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Beautiful---Hello, Media. This is what I hoped TEN YEARS LATER to see from you all...Thank You, Sir.

This person is one of my public humbled heroes on this tenth Remembrance anniversary where Sonny/I almost died but 19 did -

Thank you for publicly sharing your Yuma Crew testimony account.

Here is my Yarnell Hill Fire 2013 Testimony the Media began to tell but then were hushed up from telling our account-

That had to be the worst briefing one could attend:

Thank you and as I go through the records- I will place this video to your Crew Time Report and Resource Order.

Thank you so much. This is stuff Joe Dana and other reporters/journalists needed to do ... thank you so much.

"Toe Tag" - also glad you did not have to see it.

Beautiful insert on Carl.

Their was a new guy hired and he was to start but they said just come in Monday July 1st, 2013, so imagine being that guy. Sad.




please share more photos, videos, and the IAP plans and maps from that weekend.


Transcripts if they make him remove it:

17:03 / 30:48 The Granite Mountain Hotshots, Heroes in the Heart of Fire: The Last Stand of the Yarnell 19.RIP 13' Common Sense Garage 47 subscribers Subscribe <__slot-el> 8 Share Download Save 261 views 1 day ago Welcome back to our channel. On this special day, we are commemorating the 10th anniversary of the Yarnell Hill fire tragedy, an event that tested the mettle of the Granite Mountain Hotshots. This courageous crew made the ultimate sacrifice during the worst wildland fire tragedy in generations. … Show more 4 Comments Sort by Add a comment... @Arizona_Desert_Walker 0 seconds ago your images and videos matter- please allow the Public at Large to see them. 1 Reply @Arizona_Desert_Walker 0 seconds ago When it cools down, and my health increases in the positive...I would love to hike my path June 30, 2013 and show you where the Granite Mountain Hotshots were that day. Where "Mystery Man" was that we saw and you hear Nate Peck talk about in his interview. 10:19 you said all but one would be dead but you have to remember we were with the GMHS/ GMIHC on the Weavers and we lived. Your video matters. Thank you dearly for this. I own all the records and I will be placing it out...but for some reason when I went through it--- do know some records are missing from the permanent fire files. If you have the maps or IAP from that weekend. They are very important to me. I am not doing a book or film just piecing together how come we almost died but 19 did. Show less 1 Reply @Arizona_Desert_Walker 2 minutes ago Thank you first video I can hit LIKE this year. You saw the argument possibly then that Sonny and I witnessed at the fire station on Saturday? Let's begin there. Did you? Then do you still have your INCIDENT ACTION PLANS IAPS OR MAPS from that weekend and can you share that? You are a gem. I am shocked they allowed you to "speak up" but you are the first to begin my healing for purely sharing publicly. I appreciate you. RiP Bambi's Character. Thank you dearly. 1 Reply @lori6786 1 day ago Thank you for sharing your memory of this tragic fire. 1 Reply ·1 reply @CommonSenseGarage 1 day ago Thank you very much for watching it Lori. I appreciate you messaging. It felt good to get that story out. 1 Reply @brandyjohnson3990 1 day ago Thank you so much for sharing your experience and memories. Thank you for honoring our #19 2 Reply ·1 reply @CommonSenseGarage 1 day ago thank you for watching, and for the super kind words. 2 Reply Transcript 0:03 hey there guys welcome to the channel today June 30th 2023 is a very special0:09 day and this video is going to be a little bit different than you used to ten years ago today we experienced the0:15 worst Wildland fire tragedy in Generations and many of you remember it many of you have seen the movie Only the brave well0:22 the crew was named the Granite Mountain HotShots and they're based out of Prescott and I promise you they were the0:28 best of the best I hope that you'll watch this video and listen to my first hand account of that fire and why I0:34 really believe that you never should have ever even heard of that fire which is something I still think about pretty much every day and many of you0:41 know this already some of you don't but I served as a wildland firefighter for a lot of years in my younger days and I0:47 had the pleasure of fighting a lot of fires and a lot of great memorable ones but none obviously is memorable as0:53 Yarnell Hill so the Arnold Hill fire started late in the night of June 28th it might have0:58 actually been very very early in the morning June 29th but anyway it was a lightning strike right above the town my1:04 crew we were based in Yuma I remember when we got the call but we were rolling towards the fire probably1:10 about 5 A.M