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Lying lips are an abomination to the Lord, but those who act faithfully are his delight.-Proverbs 12:22 ESV

3:16PM 7-20-20 - I am back from my "pause" from page one at - ( pause - publish - 7/20/20 1:23PM )

and I have an email from City of Prescott, see:

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I ate a cup of cooked Young, Arizona grass fed ground beef and slice of bread and later had my thin slice of my birthday Rock Springs blueberry pie with a teaspoon of Tillamook Marionberry pie. (5:20PM had allergic reaction to pie- so no more there. I had it on my B-day a reaction and I thought maybe it was emotions that day but nope- happened again.) Consumed all my PH10 water for this day- gallon. Had my grape seed capsule, Pure DIM detox and chelated molybdenum.

Side note- when doing these Dude Fire Posts I use this Magnabrite to read the Resource Orders and some areas are not legible but great item to own.

Number eight in descending order of the City of Prescott Next Request System is Request #20-534 (Opened and Closed within 1 hour, 19 minutes):

Number nine in descending order of the City of Prescott Next Request System is #Request #20-532 (Opened and Closed within 2 days, 17 hours, 25 minutes):

Number ten in descending order of the City of Prescott Next Request System is Request #20-450 (Did you take note "Reopened" shows but no date of origin of date opened just "reopened" and it is still OPEN- 43 days, 22 hours ):

There is a glitch where their "read more" button will not extend the data so I went to my EHD PDF and grabbed the data:

the Result above images: 352 days, 4 hours, 32 minutes they just come back and close it and say "transferred to Arizona State Forestry" and nothing further ??? WTF???

The pie reaction earlier swelled my insides - mouth and throat and hives so at 6:18PM I just drank Vega® Protein & Greens plain as my meal tonight to calm the system. Later I will drink some chia seeds and Aloe Vera and Oxypowder at different times and before I sleep I will take some activated charcoal.

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Good night - eye strain so have to get offline to rest)

Number eleven in descending order of the City of Prescott Next Request System is Request #20-449 (Opened and Closed within 12 days, 5 hours, 22 minutes):

There is a glitch where their "read more" button will not extend the data so I went to my EHD PDF and this record request must of got saved wrong because I did not find it the standard way.

All of us who walk in Truth...thank you for walking according to His is not always easy...Prayers to our friend who is recovering from surgeries in recent times and God is good. It is so important for his healing. He rocks! (Smiles)...

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came back and did a little more

Now Good Night )

(Good Morning - 6AM - already had my Amazing Grace Raws drink and today food consumption will shift to just drinking PH10 water and kraut juice, tea, sauerkraut, tea, and artichoke hearts due what happened from the pie- swelling still there and pain too and itchy hives. It is all new redirecting my intake because of this new DNA lab results from May 2020 of what I am sensitive and allergic to...and getting away totally from the foods bad for me. Today I am working half my time on Dude Fire post three to hopefully get it out today or tomorrow and work here.

The Lord is my strength and my shield; in him my heart trusts, and I am helped; my heart exults, and with my song I give thanks to him. - Psalm 28:7

Sorry for your loss- Unspoken Prayers.

I watched this today and yesterday:

How Can Humans Coexist with Monster Wildfires? at Zócalo Public Square - I was showing as the first view then it is now 40 views Jul 17, 2020 10SHARE and I shared it on IM. Fernanda Santos.

People quite often ask me what I thought of Santos-

In the start, I felt she was in this to learn many dimensions to the Yarnell Hill Fire. The Brotherhood. The Fire. The Terminology. The GMHS Loved Ones. The Grief. She made time for everyone. She was one of the few who went the full distance for the YHF/ GMHS on the Weavers but CBS Investigative Reporter Morgan Loew still stands as the only person (and his camera guy Patrick) to go the exact way of the eyewitness hikers Sonny and Joy from June 30, 2013.

If we had a hike with new folks, she was extended the invite. One time, I was waiting on her to arrive (she was late) so I took Jerry Pfingston and Dr Ted Putnam to (neighbor to Helm's / BSR) Yarnell Homeowner, Bruce Brown. The highly emotional moment delayed us back to Sonny's cabin and everyone that was left there later told me Santos blamed me for the day running late and she had places to go. Ok, I thought. She was the one who was late and we only went to Bruce's because she was tardy. Nobody called.

