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11-21-23 thru December 2023 Journal

November 21-

Big 5, $ store, Panda Express, Thanksgiving shopping for Ladies Group Gobble dinner. 1 win, 1 loss, 1 tie then John won final game in chess and I went to sleep early. Draining area, left leg:

left ankle:

November 22 1:40am---up for the day---I was awoken from a dream that a young kid not identifying himself came to my area looking for me with a young teen girl wanting to know what happened on YHF13' --- I explained if they had their parents / guardian with written permission and as well a political publicist counsel present and my health / blood labs / imaging could handle it, I would be unable because of the push on certain ones that are growing up without having certain docs set upfront like a disclosure legal doc- I refuse to be set up and I totally get the emotions of this kid in the dream yet I live in real world time and seen how appalling the treatment has been thus far being a truth seeker. You see there are some folks out there who are not alive today, so I need a trusted person that has authority to do the difficult right thing. Speaking clever to me and solid word-smithing, you can avoid those folks to come my way. I need integrity folks. That is a fact.

all the FB comments were removed on FJS's YHFR FB page for this post:

so archiving post here but should be somewhere on here the original content. FB would have the only control to remove all your comments, folks. We did not.

organizing medical-- I am being seen soon and doing labs soon...they requested a formal screening and review of my current medical.

I got this email yesterday: Seems like a neat tool ...

So, I sent a message asking that I get their protocol ...that the first appt is a consultation ...and the next is the scan ....and the scan is not free to the world but was for us based on our VIP attendance at an Expo ...but my inquiry is the scan is free but is there a follow up visit after that will cost? Right, good question ... let you know when I know.

I think because I am the eyewitness --- wait wait wait --- to clarify for folks that like to claim I am not an eyewitness...I am clarifying---I saw fire June 30, 2013, firefighters, fire vehicles and air vehicles and I took photos and videos and I was WITH the Granite Mountain Hotshots on the Weavers on the two track road so does that make it an eyewitness to that day ??? Just wondering how long you all are gonna deny me that moment that I almost died but 19 did... as I hear you all get puffy when you even hear my name as like you wish we did not exist ???? Anyways, I am not a tagged co-author nor have I been on any presentations since 2019 in Washington DC- remember:

and it would be safe to say since Lance Honda (RiP) passed on that I am the new tagged name to the paper ???

I got a message from Harry, and I played it for his sweetie, and she said there is NO WAY you could know that was a song I sang to him...

Caught up with Jake B. We watched a Christian movie as we ate shrimp. Time to go play chess.

-November 23

getting more greys:

I was at Toni's from 2:30pm to 5:30pm ----thank you Toni- I brought whiskey pie and light

flaky rolls and Irish butter.

also locals: Jake (JW), Jim. Martie, Lou, Wayne, Teresa

Kas, Margaret, Ron, Glynda went...

Lauren will be blogging for me until the end of the year so I can focus to medical areas.

November 24:

November 25- saw RR.

left side so swollen:

it is growing in the oddest color mixed with dark and light greys:

(seb)3:58pm-22m33s) Public at Large: I last did presentation stuff in 2019- I have refrained from such in 2020 through current year and 2024. I am unwell and will not place my name to any legal documents or presentations--- in 2023 AHFE was alerted of such --- we can safely assume the main author is just keeping two names relevant in current times. ??? I only need to be relevant in getting well and getting documents out.

Anyone who is able to donate to my medical bills as I have to reach a hefty one in 2023. I need to meet a large deductible before insurance kicks in.

Every year, I end up paying loads out financially for medical ... any little bit helps ... my snail mail is PO BOX 572 Congress Arizona 85332. I appreciate it. I know my family and friends and some naysayers read the journal- I am not trying to get your funds. I would even be willing to make payments back if needed.

painful bilateral swollen ear infection:

right ear:

left ear:

November 26:

the pain sucks. resting. painful and swollen.

right ear:

left ear:

November 27: awoke at 2:22 but got out of bed at 4:44am. right ear:

left ear:


November 28 awoke at 4am

Someone asked how they can send an online payment towards the medical instead of snail mail - ZELLE email:

Went to urgent care- thanks to FJS zelle payment to attend a bilateral ear infection- ,very painful:

November 29

November 30

above image- reality, below image- with blur to image when taking pic:

December 1

I cancelled Johnny G because I chopped over ten inches the past few months. Letting it grow out phase.

December 2

I was walking in my kitchen and God placed it on my heart to go on WMDFB and I did and I saw some message but oddly enough I do not call DCJ by his formal name and his family calls him BUMPA so I messaged the person to reach FJS for new #. Fred conferenced called. I went in person and just agreed to make a new FB one and state the others are inactive. All done in less than 24 hours. Yet, meanwhile KL purged her clothes and this is one of the Moo Moos I got from her---it is huge and very roomy...kinda camping in it ;) anyways, thank you KL. See you on the 9th.

December 3

still pain and been antiobiotics since 11-28-23.

strange that the cops want our help--how about them finally helping us on YHF13' and what actions they did that week 6-30-13 through 7-7-13. Hmmm...and 8-26-22 DONNA GORDON vs YCSO...her story being told in truth on paperwork and with the Mass Media...

December 4

December 5

Lauren and John alerted folks I may not attend AWIMA in 2024. I have been THAT taxed and weak. Not even for the refresher which I have always done. I will still go to my Johnny G appt. ;) though. "God-willing." That is a few months from now. Seems like it is coming up quick.

December 6 3:50am: I awoke from a YHF13 nightmare that showed me the background to the documents I own and why everything happened to me after the fire. I wish I did not have THAT dream/nightmare.

this was good find: 43 matches-- might have our guy from that photo...

(shopping stinks- who likes to shop- not me)

walked backyard. Christmas lights are up. Got carrot cake, those Thanksgiving rolls and Danish butter for ladies group. Welcome Back party it is...coming up.

December 7-

let's take a look to see what others peaked at this week on the blog:

left ear:

right ear:

Strangers; Robert, Anita, "Ditto" Octavia and VV stopped by between 2 something to 5pm unexpected-their spontaneous moment yet they ended up in my living room via VV ???--- I just hope that talk God protects all from it...sensitive topic.

December 8

December 9

RR, Ladies Group with Karen joining:

Laurel (below) got flowers for Margaret:

December 10 RR stopped by- DEPLETED feeling I am...RR:

left ear: