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These are my City of Prescott Public Records Requests- (descending order)

Author- Joy A. Collura


Views expressed to "the public at largeand "of public concern"

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This is the link you will keep coming back to as I will keep loading this section with the Public Records Requests ( PRRs ) and eventually break them into Part One, Two, etc. as they increase in volume size so the posts are kept reasonable in size.

  1. Request #20-450-

( currently OPEN status) ( From and including: Saturday, June 6, 2020 To, but not including Monday, June 8, 2020- open two days) -LINK HERE-

After the 353rd day, the City of Prescott ( COP ) came back closing my #19-538 request which that one was number three of asking for the 'proof of certification' yet being point blank specific now in this request #19-538 yet the end result was "closed" stating: " -No Responsive Records- Per Fire - All material or documents that were requested were transferred to the Department of State Forestry. I would recommend checking with them to see if they have this record. June 6, 2020, 11:27am"

Did you all notice like me- the closing of this request usually has a name of person who is making the closing comment- this one just had the date and time ( no name ) (see:

the image above is a snippet of the actual request page online) and that they transferred the record to the Department of State Forestry which is no longer named that but currently is named the Department of Forestry and Fire Management ( DFFM ):

When they eventually submit "closed" on #20-450, I hope to have received the itemized "transferred" document that the City of Prescott did with the items that were transferred, the date, and who signed it to be transferred to the place they named the 'Department of State Forestry'.

I also from the DFFM should on their end receive who signed this "incoming" transfer and where it is currently being stored so that eventually I can get my #19-538 fulfilled finally on the record of the 'proof of certification' to see if the Granite Mountain Hotshots on June 30, 2013 were ever a 'legal' Type 1 Crew.

So far, it is 'unknown' who is the Custodian of Records yet how many years have I tried to get this document and one ( DFFM ) states I got everything they have and the other ( COP ) state this transfer was made.

Yet both have to realize, I re-asked for documents in 2020 to DFFM and Bill Boyd states I, Joy A Collura, received everything they had. The date on this form will matter. I asked for "all" from both entities back four years ago. So really, I should have this 'proof of certification' already by one of them yet I am left waiting - and is it "patiently" after watching the recent actions of COP staff?

I should be focused on other areas but here I am having to show the world COP can be transparent if I make it happen, right! COP always kept all my records "unpublished" and so has the courts but eventually all the PPR documents will be right here on the blog. No more hiding my PRRs for them. The world can see the actual PRRs with minimal redaction due to legalities for placing it on my blog like personal numbers and emails and such.

June 9, 2020, 11:48am by the requester to City of Prescott - City of Prescott has a copy of what DFFM stated - time to show us the records City of Prescott.

Updated the two above images 6-9-20 12:16PM

Will there be Disciplinary Action or Criminal Sanctions for the fabrications made by "???" stating "-No Responsive Records- Per Fire - All material or documents that were requested were transferred to the Department of State Forestry. I would recommend checking with them to see if they have this record."

June 6, 2020, 11:27am" on my #19-538 PRR????


Updated the above image 6-9-20 12:41PM

Updated the above image 6-9-20 12:59PM

Updated the above image 6-10-20 11:59AM-

Yet, here it is seven years later and the wealthy WUI areas of Cave Creek faced what they did this Season 2020 ( Ocotillo Wildland Fire ) with Willis as the Incident Commander and if any of you "Forensic Weather" folks are still watching and documenting- odd, huh? Right.

I think it is important to make his profile "Public at Large" with full transparency.

It appears to me to be have leadership and Supervisor roles and allow this to just happen when so many lost homes and lives in those seven years.

Make your own personal and professional assessments - it is now for the Public at Large not just for the Wildland Firefighters but there it is above.

These kind of people in leadership roles should have their profile out there for the public so we can be sure we are doing the taxpayers of Arizona right.

Did any of you note how his Master Record- good section of it is "dry-labbed"?