Anyways, she came to my home in Congress, Arizona and examined my surroundings / belongings (inside a closet none -the-less) to measure me and it made it into her book that I was a doll collector and in a sense I am not. I was ill one year in the Hospital and the Staff and my work staff and family and friends did a Barbie Birthday party where everyone dressed like Ken or Barbie for me and I gained over 2,000 dolls from that event. I have given thousands away with our events when Tom and I use to play Mr and Mrs Santa since that moment. Yet, I still had some around in the Garage; closed door shelves. I have my mother's Shirley Temple dolls (in spare room closet). Nothing on display. Yet I am not a "doll collector" like others do- just happened to be given to me. Santos told me her daughter wanted a dog but she just has been so busy to pay it the attention it needs so I gave her my dog named Sonny- (photo below) one of those breathing dogs- and as well since Santos loved going to Navajo areas I gave her daughter my Navajo Barbie (photo below).

After the first year, she came to my home one last time. Santos has a beautiful connection to Mazzella and Eckel and others as it would come into my Google alerts. It is a kind of 'love' story that comes from strong women like those ladies.

When her book came out. She asked me if I would give up mine so she can give my book to Amanda Beno Marsh Lohman. I was confused. That one hike we last did with all the folks Santos told me New York Times got a warning call for an injunction for harassment from Amanda for her Santos and then I actually got that unusual ' injunction for harassment' myself few months later

and now this call about this book to go to Amanda that was meant for me ??? was when I was in the Court of Appeals for my case with Amanda so I thought 'really, Santos? Could you picked another widow name. No. you offered two books for the hikes and times we spent and Sonny and I live in separate areas so two books it will be. Amanda can find your book another way but not the book meant for me. Why would I after all the orchestrations that year?'

Have I heard from her since her book came out? Yes.

Tuesday, January 15, 2019 3:33 PM "Hi, Joy. I'm sorry that it took me so long to write back. I had been traveling when you wrote and then I got buried with work. Thanks for your kind words. We never got a puppy because Mike got a cat. So now we're stuck with a cat. (We love him, though.)

I'm happy to hear about the changes in your life. They seem like good changes. By now, with everything you've learned, I bet you'd make a great fire investigator. 

Sending you my best wishes for this new year.

Fernanda." and again 3 months ago. Tuesday, April 14, 2020 12:49 PM "Hi, Joy. I'm well, we're all well here, healthy and thankful for our blessings every day. I'm sorry that your family member who's been struggling with Covid. I hope they recover as soon as possible.

Hope you stay healthy and safe.


Fernanda." -- Fernanda Santos Life's short. What are you waiting for?

I find Santos to be a beautiful human being who really loves to learn and is an excellent mentor for all ages and gender. I loved how she spoke about her family and friends in our visits. Her love for her daughter. She really shines. I hope she furthers her education on Fire Weather of the realities if she plans to stay talking about Wildland Fire because that group on that video above could really reach people. Really sound folks. I hope they really get to learn the true data. For me, it is an integrity thing but for others they just do a job...but for integrity, these journalists should gather even more and I know my old college days pal and others feel 'we all have an editor, Joy even the editors.'

I get that. Yet, I am doing the difficult right thing and I guess I expect more from the Media that have the clout and power to help better than what is shown. That is my story and times with Santos. Nice lady just wanting more from these media folks.

After all my research, I can state the Media needs to learn more or they will be labelled by me as "disinformation" officers or they "manage the info. to meet their narrative"...either way it is currently unhealthy and a dangerous way to withhold crucial information from We, the people.

Very few lay on my list as people out there really learning what is going on and that was why I have for years ceased and desisted any journalist, reporter, author or etc from using my materials like I told the History Channel- include the last 18 minutes of the YHF and I will do their show. Let me find that email and put that here.

( pause - publish - 7/21/20 10:00AM )

Number twelve in descending order of the City of Prescott Next Request System is Request #20-441 (Open 47 days, 8 hours, 4 minutes):

There is a glitch