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Traffic Is Heavier- It Is Called "Thievery" I Am Seeing-

If you made a copy from this blog in any fashion "especially" to use for negativity or harm...

Remember, adults, to read my disclaimer/privacy policy/terms and conditions and copyright symbols on this site.

When you slid the button to the right, you accepted my terms and one was any material from my site must get written permission before you copy and paste, print, save, etc.

Google it:

I keep a file that records as explained in my posts over time to protect the integrity of this personal use nonbusiness blog.

Any time you click on this site, recordings are kept,

and I go through and put them in labelled files ---

due to the gang stalkers and naysayers I had to do that to protect the site and us.

I almost lost my life over time, so I need to paper trail this journey of "truth-telling"...

so, if you are coming here for knowledge and an education- great ...

yet if you are here to steal material to build a negative dramatic moment... ???

I will make sure the facts are stated who has legal right...

These individuals have my written permission only and they are the only three who does not have to use my name even as courtesy credit:

  1. John Dougherty (InvestigativeMEDIA) 13-22',

  2. Scottie E. Briggs (Into the Black)13-22',

  3. RW Summer 2023 for his documentary and only initials so he can gather his data without being labelled like we saw happen to Scottie E Briggs.

Was your name above?

See, I do keep recordings not only what you watch, what you copy, how long you spend, what you look at, there is even a heat map that shows emoticons how one feels so if there is rage, it shows...and is documented...

I do that to protect the site and its contributors.

There have been too many close calls on my life in those ten years for speaking and sharing documented facts.

If something happened to me, the investigators would have a blueprint for my online time and anyone looking at my online time sharing.

This is a personal use blog for family and friends and any "adult(s)" interested in reading contributing authors' articles/posts.

I just journal here and June 30, 2023, I ended my YHF13' PRR and FOIA gathering and currently organizing the voluminous records back channel.

I really have yet to begin to show what I own mainly because when I find stuff, I have to run it through legal areas to see what and how I can place it out.

One area I have been waiting since June 2023 to be reviewed from one of the best lawyers; they claim to be---

so you see---it is sensitive but it is what it is...

I have to be very patient...some weeks it is not easy...I even went above and asked for a "check-in" because why is it taking this long...and only time will tell...but request was made to review some areas before I place it out.

Video Recordings of what you read on my page does have a place to identify who comes to the site:

It is unfortunate I was unable to just have a free place to share my eyewitness account ... and I had to get tighter security; in person and online. All pricey too.

Yet safety is my top priority.

I have to know when someone is approaching my areas ...

I have placed out some hard realities, folks.

and let that be a red flag to you folks too ...

look at how many wants to share to you stay away from the eyewitness account who was on the Weaver Mountains, June 30, 2013, documenting throughout that weekend to this very day...hmmm????

Seems odd, huh.

Versus give someone full freedom to share their eyewitness account freely - no books, movies or souvenirs here.

Please state the reason you felt to steal my material(s)-

If I see it anywhere --- I will "call it out"...

If it is to be used in any type of judging/judgement manner...I will counter it -for one it is not allowed to steal off my site to create yet another glazed narrative(s).

If you are displeased by the site, then just leave.

Do you go to other sites and take their stuff?

I am an above 18+ site with a button that you slide to accept my terms.

A Cease and Desist letter at this point could be done yet I rather be productive and keep organizing the data but if I see my material used for negative in any fashion, that will be just one of the counter options. Blocking your IP Address is another option. (Stealing Blog Content Is Not Flattery (Or Legal) | The Uncorked Librarian)

Praying for you. Some scripture for you.

I come here to the blog to journal my life for family and friends --- the contributing others take my data and make their articles/ posts.

in making my journal ... it birthed those to judge, emphasis on our differences on their social media, bring darkness out publicly vs. privately try to come to a solution, thoughts of illness and ill manners were done on my name, pollute the minds I saw, complain with an agenda mind set, negative, hostile, only concerned for their area not the Public at Large watching all this and those first hand FFs, the hikers, and locals, creating unneeded anxiety, creating suspicions, using sorrow lingo to create blocks for others versus blessings.

I pray for those folks.

Your manners possibly resemble many types of infectious diseases that affect the mind, body and Spirit. It is wrong what you are doing.

The blocks I had seen from the recent taking down the video of Scottie E Briggs/WFF --- I know certain data affects some of you yet we need to get those areas to the front to help do our part to lessen fire fatalities.

What are your intentions for me? --- when you place a comment to get the kind of negative feedback you see- how damaging is that...does that feel successful to you?

I am working with lawyers on how to place certain data out for the Public at Large so tell me about your intentions for me because what I own are FOIAs / Public Records and I am not a big outfit like WFF or other entities and somehow you shut that fluidity down. Why?

I am a personal use blog and I place documents to lead to reality so tell me what your intentions are...

However, I have zero connections to WFF or other entities so how are you gonna suppress me --- ??? --- I mean besides these time-to-time social media plea moments ...

Yet what I plan to place out is not a mental health video but documentation that leads to the conclusions vs. those "glazed" narratives that were fed my way.

So, you may be successful at times but eventually they awaken and end up over to me sharing what has been done behind the scenes and if it ever was an escalated area ... I have people who will speak up if I request that.

Some are still dealing with the Dude Fire that they cannot even process yet the Yarnell Fire.

You are in my prayers.

Please go learn how to get blessings versus creating blockages in others' lives with your orchestrated dramatics/rubbish...what was the intent of you copying this off my site:

You trying to highlight this area somewhere for why? for what? I see what you steal off my site:

"I am for sure a straight shooter. However, when sick or tired I can go from hunky dorey to shutting down or even shutting one off (pause) but as my life unfolds my brain tumors / other health stuff also cause tiny moments of heightened irrational emotional spots so just stay away from me when I am tired or ill. Plenty of signals before it happens. Idaho Dan and Scott know exactly how to be around it. Learn from them. Yet I am for reals and genuine. I will get "different" if I see someone being disingenuous, hit a very sore topic, or lack of communication when there needs to be communications."

What are you possibly scheming about with all the areas I see being copied...I will state this I have a pretty firm terms & conditions and disclaimers- no stealing allowed. I wait for another to alert me if something is written out in cyber world about me plus I have Google and other analytics alerts--- but you will not see me out there copying crap unless someone tells me I am being written about or "could be" me one is writing about because they stay under that radar the lawyers say.

We are just building that "gang stalking" file because remember I have not invited you to my site - you came on your own to here to do ???? to read ??? to copy for ???

You only see me call areas out when it is brought to my attention.

I stay away from everyone right now even my immediate folks to heal so when "gossip on me" is happening- it comes in rather fast and some I do say "oh it's just so and so" but some I have to pile the data into the "gang stalking" file.

Sad world. You do not see me trash talk people in the way I seen it done to me in these days years - the falsehoods- and I will not start either. I pray for you.

I think some think the more they can gossip- the more they will tarnish my reputation --- untrue. God watched it all. You will have to see Him someday so I know nothing goes unnoticed with God.


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