And again, the very "Custodian of Records" - City of this date failed to fulfill this part of my PRR on Willis- odd,huh...where I received it superfast from DFFM.

Back to my Presentation and Dude Fire draft post...but that is the update for June 10, 2020.

Updated the above image 6-10-20 12:33PM-





It is July 18th 8:05AM. I am "pausing" Dude Fire posts 3 thru 5 to make sure I get these records started due to recent release of records from City of Prescott showing Holly Snider Henderson Neill wanted what I requested:

Bear in mind, I already have the three remaining posts on Dude Fire in Draft form with hundreds of documents there but I have to "pause" and do this post here.

We want one to refrain from Holly Snider Henderson Neill using my requests as possibly becoming her 'original' idea(s) when doing their "made for profit" book(s) on the Yarnell Hill Fire / Granite Mountain Hotshots. We have shown on this link I am officially not tied to this blog until I announce it again so I can focus here to this one post.

( )

You will only see this post being updated daily until I finish putting all of it here. All other areas to my life are paused. I will not attend opening any emails or going to InvestigativeMEDIA until this is completed. I will not attend phone calls, texts, conferences or Mentor / Mentee areas until this is done. My husband, mom and brothers will be the only ones to hear from me. No friends at this time and this includes my contributing authors.

I need "alone" time with God to get this out.

Let me explain, since the above City of Prescott Next Request Request #20-450 was first posted I have added more so let us begin "fresh"

If you click on and it seems like I did not finish an area- I either hit "publish" to where I last left off at to do bathroom, breaks and meals. Otherwise, I am going to be here seven days a week adding until it is finally done. I will in parenthesis time stamp those moments. Example: ( pause - publish - 7/18/20 9:04AM )

Let me show you what you all see when you go there ( 72 requests ) on their "new- updated" system:


( pause - publish - 7/18/20 9:04AM )

Drank this- is it working?

I do not know...

but trying to find over the counter ways to help my GI.

I am not promoting products nor suggesting you to use it and if you do run it by your doctor first...

I am just showing Dr. Orville W. as he asked me to food /beverage diary so I am using this area to do it as I upload records I can do it here because you will not find me separately making one to appease a doctor but I will this way. He wants to work on a plan for my GI...


