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"Touching" Video...Shows I may be the "sponge" to data but the heart of it all is right here:


0:00 [Music]0:15 if you were a boat my darling a boat my0:20 darling i' B the wind at your back if0:24 you were afraid my darling afraid my0:28 darling I'd be0:30 the courage you0:32 [Music]0:42 [Music]0:48 like if you were a bird then I'd be a0:52 tree and you would come home my darling0:56 to me if you were asleep then I'd be a1:01 dream wherever you are that's where my1:04 heart will1:06 [Music]1:16 be1:18 oh do you know we belong1:24 together1:26 oh do you know my1:30 heart is1:33 [Music]1:39 yours if you were the ocean I'd be the1:43 sand if you were a song I'd be the band1:48 if you were the stars then I'd be the1:51 moon a light in the dark my darling for1:58 you2:06 [Music]2:09 oh do you know we belong2:15 together2:17 oh do you know my heart is2:24 [Music]2:28 yours2:30 [Music]2:41 [Applause]2:42 [Music]2:44 [Applause]2:47 [Music]2:58 oh3:00 do you know we belong3:05 together3:08 oh do you know my heart is3:14 yours3:16 oh do you know we belong3:22 together3:24 oh do you know my heart is3:33 [Music]3:45 um for the fish and he used to get in3:48 his waiters and clean up the tilapia3:51 pool you know he used to do that your T3:54 I wanted no this is back at the school3:56 oh back at school yeah they had a4:01 because English (auto-generated)

Excellent video.

I have been in this to get the documented facts out to fires over one hundred years old based on the fire

I eye witnessed where Warneke was on the Weavers with us 6-30-13.

It is unfortunate I have to show who on the Dude Fire could help "greatly" right now

to help understand Yarnell Hill Fire 2013.

Those testimonies will help dearly...

I am praying for you and your health.

Keep the Faith.

I have shown full respect to everyone who has given me their fire testimonies.

My blog proves I have not thrown any of you under the bus. The most healing testimonies were the Dude Fire ones, the people who know/knew Steinbrinks/Willis/Cole/Hunt/Whitney/Downey/


It all mattered to help heal ...

for us all.

Thank you for this video to "humanize" it all ...

gathering data can be so robotic and regimen.

We appreciate the public video.

In the remembering...


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