by the time we got there we were the second hand crew on the ground which equals about 40 guys The1:17 Incident Commander was there an engine was there which is basically a truck that has a water delivery system and1:22 staffs two or three guys and a helicopter which we were primarily planning to use for getting a visual1:27 because the fire was up it's really Rocky hard to reach stuff they were all staged at the local fire station and if1:34 you can imagine the town is kind of like a valley we're up on one side at the fire station1:39 we're looking across to where the fire should be um on the other side1:45 so a little bit about fire because I said sugar fire really doesn't do a whole lot at night it could start1:51 creep they call it but fire really lays down at night because everything and even early in the1:56 morning because everything that the fire consumes all the fuel we call it the trees and the brush2:01 is so full of moisture that uh it doesn't really start to become active until the fuel starts to dry out and2:07 really start burning in Arizona that basically means later in the day you know it depends obviously you know2:14 how hot it is where you're at and everything but the more intense your fire Behavior will the more intense fire Behavior will be2:20 later in the day the hotter it gets the more wild your fire is probably gonna get and so basically by about 9 or 102:27 a.m on this fire your new Hill fire unless you know exactly where you're2:32 looking and where the fire should be you really can't even see it it was basically non-existent a little bit of2:38 smoke just every once in a while so the IC makes the decision to send the2:44 helicopter up to take a look and assess what level of resource we want to put up there Chopper pilot took a pretty good2:50 look and his estimation was to put one load of guys up on the hill which was six guys and I think they took two2:57 chainsaws chainsaws you're not familiar with Wildland it's the tool that is the3:02 weapon of mass destruction and that's what we do all our damage with let me know in the comments if you guys3:08 do have any questions about fire uh anything you want to know I'll answer if I can so anyway3:16 this in my estimation is the very first mistake remember we got nothing going on3:22 you got 40 capable guys standing around and in my opinion the IC Pro probably3:29 should have got in the helicopter and gone and taken his own look would that have changed anything I don't know he3:34 probably would have made the same decision I'm not imputing anyone for their decisions I just wish that3:40 when you start playing things back in your head you know there's a million things that you could have done better3:46 when you debrief but anyway s so at that point we had no clue what3:51 the fire Behavior was going to be but you know this early on but at that time no one thought anything3:57 of it so six guys go up for the first group the rest of us just start working around working out at the fire station4:02 and joking around and eventually we go to lunch one of the things that will forever and always be stuck in my mind4:09 and here's why went to this cute little diner I think it's the only one in town I've been4:15 there since it felt so weird walking in there man it survived the fire one of the you know a few things it did but4:20 anyway like everywhere you go as a firefighter especially when there's a fire that4:25 you're responding to we got treated like royalty man I can still see this waitress in my mind and4:31 she's so happy to see her she said so glad you guys are here we were so scared last night we saw the4:38 lightning and the fire thought we'd have to evacuate and I'm not sure if it was me or who spoke up4:44 but we basically told her nothing to worry about calvary's here we got guys taking care of it right now and then we4:50 went on joking around looking like we didn't have a care of the world say our goodbyes to her4:55 she sincerely thanks us again for being there and now we go back to the fire stations see how things are going and we5:02 see that the fire is picked up and it's starting to get pretty damn windy at this point it's about half an hour after5:08 that we start getting the calls from the guys and the guys up there are really really getting their butts kicked5:13 they're running out of fuel for their saws they're running out of juice for themselves and they're getting their butts kicked it's hot and uh probably5:21 running out of water it's time for us to gear up we're going to get up there we're going to help that's the plan5:26 problem was by now it's so windy and the terrain is so nasty5:34 that there's nowhere for the helicopter to put us there's nowhere he could land to get the guys that were up there out5:39 no roads to get us close really at this point Our