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"What's your deal, I have been watching you, you're smart..."

My reply:

I see the areas others miss ... I am very observant.

"No, you put things together in a way I never seen before."


Well, folks... that's God.

I rather be hiking then doing this...

I also have been watching

the ones watching on here...

to figure out why

they were stealing

my material?


What's the hidden agendas currently brewing?

Boy, the stuff that was being saved...seem like a last ditch to do another possible illegal smear campaign???


So, today 9-17-23 10:10am,

the blog posts were put on password only mode.

With password only mode; temporarily set

and no one had the password but me...

Here came #6465 Visitor-


because my system

was unable to identify you

except as a visiting number.

Just saw this:

your first visit was:

but without you having a password because only my family and contributing author to the blog, it showed at 2:10 Visitor #6465 was on here. ???

I looked at the front page

to see if there was a way

to backdoor into the post area --- no.

So, who is #6465? hidden from the analytics? Hmmm...

I am busy with important drafts ...

so, I refuse to make too much time for this nonsense ---

so, until my posts are done-

this blog will remain on password only mode.

After password mode only was set today -

my analytics show someone was "ghost-walking"

on the blog


how? and why?

so, I went to go see

what they were looking at

these log-in times:

The movement of this recording led me to Summer 2022 when Gary told me it was his page and not mine so I saved it to my journal to read at a later time to avoid going back to his page to read what others told me to read so how is it September 2023 journal post when my blog is in password only mode with family members who have the code but they had not opened my email yet with the password. Hmmm??? Let's keep looking:

so far, stuff on Gary's page that I was to read at a later date...the orange marks are their movements on the pages

ohhh, you clicked and what happened???

For the failed Password attempts---maybe you can redirect your life to healthier choices now vs. to obsessively come to this site to create and orchestrate back channel...

Live life with joy and laughter :)


9-18-23 5:49pm Update:

Mrs. Collura,

Currently we show: 9-18-23 5:41pm:

and you have given password 9-17-23 to

  1. Pine AZ, guest writer

  2. Gilbert AZ, person you gave permission to use all your content only from 2013-2022 from this blog.

  3. two family members back East and one in Arizona.

  4. old hiking partner in Arizona.

  5. Dude Fire FF

We were notified 9-17-23 and forwarded message as instructed to your 'guest writer' for:

  1. J- Phoenix AZ (tw- Monday, September 18th, 2023 at 10:16 PM - requested password and was asked Monday, September 18th, 2023 at 10:48 PM to call/reach 'Guest Writer' to get the password. (emailed: (emailed:(emailed(emaile(email(emai(ema(em(e(word given yet) (emailed: Tuesday, September 19th, 2023 at 8:56 PM)(emailed: Tuesday, September 19th, 2023 at 9:12 PM

  2. J- Montana (three emails)(Monday, September 18th, 2023 at 3:25 PM)(Monday, September 18th, 2023 at 6:09 PM)(Monday, September 18th, 2023 at 6:25 PM) (person stated false password was given but not from us - ???) (this one does not seem to make sense - the lack of interactions just the person stating wrong password yet 'Guest Writer" stated he was the only one with "password". This person needs to give more communications and we requested the person to call and explain. (9-19-23 9:15pm, all worked out- sorry for all the confusion- this person ended up being the first successful password given tonight 5:54pm)

There should be zero reports for a Spokane, WA / Clifton Park NY unless your 'guest writer' shared it to those who have their location set to that.

'Guest Writer' stated Monday, September 18th, 2023 at 6:59 PM "I gave the password to nobody

It was for me only"

So, how can there be this many different IP Addresses on the blog:

Let's screen shot what they were doing...when no one should be doing because the blog is a password only right now, how did anyone see this...???:

Returning User:

same redundant stuff as yesterday so not repeating the images...

Who are you, illegally, looking at my post which is set to password only and we ain't looking at it and you don't have the password--- so wanna talk about it, Clifton Park, NY?

#3. Visitor #988 - Monday, September 18th, 2023 at 10:16 PM - requested password and was asked Monday, September 18th, 2023 at 10:48 PM to call/reach 'Guest Writer' to get the password. (Emailed: Tuesday, September 19th, 2023 at 9:12 PM)

Mrs. Collura, I am in the middle of updating your front page and got this message:

Who would have Administration access--- it shows just you, Mrs. Collura and the rest are 'guest writers'.

Mrs. Collura,

9-19-23 5:54pm

One person was successfully added with password and agreed to current "terms and condition"

I will work on the two men's email later tonight that the 'guest writer' was speaking to one and the other he never got any communications-

We connected and cleared up who "Seattle WA" person is today - still working on Clifton Park, NY person.

Who is illegally stealing the blog's material even this week with only one who has the password, see:

the one person had password kindly emailed to be allowed access at a later date---give me less than days- aim for the 29th.

Once the password is back out there and people have access- I will not be posting what is being copied public--- just now until password is back out fluently.

Trying to see who is out there copying my has always been illegal, but people seem to think they can...

9-20-23 1:11pm: noone has password until the 29th.

then I see:


The next week I will watch the website with Lauren...because zero folks should be on the blog now, but:

Until I see 72 hours of no password is gonna be passed out.

Cool it, kids.

Stop with your control manners


manipulating ways...

God is watching all this chaos of yours.

Do you think you can do this forever?

You will one day see

you wasted so much

of your life,

my life,



and so many others just because of

your tactics.

Remember that.

Truth is coming out

in God's way



Like it or not.

