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Thank you, Lord, for today 10-15-22 ... thank you for answering my prayer - Confirmation Day.

Scottie Briggs recently wanted areas done "back-channel" from someone vs. comments on a YouTube area.

I stated my humble opinion so why couldn't he.

It is an incomplete product you made public.

Okay, it was public.

or is it public:

It was not to be taken personal or that we were being mean/ not nice as you perceived.


I refuse to name who God led to my path (publicly or even very immediate folks back channel),

but some know back channel a couple of weeks back what I prayed for, and he showed up today.

That is God. However, I did pray feverishly for him to just pop in my space some way... he did today.

I explained my intent to the Prescott Mall Security my position and when a certain man left a store, I just wanted healings and to ask some questions as that man was on the same fire as me and this is a public spot.

If I saw the man was discomforted by my visit, I would walk away.

Security okayed it.

Thank you, Lord, for that healing.

Thank you for the length of time that person gave me.

I needed it.

Now, for Scottie Briggs to be disappointed in the public comments on YouTube --- then imagine how it feels to have you tell me what Vicki Minor said to you about me.

Scottie Briggs - It would be nice if you all would be direct because today the very person you named to me --as the person who did all this to me ...

he declined it ever happened.

He said he had not spoken to Burk in years, and he did to Vicki awhile back (appx within six months prior) but zip content to what was told to me. So, if it was said ...

then I would like you to get that person on with me and tell me direct because it ain't adding up ...

I had a deep heart to heart in person with him on tough topics for me...

so for me to feel this area is rectifiable

it would take Vicki and Burk on a conference call with you

and let me hear you say what you told me with them listening what was said to me from you from Vicki and let them hear it and then go from there.

Something is not adding up.

However, let me take this time out to now discuss another topic.

I have been very unwell lately and I have not read this post with comprehension fully yet, but I will make a review of it soon my thoughts on it.

I always do my best to understand men with the creds the both have in fire as high as they do --- why go there --- because he signed off on them as the leader to the GMHS ???

--- why the post?

It sat in draft a long time ... he has publishing rights ... he does not tell me what to place out ... freedom of speech is huge with my contributing authors.

because I find it disheartening to go through the hotshot community vs. first see if you can meet "in person" and privately go over this stuff directly is my way of it ...

I privately done that first with Holly --- it worked I thought until I read public records --- then I just wrote publicly ... but I did go through back channels long ago ...

I actually "get" Willis and this unique role he has as the family advocate.

I learned today the person who was being shown to me "as my problem" is not my problem.

That information came from you, Scottie Briggs, both in April 2021 and then again, this Summer 2022. Why?

So, remember GOD IS WATCHING...

Scottie Briggs, this is not about criticism, sir...this is about what you said and doing the right thing to bridge it back together took you and yet you with free will told Vicki Minor your perception which was far from reality... on my thoughts and needs.

Listen, I get the layers ... but the misinformation that ended up in Burk's ears, I don't get ... you could have helped that area a lot sooner.

Now, I want to speak about Darrell Eugene Willis in closing.

Remember when John Dougherty posted the video to the world on Willis... John recorded it ... John recorded me and Dr Ted and he is a journalist ...

and he ran for politics in his lifetime ... he keeps the InvestigativeMEDIA still up and much kudos ... yet I prefer journalists who get final approval of their subject before it goes to published ...

I know Dr Ted and I never knew it would be like it went out ... live and learn ... but kudos for digging and getting the data out to the world, John.

yet the Media in whole - in a sense - never told the beautiful story of Darrell Eugene Willis and I plan to share it someday.

My story is different than Fred J. Schoeffler's.

I will lead my story with the actual documents.

I am placing Don Devendorf's profile and in it you will see this man and Willis earned their incomes slowly over time not like some of these young ones today who almost feel "entitled".

These firefighters of yesteryears should have their stories told ...

and it would be a hard task to pull off ... "politics"

those men seen things no person should ever have to witness.

Especially CDF.

yet it takes one to be unbiased in explaining them all.

I mean, I had Fred J. Schoeffler on my shelf for years as a maybe / possibility on the fire

even though he showed his resource order and has witnesses,

and it took until 2022 for me to know Summer 2013 fully --- I wanted that Crew Time Report (CTR) to have documents to lead to a conclusion.

