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I recognized, I remembered, and I give thanks to the Lord for "Curtis Heaton"

It is almost like I passed through a doorway, and I changed fully today, March 27, 2023, and it feels soooo wonderful.

If you saw me today, you would have been like "whoah."

I made a body compliment for you today.

All the hard work you have done- shows

in the essence of Y O U.

You are a God given blessing.

As you prepare for the 2023 OMNA Staff Rides for Yarnell Hill Fire 2013 - please make note that I have my eyewitness account and documentations in the direction of the FBI process since December 2022.

Feel free to reach me if you need any assistance going into 2023, because it will be different than any other Staff Rides in prior years and in Wildland history so you may want to know what is due to come out in regard to the fire I almost died on, but 19 did die.

The gifts of the Holy Ghost was there with you today,

and it fully healed me- from broken pieces to I am whole.

Thank you, Lord.

Thank you, good man- Curtis Heaton.

In that moment, I saw everything God has done for all of us. May you keep being a blessing with your presence.

"Stay the Course"

Thou shalt thank the Lord thy God in all things

Best Regards,

Arizona Desert Walker

Joy A. Collura

Thank you again, Curtis, for your presence

that healed me fully today :)


recap March 27, 2023:

walked into quicksand:



Thank you Lord for Your essence seen in Curtis Heaton that healed me fully today:

almost fifty miles for this entire week I walked---ouch:

by the way I had a scheduled blood donation to do 3-26-23 but at ladies group Saturday I took a tension head pain pill and that made me have to reschedule my donation so I walked the trail two times in three of those days...


3-28-23 6:13am: Curtis, I told Ranger Dave and Scott when I sat there quietly I felt the African Spiritual guides around you --- you are so loved by them --- they shined.

Bright shiny day...this song came to me yesterday and I did my best in meditation attempt to get the names around you but I could clearly draw one person but I saw 13. You are so loved by them.


'I can see clearly now the rain is

gone I can see all obstacles in my way

right gone is the Dark Cloud that had me

blind it's gonna be a bright bright

sunshiny day '


I have carried Yarnell Hill Fire 2013, the research of many other Wildland Fires and those interviews, and those folks who called me because they were seeing deaths/horror that the media would never touch and your stories, heavy equipment folks and your heavy burdens on fires, knowing about the Faro images yet wondering did anyone else know about them like I knew, seeing the GPS locations YCSO took into inventory and it was never told June 30-July 7, 2013 and being bullied by one of theirs on the aftermath, getting assaulted in Boise, Idaho, and so much more --- all that I carried lifted by the Holy Spirit by being present with Curtis Heaton 3-27-23. For me, it was beautiful. Cleansing. Thank you, Lord.


I know more than I speak on Wildland Fires because I wanted it out the best way yet it was never easy watching all the abuse done my way- telling it was,

but none the less was not easy to go through. The worst part was watching the grief of one of the widows aimed my way and learning what I know- always wondered did she know what I know because in 2013 she made that email reference that if everyone knew ____________________

than she said if I was in a boat she said what she would do but I said heck no, I would do what I could to resolve the hole in the boat ( not jump ship ) and keep soaring and paddling until the storm was over just as I have in my research to how I almost died June 30, 2013, but 19 did.

Ellen Butler and I met at the Pioneer Cemetery in Prescott where some are buried and her pal is friends with Erin Brockovich someone Holly Henderson Snyder Neill has been seen in photographs with so never watched that film until later on and yeah, but my research was much deeper than hers and I match up more to the fillum "Dark Waters" ...

I had all the puzzle pieces- it just was heart wrenching --- I understood so many folks stances to not be that one --- I was not going to blog it --- that is why I asked the FBI to help me process the information December 2022.

I want to thank you even though it was one of my most challenging to go through being physically unwell but thank you for the experiences. Hopefully 2023 brings back integrity to the plate.

They need to make some immediate changes to Wildland Fire and it needs to happen. I would even state some need to be demoted and held accountable for the criminal actions on my fire that I almost died on. Let the FBI figure that area out. I am not looking to get people jail time but a serious reality check that your actions almost killed me--- 19 died and many more died after that fire.



Thursday 3-30-23 11:56am: I know the above who know I know the rest on what happened are feeling bewildered and so I am going to explain a little more what I saw when I saw Curtis Heaton.

I know some are like why didn't you question him or grill him like you did Willis 10-15-22...why just listen? He is right there.

Curtis Heaton in what I saw has most likely prominent guides who are working on him to share his experiences in God's timing not my timing and when I looked at him --- you know when you are in setting of increased light such as when exposed to excessive sunlight and you see white shimmery spots.

I saw that glimmer spots only around Curtis not Scott or Dave. Then I was getting messages and the main was lay quiet- 'observe' - the rest of the messages I leave back channel but it is African origin of 13 and one with weird teeth stood at the front line ( 'I Can see clearly now' song was prominent) and the message let me know remain at peace and as that was said I saw the left image above and the Holy Spirit was felt immediately and deeply and all I had been shown in 10 years was wiped "fully" away and I can say God used Curtis Heaton for my healing.

I know the gal who goes in her mind who has been around Fred for ages was like will Curtis with such a good core currently share MacKenzie without thinking to the 'politics' and agencies factors and just share and same for YHF13'?

I know this about Curtis- only what my Arizona Wildfire Incident Management Wildland Firefighter Facilitative Instructor Pj Lingley told us up and coming Wildland Firefighters in his class in 2019 and that was Curtis told Pj Holly was picking him up after the men died on Yarnell to go out there. The rest I knew was fellow NIMO folks opinions not always good and Fred's posts. I also on the Lessons Learned Youtube videos gave some of my opinions over time.

So, I think people need to know if you had this history with Curtis- remember it is JUST THAT--- history - the man before me is in some serious life transitioning of pure healings. I would give my time to listen to his words.

As it seems like a good question for you all to ask me, God assured me Curtis has free will and every action we do has a rippling way to not just our life but those around us so whatever Curtis chooses is his choice. Remember that. and I did. It is such a freeing moment.

Sure, at times, I wonder if any GMHS loved ones and other key folks knew all along what happened especially when I saw abuse like I saw over time and the lies and omissions but then again I did not do that- their actions did.

So what happened to their words and actions? I can say for sure division took place because of their actions. Some may go to jail but it is not my goal- I just want a reality check and some changes to be immediately made in Wildland Fire and Aviation and Climate Change. More than likely, criminal actions can be brought upon some ( ok many) and that is sad in its own right.

Again, Shalom.


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Roger Federwisch
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Love Ya-all


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I am so proud of you staying the course all these years, despite all the physical and emotional aspects directed your way. I only wish some people could walk in your shoes,only then would they realize what an amazing person you are!! Your dedication has already helped so many people in your community, healing and comforting those directly impacted. So, stay true to who you are,and keep fighting for the truth!! Love you!!

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I love you, Mom

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