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July 9, 2013, File

Legal team suggested to just place "draft" areas into published stating "work in progress" and just fill in the documents as I go through my files in 2024.

I am off organizing my emails in 2023.

1-21-23 4:54am: Good Morning, this will be an ongoing thread ...

this post will over 2023/2024 keep getting documents added until I state "done"

but with my health I decided to make it "live" versus "draft"...

I can assure you I am out on a hiking adventure doing my part to get this fluid retention/weight off Monday through Fridays

and I have my workout partner two days a week as well so that is my first focus

and then family and pets

Thank you Tex Harold Eldon Gilligan (Sonny) for the recent written opportunity (financial offer)

but I have to decline as my health is my only focus right now even if others claim I am self-centered and selfish on that but I have to be that way in 2023

and so this 2023 the "fire" area for the first time in almost ten years is my last focus to my days but still plugging away...

I think it is important to show all that were on the Yarnell Hill Fire 2013...and when they were on it

because too many times I was told one was on the fire where 19 men died and I almost did

and yet the Resource Orders and Crew Time Reports, Etc. show Y O U there

but not that weekend Y O U claimed to be

and also there are the ones who never claimed to be at that fire

yet I now have the documents to show Y O U were ...

that makes you a person who lied and omitted ... ???

I may announce in documentation that Y O U lied to me --

- I will if it is God's will and way for you not my own "feelings" on it. Okay.

(the recent maps show their version of where certain ones were)

and then here is what I have gathered from FOIAs / Public Records Requests (PRRs) and etc...

so, let me begin to make posts in a system labelled June 28th through July 10th, 2013,

and the reason I plan to do it that way is because right now if you make an appointment to go to the Arizona State Archive Library (with mask required and valid driver's license)

than you will note the Incident Action Plans from June 28th thru June 30th, 2013 are missing and I plan to show what else is missing in 2023/2024 that is considered PERMANENT RECORDS and should be there for the Public at Large.

I have a busy day with the ladies group and then after that my workout with my new workout partner so please do not expect me to get back on today --- maybe tomorrow but always plan that some time in 2023/2024 I will be back on God-willing...

I have a busy day with the ladies group and then after that my workout with my new workout partner so please do not expect me to get back on today --- maybe tomorrow but always plan that some time in 2023/2024 I will be back on God-willing...


updated 2-18-23 11:21AM. I plan to spend time here until 3pm today then I will be off until the next weekend as I am in the mountains this week 2-20-23 after I work out with Toni G. Monday. I will arrive home by Thursday/Friday to get geared for medical- I will miss the drum ceremonial with the ladies so see you all at ladies group the 25th. FJS is in Glendale this week. He may go to the ADOT meeting in Yarnell then to a conference in Glendale. There is no specific order of names being placed here. What I will do is say for example I have MALLOY'S file and he was there June 30-July11th, 2013 so for each day he was there, his content will be moved to the "specific" file.


Safety Officer - Type 1 - SOF 1

Big Bend National Park - Texas - NPS- Bruce E. Malloy

Single Resource Casual Hire Form:

Resource Order:

Crew Time Report:


-Incident Action Plans:

missing for his July 1st-3rd,2013-


but here are the rest:

July 9:


-Bruce E Malloy -Yarnell Hill Fire -

June 30, 2013, 7:30pm until July 11th, 2013 6pm.

I understand he came "after" the fatalities but there are no further PUBLIC RECORDS showing his takeaway on this most tragic moment in Wildland Fire history

and I find it odd for his position was "SAFETY OFFICER" - you would think he would be in the online platform, but he is not.

He is known for being anal on ATV helmets on the Little Bear Fire in Ruidiso, NM.

The man who signed his Crew Time Report (CTR) - Subject Matter Expert for YHF 13' Investigation told FJS - 'we have so much information - we can never release to the public'

I can agree there is so much information but the part that it will never be made public- that is why I am here to make all areas public. It matters. No more Battlement Creek, Dude Fire, Sout Canyon, etc where it just gets lost in omissions...

I am gonna teach the common civilian how to investigate their own fires - but I must state "learn" satellites before you learn Public Records gathering. It will save you much hassles. I also will state learn satellites from all areas internationally speaking too.

Updated 6-15-23 1:21pm:


originally published 1-21-23 but moving to 7-9-23 and publishing 9-29-23---to place all my journals to the bottom of this blog.


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