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The Past Few Days - Posts Reverted to DRAFT Form until I meet with Legal Team and AZSAL-

I have integrity and want to ensure I place this out legal and right and so I am working on all the drafts back channel but there are some "big" stuffs I need to make sure what I am allowed to do....

After the Holidays, I meet with legal team...but for now Laura Keller- Electronic Records Archivist, Archives states I am fine on my personal use blog to place the documents out from CDs:

Once I have a legal answer on specific stuff -

then I will post it here.

Meanwhile, they all are in draft mode, and I will continue to work on it.

Come back time to time Summer 2023 to see if they all went "live" published again.

Any person(s) trying to

distract me from doing that, will be ignored.

I am here for people, yet I need what you want to tell me be factual with real time resource vs. projected perceptions.

I will possibly make a post

of that incoming communication(s)

and keep it in draft mode for now

just to make sure

they know

I am willing to share public

their dramatic abrasive aggressive manners.

In hopes, it ceases.

It is your issues...not mine.

I am very given...of my time...

yet refraining to engage on disrespectful manners.

I am on track to get the documents out.

That is it

besides bettering my health, which comes first.

so far this system shows law firm, but unassigned lawyer is current status.


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