Fred for decades has been a part of the Wildland Fire academies ---

Fred would say "He who guards his mouth preserves his life." - Proverbs 13:3

IAWF has been a part of his life and so I became an Annual Member because of him when we went to NC years ago...

CAWRT came up in records for Fred March 2013, so I had looked everywhere for CTR under that outfit --- never saw anything.

Plus never been there but would love to know their involvement on the Yarnell Fire 2013.

NOAA Satellite Conference was April 2013. California Safety Summit Conferences are always educational to attend and awesome seafood. Been a member a few years because of Fred.

Same with Southern CA Forester and Fire Warden Conference and is still my favorite to attend and be a member of ...

US Hotshot Association as well. American Meteorology Conferences and memberships are great too- they all are for different reasons--

Fred has done a lot to educate me; above and beyond. That is what anyone would say too if they trained under him.

He can be a hard ass,

but I am alive today because of him, Dr Ted Putnam and Scottie Briggs.

We clash at times. He likes to share I have meltdowns, but he does not share how well rehearsed he is as a Neurolinguistic training specialist, so I never know if his verbiage is with intent or unintentional to get a reaction.

He is a good man though... can be intimidating at times...perceived as crass yet just straight forward.

We plan to take this to the end with pauses or not. I am more like NOT. I am back to trailing the desert.

I will state this and some of you have reached me over time on this about Fred-

he has a tendency to misperceive out information and one huge one is this topic of "jealousy" - just because he spews this to you- really does not make it factual.

Every area to my knowing him, I can show you documented facts to counter his misperceptions.

The deal was we would work on the project three weeks on and off and when I was there in Pine, he would limit his joy of numerous talks - to either man or woman

( way too much - I call it "gossip" central) so we can get shit done pertaining to the blog.

I have been witness to him saying some pretty harsh untruths about me. For the record, Beth when he said what he did in Idaho 2018 - I was like done.

Especially what he told Jill. This man thinks he can just spew what his perception is/was but I guarantee all that God is watching and he will be accountable for all and I mean all the untruths he did ---

I can state me, and my family will share I am FAR from any labels especially jealousy.

I would state at this point anything he says, counter it and say show me in documents not his neurolinguistic pick and choose setups he documented that I have seen over time...those times are so sickening ... true gaslighting.

Like I told Fred, I only addressed Scott publicly because I wanted Vicki and Burk to know none of this Summer 2022 would be public if high priority cop call was never made about me

and if Burk never said I had a history of harassing the Wildland Firefighters to a cop that this high priority call was made to hours after being hit bad that I am still handling medically speaking

and he told the cop I made my way to WFF building. WTH? I was so kind 2021-2022 so how did all my fundraising, Lifetime Member ($1300) and gifts come off as a harassing person...weird ass view, Burk. Sound like you picked the wrong shirt this Summer 2022,

huh...just sayin' but I bet Scott never told you that story when he called to confirm a prediction, I had weeks before it happened.

God is watching.

Seen many Dude Fire walks with Fred ... very educational.

I even interviewed many---

But let me take you to 2013 ... June 2013 ... Tres Lagunas Fire Pecos, NM (DIV T) 6-4 thru 6/11 released remob GNF

( S OF 2) Silver City, NM ... then to do his AMS Conference in RI ... as the 22nd arrived Fred went to West Fork Complex Fire in CO. (Papoose Fire - DIV Blowout).

As Fred came back that July 6 --- he was there for the Granite Mountain Hotshots Memorial 11am and I am the "queen of records" and this man - the other firefighters were warned to stay away from him because he will want to LEARN THE TRUTHS --

I watched men who were once "Brothers" and Christian Brothers begin to get divided for seeking facts and truths.

I saw even Willis muster up to speak to Media as he was the leader to these men and many others, he signed off for even people like Don Devendorf ...

he just lost so many, and Leonard Hunter said he saw Moser and Willis that afternoon

and I could never figure if the water delivery was near them or at the Bar A or if he really saw them (shelved data)

but I did know enough Willis was in Peeples so when City of Prescott FFs tell me their stories then I really shelved Willis ---

my interest began to be all that where at where the Pumpkin was near Helm's, Fred and Scott's new land (April 2021), Holly Neill's article on where the stobs were, Sesame to the Shrine and the corridors areas leading out to Peeples Valley, the last 18 minutes.