Even if I put a password on the blog-

limiting the incoming visitors...

there will always be an outlet

for truth to get to the front.

Remember that,


It was never about me...

yet, it was about the truth.

Speaking truth ...

while you bury your lies.

I am protected from your foolish nonsense & gossip.

You may possibly create illusions for others

that you are important/needed and only you


we all matter :)

(could be

the threat of exposure

is why people

follow you anyways, right?)

We all look forward to the day you allow people to live a free life away from your sad manners...

Shift your mind set...

live and let live...

I know my worth.

do you?

Your tactics make people sigh.

You may buy the lies

because ya spoke it enough times...

I know the truth.

away from here

Since no one has a password but me---how is it possible I went from zero to five, zero to nine, four to eight,????

We will keep watching it

because noone has access right now


so, who is playing around illegally on the blog?



Blog is going back LIVE- NO PASSWORD! My disclaimers are plenty. This blog was made for the Public at Large.

Redo front page 9-21-23:

removed partial content:

Terms & Conditions, and Privacy Policy Changed:

9-19-23 3:33pm:

Site was compromised.

"PASSWORD" access only temporarily set for the blog starting 9-29-23.

No PASSWORDS 9-20-23 1:11pm until 9-29-2023.

Please, email my longtime trusted friend Lauren M.

who is the only one assigned to do this PASSWORD area at

with the following information:

If you come to the blog to gain information to carry on "gossip" - leave now.

Wrong area.

If you come here to gain knowledge of documented facts to lead to a conclusion, you are in the right spot.

1. Your Full Name of person requesting PASSWORD with an email used over one year; no newly generated email accounts are accepted.

2. Reason you come to this blog ________

3. You recognize this is an "educational" purpose only blog and the material on here remain here unless you were granted prior written permission to my material.

Right now,

a. As of Sept. 2013, InvestigativeMEDIA John Dougherty (he has my permission for all my information from years 2013-2022),

b. As of 11-5-19, Scott/Scottie E. Briggs/Into The Black Productions (he has my permission for all my information from years 2013-2022),

c. and as of Summer 2023, Scottsdale Male who is making a documentary on this tragedy. (he has my permission for all my information from years 2013-2022).

No one has permission for 2023 going further as I delve deeper in releasing crucial information.

4. a written statement you acknowledge you are over 18 years old and will refrain from sharing to anyone under 18,

if under 18 you must have a notarized statement from both parents or the Guardian(s) and snail mailed to PO Box 572 Congress AZ 85332,

you will keep the PASSWORD to yourself, you will refrain from

re-sharing the PASSWORD

and refrain from making copies/snippets/

photographs/any form of gaining my material into your area.

If you want to use any material from the blog- you must have

corresponded direct to first in which you will state the purpose you want to re-use the material who will send me the information for my written approval.

You will then be sent a formal written approval form.

I refuse any of the materials to be re-shared on any social media platforms ever --- if you have a website, that is acceptable platform just include the site name when filling form out for my final written approval. You may share my link to my blog though. just zero content.

It would be nice to have an "average joe" who wants to make a blog about the "chronological data" from the SAIT-SAIR data, ADOSH data, InvestigativeMEDIA, article/books/fillums, and this blog- it is a needed area.

That is what is needed for the "Public at Large"- someone freely volunteering to do that.


Thank you, Lauren, for volunteering to do this administrative work

while I am in

"health- recovering" phase.

It will also help my 'guest writer(s)' to keep their schedule free to do other endeavors.

There is a rumor brewing someone 'internal' plans to do a "tell all" --- pray it is done freely and without an agenda and away from the made for profit scenarios.

I own the most records and will counter any area no matter who you are ...

Truth with integrity really matters.

None of my blog material may be used in any legal setting --- noone has that permission, period.

None of my blog material is allowed to be used to cause me or guest writers harm, hurt, smear campaigns, defamation, etc.

Be an original and get your own material//

None of my material is to be shown to any child or individual under 18 years old or be shown to the Naysayers and Haters.

We rebuke them.

Also, any person here on behalf of John N. Maclean, Holly Henderson Snyder Neill, Amanda Beno Marsh Lohman, or Elizabeth Nowicki or even anyone who has publicly or back channeled engaged in negativity our way to the folks here, the ones participating on the blog- please refrain from getting the password. Do something else with your daily vs. come on my blog. You are unwelcomed folks until you make resolution with us and God.

Right now, until the 29th, family and friends are welcome to have the password...the rest will be based on filled out forms only.

It covers it above what I am looking for when offering out a password to view the blog. The lady from MT who was the first person to get password- you already accepted terms and you do not have to redo it at a later date. You are set.

I am exhausted that people come here to poorly judge, grab breadcrumbs for their smear campaign vs to gain knowledge that leads to a conclusion vs the glazed narratives...or those who use the content to create glazed narratives. God is watching.

Live YOUR lives not through my blog and its material. You don't like it--- stay away!

I am in the for getting the documents to lead to a conclusion.

Privacy Policy Change:

9-17-23 10am: Due to recent "gang stalking", thievery, and GMHS family members speaking their kids are affected by online data on their fathers- only people with the "PASSWORD" can view this site to avoid any current/future bogus "smear campaigns" that are possibly being orchestrated "back channel". An avoidable person. Limiting my "Freedom of Speech" to avoid rubbish tactics of others. Email me for password.

I plan to place it public again--- just working on BIOs, moving my journal to bottom and move articles to the top.