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June 30, 2023- I just got done doing my last Public Records Request for the YHF13'.

ALL The Polly Rosenbaum State Archives and History building's Reading Room YHF13 records are for this personal use only blog- InvestigativeMEDIA (John Dougherty) and Scott E Briggs must sign a different sheet for their educational purposes with the Arizona States Archive Library - AZSAL- you may redirect people with a link to my site. That is how my contract I signed was written.

No copies are to be made just online for my personal reference for my personal blog.

I will place index and content by typing versus all items I copied; no actual images public. That will help in the audit process as well for the missing crucial documents. It will also help when people want to do a commercial purpose request. You can then identify what box and what file.

Tomorrow is my 51st Birthday off to celebrate.

Not today, but I will place out boxes one through eight from The Polly Rosenbaum State Archives and History building's Reading Room - Yarnell Hill Fire- YHF13 Boxes in a "live" draft published manner.

Which means you will each day come back to the posts and watch me build them "live" ---

It will be sophisticated and professional looking, right here, on the blog.

It will take time.

"work in progress"

It will possibly show you that State Forestry (2013) now DFFM (Department of Forestry and Fire Management) currently stored the records with missing crucial documents, and I will show all of you which ones are missing.

I asked for an audit on this area in 2023.


I will also make a permanent file on how it is supposed to be stored archivally this Summer 2023 here on the blog.

No more "lies and omissions" ... time to reset the button.

It is okay to see annually the same faces on television, but I am going to show you stuff you never seen before that should have been in the investigation reports. I want those who felt they did an excellent job - I am gonna show you that nope, you possibly failed.

It's okay to fail, just make it right today; reach me with the June 28- July 3rd, 2013, Incident Action Plans; IAPs -would be a nice start or the maps from that weekend.

In loving memory to all the Fallen ... to the ones on so many fires not just YHF13', on the aftermath of the fire; the locals we lost, and to all still affected by this fire.

You matter!

God Bless You.


June 30th 2023 post will be dated 5-19-23 and publish 9-29-23 so other contributing authors material is before my journals.


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