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Joy A. Collura's Journal- Spring 2023 Recap

Happy Spring 2023 to you all -

Happy Easter!

Happy "Other" Holidays:

The Yarnell land pics:

As you can see YCSO--- if Dave Basden and that crew say trespassers go on the land---BIG HUGE NOPE---since Spring 2021 there has been none - zero trespassers so why the "huff/puff " continued attitudes, Dave Basden to innocent people? How would you like it if someone came up to you in the tone you show to others--- when will it stop?


As you all know 2023 is limited people in my space and when I requested the below records- it was based on one reporting the below as I explain--- it just wasn't adding up

so fact checking and verifying misinformation.


Public Record Request BFY 20, 21, 22, 23 Appropriated Funds as of 3-24-2023.xlsx:



3-24-23 4:15pm: I am being Spiritually led- I am about to make a "big" change and it is a huge step and most would be afraid ...looking back on what was just shown to me but its keeps hitting me to make it happen very fast, so I am ... I am feeling God leading me to just do this ... I got instructions and directions and I have to choose ... I made the choice and this all came out of the blue. I heard my calling. Heading to that garden of joy ;). Happiness. Watch the way life is about to radiate and shine for me.

The adventures of my life, eh.

Sorry I did not go this year to US Hotshot Association Conference but seems you all get a new gal to hang with and "yeahhhh" YHF13' gal and she is about healing so hope you all have a fun time. Hope you all have an educational time.


Let me recap my emails since Sunday the 19th... the many back and forth emails from Sonny I will just state we "caught up" --- a mining adventure was brought up --- road trip with him and Scott --- and things are fine with Scott and me just want 2023 to focus to health- thanks for the invite...



long email but key words: essence, You have come so far, self-expression without filters or masks, authentic communication, being proud of who you are, shining in the world, refusing to make yourself small just to belong

long email but key words: This is the dawn of a new day and the day of a new dawn. You have the power to spark global change simply by being You, Every decision you make creates a ripple, Never worry about what it is, what people will think, or the way it should be done. Just lose yourself in the doing, Shining can happen from a quiet space too.





For the person who feels really bad for what they did to me --- we are okay --- re-evaluate in 2024. I am on pause to get what I need done until then ...k ... but we are fine.

I forgive you.

It is what it is...

It's all good...

and yes, you over did it but it's in the past.

yes, you jumped to conclusions without all the information,

and you listened to lies/omissions too

you lied to the police - possibly, go get therapy or reach me in 2024

nada in 2023.

what was done was real messed up but it is done.

As you can see I am still moving forward.





notified both owners of BASDEN's manners - when will enough be enough with this man, BASDEN? When is it that YCSO will feel he crossed the line? They did not with innocent me in 2021-2022 so let's see how it is handled in many years does a landowner have to face these ugly manners when all they are trying to do is good? God help us. Really.


I have the fleet but for now gonna keep it back channel --- rather interesting.


3-24-23- Friday night - watching Bradley Cooper's, "Burnt", dvd ---it reminds me of my chef days and as I watch it, I am using the NordicTrack stationary bike (huge thank you to Toni G. for allowing me to use this on the off times from our 2 days a week to do NTE):


Vindication phase: 3-26-23 12:52PM: Please, to the ones who tried to do harm or sabotage / give out misinformation on me or tried to control areas --- it is the end to your ill cycle.

No sense kicking rocks or crying over spilt milk.

I know some are ready to reach me. I am closed off for 2023 for incoming and your best bet if you are the real deal then certified snail mail your content with resources- please, do not bother to send "gossip" my way. Uninterested. Serious.

Avoid these areas with me in sharing:

  • someone in the background that's doing something bad, only share to me "proof" not gossip.

  • for the fake person, why are you desiring to destroy me? why the falsehoods on my reputation? why do this behind my back? what's the goal to bring me down?

  • why are you backstabbing? betraying? why are you upset? why the rumors coming from you?

  • I am a good person --- why the lies from you?

  • why are you trying to get me to pay attention your way---I go to help you and ??? it is obvious just so you know.

  • refrain from having no remorse - God is watching ;)


3-26-23 3pm: Let me unload my cell photos from this week so it is free to take more this week:

seems like makeup and getting ready is a thing to my past...lakes/water/hikes is my thing this 2023:

headed to ladies group:

left earlier than 4pm and did the hike and saw BL/SB/JW:

I did not gear for a hike so JW lent me a pack

I don't really wanna publicly say who I saw when I went on hike 3-25-23 but very nice to meet you.