For my family to know in case they ever face stuff and you can link on my DNA page by what I emailed you but the world can know too. I am still staying focused and alkalizing my body. If someone wants to take their time out and email me a list here is the content of my current nutritional need from an experienced person I would like to know a diet with my below limitations because I have been keeping it minimal as broccoli my daily staple and blueberries 2 times a week due to the sugar-My DNA reported back I need 45% Carbs, 30% Fats, 25% Proteins. I am Histamine Sensitive. I make way too much omega 6 and on a serious note not enough omega 3s. I am okay to eat red meat. My blood type is O Positive. Showed 'enviro'toxins for the liver ( I have cirrhosis since I was young ) and needs help. I am too low in cortisol and very bad on my estrogen levels. There is a "caution" for my current state of metabolism. I am by the DNA results a genetic risk for Cancer and Hemochromatosis (duh -right mom - seems most of us in the family have faced this, eh), serious critical velocity concerns with V02 (poor circulation), I am unable to convert Vitamin A (retinoic acid), molybdenum imbalance, I need (seriously low) but due to no health insurance only use what I have left from Nov 2019 of Vitamin D-125 (for hips and leg concerns), dark chocolate ( yeah it is on the DNA results as a "need" ladies), Vitamin K and B-6. I have a hormonal imbalance, adrenaline failure, insulin resistant, need a A / C test but I refuse to go to any labs during this COVID 19 phase, my DNA results came back I have metabolic syndrome and "cookie jar" syndrome. For the record, I do not even own a cookie jar but I have the syndrome. Believe it or not, my DNA states I am highly sensitive (may cause brain issues) and to refrain consumption for the following foods breaks down my immunity and allergic to: all greens, carrots, grains, wheat, soy, dairy, eggs, chicken, turkey, seeds, Chinese foods, almonds, cranberries, kale, malt, mushrooms, papaya, peanuts, all peppers, safflower, squash, black tea, baker's yeast and then it said I am extremely sensitive to mold and high heat temps. So, in addition, past areas and current areas of concerns head to toe: This year tests ran and the Dr. named it an 'anomaly' in the C1 area and prior MRIs showed it is at a tumor as well as one in the midline frontal called a meningioma (had that diagnosed in 2011 or 2012 time frame- never touched it). In thermograms, my sinus an T-zone areas has much inflammation, my bilateral for both leg and arms I have Advanced Neuropathy, I have throat/ thyroid nodules, I have a left renal tumor, pretty rough hiatal hernia and two lower hernias as well, I had scheduled Dec 19 2019 to have polyps and areas for gastric cancer but insurance was no longer, my vision has been getting better versus worse, anytime someone talks to me on a cell I am unable to use my right ear because they cannot hear me / distorted and so want to note that in case someone else faces that, occasional ear infections, annual tonsil concerns, on/off bilateral kidney stones, still have chest wall serious concerns as well and in additions still deal with costochondritis, extreme lymphatic congestion and edema, lipomas in right upper leg, left upper arm and right shoulder to armpit area, after the May 2019 dog bite on Forest Road 428 I have had on and off H. pylori (Helicobacter pylori), a few private health concerns too but keep between hubby and my mom only, COPD, time to time I have severe 'pitting' concerns with my edema or rough case of cellulitis and weeping erosions and at times ugly orange or yellow type blistering lymphedema, the tummy swelling can be so extreme at times I feel like I am wearing one of those fake fat people bodysuits, and so on...I digressed...but yeah with the above data- I am not near my recent blood lab results I took before attending the academy or the paper with the heart stuff but yeah there was issues there last Nov 2019- however based on above help me figure a good 45% Carbs, 30% Fats, 25% Proteins diet. That I would be very grateful for-

We have paid enough this year on medical expenses that it would be nice to have that kind of information.


this is what I see when I "sign-in":

That calculates that the City of Prescott Next Request System shows 96 more records requests for me than to you, the world. Why?

Now let me open the first descending order request which nullifies the above Request #20-450 as the first because I have done nine more since that posting, see:

#20-580 is the first in descending order of the City of Prescott Open Records for JOY A COLLURA which was OPENED yet not assigned / reviewed on July 18, 2020, 7:34am:


( pause - publish - 7/18/20 10:24AM )

Drank this- is it working?

I do not know...

but trying to find over the counter ways to help my GI.

I do know I rarely drink it because of the Soy and other ingredients in it.


I guess because Request #20-569 is closed is why I am not able to click "Read More" but this was a request thanking Ms. Shaw for the actual document number so I could request it from YCSO on the GPS Unit but never got the itemized index log nor photos just the narrative report and that I actually not only received it but posted on here at

Number two in descending order of the City of Prescott Next Request System is Request #20-569.


Note there is nothing public in between to show that there is a number order from the first one Request ##20-580 which was my first descending request and the second one Request #20-569- which is 11 number digits in between. You would have to ask City of Prescott how it works. If they keep their Public Records "unpublished" and if there is 11 actual PRRs in between actual records or not. I do not know. I can tell you when I looked up Holly Snider Henderson Neill or her PRR number it showed my information not hers at all, see:


thank you to the person who wrote this below- you are one of the top reasons I keep doing what I am doing - many folks wronged you and I know how to get the information to the front so it does not happen again to you or another. I fear God not man as Willis told me once. Thank you. What you can do is pray God's Will be done. See:


( pause - publish - 7/18/20 11:27AM )

(pause - publish - 7/18/20 1:11PM -update - added the health stuff insert above and now going to eat an organic gluten free 1 slice of bread grilled cheese and slice of tomato using: