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December 25, 2023, through January 2024- "Happy New Year" journal

December 25, 2023, through January 2024- "Happy New Year" journal

December 25- I got my 2024 Smokey Books-

thank you:

Thank you to the Launch Pad Teen Center for the Holiday Greetings--- a place we have donated to:

always out there to help our kids and elders...

send your donation to:


Head Pain. rest. Chess- lost the overall day but won many times just lost in the end. talked to my mother-in-law in the morning and talked to my mother at end of the day. In 11 games I won but then by afternoon we tied and at night the last three games, won one lost two. It was a close game too.

Ear pics:

December 26 Tues- no exercises allowed due to medical moment tomorrow.

Remember folks, anything on Academia is FJS, not me. That is all his AHFE and conference please refrain from confusing I made those articles...those are his...AHFE does know too that I am uninvolved since 2019. recent viewers:

Family Christmas Greetings from Florida:


moon peaking out:

December 27

i-74: heading to Cottonwood...avoiding passing through the town that has so many people who lie and omit...and they are okay with living life with that lie and omissions...I do my best to avoid Prescott all a child and teen it was a town I cherished when our church would road trip there until I saw some in leadership on the YHF13' and its aftermath------appalling---it must make those who have passed on, possibly turn over in their graves to see all that I have have the evidence I do and I shared it in order of authority and be disregarded...shame on them. Especially law enforcement--- protect and serve? Really!? Was that truth told on DONNA GORDON yet? Yavapai County Sheriff's Office? Public Safety who did the investigation? To me, some of you in law enforcement are allowing an unjust happen and all I know is God is watching...we must live in open transparency and truth with integrity.

It could be quite scary to live in a state that allows elder abuse and protects the offender versus the one offended like what happened to my longtime friend, Lois P. That should have never happened. The courts should have never allowed a new to her life person with this background:

to allow that person to take her who had dementia to courts and file POA who she barely even knew and quit claim her life/land to this new person shutting us all out --- 99 years old she would have been, and Shirley was robbed of her own belongings along with her mother's...sick world. I believe her physician said she would help and failed there. He was just to be her driver because she was in her 90's when FORD (Wickenburg) sold her a vehicle and she needed a driver to Wise Owl and BINGO. Any person who was a part of all that- God is watching you. Yesterday, Dennis said the alleged ringleader died so HOW SAD Shirley was robbed of her own belongings and her mother's to a guy who died, and his partner is also in a bad way he said. Sick world to do this to a 98yo and her daughter. I pray for some way the state gives back the land that belongs to Shirley (these men sold Shirley's belongings and that was wrong and Lois's items) and apologize to her for allowing this to even happen to her life right after she lost her husband then her mother then the land stuff on top of her own stuff happening...totally wrong...especially being an elder herself. WELCOME TO ARIZONA and our YAVAPAI COUNTY COURT SYSTEM? Greatly disappointed. This was very wrong. Who in the heck do we have running the leadership the past decade to Adult Protective Services...this is really wrong.

i-74: heading to Cottonwood

New River Rd:



get to see Carol C. :) --- do my best to see her for medical analysis, 1-2 times a year.

thank you Roxie for the homemade crocheted items:

Wow, Carol said get yourself to a Dentist ... ASAP.... so I emailed and called a Dental Surgeon and made appointment - apparently this darn CPAP machine helps in some ways but other ways it is doing mayhem to my gums and teeth...sigh.

leaking all over body--even the scalp on the right side: holy crud...look at my hair thinning out...I use to have thick thick hair that I wondered if I even had a blank spot to my scalp...

leaking on scalp too:

December 28

up early learning what to do next with this infection- meet with legal team today about 4 10 23 vehicle collision. I ended up in the hole on that dealio and FJS said when he gets funds from his accident then he would help...

 Dear Lord, what do I need to do? I drink infused garlic/ginger/onion/grapefruit water daily---with lots of water--and I consume it also daily even use it topical on inflamed areas and took antibiotics in 2023- what do you want from me Lord...I am always your servant...

I use quality CPAP cleaners too and my machine is always in top notch condition.

Help me Lord, understand, why I have this teeth infection that I am hearing it is possibly making it to other major organ areas and bodily areas??? and this medical machine (CPAP) could be the possible causal factor or my genetics and I do the work, Lord...I do my exercises ...arms M W F, legs Tuesday, Abs Thursdays and walk the weekends 3.3 hours.

So help me...Heal Jesus name. Please, help me understand I do all the intake to get well but I am how much weight? Please help me get well. I know I always say YOUR WILL, YOUR WAY...but I am heading out with the ladies group out of state and I want to be healed of this versus having teeth removed so please heal me... let us keep this simple.

Is it my mouth or thoughts? ... when I think some folks go through life as "test crash dummies" ...those folks who work so hard to be a slave to the devil...seems when he calls, they answer...???...they are the devil's "bee och"...I stand firm with you, Lord...these people try to attack me for things I have zero control over...if you look at how they go after me...those people twist it up so bad ---you would think they had a pretzel factory---it is simply just a facade, Lord. I know. You know.

They can cover it up...mask it...I know. You know, Lord. Others see through their facade.

I do not even think they know you are watching this all...sure, some are ignorant but some I am so tired to see it...lately I hear it is a gift what I am able to share and it is in all of us...just follow Jesus ...have that personal relationship with Him...I am no test crash dummy...I do not answer the call when the devil calls...I say when they point the one finger my way, there is three pointing back at them...Right!? Stop your subscription to the different levels- different devils magazines ;)

We all have options and choices. We do not have to answer that call. Joke is on them. I own that I have failed temptations to my life- everyone has. Refrain from allowing the Devil to ride you like a stallion...k....for those who were tricked by the Devil and are back on the Righteous path, reach me...if you did me wrong---that is between you and God because I already have forgave you, and let go and let God.

Remember, even if we are to have low faith in some authoritian entities by the evidence already out there... God is watching ...

The Public at Large has had full access to reach me from 2013-2023;

2024, I have some serious health concerns I am addressing but I assure you feel free to email: Administration Email:,

'Lauren' will be handling all information you have for me, Joy A. Collura.

When you are out worrying, plotting and could have spent time with Jesus having beautiful moments. What a waste of your time. Those recruiting attempts...God watched you do all that.

I have surveillance cameras on my property and vehicles...I have God's protection...I have cameras on ADOT highways that could be requested and if I am ever put in a ugh spot I will do a Social Media "Live: footage...go live your life and refrain from looking my way for placing the documented facts out on a fire I almost died on that I was eyewitness but 19 did die and many homeowners/renters were affected...some of the stuff that has been done was illegal by people in positions who mission was to protect and serve ???

almost time to put another cheesy Hallmark fillum on with Victor Webster (Scottie Briggs doppelganger)...enjoy your day and Jesus, come help me ASAP on this infection please---guide me what to do next...

December 29 another long rough night and awoke early.


At first glance I was like I do not know of any account ... but Summer 2022 Amy made me an UNO account to play with her and her Kansas boyfriend, Ryan Bostic. Let me go close the account.

Stray Cat "Harry" will be 24 this May 2024...all he does is the walk regimens with me, rest photo snuggled in his blankies:

4:44pm Legal Team: so the number was 444 20 seconds...4442 angel number:

December 30 RR (I cried when I saw Dennis when he picked up lemons today at my neighbors- I miss you 99 y.o. Lois Porows.- I just called Shirley and left a VM to see about your ashes and doing something for you ... I miss you. I am beginning to wonder about Lois P. and her property and it is appalling and bewilders me. For my health I need to let it go ...but I am sorry Shirley that you faced that ending with your mother...and that the state of Arizona possibly failed you. You did not deserve it. Dennis and I know you were robbed.


so much fluid retention on my can go through the journals and see the way I went from worse to much worse...

Colors on images:

RED, WHITE are not good for Joy---


BLUE, PURPLE are not good for Joy---

White is where my intense pains are...

hip area:

hip area

hip area

lower back:

the body on thermogram is supposed show green...

not yellow, red, white, blue, purple...

redacted "private" areas for the Public at Large---this post is for family and friends and this site is for ADULTS ONLY. No kids should be here.

problem areas: I have no chest due to a necrosis - ischemic - staph -MRSA moment so there is nothing to see except concern areas:

back of neck:

A thermogram is essentially a “picture of temperatures”


Thank you, Carol. Thank you Karen too-

her results here:




The following represents an assessment regarding thermal expectations or irregularities in the region(s) represented in this document. This is not an assessment related to any risk of any specific disease, but rather an assessment of the general health of the individual, which may be noted in the thermal image.


  1. Thermographic Findings - Anterior Head: There are increased significant patterns in the periorbital, nasal, maxillary sinus and dental areas compared to the previous study of 9/05/2022. There is mild diffuse bilateral hyperthermia seen in the forehead somewhat greater on the left.

  2. medical words used above:

  1. Muscle spasm and pinched nerves in the back of the neck may affect muscles in the forehead. These patterns may also be seen with environmental allergies or sinus inflammation, with or even without symptoms. Further evaluation recommended if indicated. There is increased periorbital hyperthermia bilaterally involving the ethmoid sinuses likely related to environmental or inhalant allergies. There is bilateral hyperthermia evident in the maxillary sinuses. Maxillary sinuses may be affected by environmental allergies and or sinus inflammation/infection. The most common symptoms are pain in the cheekbones, and feelings of pressure. It's been shown that more than 27% of chronic sinus infections could be related to fungal infection. This pattern may also be seen with extensive dental issues. Further evaluation recommended if indicated. There is intense, extensive, increased hyperthermia in the area surrounding the mouth, bilaterally greater in the right lateral lower jaw extending into the submandibular area and neck. Perioral hyperthermia is often related to cavities, amalgam fillings or bacteria in the mouth and can be an indication of dental/periodontal inflammation or pathology...Studies have shown that 93% of women with breast issues have root canals and usually on the same side. If these patterns are persistent, recommend special attention to oral care as bacteria in the blood stream can circulate to other areas of the body, including joints, the thyroid, other soft tissue and the cardiovascular system. Unresolved dental issues are often related to a variety of unresolved health problems. Recommend evaluation with a Biological Dentist familiar with cavitations, Electrodermal Screening and Ozone Therapy. The nose presents as warmer than expected. This is most often seen with environmental allergies, cold symptoms, rosacea or dermatitis. Further evaluation may be indicated. 12/30/2023, 12:28 PM

  1. Lateral Head and Vasculature: There is bilateral, focally warmer thermal intensity at the temporomandibular joints, in front of the ears, which can be an indication of possible TMJ misalignment. This may present with such symptoms as headache, neck pain, earache and jaw clicking and may be related to the reported headaches and TMJ and neck pain. Consider an evaluation with a TMJ specialist for possible adjustment. Increased bilateral thermal patterns are seen in the posterior lower jaw greater on the right. These patterns can be a possible indication of dental conditions, teeth grinding or TMJ disorder. General muscular related hyperthermia is observed in the lateral posterior neck bilaterally. This muscle extends from under the ear and jaw down to the collarbone. Muscular tension in the neck can cause neck tenderness and headaches. This finding may be related to the reported neck pain. There is intense hyperthermia seen behind and below both ears in the area of the mastoid process greater on the right which is attached to the neck muscles, creating possible tension in the neck. Symptoms can include, but not limited to neck pain and stiffness, headaches at the base of the skull and possible dizziness and vertigo. This may be related to the reported headaches and neck pain. If symptoms of ear pain, swelling, impaired hearing or fever are present or develop later, clinical evaluation is advised. This pattern may be related to fungal or bacterial infections.

  2. Anterior Neck: There is a pattern of hyperthermia observed in the anatomical region of the thyroid gland in the anterior neck which may indicate thyroid inflammation, Hashimoto's, nodules or other functional issue. Low thyroid function symptoms include fatigue, hair loss, weight gain, mood or brain fog issues, constipation and/or cold hands and feet. Hyperthyroid function symptoms include fatigue, tremors, anxiety, palpitations and/or diarrhea. If any of these symptoms exist, a thyroid ultrasound and additional clinical evaluation with a healthcare provider is advised. Note that this pattern may be incidental or may be due to the normal indentation at the top of the sternum. There is bilateral hyperthermic activity seen in the lymphatic chains of the neck. A primary function of the lymphatic system is to assist in cleaning the cellular environment of bacteria and other toxins, possibly from the sinuses and teeth, to fight infection. Internal toxicity leads to inflammation. Long-term inflammation eventually weakens the immune system. Consider professionally guided protocols to support lymphatic drainage and inflammation. Posterior Head Posterior neck presents with diffuse bilateral hyperthermia which is a typically expected finding.

  3. CHEST/ UPPER BACK: Chest, Heart & Upper Back Concerns, relaxation ventricular function 50 - 55% and tricuspid regurgitation, costochondritis with chest pain above and including both breasts. SOB worse at night, (no asthma),15mm mass lower left lobe of lung - CT Dec 23rd 2020 showed cavitation in mass. Chest, Heart & Upper Back History Reported history of heart disease and chest pain, shortness of breath.

  4. Thermographic Findings Anterior Chest: ... There is bilateral hyperthermia over the anterior shoulders. In the absence of pain, these patterns may suggest lymphatic congestion likely related to shortening of the pectoralis muscle and can be improved with better shoulder posture and stretching exercises of the pectoralis muscle group. Scattered mottled patterns of hyperthermia are detected over the chest and back. These patterns may be caused by a number of conditions including hormone imbalances, myofascial dysfunction, various autoimmune conditions, lymphatic congestion, food sensitivities, toxicities, and emotional stress. Professional follow-up assessment is advised.

  5. Upper Back: There is a bilateral mottled hyperthermic pattern in the upper shoulder and lower neck area that may be related to the trapezius muscle. Symptoms may include stiffness, soreness and aching. A back specialist or chiropractic evaluation may be beneficial. There are diffuse areas of hyperthermia located upper-medial border of the scapula over the trapezius muscle bilaterally. These findings are consistent with acute or chronic stress or strain on muscles and other soft tissue structures overlaying the cervical and thoracic segments of the spine and are consistent with the reported upper back pain. There is intense hyperthermia over the spinal column. This may be a normal variant or may suggest possible inflammation, strain or recent injury of the tendons, ligaments and muscles. An evaluation for structural stability, ergonomics, osteoporosis/spinal decompression and injury may be indicated.

  6. BREAST - Breast Concerns- ischemic attack 2005, "went very wrong", had staph infection, necrosis and MRSA. Right breast looks more like a mastectomy with no nipple, partial nipple left on the left breast with skin disorder. Scar tissue and adhesions = very lumpy and painful to chest wall. Because of all of the scar tissue every mammogram has to be repeated and ultrasound done. MRI 9/2016 found an oval nodule right breast, right breast lump 12-1:00 has increased in size, breast ultrasound found "normal" dense breast tissue and lipoma has grown in size. Skin infections with drainage both breasts. Breast and Related History: Client currently experiencing pain/tenderness and lumps of the left breast and pain/tenderness and lumps of the right breast. Family history is significant. Complete hysterectomy on 01/2002 due to endometriosis and fibroids. Previous diagnosis of cysts, mastitis and fibro adenoma of the breasts. Total Mammograms 33. Date of last mammogram 02/2016. BREAST Breast Summary Findings are compared to previous evaluations, the most recent dated 9/05/2022. Moderate thermal changes observed in this follow-up study compared to the previous evaluation. There has been an overall increase in the vascular and mottling hyperthermic patterns across the breasts and chest with an increase in intensity. See details of right and left breast below. There are intense and significant thermal patterns or reported findings observed in both breasts. The left breast appears larger as compared to the right. Right Breast: General Findings: These notable thermal findings seen in this breast are commonly seen, but they should continue to be monitored for change: A diffuse thermal pattern is observed over the breast. There are branching patterns seen over all four quadrants of the breast. There is an intense branching thermovascular pattern originating near the right shoulder and descending into the upper breast. This pattern is more intense compared to the previous study. There are several intense diagonal thermovascular pattern in the inner breast. There is an intense closed loop near the sternum. General hyperthermia is seen in the axillary lymphatic region under the arm and lateral to the breast. See comments below. Significant Findings These findings should be addressed. Impression and recommendations will be based on the number of these findings. Although there are no specific significant findings at 12-1 o'clock, this may be related to the vascular pattern at 11-12 o'clock. There is a well-defined thermal-vascular pattern in the outer regions of the breast greater than 1.5°C as compared with the opposite breast at 11-12. This pattern shows an increase compared to the previous study. There is a significant inferior vascular pattern below the nipple with a temperature difference greater than 1.5° as compared to the opposite breast at 3-4 o'clock. Left Breast: General Findings These notable thermal findings seen in this breast are commonly seen, but they should continue to be monitored for change: A diffuse thermal pattern is observed over the breast. There are branching patterns seen over all four quadrants of the breast. There is a large intense branching thermovascular network with closed loops in the upper breast. Also increased compared to the previous study. There is an intense branching thermovascular pattern below the axilla. General hyperthermia is seen in the axillary lymphatic region under the arm and lateral to the breast. See comments below Significant Findings These findings should be addressed. Impression and recommendations will be based on the number of these findings. There is a well-defined thermal-vascular pattern in the upper regions of the breast greater than 1.5°C as compared with the opposite breast at 11-1 o'clock. There is a specifically reported finding (lumps, pain and tenderness) with a temperature difference in that region that is measurably greater than the same region in the opposite breast. Breast Impression- Thermal findings are considered to be an impression of: Right Breast: Thermally significant with a moderate level of concern for thermal irregularities based on two findings as noted above. These identified findings should continue to be monitored for change. Left Breast: Thermally significant with a moderate level of concern for thermal irregularities based on two findings as noted above. These identified findings should continue to be monitored for change. Comments Note: There can be multiple reasons for breast tenderness other than inflammation, fibrocystic problems or other issues. Hormone imbalance may be involved and saliva testing or other hormone evaluation may be useful. Studies have shown that oral or topical estrogen should always be balanced with progesterone and that natural hormones are superior to synthetic hormones. Note: Specifically reported breast lumps, with or without thermal findings are often associated with fibrocystic changes and estrogen dominance and warrants clinical correlation and evaluation as well as close follow-up. Further evaluation of a specifically reported breast lump is recommended for additional testing as recommended by her attending, referring or primary care physician. Note on reported fibrocystic breasts: Fibrocystic changes are often associated with localized discomfort. It may be helpful to take supplemental iodine, selenium and vitamin D3 and to discontinue all caffeine. In addition, Fibrocystic changes likely represent excess estrogen relative to progesterone (estrogen dominance). Supplementation with a bio-identical progesterone cream may be beneficial. Recommend possible hormonal evaluation and assessment. Thermal patterns in the axillary region are an indication of poor lymphatic drainage and congestion. Consider Lymphatic Drainage Therapy, dry brushing, mild massage or physical activity that moves the lymph, such as swimming or moderate jumping. (See your Thermographer for information and instructions.) Karen/Carol: I have been going for thermograms for over ten years so I know all about Drainage therapy and do it daily so now what. Note: Iodine deficiency has been shown to contribute to fibrocystic changes, breast lumps, gynecological conditions and thyroid nodules/disorders. Iodine/ iodide supplementation should be considered. A 24-hr loading Iodine test after stopping iodine/ iodide for 2 or 3 days may be helpful to determine adequate dosing. Vitamin D3 and Vitamin K2 supplementation may be supportive in the prevention of many chronic conditions including breast cancer. Evaluation of vitamin D 25 OH total level to determine optimal levels (some consider 60-70 ng/ml) may be beneficial. RECOMMENDED BREAST FOLLOW-UP 1. Thermally significant with a moderate level of concern for thermal irregularities with two significant factors as noted above. Recommend continued bilateral breast ultrasound and restudy in 6 months as comparison over time will further clarify the significance of these findings and to establish a stable baseline with no significant changes. These noted findings should continue to be monitored for change. 2. In addition to thermal imaging, continue with routine follow-up breast examinations with her physician as indicated or at least annually. 3. Recommend ongoing consultation with her physician or qualified health professional regarding recommended dietary, nutritional and lifestyle practices that support breast and overall optimal health. ABDOMEN/ LOWER BACK Abdomen & Lower Back Concerns History: bowel obstruction, GERD, also right lower quadrant pain since being hit in that area, Hiatal hernia, Colonoscopy, Has DJD low back. History of complete hysterectomy, but MRI shows' ovaries with cysts. ??? Abdomen History: acid reflux; pain in the upper right quadrant, abdomen, lower back and pelvic region; surgery or disease in the intestines, lower back and pelvic region. Thermographic Findings, Impressions and Recommendations Abdomen: The abdomen is generally more hypothermic compared to the previous study of 9/05/2022. Scattered patterns in the upper central abd