concern turns from actually getting the rest of us up to the fire5:47 but to getting the guys out to safety and by the time they hooked it out of there and got picked up5:52 you know we had already picked a base camp ordered a bunch of resources new Crews more crews aircraft engines6:00 everything the whole nine yards and everything we thought we needed you know and then they start6:05 the local authorities aren't evacuating the town and exactly what that waitresses had feared just hours after6:13 30 something firefighters sat in a restaurant doing nothing but assured her that everything was6:18 handled she's evacuating and I wonder I think about that lady a lot man and I wonder6:25 what she lost I wonder what her thoughts about us were or are and it's one of those things that6:30 you know I just can't shake you know I'm curious so that night spiked in a6:37 field you know not far from there not the school that you guys have seen in the movie if you've seen the movie I6:43 can't remember what it was or where we were exactly but it wasn't far from the fire station I do remember6:49 it was not easy to sleep at one point I woke up and basically surrounded by6:55 Flames man in the distance but they were everywhere and uh all you hear is cops on the loudspeaker evacuating folks7:02 I know I told you that at night fire lays down and it's not too active7:07 but the big ones they make their own rules dude and once this sucker started moving nighttime7:14 will slow it down but it will not lay it down by the time we got to morning briefing7:20 there was a new much more advanced Incident Commander and uh actually an7:25 entire incident Team all these guys do is travel around from their whole bunch they're five or six guys7:31 actually I don't know how many guys I don't remember but they travel together and they handle the same job on every7:36 fire and it is amazing to watch but anyway tons and tons of resources are showing7:42 up because zillions of engines lots and lots of Crews so we're bumping from truck to truck stay in our hellos you know to guys we7:48 haven't seen in a long time and Granite Mountain is one of those Crews always great great guys you know we had done a7:55 lot of fires with them and I'll tell you man you all know Hot Shots are tough but everyone is kind of acclimated to8:02 their spot you know our home base our home base was Colorado River District which literally is the worst place8:08 probably on planet Earth to ever fight a fire it's the hottest part of Arizona8:13 it's the only part of Arizona that has real meaningful humidity I mean it's humid and I mean8:20 a ton of sand it is Sandy as hell hell is probably Sandy hell it probably looks a lot like8:27 you to be honest with you anyway so if you're ever heightened snow with the whole three steps forward two steps back8:33 kind of feeling you know what I'm getting at with the sand now imagine doing that with 45 pounds on your back8:39 all kinds of protective gear on and a giant chainsaw over your shoulder it's pretty brutal8:44 it's beautiful and it's like super enjoyable and the most disgusting way but it's tough man8:51 generally when the guys from up in the mountains of Arizona or New Mexico like Grand amount was when they would come8:56 down to party on a fire with us they would really really get their asses kicked man because those Temps are just9:03 impossible to even explain and uh but now the flip side of that is anytime we got a call to go up in the9:09 hills the altitude definitely rocked our guys for at least a couple days some of them more9:14 but I I could I'll tell you this and this is not just remembering fondly9:20 not Granite Mountain those dudes were so incredibly tough9:26 they could handle any fire I've ever been on with them bro they never complained about some crappy little fire9:32 in Yuma they just showed up kicked ass every damn time and bounced off to the next one just9:38 like you've seen in the movie if you've seen the movie they had that chip on their shoulder man Jesse and9:43 Eric that is all real that is all real so there we were9:49 early in the morning before briefing catching up with their buggies we knew a lot of the guys because one of the guys that worked with me9:55 his kid had been on Granite Mountain for about four or five years by this point and I just still10:01 I still honestly can't believe no one could have believed that as we're10:08 standing there yucking it up not even a full shift later all but one10:14 of them would be dead so the fire as big and powerful as it already was10:20 really wasn't too big a deal it was nothing special you know we've been on a million fires like that10:26 my guys ended up we were at a local Ranch cutting a giant fire line between the ranch and the fire and a really10:32 really impressive one if you ask me I'll