source of all records shown below came from here:

Archives & Records Management | Arizona State Library (

It is by appointment only with mask and driver's license required:

Contact page has them down for now ---

at the end of Dec 2 visit --- I found this map and asked if I could come back before they store the boxes on the 9th after my medical appt and between the time to go see my heart Doctor so I can take pics of this to show the Public at of the maps I caught as it was time to leave: