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Why were some Wildland Fire Instructors/Evaluators never properly interviewed for the Reports?

Views expressed to "the public at large” and "of public concern"

Refrain going any further if you are here just to be curious - this post is about leadership and please refrain from scrolling any further if you are sensitive to me writing about Eric Shane Marsh / Jesse James Steed.

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Why were some of Eric Shane Marsh / Jesse James Steed's Wildland Fire Instructors / Evaluators never properly / never interviewed for the SAIT-SAIR / ADOSH investigation reports when I have these voluminous files under SAIT SAIR / ADOSH files from Arizona State Forestry Public Records Request?

We are speaking of facilitators and evaluators of the training that led to the leadership positions of these two leaders who died in a historically significant Wildland Fire.

I believe there should have been more interviews and in-depth interview questions to shed light because some of his Wildland Fire Instructors / Wildland Fire Evaluators were on the Yarnell Hill Fire 2013.

Why is/was it so many are at ease to leave the facts as it happened

June 30, 2013, back channel versus doing their part to connect truths for the Public at Large and they are okay with allowing others to believe narratives?

And why don't Y O U speak up and share your accounts purely as it happened?

I have and I was the eyewitness who was up on the Weaver Mountains with the GMIHC / GMHS June 30, 2013, and I am alive.

Why are you comfortable to allow a housewife hiker give this "Public Notification" that this is "whistleblowing phase" for me so would you rather tell it first-hand versus me in documentation in 2022?

You know it will be much better for us to handle it if Y O U had the courage to do it yourelf(ves) versus me doing it -

Do you need a safe environment to do that? Do you want to share back channel the best way to get your story out?

It will be harder to share once my documentation is to the front because you will be at the front. I have given enough notice and I am doing this all legally and still will place a possible legal notification before it is out to give everyone one last opportunity to do the difficult right thing.


In loving memory of Eric Shane Marsh and Jesse James Steed.

We are unable to bring the men back or even those we lost locally since, but we can make sure we analyze all leadership positions including theirs to see what happened --- was it in this area we even need to look ???

Human Factors. --- ???

Should we check these areas and make sure to do our part to cross the t's and dot the i's to help lessen Wildland Firefighter Fatalities?

These are snippets of Eric's records-

(locked on invite only in 2019 to keep track who is looking at his file)

Shows only his cover page here .

Currently, I am working on a different PC so right now I am unable to log in and give people permission to Eric's profile until I remember my Gmail I used and the password and back on proper PC.

In 2019, I had a list of folks who has reviewed this specific file of Eric's already. I will in 2022 do my best to get on there to show his profile's instructors and evaluators so for this post we will focus to the other leader's instructors and evaluators. I made Eric's profile long ago by invite only because of his parents. I wanted to have full control who wanted his records and why --- I always enjoyed my time/visits with Eric's parents (RiP to Eric's Mom in 2021)

These are snippets of some of Jesse James Steed's records-

What I pay attention to was who was his instructors / evaluators that

also was on the Yarnell Hill Fire 2013 and delve into their Interviews or lack of ... you know what I am saying ... when I get to the actual documents of omissions then this post will at a later time make more sense ... for now the snippets of one of our 19 heroes I mentioned above, Jesse Steed:

These below certifications can now squash Academies, Conferences and local rumors to show you Jesse's qualifications versus horseshit fed out there that I have heard for years --- Jesse's documentation:

The file fell out and papers were all out of order so I did my best to upload in order but may have a few not as you read below- I left out payroll, life insurance and administration stuff and felt keep just to the evaluations, certifications, and qualifications where the names of the instructors and evaluators were.

the above is a perfect example that lacks what Academy, and can you make sense of that signature? Should have the instructors name printed underneath and their title. Just saying.

Jeff who??? on above certification

Cook who above ??? ---wish they were told to print and signature for these reasons---as one is preserving Historically- Significant Fires makes it easier for documentation research.

Robert who? (above)

I wonder if I should go look at others' profiles and see if they signed the same "Oath of Office"- if so, then 2022 may get more interesting for some when more is placed out to the Public at Large...maybe some should re-read the below documents---that may drive them to speak up, huh.