show you a picture and as they progressed10:38 the fire like I told you picks up in the day so the fire picked up and more and more Aviation resources were shown up10:44 and they were really throwing quite a bit at this fire and I kept thinking I mean they were throwing there's a lot of10:49 airplanes and uh those are not cheap by the way to run every day I kept thinking10:55 almost mad at this moment as I'm watching all these resources fly overhead I'm watching the plume grow11:01 that I was so pissed that this fire that we couldn't even see when we showed up yesterday11:08 turned into this man and people were losing property I was really pissed in the years since11:15 I've had two conflicting thoughts running through my mind the first is that I wish that my crew11:21 had been ready a half hour earlier or called even earlier or maybe we had more gas in the buggies and we didn't need to11:27 stop for gas then we had just gotten there first because in this scenario in my mind I11:34 believe this is not to impugn the other guys that went up there because they worked their asses off but in this11:39 scenario I think that I would have made different decisions about getting more guys up or how to attack the fire up11:45 under the Rocks where it was smoldering under there because we've seen it all before in Yuma11:51 that's the first scenario the conflicting thought that I have is relief11:56 relief that it wasn't me and my guys up there because most likely the way fires are it would have played out just like it12:03 did anyway and I would forever be second guessing and questioning everything we did up12:09 there and I really truly would probably make myself feel responsible for everything that happened afterwards now12:16 if you ask those guys that were up there they don't and I believe them but I think12:22 knowing myself every once in a while that would creep in you know so anyway12:27 there we are at the ranch and the weather that we actually keep track of every hour more or less on this really old school12:34 swim swinging thing it measures RH and all this stuff you gotta look it up on the internet it's like the most12:39 primitive tool you've ever seen but anyway the weather is starting to turn and I can feel it in the air12:45 so much that I'm already making plans to move our vehicles and I'm wondering just the back of my mind12:51 if things change any more than I think they're going to change I wonder how effective these tennis courts over here12:57 at this Ranch would be as a deployment site it's really hard to explain13:03 but when things change and they start heading in a direction that you're not sure that you can control just feels different and everyone feels13:10 it even if it's your first day on a fire you've known nothing except for what we taught you13:16 back at camp feel it and it wasn't long after that the IC calls off basically everybody13:22 clears our folks back out to the new base camp which is the school that you guys have seen in the movie13:28 and now one thing I will say that I really really appreciate that movie is that they don't make any13:34 assumptions as to why the guys decided to do what they did which I'll get into a little bit13:40 it doesn't try to explain it there's almost no words let me just do it I appreciate that you know a lot of times13:46 you think Hollywood would explain some grandiose thing and it would definitely be wrong of course13:52 another thing I appreciate is the radio traffic dude they nailed the radio traffic which I will never13:59 so long as I live forget so uh14:04 there we are at base camp and now the adrenaline is dissipating and we're far from any danger and all the trucks are14:10 rolling back in and we're just relaxing cleaning equipment sharpening saws I wasn't doing that stuff I was half14:16 asleep in the front of the truck my buddy Chad was next to me in the driver's seat basically asleep and14:21 there's all sorts of radio chatter going on generally like really mundane stuff guys in the Head Shed planning the14:27 events and the needs of tomorrow then we hear yelling on the radio and didn't know what they were saying14:34 because again just out of sleep a little bit but you gotta understand no one yells on the radio and we were all14:42 professional not that we're like ice in our veins kind of guys but very little phases out14:47 there and even when it does you play it cool just not even on purpose I mean he just14:53 you know still yelling the radio so instantly me and Chad look at each other we know something is really really wrong15:00 and I'll never forget the reply from some Pencil Neck freaking book smart Old Timer guy in the truck15:07 as whoever's yelling into the radio please stop literally the only guy on the entire15:13 planet Earth not smart enough to perceive that something