Anyways, Sciacca, Marty Cole, Don Devendorf, Willis, Paul Laipple, Steinbrink, etc... they have a story, and it will be told in due time ... but I want to tell it with grace because these men were from another firefighting era blending into new methods --- some methods I hope to one day change. Amen.

So yeah, Scottie Briggs ... brother, you been there for me many of times and I am sure you would have loved the respect to this all-back channel

but I am unsure you are telling Burk and Vicki things as God had it intended because the focus seems to be on awards and accolades and who is going to Hollywood and you know we both seen that world so enjoy...

You had a moment to bridge Vicki direct and you made your choice...and your choice was telling her something I never would ask or want after a high priority cop call was made on me...nope but I am at peace -- keeping it straight up --- forgive you all ...

but nope would never seek what you told her ... that was a lie.

By the way, you newcomer firefighters --- learn and listen and observe these older generation of firefighters because it may just save your life.

Until next time...

Leave you with this beautiful memory I heard by a wood burning stove / campfire - October 16, 2018, 4 years ago today:

Summer 1978 --- Fred J Schoeffler --- Pleasant Valley went fairly well --- slowly he built his own home; him and his family. Not too many Wildland Fires. Rough when the love of your life has your first child and you want her to be in the new home and the fires are just not happening. Stinks really. Cabin fire on the Coconino (Green Base). Pine-Payson days. Pan Ho Fire. Castle Fire Prescott NF. Howard Fire. Spitz Fire.

All while building his home for his family and making land fences. Exciting I thought.

Stand By. Lookout Fire. Pile Burning. Rd 109 Fuel Break. Fire Season closes and he bust his ass off working side fire assignments because he wanted his family moved in by the Holidays.

His love for archery deer hunting began to come into his veins by September then insulate his home, put the fence up. Gap Fire. Wire his home. Paint his home. Lay hose. Pile Burn. Haines Index was much discussed to me from Fred in his 1978 fire adventures and Weather too.

The move-in date kept getting postponed. Que Fire. Burn Rd. 102, 105, 106, 107, 108, 109. Cold snap with record lows. Snow then flooding. Cut and stack wood. As the year ends and work winds down, Fred is excited to spend his Holiday with Family.

God and Family, Friends and loved ones are his everything.

The story was told to me because the wood burning stove was placed this year (1978) and I was right there in front of it asking about a photo with his father near it.

Factual History.

The reason I shared that bed time story ... Scottie Briggs also is a fine man.

I also know 9-15-22 he apologized yet I felt strongly words were accepted yet I had to follow my gut instinct and

so why does Vicki and Burk adore Scott yet we (Fred/Joy) are his immediate group along with SF

and Burk called cops and it was a high priority cop call on me over a silly public records form 90 days ago (never got the form yet) ???????????????????

and then what Scott said to Vicki--- this to me needed a conference call to clear the air ... nope never did that happen even though I asked so I am here.

I mean why be smitten with Scott and treat us like we have seen especially when I was kind to this organization July 2021-July 2022... ???????????

we are a unit, getting truths out ... and Fred gave a lot of his time for the fillum that seem to just get all kinds of awards from Vegas ... but he had to learn about the awards from me not Scottie Briggs.

They are land partners --- so please refrain from asking why Fred spoke public on YouTube when you have not shown the same respect to let him know a fillum he was in won awards ...

there is more than just Vicki Minor that made the fillum ... remember the little guys? I am sorry you were disappointed in Fred's public display yet you have not been forthcoming sir.

who cares about accolades and awards when you knew Scott about Carol stranded in WA and you acted like you cared about DLA and wanted to bridge / help but it never was brought up ... instead, counseling ... really Scott ?????

I just know it was way off and then to say he did not know his film went "live" and published yet comments were removed / blocked --- something did not add up. Who removed the comments if you did not know it was published and public??? just sayin'....


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