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What are the TOP concerns I run across when filing FOIAs and Public Records Request on what is ...

What are the TOP concerns I run across when filing FOIAs and Public Records Request on what is considered permanent records on historically significant Wildland Fires ... this should help entities to recognize when I call something illegal on my posts --- it is and here is the link to the conclusions on what one can request and receive and review sections it says PERMANENT, thank you very much...see:

I am going to be working on Executive Summaries of my Public Records Requests and FOIAs in 2022 and the years after on what entities were fully showing all that you see above and WHO omitted, distracted, etc...

Once it is complete, it will be for the Public at Large.

I want to make sure the world knows this Yarnell Hill Fire Eyewitness may be labelled the "Queen of Public Records"

but I also almost died along with Sonny on that Yarnell Fire 2013,

and I want those kids of the GMHS, locals, families and friends, Wildland Fire Facilitative Instructors, Wildland Fire Leadership folks and co-workers of the GMHS, locals, etc to know I did the difficult right thing and people will know full names to who did not do the difficult right thing in almost a decade and had the platform to make a true difference.

I deserve that much in spending my entire life savings and then some to gathering these records to make sure full names are shown especially if they went quickly up the pay rate and positions chain and in power roles.

Some of you should never be allowed on a fire and that includes people in law enforcement for your participation and the aftermath of omissions.

God Bless America...

Here is a Public Records Request Example:

Remember, you can be a common civilian to obtain FOIAs and PRRs...just go to the entity and request it.

Get involved and get your records ... learn the system.

Help me bridge it together.


10-12-22 YCSO PRR SUPERVISOR called and things are going well in keeping me in the loop.


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