was very wrong the guy he was talking to knew a medium15:20 he said sounds like random Mountain's got an issue why don't you jump on that and of course Granite Mountain go ahead15:25 they kept saying Granite Mountain go ahead weary on air attack or whatever they were saying then we hear it clear as day15:32 Eric Marsh says way more calm after a couple of messages you're trying15:37 to get hurt on air to ground it's great about seven our Escape Route has been cut off we are preparing a15:44 deployment site and we'll let you know when we're in our shelters and at this point man15:51 looking at the plume right out our windshield right up right over the school directly out in front of15:57 me I can't even explain it it's just like the most terrifying thing I could ever16:04 imagine and operations really had no clue where these guys were at16:11 they were just flying around and they kept coming over the radio a million times grant them out into your copy grant them out and do you copy let us16:17 know when you hear the aircraft we repeated that so many times that I could never16:22 I couldn't have counted if I was paying attention if I had my wits about me16:28 now base camp is alive every one of us feels like we could go save the day what16:33 do you do it's the strangest combination of like ready to go and helplessness that I think is16:39 probably possible what do you do you know so now assignments are coming coming in which16:46 I thought it was weird I didn't know never been in a situation like this so my crew16:52 were told to report to the helipads so we all jump up load the saws in half put together run to the helicopters we don't16:58 know if somebody knows where they are we're going to do we don't know what's going on so we get there17:05 we get a really impromptu quick very matter-of-fact briefing on toe tags17:10 so our job was going to be to help triage and they explained to us how toe tags17:16 work and uh something I didn't know anything about and I didn't realize that you put that you tag17:22 the living and the dead depending on basically how17:28 easy or difficult they would be to save or how urgent their injury was17:35 after that briefing I will never ever forget looking at my guys faces and17:41 they were just white as ghosts man everybody but at this point17:48 and it's crazy how the mind of a firefighter works because as bad as things were as bad as the fire most definitely was17:56 is bad and scary as that radio traffic was it was just like not even the thought18:01 that they were gone you know we were convinced that they were alive and then we would find them and it was18:08 like running fully on Hope and positive thinking and spontaneous prayers and just waiting18:15 I thought the guys were alive but I thought it would be bad you know I thought that a few of them would18:21 probably be burned pretty bad probably pretty hurt and uh18:26 that's what I was afraid of looking back you know I kept psyching myself out no matter you know no matter what you see don't18:34 let the guys see it on your face I kept telling myself that don't make them worry I was worried that I'd like take one18:40 look at him and be freaked out and send them into some sort of shock that might have actually been part of our briefing I don't remember but it was in my head18:47 man and I was convinced that you're gonna see some bad stuff no matter what hold it together18:53 waited waited and it seemed man like we waited for18:58 hours the radio track traffic from the DPS search helicopter came across19:06 he said just as matter of fact as any other radio traffic said 18 confirmed19:12 no medical needed so they only count 18 at the time so now you know two or two are live maybe two19:18 are coming in the helicopter but when you see confirmed and no medical needed19:24 I knew they were gone you know and uh but that's how we knew and I will never19:32 ever forgive myself but I don't know if it was a function of how19:37 much I had psyched myself up about the toe tag thing and I hate myself for this but19:45 to be honest I almost felt some kind of selfish relief that I did19:52 not have to see it anytime I recall that feeling I just get so freaking mad at myself man19:59 and then just like that we're back at base camp and I don't remember anyone ever saying a word I don't remember any20:05 conversations at all that's not true I remember one conversation20:11 I don't remember I told you that a buddy of mine the guy worked with me he had a son on that crew20:16 and this is how I know that everything every day20:22 every moment is so important because before the 2013 season Chop's20:29 kid was out doing what young guys in Prescott do when he was out riding quads and doing dumb20:35 you crashed in a tree and broke his arm really really bad like in multiple places20:42 and he missed that season and up to this point man when we would bump into Granite Mountain or we would20:47 hear what they were up to they were on this fire that fire that we wish we were on I always felt terrible for Carl20:53 like bro I'm missing out on the season you know it's like a quarterback who's busted ass all year and he's hurt in the20:59 playoffs and uh so I do remember that conversation I21:05 looked at shop when I gave him a big giant hug and I said how about the greatest motorcycle crash of all time21:13 and I was just so thankful in that moment and I'm still so incredibly thankful that he missed that season21:20 and I wasn't having to console my buddy about it his dad get up on the mountain21:29 really bad I also remember calling my parents I couldn't keep it together21:35 I told them you're about to see some really bad on the news so guys died and just know that me and my guys we are21:43 totally safe and all is good that's about all I could say that's all I've ever said21:48 man the next mortar rolls around and it's crazy but it's just back to business you know we still have a fire21:53 to catch and things are different they matter more but at the same time21:59 they matter less it's hard to explain you know let me know in the comments if I'm even making sense there22:05 I'll never forget you know the site we're on this hill it would fire stuff22:12 call came over the radio that the guys are coming up you'll see all activity guys are coming down you'll pay your22:17 respects and I'll never forget looking down across the town over the town into the hill across the way see22:25 the DPS trucks with the 19 bands carrying the guys out he's got their own van22:30 and uh really man from our vantage point with all the foliage now gone and we can22:35 see where the bands are coming from where the mountain was really freaking close where they were headed22:42 and uh well where we think they were headed I'm not going to harp on what they did but22:48 they left the black area which is an area that has already burned try and get to a ranch down below we22:54 assumed to re-engage the fire and here's the thing you're safe in the black it's already burned it cannot burn22:59 twice and uh this is another one of those Monday Morning Quarterback things but I've often thought this and wished23:07 and this is how I wish it went down I wish that the IC would have flipped our assignments I wish that we would have gotten Granite Mountain's job23:14 and it's not because I think we're more badass we were not not even close not because I think we were faster we would23:20 have made it to the ranch we were not we would not have but because I know without a doubt that23:26 I would have been too chicken to ever leave the black I would have stayed put I would watch that sucker blow up23:33 from a really really safe spot but Granite Mountain was different Eric Marsh was different23:38 they really really truly were different just like the movie showed you that is a very good depiction from what23:46 I know So Fire War on and you can only stand on fire for 16 days in our assignment23:52 was coming to an end things were dying down and the crazy thing we never really grasped or understood23:58 really how big a deal this had become you know even worldwide we weren't scrolling on our phones like crazy I24:04 don't even remember if we did that in 2013 and probably did I don't remember it though not like I do now that's for24:09 sure we were working we're sleeping it's carrying on24:15 you know we're planning to go to the memorial they were going to have uh if we didn't catch another fire and24:20 when the boys came back through town they got their autopsies or whatever the state needed24:26 to do in Phoenix but they had to come back through to the memorial24:31 for their funerals all in Prescott also I think so we lined the street24:38 paid respects you know of such a strange fire you know but far on one side of the street uh24:46 power provider on the other side of the street they've been working to restore power to Yarnell and uh through com19 hearses24:55 that's a lot of hearses and uh luckily we did not catch another fire25:01 we make it up to Tim's town we used to call it which is what we call Prescott because the entire town is owned by a25:07 guy named Tim owns all the car dealerships and uh this was at Tim's Toyota Center where they played arena25:13 football and had concerts and I'm not really sure how many people it holds but it was packed to the gills25:18 of firefighters before we went there that's right before we went there my favorite memory actually25:24 for this whole fire and the only funny thing that happened this entire month25:30 so we went by Granite my own Inspire house and of course it was a shrine there were25:35 shirts hats ribbons flowers everywhere and we were wearing our crew dress25:41 shirts paying our respects and an old man walked up to us and like Divine Providence25:47 he walks right up to the one guy in the crew who did not really speak great English a guy named borquez and he says25:53 where do you boys hang your hat asking of course where we're from and25:58 borquez so no no no we put a shirt over there on the fence and man26:05 son of a I wanted to laugh so hard I needed to laugh so hard but I did26:11 you know me and the guys we had a group prayer right there at the firehouse26:16 I'll show you this picture you'll see this couple here behind us and they watched us and waited and then26:23 they asked if they could pray with us absolutely we said and this lady let us in a really powerful prayer26:29 afterwards she told me that she really appreciated everything we do and really appreciate us praying with26:35 her and then she told me that she was Kevin White chick's mom and uh he was one of the young kids only26:42 21 years old that died on that fire and I lost it man it's my best cry26:48 my actually my first Cry of that whole firearm and it was a gun gun hear this lady26:55 she was consoling me she was comforting me this woman27:00 whose world is forever changed and hollowed out and she was27:07 consoling me looking back man that's just she was so strong dude and Mrs whitechek27:13 if you ever see this video I want you to know that your strength and your example27:19 that has stayed with me just about daily literally27:25 daily and uh you truly are amazing and you have helped me through some really trying times and I thank you I hope that27:32 you see this video someday and uh the next day we went to the memorial and it was a lot of show it's a27:39 good show you know those uh who know me they know this is a political Channel27:45 generally politically leaning and I won't pollute this story or these guys memories with that but I will say27:51 Joe Biden talks so long he rambled on so long that the harriers that were there27:56 from Yuma to do the missing man flyover they almost had to go home for lack of28:01 gas it was truly embarrassing to watch and uh obviously I had the same political28:07 beliefs then that I do now so I already didn't really like the guy but I wish you could have seen the faces28:13 on the people in the crowd most of which I'm sure had probably no idea of really who he was or other than he was the vice28:20 president but they were like bro shut up shut up28:26 because they want to hear from the real fire guys you know and I still can't believe honestly that that man that I28:31 saw that day became our president I'm not going to get political never would have guessed back then what he would be28:38 back then I thought he was just a blowhard kind of dummy but anyway it's all worth it to hear the local fire28:45 guys talk about their guys and their love and I don't remember28:50 what position this guy had I think he was directly I don't know if he's the part played by28:56 uh Jeff Bridges of the movie but in real life the guy was Tiny and he basically stood up on a stool like watching Patton29:04 talk though man it was freaking powerful because of fire you know you love each29:10 other these are your dudes man anyway that was a great moment and I appreciate you guys putting up with this29:16 story and if you could ever do me a favor if you ever have a wild lamp fire near29:22 where you live and you want to show your thanks the simplest and the most meaningful29:28 thing you could do just show up at the base camp or where the guys are staging29:34 shake their hands and say thank you why can't I tell you how much that means it29:39 always did me to us if you want to give them something give them a case of water they don't29:46 need it I got plenty of water but something about that it's always felt good it was really just a cool29:52 gesture an always good moment but anyway if you want to support some of the causes for Wildland fires Wildland30:00 firefighters the uh Eric Marsh Foundation who was the crew soup supervisor on that crew ericmarsh30:07 or the Prescott firefighters charities really really great30:13 great places to donate guys thank you for letting me tell this story you know I don't know how many people actually30:19 listen to the end or listen at all but I really never get a chance to talk about this anymore and if you enjoyed it30:24 please do me a favor hit the like button subscribe if you want to comment along with us let me know your fire stories if30:31 you have any uh and most importantly guys please share this video share the channel but30:36 share this video because I'd love for more people to hear about the guys and uh thanks for tuning in to Common30:42 Sense garage [Music]

God Bless You, Sir.

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